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(Wingardium Leviosa!

[27 Jun 2003|08:30pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | lksdfhsj ]


what's YOUR deepest secret?
brought to you by Quizilla

crap. no one was supposed to find that one out.

**ron weasley**


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yeah, he was here. but he put an egg in his shoe and...beat it! [27 Jun 2003|05:37pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Les Mis - Javert's Suicide ]

You are NEMO!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

hey, i just saw that today! and i luuuurved it! yes i did.

-ron weasley-

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[22 Jun 2003|05:58pm]

(Wingardium Leviosa!

marigold marigold maaaaarigold [19 Jun 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Rufus Wainright - Poses CD ]

[-x-] Name-- Kathryn
[-x-] Age-- 15.
[-x-] Hair Color—red
[-x-] Weight-- about 140? :0(
[-x-] Height-- 5'4
[-x-] Braces-- nooope
[-x-] Zodiac Sign-- capricorn
[-x-] Eye Color-- blue i think
[-x-] Hair Length-- a little below my shoulders


[-x-] Song-- too many to choose from
[-x-] Singer-- too many to choose from
[-x-] Day of the week-- not monday
[-x-] Item of clothing-- american eagle pants and my tennis sweatshirt
[-x-] Food-- don't have one
[-x-] Non-alcoholic Beverage— diet coke
[-x-] Season-- summer
[-x-] Sport-- tennis
[-x-] Memory-- too many to choose from
[-x-] Feeling-- love
[-x-] Smell-- vanilla
[-x-] Radio station-- i dunno....98.9, 91.5, 92.5
[-x-] TV Channel-- nickelodeon, disney channel, court tv, cartoon network, local channels
[-x-] Hobby-- reading, probably
[-x-] Person-- family/friends


[-x-] Been in love-- deeply...ron weasley/rupert grint *sigh*
[-x-] Broken the law-- nuh-uh
[-x-] Done a drug-- nope
[-x-] Cheated on a test-- don't remember, probably when i was younger
[-x-] Snuck out of the house-- i ran away once, but only got as far as a few houses down the
[-x-] Passed out-- i faint all the time
[-x-] Cried over a guy-- of course
[-x-] Fallen for someone you could never have-- *pssh* that's what happens every time i fall
[-x-] Gossiped-- kind of.
[-x-] Been in the hospital-- not since birth.


[-x-] Had something to eat-- like an hour ago
[-x-] Laughed out loud-- about an hour ago
[-x-] Hugged Someone-- yesterday
[-x-] Smiled-- just now
[-x-] Cried-- yesterday
[-x-] Cracked your knuckles-- like, five minutes ago
[-x-] Brushed your teeth-- oops last night. lol
[-x-] Showered-- this morning
[-x-] Spoke-- 10 mintues ago
[-x-] Danced-- a week ago
[-x-] Slow-danced-- i don't think i have. i may have when i was real little


[-x-] Funny or sensitive-- both
[-x-] Athletic or studious-- both a little
[-x-] Crazy or serious-- depends mostly crazy
[-x-] Outgoing or shy-- depends who i'm with friends? outgoing
[-x-] Good talker or good listener-- listener, but i talk too much
[-x-] Innocent or rebellious-- both, but not that rebellious

More about you…

List 5 talents that you possess..

[-x-] i have good taste in mOOsic
[-x-] picked my friends well
[-x-] people say i'm good at singing
[-x-] i'm a good speller :0) and other english stuff
[-x-] i can't play the saxophone! that's not a talent, but ok

List 5 things that make you happy..

[-x-] music
[-x-] friends/family
[-x-] movies
[-x-] reading
[-x-] singing

List 5 things that make you upset.

[-x-] people who don't like me
[-x-] lack of boyfriend
[-x-] posers
[-x-] people i love dying
[-x-] earth science

List 5 things about your current appearance

[-x-] bare feet
[-x-] my hair's all ratty
[-x-] my pants are getting too short for me
[-x-] i'm wearing my tennis hoodie
[-x-] *checks feet* yep. the bottom of my feet are quite dirty. i should wear shoes more often.

