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Saturday, November 29th, 2003

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    TV, Just a Big Fat Advertizing Tool?
    What ever happened to the good old days of coming home and watching your favorite shows on TV? Now a days, the 30 minute shows are actaully only about 17 minutes. That's because big mean uncle advertisement has butted his way into the TV. And the worst part is, he stinks. The comercials are so queer. The other day I saw an Empire Carpeting comercial that has a couple discussing where they will let their guests sleep. The dad goes, "Oh, they can sleep in the kid's room, and the kids can sleep on the floor." Then the mom says, "But that carpet is so dirty." then it switches over to that old man's voice and he rambles on about how you can save 50% off their 200% price. (Whoop-de-do! It's still 100%!) So then there is this scene where there are a bunch of kids in sleeping bags on their new carpet, and guess who's with 'em. That's right. Old Man Empire... yep... I think him and Michael Jackson should go out on a date sometime. Man... scary. The second most annoying thing in the world is that hideous, scum also known as SpyWare. It's this stuff that records everything you do on the internet, and sends you these weird ass advertisments. And the worst part is, you can never get rid of it. Almost every site is infected with it's slime. The other day I went on the Internet Browser, and up comes this window: "Want to see Paris Hilton naked?" I was sitting there... thinking, Uhh no... and who the hell is Paris Hilton? Man, if anyone can come up with something to permanantly rid SpyWare from this universe, you'd be my hero. Just kidding. (Don't get any ideas Tom.) Well, now that you've read my daily rambling of how annoying the world is, go out and surf the internet or watch some TV and see what I'm talking about. Have fun. Even though I doubt you will. Well, I'm off to go play some Battlefield 1942. Later.

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