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[03 Aug 2003|05:38pm]
[ music | one candle power - the calendar is in flames ]

1. go to xanga.com.
2. look for me. watchdown.
3. enjoy.

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[20 Jul 2003|06:30pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i sprained my ankle on friday. i've been limping around and icing my foot ever since.
i hope i get better really soon. i don't have any health insurance, so i don't want to go to the doctor.
i can't go to the beach with will on tuesday.
i couldn't go out and look at apartments this weekend.
bad timing. all over.
i've been playing sega like all day. world series baseball. oh yeah.

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[17 Jul 2003|02:12pm]
[ mood | angry ]

i hate telemarketers. i know they're doing their job and everything, but "no" means no.
the last few days have been so shitty. i'm stressed out. my stomach has been hurting. i miss my girlfriend. the fucking computer is so fucking slow. i'm pissed off. i'm fucking frustrated. fuck.
i don't know what to do with myself.

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[13 Jul 2003|11:49pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | kloey - blue ]

You're A Tomboy!
You dress pretty casual and you have short hair
that's pretty easy to style. You are probably
frequently mistaken for a young boy. You are
very passionate and fall in love easily.

What Kind Of Lesbian Stereotype Are You???
brought to you by Quizilla

i don't fall in love easily.
mary stuart masterson is so cute.
okay. i'm done.

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[13 Jul 2003|05:03pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

tomorrow is the first day of my orientation at millersville. i'm a little nervous.
i have to take a math placement test; i don't remember a whole lot from my high school math classes.
i just hope the next two days go well.
if i meet one cool person there, i'll be pretty happy.
i need to take a chill pill.

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[13 Jul 2003|01:37am]
[ mood | mellow ]

note to self: sleater-kinney played the following songs tonight...

- #1 must have.
- yr no rock n' roll fun.
- one beat.
- oh!
- oxygen.
- dig me out.
- one more hour.
- the drama you've been craving.
- a couple new ones.
- a cover of living in the promiseland.

i <3 eddie vedder.

and yes. yes, sleater-kinney is the cutest band in the world.

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[10 Jul 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

my dad just left. we had a talk about me finding an apartment, and julie being my roommate.
"does she have weird piercings on her face?"
"does she have tattoos anywhere?"
--yeah. a couple.
"does she drink?"
"does she do drugs?"
--no, dad. she's a nice, clean girl.

i'm starting to get totally busy.
tomorrow i'm seeing some fireworks at longwood gardens.
saturday i'm seeing pearl jam and sleater-kinney.
monday and tuesday i'll be at millersville for orientation and looking at apartments in lancaster.

i wanted to stop in at goodwill tonight, but i don't have a car. dammit.

all my children is starting to depress me.

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[09 Jul 2003|02:22pm]
[ music | dealership - california ]

rainbows and the ocean. the beach was fun times.
we took A LOT of pictures and walked a ton of miles. we went into so many stores, but i think i was the only one who bought something there. everything was too expensive. i found a book about gay san francisco and a coffee mug for my mom.
will and i were so tired by the time we got back into lancaster. yesterday totally felt like three days.
we stopped at eat n' park and had dinner. my stir-fry was really good, but i lost my appetite somewhere. i think my stomach is still trying to calm down.
the next time i go to rehoboth, i might be helping will move in. maybe. i just know whatever he wants to do, he'll make it happen :]
when i got home last night, i saw a package for me from julie laying on the couch. it was so nice and thoughtful. she sent me a mix tape, the soundtrack to the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie, and some cds and books of hers. she sent me her copy of the bell jar. when i saw that, i just started crying. i was really touched.
i'm listening to the hottest song ever. take my breath away by berlin.
i'm going to go read. i started valencia this morning in bed.

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[07 Jul 2003|07:38pm]
tomorrow i am going to the beach with will. look out rehoboth.
i need to get away for a day.
i'm bored.
i think i might go upstairs. maybe i'll play some street fighter II. it's so hot up there though.
maybe i'll just stay right here.
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[07 Jul 2003|01:13am]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | mineral - unfinished ]

i should go to bed. i'm tired.
i'm listening to dashboard confessional. my cool points are decreasing by the second. i'm way in the negatives.
i watched sixteen candles tonight. god, molly ringwald is so cute. i could have jake ryan's hair.
i like rotophones.
listening to mineral is depressing me.

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[06 Jul 2003|02:27pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | garbage - drive you home ]

my mom got her treadmill set up today. it's right in our livingroom. we're running out of space.
i can't wait to move out. i should get my ass out and look at some apartments. i have to find a place in the next week and a half, two weeks.
my stomach has been feeling funny lately. it's not a good feeling.
i don't know. i feel kind of empty.
we're having chicken alfredo for dinner. i'm hungry.

