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Thursday, January 29th, 2004
6:29 pm - ache
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Monday, January 5th, 2004
5:04 pm - its been a long time
i hate crying.

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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
10:05 am - i <3 tom
Avatar2390 (9:43:23 AM): sweet
Cr0nos Core (9:43:25 AM): lol.
Cr0nos Core (9:43:27 AM): just a gif
Cr0nos Core (9:43:28 AM): t
Avatar2390 (9:43:28 AM): lol
Avatar2390 (9:43:34 AM): A GIFT OF DOOM!
Cr0nos Core (9:43:41 AM): yes a sweet gift
Cr0nos Core (9:43:43 AM): a gift..
Cr0nos Core (9:43:45 AM): OF DOOM!

i miss the old times. i also miss UAH. its boring here in g'dale. guess it keeps me out of trouble though...

current mood: eh...
current music: the mars volta

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Monday, November 24th, 2003
9:31 pm - yeah, im not capitalizing my music anymore
you should worry about me.

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Monday, November 10th, 2003
12:30 pm - i got the lyrics back to "we bleed"
this is complete with music, even rehearsed to some extent. i need to teach dave the vocals then its ready for the stage/studio

"we bleed"

Don't look this way
I know you'll be crushed
You can't stand the sight of pain:
Stigmata of love.

Yes, I'm hurt
But I'll try to let go
I'll try to do what's best
For us both

I'm not a martyr, no tragedy
(Just a statistic)
Broken inside of me
(But I'll be fine one day)
Breaking the bonds
You say it's what we need
Together we break
Together we bleed


started writing another song today. will post it on one of my 3 journals soon. keep an eye out for it :)

current mood: here...ish
current music: jay gordon - "slept so long"

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Saturday, November 8th, 2003
2:43 am - another in the pile of new crap. all written last week
day by day, i scan this land
but my garden turns to sand
i seek for answers in the heavens above
for the comfort of someones love

leaves turn, the ground roars
none to love, noone cares
crying to the moon, i fall to the stone
every day i stand alone

this lonesome wolf sleeps alone
a listless cold that chills his bones
the stars above, his family gone
a broken life, sorrows his home

he is the tainted cancer
there is but one answer
death through life, life through death
sooner or later, he walks the path

"spin cycle" [incomplete]

lately all i do is spin around
dont know if im going up or down
dont know where im gonna go
every second a high and low
set me down, make up your mind
i think that i want off this ride

i dont know why i told myself itd be worth it in the end
if id known itd be like this i wouldnt let it begin

"the beast"

you bring to me
a twin entity which springs
evinced in time: frozen form;
the two-faced beast

you lead me down a two-fold path
and tempt me to take
the fork i wouldnt chose
and choices i shouldnt make

back to your cage, the tempting must cease
although i know, man released the beast
from the beginning, the garden we couldnt tend
and at this rate, youll be mans end

but im made this way
with such a powerful lust
i must ignore the beast
or be forced back to dust

lies. lies. lies.
back to hell, serpent.


my ink stains the paper
like blood would drop
disenchanting purity
with my tainted thoughts

more than what created this bird
inside it churns
the fire that created me
is not all that burns

back to ashes, back to dust
make this ice melt
burn me, phoenix
its cold here in hell

"plain cloths king"

this is my castle
just look around
these concrete seas
in which you drown
but do not fear
my armies will rise
this shirt and jeans
is just a disquise

no need to kiss my ring
when youre in my court
dont fall to your knees
ill have nothing of the sort
cant you see, this was meant to be
in this realm, youre equal to me

your crown, broken by the classes
your throne, overthrown by the masses
now you see
youre nothing without me
in this shirt and jeans
im a plain cloths king

revolution! the only solution.
revolution! fight for resolution.

to hell with your sceptar
we are kings now
down with the king.


and i cant find my lyrics to "we bleed"...sorry...

current mood: depressed
current music: none...ironically

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
10:45 pm - i <3 tim...
kannagara nushi (10:01:10 PM): man
kannagara nushi (10:01:27 PM): we need ot make a big, awesome, crazy machine that does something awesome and crazy
kannagara nushi (10:01:30 PM): and big
Avatar2390 (10:01:38 PM): and its gotta be crazy...
kannagara nushi (10:01:43 PM): yeah
kannagara nushi (10:01:46 PM): we really need to
Avatar2390 (10:01:54 PM): and so incredibly controversial they will have to consider making new laws to govern its use...
kannagara nushi (10:02:16 PM): yes!
kannagara nushi (10:02:32 PM): like a nuclear powered abortion machine
Avatar2390 (10:02:37 PM): AHAHAHAHAH
kannagara nushi (10:02:52 PM): that also leaks cesium for no reason
Avatar2390 (10:02:57 PM): lol
kannagara nushi (10:02:58 PM): lol
kannagara nushi (10:03:00 PM): yes!
Avatar2390 (10:03:03 PM): ill start crunching the numbers...

current mood: happy
current music: VH1 on tv...

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
10:02 pm - i...


current mood: none, or other:
current music: dream theatre - "finally free"

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
8:02 am - Time has come today
This journal will be friends only. Sorry. Now, go meddle around with your useless lives and do something more constructive than surfing the web.

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