28th June 2003

2:15am: chillen
hey people who are readin this...u all tyte as fuck...but not as pissed as i was...:) i went wakeboardin a lil while ago and went off this ladys ramp...she dont like like me so i gotta do it late...yea well i met this tyte ass guy today too...and i think dante is gonna come chill wit me tomarrow..well actually today..w/e...iam lke ahvin a war with laney with music..him and his rap and me and mah rock...hellz like goin crazy right now i need somethin to do...but yea im gonna talk to mah friends..-laTer-
Current Mood: crazy
Current Music: Brass Monkey: The Beastie Boys
11:43pm: man i have been hyper al day...lemme tell you why i have been laughing at MYSELF....all day....welll i was down at the pool in mah grandparents naiborhood and there was this hott guy there and i had to go to the bathroom so i got up and i went in there...struttin mah kno how it is lol...well i go in there and i broke the towlet paper dispenser so the towlet paper rolled outta the stall and under the i got up to go get it and went back into the bathroom...well these stalls didnt have doors on them and right wen i was done..that guy walks in and i go omg wat the hell are you doing here...yes i had mah bathing suit up by then....and he goes i just thought you would like to no that you are in the guys bathroom and i think the question is wat are you doin in here...then i just blushed real badand went back into the pool...the entire time i was at the pool the guy kept lookin at me and laughing...yea sure i laughed with him...hey i got his attention didnt then i went to go lay out and he pulled up a chai next to me nd started talkin to me...then i sat up on the car...and its one of those cheep lawn chair bed sorta speak things...yea well as i was sayin...i sat up and i started talkin to him...we mustve been talkin for like an hour then i was gettin reallly hott so he goes...lets get in the pool and i was like allright...and wen i trye to stand up i got mah ass stuck in the between al the lil crack i finally got out but it was pretty funny cuz the chair came up with me for a minute i flirted wit him the rest of the day...and now im just flirtin with everyone im talkin im out...i miss glenn :(
Current Mood: flirty
Current Music: What's Your Fantasy: Ludacris
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