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words dont mean anything

[27 Jun 2003|12:20am]
ok, so i have a new blurty name it's xmagnificntliar so add it biotch
-don't say goodnight-

brand new's cd is soooooooooo good [17 Jun 2003|07:22pm]
Brand New--"okay, i believe you, but my tommy gun don't"
proof that brand new is full of themselves......but they still rock

I am heaven sent. Don't you dare forget. I am all you've ever wanted. What all the other boys all promised. Sorry I told. I just needed you to know. I think in decimals and dollars. I am the cause to all your problems. Shelter from cold. We're never alone. Coordinate brain and mouth. Then ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out. I wish I knew. I hope this song starts a craze. The kind of song that ignites the airwaves. The kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are with who ever they're there with. This is war. Every line is about who I don't wanna write about anymore. I hope you come down with something they can't diagnose, don't have the cure for. Holding on to your grudge. Oh, it's so hard to have someone to love. And keeping quiet is hard. Cause you can't keep a secret if it never was a secret to start. At least
pretend you didn't want to get caught. We're consentrating on falling apart. We were contenders, now throwing the fight. I just wanna believe... in us. Oh, were so contraversial. We are entirely smooth. We admit to the truth. We are the best at what we do. And these are the words you wish you wrote down. This is the way you wish your voice sounds. Handsome and smart. Oh, my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart. And it's all from watching TV. And from speeding up my breathing. Wouldn't stop if I could. Oh, it hurts to be this good. You're holding on to your grudge. Oh, it hurts to always have to be honest with the one that you love. Oh, so let it go. We're consentrating on falling apart. We were contenders, now throwing the fight. I just wanna believe... We're consentrating on falling apart. We were contenders, now throwing the fight. I just wanna believe... in us. This is the craze only we can bestow. This is the price you pay for loss of control. This is the break in the battle. This is the closest of calls. This is the reason you're alone. This is the reason you fall. We're consentrating on falling apart. We were contenders, now throwing the fight. I just wanna believe... We're consentrating on falling apart. We were contenders, now throwing the fight. I just wanna believe... in us.
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show....wheee [31 May 2003|02:01pm]
( ♪ = anatomy of a ghost )

ok, so last night i had some fun woo hooo!! went to the anatomy of a ghost show, and it was fuckin awesome. anatomy of a ghost was sooooooo good. the singer definatly reached a 9.8 on the homosexual meter, but rocked just the same. the coolest part of the set had to be when they all just started beating the shit out of eachother. i mean, if the lead singer can strangle the guitarist with the mic cord, and still have the guitarist be able to play, while being strangled.......whoa, that's amazing. and the singet kept having seizures, touching himself, and doing the limp wrist....ha ha haha. awesome. go download "on to morning stars" by anatomy of a ghost RIGHT NOW. this is the second time i've had to type this because blurty is gay, so enjoy!!

7 kisses -don't say goodnight-

i need some fun [29 May 2003|08:49am]
( ♪ = content )
( ♪ = the movie life )

is anyone interested in some fun? i know i am. i think we need to plan some sort of beginning-of-the-summer-with-all-the-friends-having-fun-crazy-go-nuts-party. (still working on the title) I was thinking we could do this:

  • at my house, or somewhere else, i duno
  • invite 7582935723908 people
  • have fun
  • listen to music
  • have friends bands play (?)
  • eat
  • watch movies
  • talk
  • all day event...and maybe into the night!!

so....what does everybody think? we'll have to set up a date so people can get off work and what not. if everyone interested could leave a reply, i could start setting up a list of ppl. get ready to party like it's 1996
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[27 May 2003|08:55am]
weekend was pretty good. friday was work taht sucked. saturday i switched hours with someone, and went to a friends birthday party, that wasn't bad. sunday i worked till 7:45, then got picked up by chris, danielle, and caitlen, and we went to see a movie. we saw burce almighty, and it was really good. it was funny tho because i almost got into a fight with 2 random seven year old girls. they threw pop-corn at me and called me a monkey, so naturally i told them i would punch them in the face...all before even geting into the movie. haha. well, i also saw eric there, and that was word. then we went home. car drive home we listened to rap...insted of complaining the whole time i just let it go, and actually knew some of the words to the songs. ha ha, taht was a hoot. then monday i had no work fuckin a. met mike mcconnel at acme, and went to the ceresini's house for an el picnic/cookout. it was fun, many ppl showed up. 1st period is over now, more on monday later. bye