List 5 things you did today

[-x-] took earth science regents exam
[-x-] i talked to alex ahern!!!
[-x-] went to the library
[-x-] i'm listening to my new (burned from me sis) rufus wainright cd for the 4th time today
[-x-] talked to sarah

5 things you like about yourself

[-x-] i the fact that i'm in looooooooooooove with musicals
[-x-] the fact that i looooove harry potter
[-x-] i can sing ok, i think
[-x-] my family rawks
[-x-] uuhm ron weasley is sexy AND rupert grint!!! and racetrack!!!!!!!

5 things you dislike about yourself

[-x-] uglyness
[-x-] fatness
[-x-] i can't sing like chelsea and kristyn and my other friends too
[-x-] i'm bitchy a lot this year
[-x-] i suck at earth science
uck. i hate it when people put up away messages without telling me. it makes me sad. one day more until dave matthews band!!
-ron weasley-

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lalaaaa [17 Jun 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | rent soundtrack ]

lol....this is funnny:

spongerocky1: WAAAHH!
spongerocky1: skitterys hot
spongerocky1: yes he is
spongerocky1: AHHAHAHA
spongerocky1: TALK TO MEEEE
spongerocky1: *burp*
LoveyDoveyRacey: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: you went away!
spongerocky1: *BELCH*
LoveyDoveyRacey: BELCH
LoveyDoveyRacey: DAMN
spongerocky1: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: that was freakin nice, andrea
spongerocky1: crap
LoveyDoveyRacey: lol
spongerocky1: dammit janet
spongerocky1: i love youuu
spongerocky1: MEOWWWWW
spongerocky1: MEOW
LoveyDoveyRacey: oh brad i'm mad
LoveyDoveyRacey: for you too
spongerocky1: lolololol
LoveyDoveyRacey: :-D
spongerocky1: meoooooooow
LoveyDoveyRacey: DON'T YOU MEOW AT ME
LoveyDoveyRacey: YOU WENCY
spongerocky1: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: *WENC
spongerocky1: SORRY
spongerocky1: its wentch
LoveyDoveyRacey: *******************************WENCH
LoveyDoveyRacey: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: NUH-UUUUH
spongerocky1: UHHU
spongerocky1: UHHUUUUUU
spongerocky1: kathrynnnn i dont think im gonna be able to go to school tommorow
spongerocky1: lol
spongerocky1: well
LoveyDoveyRacey: hehe i said villian
LoveyDoveyRacey: shit you won
LoveyDoveyRacey: DAMN YOU
spongerocky1: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: YOUR REIGN OF TERROR ENDS..........................................................................................................
LoveyDoveyRacey: NOW
spongerocky1: at least i aint no filthy rotten scabber
LoveyDoveyRacey: POW POW KAPOWIE!!!!!!
LoveyDoveyRacey: *GASP*
LoveyDoveyRacey: OH NO YOU DIH-IN'T
spongerocky1: si io didooo
spongerocky1: SI I DIDDD
LoveyDoveyRacey: NUH-UUUUH
spongerocky1: lol
spongerocky1: i dont want to go through this agaiinn


StickyFingers086: i cant wait till im a senior
LoveyDoveyRacey: whyyy
StickyFingers086: im gona be a beast
StickyFingers086: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: i already aaaam
LoveyDoveyRacey: so HA
StickyFingers086: haha
StickyFingers086: well some how i will be beastier than you
StickyFingers086: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: NUH-UUUUUUUHH
StickyFingers086: yuh huhhhh
LoveyDoveyRacey: nuh-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
StickyFingers086: yeah huh
StickyFingers086: lol
StickyFingers086: x 30 more than yours
LoveyDoveyRacey: CHINITY
LoveyDoveyRacey: LINITY
LoveyDoveyRacey: HAAA
StickyFingers086: ok keep it coming lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: WINITY
LoveyDoveyRacey: YINITY
StickyFingers086: cuz no matter what you say im 30 times better
LoveyDoveyRacey: TINITY
LoveyDoveyRacey: SHINITY
StickyFingers086: lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: NUH-UUUUUUUUH
StickyFingers086: yeah lol
LoveyDoveyRacey: dude
StickyFingers086: yeah?
LoveyDoveyRacey: you can't be 30 times better than shinity
StickyFingers086: haha
LoveyDoveyRacey: *sigh*
LoveyDoveyRacey: we have much to teach you, grasshopper

survey-ish latah!
-ron weasley- yaaaay sleepovah at sarah's!

