Monday, February 16th, 2004

Time:11:36 am.
Mood: satisfied.
Music:Satellites in fists//Anatomy of a ghost.
yesterday was yet another great day. =] Rich let me pick up eddie. YAY. Came back to my house, parents left, watched 28 days later.
Steve called. Picked us up with jim tony and allyssa, dropped allyssa off right away. Went to some party/show on the east side. Everyone kept trying to get me to drink. Fuckers. Roundtree said he hates me because im straight edge. He told me that at the last show, but he doesnt ermember cuz hes always drunk. Ick. So we sat around for awhile 3 bean went on, good good. Burned by her went on, i must admit they arent bad, but jacob should have stuck with O2F. Anyhow...some drunk guy started his own mosh (fag) and he kept breakin shit. The cops came, and the one cop started moshin with him, FUNNIEST THING EVER. The cop got his shit busted. nigga. Im surprised the cops didnt bust everyone for underage drinking. eh.

Left there at about 1:30. An hour later then i was supposed to. Had a lovely chat with jim in the car about relationships. I love that guy to the core. Hes too nice.

Came home went to sleep.

No school today, i dont think there is anything to do. Wish i had my license. or some food.

before i end this, i have complaint to add. I'll just say, people shouldnt assume what they dont know is true. Everyone assumes im so unhappy at school, that is because none of you even attempt to talk to me or find out whats up. Besides that, its school, what do i have to be happy about? So stop assuming im so god damn depressed. I lost one friend over this, a best friend, because she never tried to see what was up, she just assumed i was depressed, for no reason. Abandonment.

Oh yeah, did a survey. This post is fucking long, sorry all u 2 people who read this.

// Series One - As Usual
-- Name : Erica
-- Birthdate : 2/21/88 (thats saturday!!!)
-- Birthplace : ingalls?
-- Current representin` : Calumet City
-- Hair Color : redish brown?
-- Zodiac Sign : Pisces

// Series Two - Describe
-- Your Heritage: polish, german, bohimian, slovakian
-- Your Hair : uhm, short?
-- Your Weakness : im too forgiving
-- Your Fears : being unhappy with what i do with my life?
-- Your Perfect Pizza : cheese and....just cheese
-- One Thing You'd Like to Achieve : something out of the ordinary

// Series Three - What Is?
-- Your Thoughts First Waking Up : im tired
-- The First Feature You Notice in the Opposite Sex : personality/sense of humor
-- Your Greatest Fear : um? nothing.
-- Your Greatest Accomplishment : cant think of any
-- Your Most Missed Memory : yesterday. no, kidding. Probably 8th grade when we were all best friends and not coupled off with boys.

Series Four - You Prefer
-- McDonald's or Burger King : mcdonalds i guess
-- Single or Group Dates : single nigga
-- Adidas or Nike : adidas
-- Chocolate or Vanilla: depends, ima say vanilla tho
-- Cappuccino or Coffee : cappuccino...that sounds so good right now

// Series Five - Do You
-- Smoke : no
-- Cuss : not often.
-- Do You Think You've Been In Love : shit nigga. i think i am
-- Want To Go To College : well i dont WANT to, but i am
-- Like High School : it has its points
-- Want To Get Married : maybe
-- Believe in Yourself : yes
-- Get Motion Sickness : no
-- Think You're a Health Freak: no but i want to be, fatty foods are just too good
-- Get Along With Your Parents : my mom at least, dont really hear from the father

// Series Six - In The Past Month, Did/Have You
-- Drank alcohol : no
-- Smoke(d) : no....
-- Go on a Date : maybe..dont know
-- Go to the mall? : no
-- Been in Love : =]
-- Stolen Anything : not that i can recall

// Series Seven - Have You Ever
-- Been Trashed Or Extremely Intoxicated: no
-- Been Caught "Doing Something" : heh
-- Been Called a Tease : ha, yeah
-- Shoplifted : yes
-- If So, Did You Get Caught : not exactly..

