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[12 Aug 2003|08:43am]

heyyy i'm andrew and i first heard of waterdown on a cd sampler when i bought the Taking Back Sunday cd. They were my favorite out of the 4 bands promoted on the sampler, and so I decided to check them out..they are real gnarly, and I've yet to see them live..
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[01 Jun 2003|04:11pm]

Heyo. I'm new to this community. I don't have many Waterdown songs, but from what I've heard, they're pretty darn good. I was wondering... if someone had any of the two albums ripped onto their computer, and could possibly send either (or both, heh) as a zip file or something. Kind of a big favor, but it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm quite curious to hear more of their music, so... any takers? :-)
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into the unkown... [28 Apr 2003|02:52am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer ]

Waterdown are awesome.
I'm really sad because I missed their performance at the bizarre festival :(
Maybe I should hate me for that ;)
but I hope to see them soon!!


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heyho :) [28 Apr 2003|01:21am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Thirce - Kill Me Quickly ]

this is the first entry as you have probably noticed :p

I have just seen the new Video to 'Xerox' and I really like it
well down!!

here are some lyrics for you


I suffer for my sanity every night
but I won't know
I forgot where I come from
the record spins with the beat of a
vague fragility of my memories
moving on into no direction moving on
are you there all this time
turn the pages over again
to another season to another year
what if I knew it all
and who killed who
like I opened a box full of yesterday
you still haunt me
you were well hidden for all these
years yet still you were there
all this time,on my fingers,
in my head

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