(Wingardium Leviosa!

chel...these are the bestest! [17 Jun 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | Bye Bye Birdie - Telephone Hour ]

click here to take some more great tests at internet junk

Ron Weasley
from this day forward your superhero name will be:

The Exploding

your special power is: Invisibility

hahaa exploding catcher?! that rawks
phew.....i think i did really good on the math exam. at least i hope so. at least an 87....
all right i need more of those name generators. they rawk!
Ron Weasley, from this day forward,

your Blues Singer name shall be....
Chillin\' Nixon

Ron Weasley, from this day forward,

your Punk Rock Band name shall be....
Tickling Zebras

Ron Weasley, from this day forward,

your Star Wars name shall be....

Pepka Kaeas


(Wingardium Leviosa!

who's the kid? [16 Jun 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Lakme - The Flower Duet ]

Time Begun: 4:31
Name: kathryn
Birthday: 1/9/88
School: ERHS (e rock, you know it, foo. *AHEM*)
State: new york

Have you ever

Been Kissed: not willingly. i hate truth or dare. lol.
Done drugs: nuh-uh well, i have smoked a bubble-gum cigarette once or twice.....
Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: probably
Eaten sushi?: nooo thanks
Been onstage: yep
Been dumped: uhm nope
Has anyone ever been unfaithful to u?: no
Gotten in a car accident: almost
Watched Punky Brewster: yeah
Watched the Smurfs: oh gawd yes
Hiked a mountain: some of a mountain...
Stayed home on a Saturday night, just because: i do that a lot
Seen the White House: yuh-huh


Cold or hot: hot
Lace or Satin: satin that reminds me of a song. satin and laaaace, i used to call funny face
Blue or Red: blue
Rain or snow: rain
Give or receive: give *ahem* of course.
Wool or cotton: cotton
Rose or daisy: daisy
Private school or public school: public
Chocolate milk or plain milk: chocolate milk
Celsius or Fahrenheit: farenheit
Spring or fall?: spring
History or Science?: history
Math or English: english
Alternative or Country: country don't make fun of me, i love it.

Opposite sex

Do you like someone right now from the opposite sex?: only about 10 people. ha.
Do they know?: 1 knows.....
Does anybody like you right now?: uuh....ugly and fat here!
What do you look for in a woman/man?: lots of stuff. personality moslty. and loyalty, humour, niceness...

Your Friends

Who's your funniest friend?: all of them
Who makes you laugh/smile the most?: all of them!
Who do you e-mail the most?: none, really. only once in a while.
Who's the loudest?: i'd have to saaay....chelsea and sarah
Who's the shyest?: kristyn's not really that shy, but she's still the shyest
Whose parents do you know the best?: probably julie's mom
Who are you jealous of?: all of them
Who has the best room?: sarah because she has a computer in it! but i'd choose my room over everyone else's...because that's where i feel happiest. hehe
Would you ever go out with one of your friends?: uhm....they're moslty all girls. and no. ew.

Within the last 24 hours

Had a serious talk?: yes
Hugged someone?: yes
Gotten along with your parents?: yes
Fought with a friend?: no

Do you like to

Give hugs?: yeeeah
Give backrubs?: only recieving for me, thanks. heh
Take walks in the rain?: yeeeeah!!
What color is your floor/carpet in your room?: blue
What was the last CD you bought?: burned? rufus wainright/john mayer. bought? lunasa i think.
If you chew gum, what kind?: yummy gum.
What did u do last summer?: that was the worst summer of my life. my grandma died.

About You

Gender: femininity rawks
Age: 15
Nicknames: Moose, Racket (not anymore) nicknames i wish would die...kaggie, koogan, koogs (all courtesy of my family)
Haircolor: red and natural, baby! yeeah!
EyeColor: i'm not sure. some kind of blue....
Skintone: i'm so pale! *sob*
Any birthmarks?:'s almost gone. you can't really see it, only from really close up

Which one of your Friends????

Is most likely to grow up to be a model: chelsea?
Which one knows most about you: julie maybe
Is most likely to become a comedian: me. lol. not really, but i just like saying 'hah! what's up with that?!' hehe
Have you known the longest: kristyn, sarah, and chel i met at the same time, in pre-k (i think)
You know most about: i dunno
Bestfriends: sarah, kristyn, andrea, chelsea
Most likely to end up in jail: probably sarah or kristyn, that damn trouble-maker!


