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Sephiroth *OPEN* [21 Feb 2004|07:28pm]

[ music | Apocalyptica - In Memoriam ]

(OOC: Since it's been quiet here for awhile, I decided to write up Sephiroth's inevitable call from Shinra, him leaving, and him coming back. It doesn't go with the current game storyline, or at least not really, but I figured if anyone wants to incorporate this into any future posts to get the activity around here back up again, it makes a good starting point for any future storylines that some players might have brewing at the back of their heads, but needed some time to start them. I may go into detail of why Sephiroth is leaving, but I'll save that for another time. Bear with me, my RP skills are rusty as of late, so this might be badly written. Oh, and for those who do wish to start up something, but think no one visits anymore, rest assured that I still check about once a week/two weeks. Been a little busy, but I can manage a few minutes each week to RP a bit.)

* * * * *

Sephiroth goes away, and comes back . . . . )
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Aerith ATTN Zack, Seifer [21 Dec 2003|12:48am]

Aerith looked a little pale as she got a good look at the wounds. Growing up in Midgar meant that casulties were common, but for the most part she'd never really seen someone seriously injured. Swallowing a little, she nodded to Zack's question as she took the Restore materia from him. "Open up his coat, so I can get at the wounds easier."

Clasping her hands around the warm glass orb, she closed her eyes, her brow furrowing a little as she began to cast cure over and over again, the pale glow illuminating Sephiroth's body. Slowly, the blood began to clot and scab, the wounds themselves getting smaller. Finally, she stopped, her whole body sagging forward a little. Shaking her head as if to clear it, she looked over the injuries once more. Any minor scrapes he had were now gone, and the more serious scrapes and cuts had a thin covering of new skin over them. The majority of his bruises were also now a brownish-green colour. As for his more serious injuries, they were still raw, but a definite improvement over what they had been.

Almost tiredly, Aerith put the materia back into Zack's hand. "That's all I can do for now . . . ." With some effort, she sat up a little straighter, then looked over her shoulder to Seifer. "Seifer, is the stretcher coming? He really needs to get his wounds cleaned. His burns are really severe."
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Zack ATTN Aerith [19 Dec 2003|09:58pm]

"Uhhh... sure," Zack said with a bit of uncertainty. Aerith put him off-kilter like that. Hey, what else could you do in the presence of a beautiful woman who radiated serenity and life-giving warmth? Carefully, he rolled Sephiroth onto his back, wincing in sympathy as he took in the full extent of Sephiroth's wounds. Someone certainly wasn't going to be able to get out of bed in the near future.

"Is there anything else I can do?" he asked Aerith. She seemed to know what she was doing a lot better than Zack did at this point.
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Aerith ATTN Zack, hello unconcious Sephiroth [12 Dec 2003|02:34pm]

[ music | Ayumi Hamasaki - Trust ]

Aerith could only shake her head again as Seifer pocketed the calculator, and even she had some small curiosity as to what the fine would be, after such a fight. However, fines were kept, for the most part, between the Captain and the offender, and she knew better than to ask. Instead, she did as he directed, and went over to where Sephiroth lay sprawled on the ground.

As she knelt beside the unconcious body, another figure appeared beside her, offering her a Restore materia. Something about him looked familiar, especially the spiky black hair. Then again, she figured she must've passed him by before. Being the gardener meant that she saw and met many of the students as SSU.

She knew Sephiroth needed healing, but at that point she wasn't as concerned about that fact as much as getting the warrior off his face and onto his back. Turning to the spiky haired figure, she made a small gesture to the body. "Could you help me get him onto his back? Breathing in the grass can't be doing too well for his condition . . . and most of his injuries would be on his front, anyway." No one needed to be reminded of how Sephiroth had charged into the attacks.

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Eiko and Summons ATTN Zack and Sephiroth then Open I guess ^^; [12 Dec 2003|04:25am]

[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Hit the floor - Linkin Park ]

[I live :D]

Seeing that Sephiroth was down, the summons assumed that they had claimed victory. But Fenrir, as stubborn and proud as he was, wouldn't allow the fight to be put to a stop like this. Though he was injured he could care less. Taking off from his spot, Fenrir charged towards Zack and Sephiroth, his teeth bared to tear into the two and rip them to shreads.

