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NO LUCK i SUCK [10 Aug 2003|09:42pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | ALK3 ]

Today my mom went CRAZY! so me and kassy got grounded for about 20 minutes then we stole the car and went to ALLiES then we went to get ice cream from Megan's work but it was too damn BUSY! so we go to the other icecream place and it was also busy.. but Allie got to see mr. Maj so she was happy, then we went to 7-11 and dropped allie like she was hot back off at her house. all the while listening to RAGE AGAiNST THE MACHiNE!
old skool styLiEEE!
So this week is going to suck except BLUES and the show on wednesday.. unplugged AA and clearly blind. i like acustic stuff a lot so it should be good. Then hopefully i will hang out with Chase and then Benj is bringing me to orientation on tuesday and maybe i can hang out with colin sometime this week.. summer is going by too fast.

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just another case of me wanting you to want me [08 Aug 2003|08:15pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | =w= ]

i was supposed to rent movies tonight with Kassy but instead she decided to go to the show. so now i am doing nothing. i wish i could drive.. becuase i have a car to drive but i just dont have my license. i talked to Mallary today, shes going to Arizona tonight to her brother's agents house because smashmouth is playing there or soemthing.. we had a good chat about that time we went to see smashmouth. ahhaha, then i told her i'd go see the justified/stripped tour if i had free tickets and she mocked me. i miss her. i also miss MEGA megan, she comes home late tonight. i need something to do.. i put the rest of my warped tour pictures on my wall, and i found some really old pictures today of me and Benj and Mallary they made me laugh.

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