ps. how's that for an updae biotch
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this is how bored i am [25 May 2003|01:06am]
*1. Full birth name: Vincent Philip Hruska
*2. Natural Hair Color: brown
*3. Hair Color Currently: brown
*4. Eye Color At Birth: brown
*5. Eye Color Currently: brown (i'm a brown kinda kid, what can i say?!)
*6. Height: 5'something
*7. Glasses/Contacts: glasses
*8. Birthdate: 9.10.85
*9. Sign: virgo
*10. Current Age: 17
*11. Siblings Names: alesha
*12. Location: newark, DE
*13. School Attending: salesianum
*14. Current Grade: junior
*15. GPA: not good, 3.0
*16. College Plans: college = yes, the question is, where?
*17. Planned College Major: duno
*18. Planned College Minor: duno again
*19. Any Piercings: nope....i'd like to pierce the ears and guage them tho, that'd be cool.
*20. Any Tattoos: no

*1. Girl Friend(s): umm,lauren, laura, mary, coupe, and others.
*2. Guy Friend(s): joe, mike, mike, doug, pat, steve, irish, and lotsa more
*3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no
*4. If No, Current Dating Partner: no
*5. Current Crush: i'm not telling YOU
*6. Hobbies: being bored, listening to music, skateboarding, going to shows, web design.
*7. Pager: nah
*8. Are You Center Of Attention Or Wallflower: wallflower...i'm usually ignored anyway tho.
*9. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: '96 dodge stratus, silver
*10. What Type Automobile Do You Wish You Drove: mitsubishi eclipse, light blue
*11. Would You Rather Be With Friends Or On A Date: friends, but i never have time to because of work..but.....I QUIT! so friends here i come
*12. Where Is The Best Hangout: charcole pit? i duno, we never have a set "hangout", wherever we are is good...altho, we always end up at charcole pit.
*13. Do You Have A Job: acme....::stabs himself::

*1. Who Is Your Role Model: joe ceresini, connor oberst, jesus.
*2. What Are Your Pet Peeves: my mom, annoying voices, weird looking kids, annoying people, the radio.
*3. Have You Ever Been In Love: eh...
*5. Have You Ever Cried Over The Opposite Sex: yeah
*6. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: i think
*7. Have You Ever Lied To Your Best Friend(s): only in order not to hurt them
*8. Ever Wanted To Get Revenge on Someone Because They Hurt You: yes
*9. Ever Been Cheated On: not really
*10. Ever Said I Love You To A Significant Other: yes
*11. Rather Be Dumper Or Dumped: never had that problem
*12. Rather Have A Relationship Or A "Hookup": relationship
*13. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: yes
*14. Ever Liked Your Best Guy/Girl Friend: not "best" girl friend, but i have liked many of my female friends.
*15. Do You Want To Get Married: someday
*16. Do You Want Kids: yes
*17. Do You Believe In Psychics: no
*18. Do You Believe You Know The Person Who You Are Going To Marry At This Point In Life: no
*19. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Body: nothing
*20. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Emotional Being: nothing
*21. Are You Happy With You: no
*22. Are You Happy With Your Life: no
*23. Are You Scared Right Now?: sorta
*24. Depressed?: most of the time
*25. If You Could Change Something In Your Life Right Now, What Would It Be: my lonliness
*26. Say Something To Someone That May Or May Not Read This That You've never Told Them, But Need To: i don't want your pitty, i just want to win you over.
*1. Sports Team: homestars knees tech
*2. Room In house: my room
*3. Girl's Name: jordyn, amilia
*4. Guy's Name: adam, josh, jacob, ryan
*5. Person to talk to about your problems: pat and steve, they always understand.
*6. Song: hardest question ever...umm i'm not sure...brighty eyes-haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh...maybe?? it's probably something by bright eyes tho
*7. Movie: another tough question, maybe donnie darko, boodock saints, or fight club.
*8. Actor/Actress: jason lee
*9. Beverage: lemonaid, or water
*10. Candy: duno
*11. Family Member: .....
*12. Salad Dressing: bleu cheese
*13. Blanket/Stuffed Animal: bear bear(origional name, i know, shut the fuck up)
*14. Favorite quote from a movie: duno, tons of kevin smith stuff.
*15. Day of The Week: saturday?
*16. Color: blue
*17. Perfume And Cologne: axe
*18. TV Shows: the simpsons, boy meets world, family guy, i mean...
*19. Flower: roses
*20. Fast Food Place: i don't like fast food that much anymore
*21. Game: monopoly, but it's weird, i always wanna play, but never wanna finish it.....i get bored and quit EVERY TIME.
*22. Teacher: quinn
*23. Love Song: the june spirit-subject to change, bright eyes-lover i don't have to love ( i don't think that could be considered a love song tho)
*24. Clothing: band shirts, dickies pants
*25. Possession: i duno
*26. Vacation Spot: i don't vacation
*27. Person To Give Advice To: no one asks me for it
*28. Person To Get Advice From: pat or joe
*1. Cried: no
*2. Bought Something: yes
*3. Gotten Sick: no
*4. Sang: Yes
*5. Eaten: Yes
*6. Been Kissed: let's change that question to the last 2 years...heh, still no!
*7. Felt Stupid: yes, all the time
*8. Said I Love You: yes
*9. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved Them, But Didn't: yes
*10. Met Someone New: yes
*11. Moved On: no
*12. Missed An Ex: n/a....never had one
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[22 May 2003|12:40pm]
heh, look, i updated...
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[20 May 2003|09:43am]
i just found this stupid 9 page packet i have to fill out for school. It's some college survey thing...and it sucks. i have no clue what i want to major in, what schools i want to go to, or what i'm interested in. with all that said, how the hell am i suppose to fill this out?! uugh, i'm so frusterated right now. School is almost over, and thank God for that. i'm quitting the acme, yay. however i still need a job. where should vinny work?
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under all these cloths i'm naked [14 May 2003|05:21pm]
i got new pants
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[12 May 2003|09:54am]
brand new show was fun
-don't say goodnight-