Food: mousse! not really, though. i don't have a favourite.
T.V.Show: don't got one
Drink : don't got one
Movie: too many to choose from
Actor: " " " " "
Actress: " " " " "
Restaurant: ponderosa!
Place to be: home probably
Song: waaay too many
Singer/Group: dave matthews band most likely
Sport: tennis
Color: blue
Candy: chocolate: caramella other: don't have one

Have you Ever

Been to a concert: yep
Been in a different country: yuh-huh
Loved someone so much it made you cry: yesh
Cheated on a test: when i was a lot younger
Smoked: nope
Bought something and then saw it cheaper somewhere else: ugh that happens a lot
Stole from somewhere or someone: stole a piece of paper from a notebook in wegmans once....and i steal candy from my siblings once in a while....
Stalked someone: eeehee noo
Played strip poker: not that i recall.....


Single or taken: single.
If single, are you looking for someone?: *sob*
Who was your biggest crush: ahem i'm not teeeellling
If you could go out with anyone who would it be: RON WEASLEY. ok fine, rupert grint.
Have you had a lot of bf's/gf's: a couple stupid ones, didn't really mean anything. lol.
Have you ever had an online relationship?: haahaa yep. but i knew the person before we talked online
Longest relationship?: HA about a month....but we didn't really do anything together


What is your worst habit: talking, singing, biting my naails
What gets you really mad: a lot of things. that's why i'm such a bitch
Scariest moment: when i found out my grandma had cancer
Happiest moment: humm dunno
Do you curse too much: not around family
What do you feel about homosexuals: whatever floats your boat!
Would you ever be a homosexual: no thanks....that's too ickly fer me
Do u dress like a slut/prep/snob/sporty/or just plain normal: i really don't know how i dress. whatever's comfy
Are you a hottie with a body or a cutie with a booty: LOL THAT'S GREAT! and no. lol
When was the last time you showered?: why, just last year! it's not time for that till next month!
What color pants do you have right now?: khaki....brownish
What color underwear do you have right now?: hang on lemme check. all different colours! spongebob!!
What song are you listening to right now? *puts on mOOsic* Evita - High Flying Adored
What is the last thing that you said?: "mom! we had a pizza party in band today!"
What is right next to you?: tv, fan
What is your computer desk made of?: woood
What are the last 4 digits in your phone number?: 9197
What was the last thing you ate?: red white and blue jello...pie? i think it's pie...
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: tickle-me-pink
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?: someone who loves me a lot, and i love them
Do you have a lava lamp?: no *sniffle*
How many buddies do you have on your list?: 120 on aim
How's the weather right now?: sunny and relatively warm
What did you do last night?: took my sister back to ithaca w/my mommy
Last person that you talked to on the phone?: julie
What's the nicest thing you find about the opposite sex?: they'
Who do you admire most?: uck i really dunno.....
What is the nicest present you've gotten this year?: DMB tickets maybe
How do you eat an OREO?: pull them apart and eat the yummy stuff last
Fav M&M?: reeses....if that counts
What makes you happy?: mOOsic, people, animals, being outside, reading, lots of other stuff
Fave CD?: all of my cds.....except for the ones i don't like.
Who are you thinking of right now?: Rent and luka chris (i'm talking to him)
If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?: i dunno...ireland or britain...or france....or italy!
Do you want to have kids when you grow up?: yeah
What do you want to name your children?: morgan and...i dunno about the boy. I KNOW! RON!
Who means the most to you in your life right now?: friends, family
Height?: about 5'4
Weight?: somewhere around 140? fat :0(
Are you a meany?: sometimets
ALL RIGHT. that's enough of that surveyness. nice. gotta study for math final! bye byee
-ron weasley-

(Wingardium Leviosa!

take me or leave me [13 Jun 2003|05:06pm]
picture of tiger

brought to you by Quizilla

i love tigers so much! they're sooo pretty!

(Wingardium Leviosa!

glory on another empty life [13 Jun 2003|04:54pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | John Mayer - No Such Thing ]

look at me not making a pointless entry! yay!