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[06 Jul 2003|02:30am]
i just got home.
christa and i went out, and we saw 28 days later. it was really good. the direction is awesome.
i got a box of butterfingers and a pack of starburst sitting on the kitchen table.
i still need a haircut. i feel a mullet coming on.
in other news, my neighborhood is spooky.
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[05 Jul 2003|01:37pm]
[ music | massive attack - angel ]

i just read will's xanga site. i wish i could leave comments in his journal.
things might feel really crappy right now, but i know it will all get better. you just have to trust me on that.
i don't know anyone who is more full of life and optimism than you, will. it's very refreshing to be around you.

i scotch-taped some photographs to my door today. i don't know why. there was too much empty space.
i might be going out with christa later on. she wanted to stay out really late one night before she starts work on monday. we'll see what happens.
i might take a drive into lancaster.
i guess i will get dressed.

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[04 Jul 2003|11:37pm]
i saw legally blonde 2. it was pretty damn funny.
i'm so sleepy. i don't know why.
all day today it felt like saturday.
i'm totally stuck. i'm not sure how i should end my screenplay.
blah blah blah.
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[03 Jul 2003|09:07pm]
[ music | depeche mode - stripped ]

i'm paranoid.
my mom got her bonus at work, and she wants to take me and my sister on vacation.
she was thinking about going to chicago or las vegas or orlando.
i have a problem with flying. so. i'm kind of out.
if we were driving, i would totally be fine. but we're not, and i'm all scared.
oh well. i'll have the house to myself.
i went to exton square mall with christa. we had chick-fil-a, and we both got stomach aches.
i was thinking about my girlfriend the whole time. i'm all over the place.
one second, i'm mad. the next, i'm sad. the next, i'm completely sympathetic, and i'm buying her a really cute stuffed panda bear from the discovery store.
i'm totally love sick, and i need her.
right here, right now.
and the wait continues on...

[i'm done whining]

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[03 Jul 2003|10:30am]
[ music | dusty springfield - you don't have to say you love me ]

i just woke up.
long distant relationships are so fucking hard.
the ins told julie that her case would be finished in the next two or three weeks. so. she's going to stay in canada for now and wait.
do i believe the ins for a second? no. because two, three weeks means a month and a half to them. or more.
i don't know.
i'm trying not to be sad.
i'll get to see her soon. we'll get to hug a lot. we'll get to find a place and move-in together.
in other news, i think christa is coming over to cut my hair. i should get in the shower.

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[02 Jul 2003|06:30pm]
[ music | boxcar racer - there is ]

today is my cat's birthday. he's 15. he's an old man.
i went to el video after all my children. i picked out gangs of new york and diner. i ran into chris there, and we talked for a little while. i'll probably run into him the next time i go to lyndon diner. he's like always there.
i stopped at dollar general. i bought a mat for the kitchen floor. it has two cats on it. i'm a sucker for cats.
after that, i went to goods' store. that place was filled with old people and mennonites. everybody was staring at me. i felt a little awkward.
i took a drive over to the wal-mart in ephrata. i met my sister there. i bought some coin wraps and a new welcome mat.
i was all about mats today for some reason.
tonight i am calling julie. she had her meeting with the ins earlier. am i feeling lucky? i don't know.
sunkist makes good fruit snacks.

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[30 Jun 2003|11:17pm]
[ music | lois - strumpet ]

i just got done watching surf girls. i think i like that show.
i hung out with christa today for a little while. we went to record connection. i bought verbena's new album. it's pretty good.
we went to blockbuster too. i got the punch drunk love dvd. it's so great and weird and off-beat romantic.
tomorrow i am hanging out with will. i think we're going to lancaster.
i hate getting blisters on my tongue.

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[30 Jun 2003|12:40pm]
[ music | submission hold - blue light special ]

christa got a job! she is now an employee of applebee's as a hostess.
good day live is the greatest morning show on the air. my god.
i should get ready and go go go.
i think there's something wrong with my eye. it looks irritated and bloodshot. it doesn't make sense. i've been getting my regular 8 hours of sleep every night. 6, 7 hours. whatever.
legally blonde 2 opens on wednesday. i'm actually pretty excited to see it. i really want to see 28 days later too. and bend it like beckham.

i was going through some children books in my room yesterday. you know what i was thinking about? i was trying to decide which ones i should save for my kid[s]. you know, when i adopt.

i can't believe myself sometimes.

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[29 Jun 2003|10:46pm]
[ music | the spinanes - rummy ]

monday, monday. what am i going to do? i have no idea. i should go to martins' and pick up my film.
my sister and i watched waiting for guffman tonight. so funny.
"you people are bastard people"
i cleaned up my room today. well, kind of. i still have a little bit of work to do.
i have a bad feeling about tuesday. that's the day julie has her ins meeting. i'm trying to stay positive. neutrally positive, that is.
why can't gay marriage be legal here? i'll probably have to wait 50 more years until it happens.

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