12:31pm 10/07/2003
mood: confused one else is posting but that's ok bcuz...the questions that were on the title thing are the questions I've been wondering myself.
How can we be sure that there is a God? And that He is the only way to Heaven? Don't other religions believe that there religions are the only way they won't go to Hell? How do we have the power to say that ours is the right one?? I've gone to church all my life....but I guess I've taken it for granted, and now I've gotten so far away from God I've been wondering if He even exists? I've begged and pleaded with Him to show me a sign that He truly does exist, and to help me to stop cussing and cutting myself and being so depressed all the time, and He hasn't shown me anything. I know it takes time for Him to answer prayer...but I need an answer now. If He really knew me like the Bible says He does He would know how bad I need to know now. Does anyone have any advice or anything to say? Please help me...I really need some answers.

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02:45am 23/05/2003
The world is going through a time of wars, chaos, social problems, emotional problems, deadly diseases, changes of religious beliefs, alot of unanswered questions.... you name it. So feel free to post whatever your heart wants you to...
There are 3 main rules.
1) No cursing/discrimination/hate/whatever isn't appropriate
2) No ads please
3) dO nOt TyPe LiKe ThIs

Thank you guys...
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