(Wingardium Leviosa!

oh god the tension is high, not to mention the smell [13 Jun 2003|11:03am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Miss. Saigon Highlights CD ]

Lalalaa I'm in the computer lab....Mr. Gow-man is not here. hahahaaa This keyboard is making lots and lots of noise. yep.
a sooooong played on a solo saxophone
I have nothing to saaay updating is so fuuuun. We might be watching Newsies in chorus today!!! I hope so! oh I hope I hope so! Or Nightmare Before Christmas! Preferably NBC, because I haven't seen that in soooooo long. My sister took it to college. Hence grr. I needa go change my ron icon! oh wait.....those are on the computer at home! shooooooot. ok, maybe they'll have new ones on pottericons, something other than tom felton. ugh. Harry Potter posers suck. Yay today we're getting our quizzes back in chorus....the one I did superb on! lol at least I hope so. I love this Solo Saxophone song! yaaay.
- ron weasley -

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this i swear by the staaaaaars!! [12 Jun 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | little brother is such a nintendo head ]

According to the Which Something Corporate Song Are You? Test...

humm this is the only something corporate song i've ever listened to. oh yeah, and if you see jordan. not on my own, though. sarah made me listen. hehe.
that's when i discovered that she beats people up when they say her music is crap! *nods* hehe


maan i'm so lazy. i could sit in front of this computer for hours. and that's exactly what i intend to do. ahaaha

~*~*ron weasley*~*~

(Wingardium Leviosa!

die if you want to, you innocent puppet [12 Jun 2003|04:13pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Seventh Heaven ]

+Name Given By Friends:
-Moose--well, that one was by me and....*shudders* kaggy grrr, koogan double grr
+Name Of HomeTown:
-e rock
+Name Of Current Location:
-my house. in e rock.
+Number Of Years Uv Lived:

-friends and family
-rupert grint!!
+Person To Be With:
-friends and family
-eek can't choose!! at the moment, terrance mann
-at the moment, norah jones
+Type Of Music:
-oy....showtunes, classical, jazz, country, oldies, 80s/70s
+Type Of Art:
-general? music specifically art? vincent van gough's artwork
+Music Video:
-hmm i dunno last one i saw was.....something on CMT
+Online Friend:
-people on the NML
-love....if only someone loved me (as more than a friend...a guy, of course)
-hence, your, mother, and then some

-andrea, sarah, chelsea, julie, kristyn
- george - he's invisible
+Other Close Friends:
-humm hannah and kaylee and luka-chris are pretty cool
+Best Friend Online:
-uuh probably kristyn
-andrea and chelsea but sarah lately :0( i'm so sorry for her:0(
-chelsea and sarah and hannah
-all of them
-all of them are so pretty!
-andrea, sarah and i
-andrea.....but more nice than bitchy
-lol...sarah. yep. jk, she's not a slut, but she's gone the farthest with a guy
-none of us, thanks
-heh probably me sarah sometimes...
-all of em!
+Listens When U Need To Vent:
-julie and I vent about other friends a lot to each other
+Looks Like A Celeberity:
-hmm no one i think
+Most Trustworthy:
-chelsea and kristyn
+Best Taste In Music:
-i wouldn't say any of us is the best....but chelsea likes most of the music i like
+Worst Taste In Music:
-none of us
+You Find Yourself Attracted To:
+Stuck In A "Friend Zone" With:
+Treats You The Best:
-i dunno. all of them, considering i can be such a bitch, and they tolerate me
+You Wish Wasn't So Sad:
-chelsea and andrea
+You Would Do Anything For:
-all of them
+Best Couple:
-ron weasley and i, of course!
+Worst Couple:
-uhm....ok i have to say it....sarah and chris
+Who Aren't Together But Should Be:
-rupert grint and i, kristyn and dustin t. (at least i think so)
+Means The World To You:
-all of them!

..::SIGNIFIGANT OTHER::..(bf's/gf's/crushes)
+Do You Have A Bf/Gf/Crush:
- no bf :0( i like a lot of people heh
-wouldn't you like to know? ;0)
+How Long Have You Liked/Been With Them:
-harry potter
+What's The Best Compliment They Have Given You:
-i smell like flowahs actually no.....
+Give 1 Word That Best Describe Them:
+What About Them Makes No One Capable Of Comparison:
-cha cha chaaa

+How Many People Have You been with:
- nooone
+When Was The Last Time You were with someone:
- i wasn't
+If U Could Have Sex With Anyone Who Would It Be:
-rupert grint. lol.
+What Do Think Of Handcuffs:
-good for arresting people. huh.
+What Band Is Best Played During Sex:
+Where Do You Want To Have Sex:
- somewhere over the rainbow