[12 May 2003|09:54am]
brand new show was fun
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[05 May 2003|04:55pm]
i'm sick of blurty.
i'm not updating anymore
i'm not reading anymore
i'm sick of this shit
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wa hoooo [27 Apr 2003|02:16am]
Bright Eyes - Haligh, Haligh, a lie, Haligh:
Your depressed in some way. Maybe someone cheated
on you or you and your boyfriend/girlfriend
just went through a hard break up. Just stop
living a lie and try to move on and be happy

Which one of my favorite songs are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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soo... [26 Apr 2003|10:10pm]
people are getting mad at me because i dont' updaate my journal....are you people really taht interested in me?! lol. ok...well here we go folks. spring break has been a big disssapointment. i've had fun hangign out with friends for the little time that i have, and i had fun at the show on the 19th....but other thatn that, it's been work work work. it's lame, and i hate it. i just want to quit, but i cant quit untill i get another job....does that make any sense?! fuuuuck. i hate it all. and on top of it all i have the confusion and frusteration of girls to deal with. it's hard when a certain girl says one thing...acts a different's confusing...and it sucks. but hopefully it will all get better soon. i'm really boring. i like The Prize Fight a lot. and i'm done....leave comments if you love me.
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new layout [25 Apr 2003|03:28pm]
i'd like to thank manda for helpin me with the layout....i like it
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[25 Apr 2003|02:54pm]
all done and no more mess :D

hope you like it vinny :]

from: sh00ting_stars
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[25 Apr 2003|01:49pm]
excuse the mess..
..the journal hates me because im not vinny
....damn journal....
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yeah... [21 Apr 2003|01:26pm]
havent updated in a here it is....i'm done
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weekend = good [13 Apr 2003|08:52pm]
( ♪ = okay )
( ♪ = Bright Eyes- haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh )

well well, good weekend! friday was viacrucis, only one more show to go! then mike, doug, and sara came and picked me up. we went and drove around for a bit, then ended up at charcole pit, talked, had fun, and joe met us in the parking lot. then we went to my house, my house was boring, but everyone said they had a good time, so ehh.

saturday i worked 2:15-6:45, then chris, danielle, and caitlen came and picked me up and we went to the movies and saw "anger management" with adam sandler. it was kinda funny....but it seemed like it went on for 5 hours. it dragged on sooooo long. then we drove around, i told chris to drive wiht his hands over his eyes, and he did!! and while he was driving with his hands over his eyes, a cop drove right past us. it was hilarious.

then today....i woke up, went to dunkin donuts and got a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel with a medium coffee. it's funny, because i'm there so often, the guy knows exactly what i want, and as soon as he sees me come in, he starts makin my sandwich, and he gives me the coffee for free. not bad!! then i went home, watched harry potter and the chamber of secrets, then went to work. it sucked, but they let me go home a whole half hour early!! yay.

and now i'm here....the end

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something good?! [10 Apr 2003|12:29am]
( ♪ = content )
( ♪ = family guy! )

so today turned out good...for once. talked things out with a lot of people, a lot of misunderstandings...but everythings mostly cool. this is not an update as much as it is a sign of relief for those who have been there for me. you know who you are. i love you. you've all helped me. i think i'll go time travel...i mean sleep

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