"Stop! Fenrir, no!" Eiko protested as she slid in front of Sephiroth and Zack with her arms spread out, Fenrir skidding to a halt before flooring Eiko. "Please... he's hurt. You've... made... your point." Eiko spoke inbetween heavy breaths, her body trembling from exhaustion. "Please... leave them..." Eiko pleaded to the summons. Her knees soon gave on her, and she fell forward on Fenrir, far too exhausted from summoning so many summons at once. Madeen reverted back into little Mog and waddled her way over to Fenrir and Mog; Phoenix fading back, exhausted itself from using so much magic.

"Kupo?? Kupo??" Mog frantically asked as she nudged Eiko, trying to wake the fallen summoner on Fenrir. Fenrir flung Eiko up on his back, growling dangerously low at Zack and Sephiroth. "Kupo!" Mog scolded Fenrir, not wanting another fight to start. Fenrir scoffed at the fallen Sephiroth, as though he were saying don't mess with us again. Taking a look around at the attention that had been drawn, Fenrir took off from the scene with the unconscious Eiko to try and find a secluded spot to tend to her, Mog frantically running after Fenrir to keep up.

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Seifer ATTN Aerith [03 Dec 2003|02:25pm]

[ mood | awww fuck... ]

"Me? Serious? Are you kidding?" The words were a touch sarcastic, but Seifer actually favored Aerith with an actual small smile. He handed the popcorn to a gape-mouthed reporter and stood, pocketing the calculator with its final fine tally on it. Aerith tended to get hyper at him when he let a student get beaten unconscious in a fight, but frankly she also hadn't seen the list of people Sephiroth had sent to the trauma ward at Fayth Hall. If she had, she might have been slightly less disapproving, though with Aerith it was hard to tell for certain. Either way, Seifer seriously doubted this little display would curtail Sephiroth's violence at all.. or even teach him about picking proper targets.

"If you would, please get Mr. Roth over there some first aid attention?" Seifer asked as he fished around his pocket for his cell phone to let Fayth Hall know about its newest massive trauma case. While he walked, he took Zack's place standing between the summons and their erstwhile victim.

They glared at him.

He glared back.

"Unless you'd like to get Miss Eiko expelled, get your supernatural asses out of here right now."

He could hear the kid scrambling to help Aerith, mumbling something about having some Restore materia. Materia was all well and good, but it didn't beat junctioning GFs.. even if GFs did come with a hefty case of memory loss.

"Or would you three like to take this little argument up with me?" Seifer grinned sharkishly and shouldered his gunblade. He'd found the cell and tapped in the text message to get a stretcher and some X-Potions headed their way.. though to be perfectly honest if the Eidolons were that pissed off Seifer himself might need an X-Potion or two in the near future.

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Aerith ATTN Seifer [03 Dec 2003|07:29am]

Tense minutes went by as Aerith watched the silver-haired man fall. He didn't get up, not yet, but she was under the impression that any moment now, he would, and the fight would start all over again. Time slowly ticked by, and finally, with the summons no longer attacking, and the man no longer rising up to go on his killing rampage, she made her way around to crowds towards Seifer, to get a better look at the battle field, for one, and to see if she could help.

Of course, she was in a mix of shock and disapproval to see Seifer lounging quite comfortably on the bench with a bag of popcorn. It was true that there really wasn't anything he could do to stop the fight without getting himself hurt in the process, but still . . . he looked more like someone watching a movie than as the Captain of the Disciplinary Committee.

Shaking her head, she said sternly, "Mr. Almasy, I sometimes wonder if you take your job seriously at all." Then, glancing over to the battle scene, she said in a softer voice, "Is it over now? Is there anyway I can help?"
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Zack ATTN fight [02 Dec 2003|04:44pm]

[ mood | crud ]

Zack's eyes widened a little as he saw Sephiroth go down for what must have been the eightieth time. He let out the breath he'd been holding and counted to ten, just to make sure he wasn't going to get up again.