..::THIS or THAT::..
-don't like either much, but i despise punk
-hahahaa leather is funny
+Nose//Septum Piercing:
-ick neither

-les mis
-pretty pretty princess!
-8th graders
-rupert grint
-ron weasley
-wizard of oz
+Your Everything:

all right mad long survey...haha. *phew* gotta take a nap after that one!!!
i feel horrible about sarah's grandpa dying. it's so sad because i didn't want any of my friends to have to go through what i went through in july with my grandma. it's terrible. definately eating peanut butter on toast for supper tonight for sarah.
-ron weasley-

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gurgle [09 Jun 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Jesus Christ Superstar - Damned For All Time/Blood Money ]

Ok....summing it up....*takes a huge breath* i got ginny weasley on which HP girl are you, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY BLURTY PRETTY, CHELSEA!, kk invited me to her partay on the same day HP 5 comes out, julie's home, i missed her a lot, andrea's partay rawked so much, i got an air-brush tatoo at darien lake that people think is a hickey, and i'm going to visit julie right now! *exhales* there!
ok bye!
~*~*~ron weasley~*~*~

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17 MORE HOURS TILL ANDREA'S B-DAY PARTAY!!! [06 Jun 2003|04:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | IM noises...i love those. :0) ]

OK.....uumm I just made a huge point of I have nothing to say....uuum...OH YEAH! Chorus concert was fun! I think we did really good. Great and Glorius wasn't even that bad! 5/6th graders sung Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride! That made me so happy. Me and Chelsea are such dorks. We're sitting there all.....awikiwiki mai loci loci, and that's all we know. lol. and they sung/sang (i dunno) go forth with a song.....does anybody know what that's from?! It sounded sooo familiar. even the title! and we saw the art show too. that was fun. uch i have to work on sunday. that sucks....i just wanna stay home and play outside. :0( but that's ok.....maybe i'll get to do fun stuff!
lab practical today was sooo easy! i was so relieved!! *sigh* i feel so much better....oh wait....still gonna fail the final! oh well. lol. :/ well, gotta go make a funny card for andrea's partay. byee!!! :D
-ron weasley-

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woo [03 Jun 2003|05:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Norah Jones - Shoot the Moon ]

Jesus Christ Superstar
Yay! your Jesus Christ Superstar! go you! you like
to sing, and are also actully good at it! yay!
go you!

Which of my favroite musicals are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR!!! uh-oh. luka-chris is on the phone with dustin! me scared.


What Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
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yaaay i loove him! can't remember his real name at the time....ok but still! hehe. ach! must go dancing with singing, flying giraffes!
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adfhsjsf [03 Jun 2003|04:24pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Jesus Christ Superstar - Judas' Death ]

ERGH. I just wrote an entry and then it wouldn't update because blurty is being stupid! All right, well I just wanted to say that I LOVE MY BACKGROUND TAHNK YOU ANDREA! And, I'll be back later with quizzes and survey possibly. all right. hehe. byeee
-ron weasley-

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dammit, janet [02 Jun 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl and RENT songs ]

choose ten
..favorite bands..
2. cake
3. DMB
4. john mayer.....not a band
6. norah jones.....not a band
7. rufus wainright - not a band
8. blues traveler
9. lunasa
10. uuuh RON WEASLEY!!

..songs to download..
1. dammit, janet
2. some john mayer song
3. norah jones - come away with me
4. something from miss. saigon
5. ace of base - the sign
6. tori amos - silent all these years
7. RENT - what you own
8. tori amos - landslide
9. REM - shiny happy people
10. some rufus wainright song

..favorite musicals..
1. les miserables
2. jesus christ superstar
4. oklahoma!
5. newsies
6. evita
7. moulin rouge
8. singin in the rain
9. west side story
10. my fair lady genres..
1. musicals
2. country
3. classical
4. jazz
5. 80s/70s
6. oldies
7. some soft rock
8. SOME popular
9. some alternatives
10. uhm whatever DMB is!

..things to do..
1. read
2. listen to music
3. watch movies
4. talk to friends
5. hang out with friends
6. sit and look out the window
7. ride bikes
8. play TENNIS!!!
9. sit under my little tree and write letters to my friends that live far away
10. open presents!

