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    Sunday, May 8th, 2011
    9:53 pm
    Best Online Computer Virus Protection Software Available!
    You Know Viruses Can Erase All The Files On Your Computer And Hackers Can Steal Your Credit Card Informations, But You Haven’t Bought Any Antivirus Software Yet… Why?

    We don’t live in the 1990s anymore and surfing around on the internet can be a risky business. You can’t protect yourself from spyware and viruses simply by deleting “I love you” mails and denying to open .exe files sent to you. Most of the spyware you get on your computer come from the sites you visit. And you can’t know which sites to trust when you are e.g. searching on Google. This is why an antivirus software is important

    The most common signs of being infected with viruses and spyware could be:
    1.Your PC is running slower
    2.You receive pop-up ads when browsing the internet
    3.Lack of memory – Can’t open certain programs anymore
    4.Your start page in Internet Explorer has changed
    5.Your computer is completely crashed
    6.Strange money transfers from your bank account

    Statistics show that unprotected PCs used for more than a year in general have more than 40 spyware programs installed. More than 90 % of this is Adware (programs which send you ads). And the rest is programs which are either sending informations from your computer to an evil hacker or designed only for the purpose of destroying your computer.

    Now, some people are using free virus protection, but that isn’t as smart as it sounds! Some people, so called Black Hatters, are making a ton of money spreading these Adware programs around the net. And as long as there are money to be made, people will keep creating new spyware and viruses and find new ways to hide it. Free antivirues software companies don’t have the resources to keep up with this. Therefore, I would advice you to use one of the well-known authority softwares like Norton, Trend Micro or my favorite Panda Security.

    You know the risk you are taking by not protecting your computer. And the excusion of being oldschool is not going to help you the day your computer can’t start dou to a virus. And when that happens you are going to call and annoy one of your geeky friends – which could be me! :D So, go and protect your computer with the best virus protection, please?

    I’m running AVG Internet Security with great satisfaction.
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