Satisfied that Sephiroth was well and truly unconscious, Zack gave himself a shake of his head and hopped over the cordon to drag his roommate's butt out of trouble. He wasn't entirely sure what he was going to do about it yet, but he did have his materia on him... and unlike some he was rather good at materia use.

Zack swallowed nervously as he approached the summons, who looked like they were about to poke the unconscious one to make sure he was really dead.

"Er... Sorry about my roommate.. He has no people skills," Zack said to the rather irate summons. "I'll just take him off your hands if that's all right with you."

Being closer to the scene, Zack was finally able to see what had started the fight-- one of the summons had what looked suspiciously like chocolate pudding around its muzzle, and there was a crumpled-up pudding cup under the bench.

"Ummm.... See.. he's really militant about the pudding. If you ever want some just talk to me instead, okay?" Zack finished, sidling over so that he was between the summons and Sephiroth. He hadn't made any attempt to cast a Cure yet, though. He did not want things escalating. Again.

Dammit.. why am I the one who always has to do this stuff, anyway?

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Aerith ATTN Fight [02 Dec 2003|03:21am]

Aerith watched the fight from the safety of the gardens further back, away from most of the crowds of students. She had taken the early morning to tend to the gardens, even if it was a day off for her, and had seen the fight right from the start.

In truth, she didn't know what to think. She had heard of Sephiroth, but only through overheard conversations as she passed by students who shared classes with him, and in those cases, she mostly heard a description of his terrifying temperment. For the most part, she was fairly confident that this man, who was now fighting against the summons, was Sephiroth.

The occasional splash of crimson, or the results of a particularly fierce attack, told her of the violence of the battle, and naturally, she was deeply worried for the man. He's going to kill himself, if he continues like this, she thought, though an other part of her wondered if perhaps he would've deserved it. Looking back at the summons, her worries now turned to the girl she'd seen. She'd heard that summons took up a lot of energy, and that for most people, even summoning one would be a huge drain on the body. So, for the four that she now saw . . . .

Shaking her head, she put down her gardening tools to stand and watch the battle. Her only hope now was for the battle to end as soon as possible.
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Sephiroth ATTN Eiko and co. [02 Dec 2003|03:10am]

A double attack from the new summon and the wolf knocked Sephiroth down yet again. This time, he took a little longer to stand, using the Masamune to lever himself up. For a moment, he stood there, breath heaving, spitting and coughing up blood. It was really a miracle that Sephiroth could still be standing, the battle now what it was, with only a sword to aid him. Though, most of the students were probably thankful that he didn't have any of his materia with him. There was always the dread of a stray spell hitting a spectator.

His whole body was shaking now, and even with all his training, never had Sephiroth been in a fight where he had been challenged this much and injured this badly. Undoubtedly, many of his muscles were now torn from all the strain he had put on them just to continue the fight, not to mention the attacks from the summons.

Once more, he charged in attack. He completely ignored defence now, armed with only the Masamune. If he had materia, he may have used Reflect or Shell to lessen the damage of the magic attacks, but for now, against the numbers he was facing now, a pure offensive was the only way he could fight. It was true that this meant he took on heavy damage, but in the same note, he was able to inflict heavy damage in return.

The summons once again gave their attacks, brute strength and powerful magic once more engulfing his entire body as the attack hit. Again, he tumbled to the ground.

This time, unlike all the other times before, he did not get up.
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Yuffie *OPEN* [01 Dec 2003|08:47pm]

[ mood | sore ]
[ music | The Cure - don't know the name of the song ]

With a groan, Yuffie slowly turned over in her bed and stared at the clock, not even able to read the numbers. 'Shit... no more fighting for a while...' she thought with a wince as she slowly threw her legs over the edge of her bed.

Battered and bruised, she slowly slid into some clean clothes and stared at herself in the mirror. Random bruises and cuts riddled her body, and she felt as though her legs were going to give way underneath her. "Food..." she mumbled to no one, hoping that she could actually make it down the stairs. Rubbing sleep from her eyes, she slowly opened the door and shuffled down the halls. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt so awful, nor did she hope that she would feel like this ever again. Last nights activities seemed to blur together, and she couldn't remember where each injury was from anymore.