// Series Eight - The Future
-- Age You Hope to Be Married : maybe
-- Numbers and Names of Children : zero.
-- Describe your Dream Wedding : on the beach.
-- How Do You Want to Die : of old age, in a car crash (that isnt my fault)
-- Where You Want to Go to College : i wanna go to art school. =/
-- What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up : something fun
-- What Country Would You Most Like To Visit : australia. deffinately.

// Series Nine - Opposite Sex
-- Best Eye Color : dont matta
-- Best Hair Color : dark
-- Short or Long Hair : not short, but not long.
-- Best Height : taller then me at least.
-- Best Weight : average
-- Best Articles Of Clothing : mmm clothing?
-- Best First Date Location : eh, dates? dates cost money, boooo

// Series Ten - Number Of
-- Number Of Piercings : 4? eh?
-- Number Of Tattoos : none
--Number Of Scars On My Body : a lot
-- Number Of Things In My Past That I Regret : not that many, in fact, NONE
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Sunday, February 15th, 2004

Time:3:18 pm.
Im too happy for my own good.

This weekend has been awesome. Friday night, Since by Man at the fireside. Best show i've seen in quite some time. Fucking amazing. So much energy. The singer said i was cute. He was really nice. Steve got on stage and sang with him half the night. Ow ow. Afterwards we picked up val and jim and tony and went out to eat. It was a nice night.
Yesterday/Valentines day was the best day of my life. Mother let me drive all the way to edwards (south chicago), in the middle of the ghetto. So we picked him up and came back to my house, my cousins were over, they wouldnt leave us alone, but they brought us cupcakes. We all wrestled, and tried everything to get them out of my room. So when we finally did, we locked em out. ::devious grin:: and we spent the whole night locked in my room. =] Mother brought us some dinna, and we ate, and watched some movies, etc. He told me he loved me. I've never heard that from a guy. The best feeling in the world. ♥ So we took him home late, and i came home and went to bed.

Im in love.
it doesnt get any better then this.

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Saturday, February 7th, 2004

Time:2:57 am.
Mood: hungry.
Music:Wicked little town//Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack.
::blows dust off blurty::

Sorry for the neglect, xanga is just so much better.

Things have been great. Well, school aint so good, but it aint bad. I have a killer art project, it is lookin way beautiful. Marilyn Monroe, you are hot. Chemistry is kicking my ass, as well as geometry. I suck.

Other than that...I have the best friends in the world and hot damn, the best boyfriend. Hes so wonderful. For the most part at least. When he isnt telling me how much he misses me over the phone hes whispering how much he likes me in my ear, and how lucky he is to have me. Its nice...but Valentines day is coming up. I have no idea what to get him, and his birthday is two days before v-day. Crap! Last year valentines day was a dud. It sucked so horribley. Lets hope this year is better.

Lets see....i could say so much. but right now im just thinking about my darling Edward. Im a huge dork.

Today was nice i think. School wasnt bad, but the people at north are so fucking dumb. Ugh, it sickens me. So after school i came home and took a nap till about 7:30 and ed woke me up. Ate some mcdonalds and then Steve picked me up with ed, we went and got Allyssa and Sarah and went to the muse for a hot second. Ed got mad at me for an incredibly dumb reason so i felt really shitty and we were standing outside and i was talkin to chris and mike but then they left me for ed so i decided to take a walk. Of course Ed chased me down and we sat down, got our pants all wet, and talked and made up. I can talk about anything with that kid. <3 Went back and steve said we were leaving, so we went to Baskin Robbins and back to my house. He left ed at my house and dropped of sarah and allyssa and was gone for quite a while. =] and then he came back over and fell asleep on my floor, and snored the night away. aw. So they both left a little after 1 am. Wow i talk about ed too much.

Now im here, starving, and being tired. no1's online, of course.

I could definately go for some Nachos, or some EasyMac. haha.

g'nite all,
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

Time:8:57 pm.
Post anything that you want on the comments of this post, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love.. anything. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like. Then, put this in your blurty to see what others have to say.
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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

#&For ashley w
Time:2:19 am.
Mood: nostalgic.
Music:Autobiography of a nation//Thursday.
So tell me why i get like this.

