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I live My life Dreaming... [01 Jul 2003|03:43pm]
[ mood | Emotional Wreck ]
[ music | manson's+speed of pain+ ]

Today.. is hot and unwanted.. I didn't have to go to work.. which was nice.. i got to stay home and mellow out! woohoo!!! anyways.. well James and i aren't talking anymore. Ron, someone who claimed to like me.. i dunno what happened and i dont care to know what happened.
Ryan Is a sweetheart, i look forward to seeing him soon. He gives me some sort of comfort and he doesn't ask for attention he simply gets it. I don't like dealing with shit.. and he doesn't seem to give me any.. soo [hugs and kisses for ryan].
I'm watching OPRAH.. it's one of those "what's dangerous in your house" well all the stories were sad.. who would have thought that baby oil could kill someone.. how scary.. well rikki lake is almost on and i havent done my chores.. so off i go to the land of cleaning! OMFG ozzfest is this saturday.. i'm excited about that.. it will be fun.. lol well anyways.. byebye for now.. and Ryan. I love You... As the Same for You James.. Love ya much everyone.. good fight goodnight.. well no not really.. just bye bye for today :)

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