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    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    9:24 pm
    "ok i stole this from marianne who stole it from jess (whoever that may be)"-steph and needless to say i took it from her but its mad kcik and they'll nevr know anyways

    pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles:

    The doors

    1. are you male or female? "L.A. Woman" "20th century fox"

    2. describe yourself: " you're a Lost little girl"

    3. how do some people feel about you? " Unhappy girl" "people are strange"

    4. how do you feel about yourself? " Wild child" " the unknown soilder"

    5. describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: "My wild love" "we could be so good together" " hello,I love you"

    6. where would you rather be? on a " moonlight drive" or "waiting for the sun"

    7. describe what you want to be: "wishful sinful"

    8. describe how you live: "been down so long" " the spy"

    9. describe how you love: on the " the crystal ship"

    10. share a few words of wisdom: " take it as it comes"