As she stepped into the morning sunlight, her gaze turned to a rather large fight going on nearby. As she strained her eyes to look closer, she realized that the guy in the fight was none other than the man how had threatened her within an inch of her life the night before. "Damn... good thing I didn't irritate him that much..." Her thoughts of pain and food seemed to disappear as she stood in awe of the violence that lay before her.

[OCC - Wow... people aren't dead! :) Nice to see people writing again... just thought I'd bring my crappy brand of writing back as well!]

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Zack ATTN fighting [01 Dec 2003|09:25pm]

[ mood | yipes ]

Zack Darklighter was among the growing crowd of students watching the fight between Sephiroth and the various summon monsters. Like most of the other students, he was staying outside of the cordon Seifer had found the responsibility to erect to keep people out of the line of fire.

Zack winced again as Sephiroth collapsed, only to get back up again. Anyone else would have been unconscious or dead by now, but not Sephiroth. At this point, Zack was wondering if Sephiroth might not give out entirely anyway.

That would suck.. I'd be down a roommate...

Zack winced again, absently fingering his Restore materia. He'd been practicing with them at Trabia Hall and walking across the green to the D-Hall when he'd caught sight of the battle. However, he wasn't sure if throwing Sephiroth a Cure would have helped matters... it looked like the silver-haired warrior was just going to fight until he collapsed anyway, and prolonging the battle probably wouldn't really help much.

"Da-amn..." Zack said, whistling just a little under his breath.

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~Kahr ATTN Krelian~ [01 Dec 2003|08:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Kahr was watching the huge fight out the window, and had been for the past 15 minutes. It was quite interesting, and Kahr was wondering if Seifer was going to get hit by a stray magic spell or something like that. As for Kahr, since he wasn't actively suicidal, and he had a perfect view from where he was, he just stayed there.

Besides, this was -infinitely- more interesting than straightening up his room. Though his father -was- scheduled to show up some time today, so he probably should get to straightening his side. After all, Krelian's side of the room was organized to the point where Kahr was convinced everything was likely in alphabetical -order-.

"Hey Krelian, you should really come over here and watch this!" Kahr called, looking over his shoulder to see what Krelian was doing. "I wouldn't be surprised if people were taking bets down there."

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Seifer ATTN the large fight [01 Dec 2003|08:04pm]

The burning question of the moment, of course, was why was Seifer not breaking this fight up?

The answer to it was simple: He wasn't actively suicidal and didn't have any wish to be eaten.

So, Seifer Almasy did what he usually did when there was mayhem large enough to require heavy artillery and doomsday magic to break up: eat popcorn and tally up the fines.

Yes, Seifer was parked comfortably on a bench on the green, well out of the way of combat, munching on popcorn and occasionally breaking to add in yet another fine to the already skyrocketing numbers on the pocket calculator he was carrying.

And, oh yeah, making sure no one got anywhere near the fight. Luckily most of the students weren't actively suicidal either, but Seifer had already been forced to pull a couple of overly-enthusiastic school paper photographers away from the fray. Some reporters really were that insane.
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Eiko And Summons ATTN Sephiroth [01 Dec 2003|04:50pm]

[ mood | predatory ]
[ music | Evolution - Ayumi Hamasaki ]

By now, the fight had drawn quite a bit of attention from the other students, the loud cries and attacks from the summons causing the attention to be drawn mostly. But no one dared to get themselves involved in the fight going on, simply because they didn't want to lose a limb or worse, their life. The others were completely dismissed from Fenrir, Phoenix and Madeen, Sephiroth being their main concern and focus. Breaking the rules?? Oh they most definitly were, but they didn't care. The silver-haired one had to pay for trying to hurt Mog and upsetting their lady like that.

When he charged with his masamune, the attack resumed between the three of them with a rage. Fenrir would often go for the head-on attacks, as well as mix it up with occassional wind and earth attacks to throw Sephiroth off. Phoenix would stick with its fire attacks and heal the other party members when they were injured. While Madeen went all out on Sephiroth when she came in contact with him, brute physical combat in other words. With how this fight was keeping up, the entire school would most likely either be blown to bits by the wind attacks, crumbled to a pile of rubble from the earth attacks or burned to the ground by the intense fire attacks.

