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[05 Nov 2003|11:07pm]
i burned my hand on the stove today.
you love me?

[03 Nov 2003|08:09am]
whoa its been awhile since ive wrote in this. halloween was off the chaiiiinnzzz. no more needed to be said about it, b/c i dont feel like writing it. im going to be a glassjaw ninja when i grow up.
you love me?

[25 Oct 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | johnjohn singing mariah carey so loud ]

tonight me,casey, johnjohn and andrew are going to the MISSY ELLIOT concert god damn we are ghetto. we are gonna be the only white people in the crowd of colored folk. last night i went to the mall with a bunch of people and casey got a BLING BLING THONG because she's my damn trick ass ho. then we broke lots of escalators because we are all fat fucks ;(

johnjohn is over right now adn we are listening to my mom's mariah carey cd and HE'S SINGING FANTASY BY MARIAH CAREY HE KNOWS ALL THE WORDS what now bitches.

you love me?

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