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Way2Crazi's Journal

6th July, 2003. 11:17 am.

Ok lets recap Friday was the 4th. Oh well lets see at work thursday we got at trouble for asking for work there was just nothin to do so Nick wrote a letter, Kim made a giant rubberband chain that we stretched around the room, and I made a snowman out of various office supplies and then i found a giant rubber band i played with and made it into a rubber band ball that went caploee while me and kim bounced it bak so we then started makin an actual one. It was at 3 we finally got an assignment, its maazing how much work can make u smile. Next friday i went jet skiin with melissa and ate some yucky pie with her and then at nite it was firework time. Some people are so dumb as people with canes and stroolers decide to stand up in front of people sittin on the beach however luckily i met some of the coolest people ever on the beach who were in the same predicament so if any of you ever read this you guys rock!!! Satyrday it was keith's b-day party so me and melissa headed up. The festivities began by goin to noah's and they are insane together but def really cool. AT keith's the all out water fight began and just chaos. Then pool time and at nite we went to see T3. My puns made a big splash and Buck's kick to the balls was really hitin below the belt! But it was an excellent time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!

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2nd July, 2003. 10:58 pm. Pullin an all niter, or till i get smart

Ok lets see since Friday I've gotten new shades and I look hot (even more so that before). I mini golfed with Melissa Sat. nite and Sunday I got in my tennis. Been workin and doin the most tiresome tasks to keep from bein bored, without Nick and Kim I'd be in a coma. Today we counted boxes because they had nothing else for us to do. Last night was cool I hung out will Bill, Becca, and Leigann. Becca told us about kiddie porn, Bill screwed with Becca's mind on the super fast clock in pizza hut which when he tried to get me to help i was more confused than her, and Leighann thinks Central time refers to our old high school. Then after we all played pool and met Brian, the skydiving surfer who drops from the plane to the ocean and he's only 10yrs old. So pool was cool and I rocked teh table with my shades.

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27th June, 2003. 11:49 pm. Its a rat race!

Its been a while so lets hear it as I update my life! Work has been great, sure there is some very tedious work but where can you sit back, chill with your friends, break styrofoam in half, take 3.5 hr breaks, and make your boss feel old by explaining what a CD is and not get fired! Well that was my day today and basically this is a typical day! Well after work today I headed straight to the free Guster concert in Morristown and made it in 2hrs cause people are slow drivers and don't at least do the speed limit so I made hald teh show but was great. Met a few Drew people there like Leanna and found my Bayvillian friends and my Tabernaclian one. So anyway go guster's autograph and we took pics and met a crazy girl who jumped Guster and broke through security to gert her pic with them and that pissed off Ryan of the band (artists can be so tempermental). I made it home in an hr as i raced Bill down the parkway and would have won if it wasn't for this one slow driver i got trapped behind right ebfore the exit. Next time i'll win!!!!!!

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23rd June, 2003. 5:57 pm.

Alright been a few days so lets see if I can catch you up. Went to Dan's Thursday and had tp pick up Ryan and thatwas good until I took Ryan's directions and we ended up in Perth Amboy rather than Teaneck. I discovered that the town is a U-Turn when you continually miss the right exit thanks to my driving skills. So we end up at Dan's and go mini golfing and Ryan smakcs a liitle kid in the head with a ball on the first shot. Well we all were not that great but i managed to win. Then we had ice cream at Bischoff's and rented Old School. Love, it's a mother fucka! So we had a great nite there and the next day it was time to head out. 1st matter of business gettoing some gear for which one should identify oneself when borroing items, NAH! 2nd FROSTED FLAKES AND 2% MILK! Well off we went and met Mark and Ali who only waited an hr and half. We then set up and none of us were really prepared for the rain it poured from 4Pm on Friday to 4Am and the same on Saturday! It was a miracle I had one set of dry clothes and of course I am slightly under the weather but should be bak to 100% within the week. We played cards in Dan's tent and well that got soaked and so did our bags. It rained so much everyone got bored, Mark and Ali got thier solid 12hrs sleep/ "late nite playing cards" in and yes I am a UAC!!! Speaking of which Ryan has been hangin around me too long. Ok so eventually i slept in the van where it was warm and dry. Next day me and Ryan took a walk and well Ryan wished the weathr wasn't so crappy, which inspired TV skits. Anyway well then we visited highpoint and well humping an obalesque is an itriguing site. Then we ate lunch in the park and played chees. Next a hike around the lake where we learned some things and finally cause it rained we all decided we're just sitin in the van. We play cards for an hr and then decided to really rough it and went to McDonalds for 3 hrs and Mark got his huntin of a chicken fajita and cow burger in. ALi got her cheesburger without burger. Ok so then we bowled and I Dan was the champ, but he owes me a cookie. Then me and Dan slept in the Van since the tent was then a pool. Sunday we super roughed it and saw the Hulk and we all headed bak to civilization and our families. Today I started work and bak to the same normal routine, nice to see everyone again, and meet all the nice new people like Kim. Be good to see Nick on wed. Its work , but yet the hardest thing is actually looking like you are doing something.

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19th June, 2003. 12:36 am.

Hey all well since we last left our hero, ME, I been up to some things. Lets see last nite I hung out w/ Bill, Becca, and Lianne at Seaside and there was a Central reunion of the various other people I always end up meeting while out. We hunga round on the boardwal standing in a circle, doin some DDR, and then after got some ice cream. Me and Bill discovered the differnece between a malt and shake while Becca drank her ice cream through a straw and Lianne continued the medical explanation taht when you get gonohrea (THE CLAP) it paralyzes you from clapping. Hi Five everyone! Today i was supposed to be in NY for a Yankees game and that rained out without raining out. Everyone if i ask you if you feel like doing something and you say its gonna rain i will smack you, if it does rain when we go out we'll go to plan B. On the bright side I did get my exam at least today and who knows maybe I'll have a new look for y'all! As well I went to Checkers for the 1st time, pretty good food. And i saw Rich at the mall for a minute. Now I'm packing for camping so I will be gone till sunday nite, please don't cry i'll see you all again unless a bear eats me or someone throws me in the fire for a pun. So catch ya on the flip side!

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17th June, 2003. 6:52 pm.

Well, after pulling an all niter yesterday online I found a new game Kings of Chaos, put a profile up on to check that out and see how it works. Odds are I won't stay on it long but its fun to see what its all about. As well my friends can stop yelling at me for not having a Live Journal now that i have this. I'd like to thank Meg for introducing me to all these boredom killers. Well thats it for now, I'll update hopefully regulary and stick with for at least the summer.

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