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Friday, August 8th, 2003

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    just another case of me wanting you to want me
    i was supposed to rent movies tonight with Kassy but instead she decided to go to the show. so now i am doing nothing. i wish i could drive.. becuase i have a car to drive but i just dont have my license. i talked to Mallary today, shes going to Arizona tonight to her brother's agents house because smashmouth is playing there or soemthing.. we had a good chat about that time we went to see smashmouth. ahhaha, then i told her i'd go see the justified/stripped tour if i had free tickets and she mocked me. i miss her. i also miss MEGA megan, she comes home late tonight. i need something to do.. i put the rest of my warped tour pictures on my wall, and i found some really old pictures today of me and Benj and Mallary they made me laugh.

    Current Mood: disappointed
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