When Fenrir was thrown back, Phoenix would attack. When Phoenix was thrown back, Madeen would attack. And when Madeen was thrown back, Fenrir and Phoenix would attack together. They all refused to let him get away with his selfish and arrogant ways towards Mog and their lady. Which was why none of them were backing down; admitting defeat. Not until the other was down.

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Sephiroth ATTN Eiko and co. [30 Nov 2003|05:51pm]

Sephiroth barely had the time to back out of the way, leaping back just enough to dodge the attack head on. However, he wasn't able to completely clear the attack, and this new summon managed to claw into his side. This was followed by the twin attacks of fire and wind, which now hit him in full impact, now that he had let down his guard. The attack seered into his open wounds and cut across his flesh. Barely surpressing a look of pain, he slid in his landing, tumbling in a heap of blood and leather across the ground for a bit.

Almost immediately, he forced himself up, refusing to lose. He was completely willing to die first, before admitting to defeat. For a moment, he wavered in place, before finally straightening and taking a few staggering steps towards the summons. They didn't attack . . . yet. It was clear they wanted to hurt him, but not kill him, and there was a brief bit of hesitation as now both sides had a chance to look upon the other's injuries.

It was true that they had suffered severe injuries themselves, and were quite worn out, but the phoenix had managed to keep all damages to a minimum with its healing. As for Sephiroth, he was in much worse shape, and if it wasn't for his unique biological make up, he would no doubt be dead or immobilized by now. Still, he paid injuries, and the fact that he was overpowered absolutely no heed. He was completely focused on the fight.

Raising the Masamune in a completely offense position, he charged forward, pushing his already strained body past its limits as he kept on his attack.

Even if the summons had wanted to cease fighting, in the end, he would force them to.
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Eiko And Summons ATTN Sephiroth [30 Nov 2003|04:30pm]

[ mood | morose ]
[ music | Spirit Dreams Inside [English] - L'Arc~en~Ciel ]

[Blurty's going insanely slow for me, so bare with me ^^;]

Carbuncle watched in amazement as Mog became Madeen, really feeling the need to jump in there and help. Though, Fenrir, Phoenix and Mog/Madeen seemed to be able to handle their own... and Eiko needed to remain awake, which was Carbuncle's job; constantly nuzzling her head and mewing at her to ensure her that she'd be alright once she rested.

Mog, now Madeen, charged after the silver-haired man that had thrown her down with a rage. Annoyed and angry that he had not only drained Eiko with having to summon the others to protect her, but also for flipping out on her for doing such a harmless act as taking some of his pudding. Phoenix and Fenrir came alongside Madeen once the attack was set in motion, a combination of fire and wind from Fenrir and Phoenix racing towards Sephiroth while Madeen took him head on.

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Flea & Marle ATTN Lucca [30 Nov 2003|04:15am]

[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Yoko Kanno - Autumn In Ganymede ]

As the blue-purple swirl of lights and time itself began to envelope around the group, the people left cleaning were left to stare in confusion as the insanity that had exploded at them only moments before winked neatly out of existence.

In the time warp, Marle was 'sitting' crosslegged in the myriad of colors and pouting like a five year old child.

"Ooooooh.... I've never seen such a.... Lucca! Are we really warping time?" Flea asked with near-cute curiosity.

"Yes." Marle grumbled, looking pissed as ever, "We are."

"Yay!!!" Flea said, "I was always wondering what..." he broke off and giggled, "LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN~~~!!"

It was at that point that Marle tried to lunge forward and strangle Flea. She probably would have succeeded, as well, had Lucca not held her back yet again.

"GRRR!!!" she struggled to get free of Lucca's grasp, "This is NOT funny!!! I spent all that money, all that time getting ready for that party -- DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE TO TRY AND WEAR A FUCKING CORSET?!?! We were SUPOSED to go to a party!! A PARTY!!! And now -----"

Marle immediately stopped struggling, going so limp that she slid right out of Lucca's arms, "Oh my god..... Luc..... Do you even know where we're going?"