..people you trust..
1. chelsea
2. kristyn
3. sarah
4. andrea
5. hannah
6. julie
7. my little brother....oh wait no hehe
8. my sisters
9. my mommy

..people who make you laugh..
2. andrea
3. sarah
4. julie
5. chelsea
6. jim carey
7. my sister/s
8. hannah
9. stupid 7th graders
10. supid 8th graders

1. i
2. refuse
3. to pick
4. just
5. 10
6. so i'm
7. not picking
8. any
9. at
10. all

yes or no
..bright eyes.. when he's being hot? yes
..the weatherthans.. never listened to them
..atom and his package.. never listened to them
..cursive.. no
..badly drawn boy.. is that
..billy gilman.. YES
..christina aguilera.. depends. when she's being dumb? no
..desaparacidos.. don't know them
..rolling stones.. yes floyd.. yes
..aerosmith.. yes
..dave mattews band.. YES YES YES
..rocky horror.. yes
..les miserables.. YES YES YES
..newsies.. YES YES YES
..shock treatment.. dunno
..oliver.. YES YES
..miss saigon.. need to listen to that!!
..jesus christ superstar.. YES YES YES
..chicago.. YES
..the music man.. YES
..little shop of horrors.. YES

which one
..punk dead/punk alive.. uhm....punk alive?? hehe
..emo/punk.. emo..probably
..rap/metal.. neither love love
..blind/deaf.. deaf
..alive/dead.. alive
..jello/pudding.. pudding
..musicals/movies.. musicals
..rocky horror/rocky and bullwinkle.. rocky and bullwinkle
..poser/prep.. prep

when did you last..
..have cheese.. why, just an hour ago!
..have sex.. nevveerrr
..IM someone.. about 1 minute ago tv.. like an hour ago....when i was eating the cheese lol

who was the last person you..
..touched.. my little brother....not in that way
..laughed at.. my mom
..laughed with.. my mom
..talked to.. my little brother
..IMed.. andrea
..e-mailed.. NML
..tickled.. don't remember
..hugged.. andrea
..kissed.. andrea lol not in that way

..what's your favorite song of all time?.. don't have one! music important to you?.. YES
..have you ever been in a band?.. uuh does school band count?
..if you have, did it work out ok?.. mm still in band you like cheese?.. yep! you believe in falling in love?.. yesss you like monkies?.. of course just as long as they don't resemble mr. ricci
all righty i'm done! woo! great quizzy, andrea.
apparently, dustin has this age it's quite odd. oh well. ga;jhsdgsd
-ron weasley-

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big ass rock [02 Jun 2003|12:08pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | sounds of the compOOter lab :D ]

compOOter laaab! yay. Sarah's party was soooo fun! I loved it. I like dustin. NOT THE ONE FROM OUR SCHOOL! NO! other dustin that hangs out with the lukas. I don't know why....I just DO! all right there's the beeellll. NEXT TIME I POST I'LL PROBABLY HAVE A RON WEASLEY BACKGROUND! SOOO EXCITED!! *sigh* i'm loving my life fright now. wait....hate it again. lol. i'll never have a chance with this dustin kid.....or any other guy. ever. GAAH.
-ron weasley-

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Kevin - "Hey Kaf - you drink BEER! HAHA" [28 May 2003|05:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | RENT - Take Me or Leave Me ]

You're Patrick! Man you're dull.. WAKE UP BITCH!!

Find out which character from Spongebob you are at G-S.NET Quizzes. Made by xtrentreznorx.

hehe i'm not dull.....just a bit stOOpid.... :D
-ron weasley-

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take me for what I am....who I was meant to be [25 May 2003|06:29pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Hallelujah - Rufus Wainright ]

Hewwo, everybody....i mean about 2 people who read my blurty. hehe. I watced Evita yesterday, the one with Madonna in it. I thought she would be horrible in it, but she was actually a really good actress in that. Nothing else. though. And Antonio....something was in it to...he was awesome. He reminded me of Judas, from Jesus Christ Superstar. I learned how to run the register at work today! It's soo fun! I love it. It's confusing now, though. It'll get easier, though. Funny throughway story....someone ask me about it! I really want the Rufus Wainright cd...the one that has Hallelujah on it. I wubba his voice. *ahem love*
all fingers are so tired and hurting from working...since the place is outside, and it was cold and rainy.
-ron weasley

How many times do I have to tell you Christina, NO wire hangers!

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