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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
6:46p - long time no update
I'm crazy, lost and totally confused. I feel like somtimes I just don't know what I'm doing... like a chicken running around with its head cut off. Kevins out of the picture... he claims he still loves me but doesn't want to be in a long-term relationship. Whatever... let him go play the field. I'll find a new boy once the school year starts. I'm very excited. I am making a promise to myself to keep my grades up and be involved in different things. I'm not doing volleyball; I'll miss the game but not the time I waste when I have other things to do. I think I've made a good decision. I'm home alone right now so I think I'm going to go lay outside or something and read. I have like a chapter or two left in summer reading and then just notes. Jessicas out with Pat and I can't wait until I have another boyfriend. I can't wait to learn all the new things about him and get to know him and his family and just everything about him.... how he kisses how I feel when he holds me.... It's just so exciting. I want sara to find someone too.. I don't want to see her alone all the time... she needs a boy to make her smile... I can't wait until she finds one.. its going to rule! W ecould double date! She's in South Carolina now... she just wrapped trading spaces. Thus i'm alone and writing all the stuff I already kenw that happeend. WOW i'm a loser... I think I'm going to finish summer reading! hasta luego

current mood: excited

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