She looked up at Lucca with the face of a scared child, not wanting to be trapped in a random time for the rest of her life. The change in her attitude was so much so that even Flea started to get a little worried.

"Wait....." he said, "Are you saying we might be.... Lost?"


Meanwhile, back in the commons.......

Groundskeeper Highwind had been wandering about, directing the cleaning crew as he saw fit to be his janitorial duty. At the sudden intrusion, and even more sudden dissappearance of the lunatic party of a raving blonde, her hot-pants wearing friend, and some boy who looked like a godforsaken queer, his mouth dropped open.

"Holy SHIT!!" he said, passing the wing-arm of his green chocobo costume across his eyes to make sure he was still where he was, "Hoo Boy, what the flying HELL was that?!"

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Lucca ATTN Marle Fleeeaa [30 Nov 2003|04:14am]

[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Sacnoth - Heaven - Kunyang Kunyang ]

Lucca wondered what Marle was screeching about a floor below her, she hastened her pace and met up with Flea who was standing a bit in shock from what he saw outside in the commons,"What in the name of Viper Churros is going ON?! Do you know the cause for this..." she paused and looked out the door to witness the nature of true humanity, "ruckus... oh dear." Lucca gasped and pondered about all the trouble, time, money and resources they had used to get here and be presentable if not spectacular and she could see why Marle was so infuriated. (That dress and that rock she's get around her neck are probably worth a whole country if not Gaurdia alone! We've got to stop her or else...) Flea could see exactly what Lucca was thinking and nodded to her, "Shall we?" Lucca nodded to Flea and ran over to where Marle was ranting and raving, amidst the pile of ruin and rubble that was now the water logged party. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF EVEN ANNOUNCING IT IF THERE ISN'T GONNA BE ONE?!! WHYDO I WASTE MY TIME FOR SOME HOT BASTARD THAT DOESN'T EVEN CARE? I'LL TURN YOU ALL INTO LAMPS! YOU'RE ALL LAMPS!!" Marle was quite frightening at the moment, and her costume seemed to amplify that for some reason. Perhaps it was the high-heeled boots. The cleaning people stopped their work and were staring at her. "MARLE~!! Calm yourself down, goddamn it! We're humans not howler monkeys!" Lucca said as she finally reached Marle, Flea who teleported closer to Marle who was observing the scene rather calmly, "Yes dear, please calm down! It's not good for your heart or soul~!" Marle merely ignored them and she was about to attack somebody who was looking at her rather funny. Lucca threw herself at Marle and tried to restrain her as best as she could and succeeded. It was too late though, for Marle whacked Lucca in the chest on accident and triggered the 'portable' gate device she had sewn into her costume's breast pocket. They were about to get sucked into the timewarp with their recently befriended comrade Flea. "WHAT'S GOING ON!?" "YOU HIT THE TRIGGER FOR GATE HOPPING DEVICE! I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE REAL KEY!" "Basically, that means we're screwed, darling." "OH SHIT!!!"

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Flea & Marle ATTN Lucca [30 Nov 2003|04:13am]

[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Cowboy Bebop - No money ]

"By the gods, Marle, how does a princess like you know how to act like that?" Flea snickered on their way down the stairs.

"That?" Marle asked, then laughed, "Honey, you have to know how to act like that when you're a princess!"

They continued down the stairs, laughing and talking about random things that had little to do with anything but made for okay conversation. Finally coming to the dor leading to the commons, Flea paused.

"Wait...." he said, stopping.

"Eh?" Marle blinked, "What is it?"

"There's...." Flea paused, listening, "There's no sound.... Wouldn't we be hearing music?"

"Huh? Well, yeah, probably, but....." Marle moved to the door and opened it cautiously, peeking around the edge, "Oh, holy...... NO FUCKING WAY!!!!"

As Marle burst angrily through the door, her companions were left to follow, at a tsafe distance, behind her. The commons was in ruins. The decorations were mostly torn down, and there weren't any people to be seen, save for a few people cleaning.

"What happened....?" Flea asked, looking around in mild shock as Marle continued ranting in the background.

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