Im so fucking different now. I knew it all along, but it never phased me. I wish i could let it all go, but im too attached. But i'd also like to think i've changed a lot for the better, which i have, but in the process i've left everyone behind..i left the people who abandoned me in the first place and i put the blame on myself. Which i feel bad for, but in a way, what goes around comes around. Sometimes i just wish i could go somewhere new, and start everything from the beginning. Because this is too tough sometimes.

No matter how high, there has to eventually be a downfall, and now i found it. It makes me feel like when i was a kid. When i'd go sledding with my dad and my sister, we'd go to the big hill and i was so excited, so happy to be at the top. You slide down with the people you love, all on the tobagan(sp?), and yes its fun, but as you near the bottom, you realize when you're finally there, you'll have to walk ALL the way back to the top, and start again. Well, i've just gone down that hill, and i dont even recall there being any bumps. I just dont feel like walking all the way back up. Maybe i wont have to.

This doesnt make any sense to most of you. Sorry about that, but i needed to rant and i knew i can come here because nobody reads it.

But i will say, thank you edward for being the greatest person i know lately. Although i havent known you long, you are incredibly nice to me, and well, thank you. I truly adore you.
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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

#&havent been here in ages!
Time:9:01 pm.
Mood: bored.
Here ya go...this is the last you will be seeing of me.

1) name: Erica
2) spell your name backwards: acire
3) date of birth: everyday is my birthday =]
4) male or female: female.
5) astrological sign: pisces
6) nicknames: erica p?
7) occupation: uhm...dork
8) height: 5'3 or 4ish
9) hair color: uhm..redish brownish?
10) eye color: blue
11) where were you born: idunno
12) where do you reside now: calumet city, il.
13) age: 15
14) screen name: DismantleXXXme
15) email:
16) what does your screen name stand for: Its a distillers song.
17) what is your xanga name: sXe_loser
18) what does your diary name stand for: Im a straight edge loser? heh.
19) pets: a dog and two hampsters
20) number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake: don't remember.
21) Piercings: ears and my bellybutton
22) tattoos: no.
23) shoe size: 5 or 6
24) righty or lefty: righty
25) wearing: black jeans and a flannel red shirt.
26) hearing: the tv
27) feeling: bored.
28) eating/drinking: nada.

[ friends stuff ]
which one of your friends is the.....

29) craziest: idunno
30) loudest: joe
31) nicest: steven or michael
32) bitchiest: me
33) life of the party: Brian
34) jock: maggie
35) prep: john
36) rebel: uhm...
37) cutest: hard one...steve, michael, james, sellers, ed, joe, hell, they are all cute.
38) best friend of the same sex: uhm...i guess maggie.
39) best friend of the opposite sex: Joe pivo..oh wait! *shakes fist*
40) most popular: i dont know
41) rudest: ashley l
42) most shy: sellerS?
43) dumbest: jason
44) smartest: mikey
45) weirdest: dan paz
46) has the best hair: steve
47) best personality: joe pivo
48) most talented: gosh these are hard to answer without friends.
49) most ghetto: LEANNE!
50) most spoiled: nicole
51) drama queen: me
52) pain in the ass: no comment...
53) best advice giver: idont know
54) druggie: Brian. =[
55) most likely to join a cult: joey m. aww
56) have you lost communication with a friend recently: joe m, nick...jesse....mark, ashley wiso!!!!
57) person you've been friends with for the longest: mikey
58) how many friends do you have on your buddy list: 198
59) do you talk to everyone on your buddy list: nope

[ guys/girls/love/kissing/and other stuff ]
60) have you ever been in love: nope
61) how many people have you told i love you: a lot of people. =]
62) how many people have you been in love with: zero
63) how many people have you kissed: a lot.
64) have you ever had sex: nope
65) how many people have you dated: alot i guess?
66) what do you look for in a guy/girl: too much
67) whats the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: sense of humor, how they present themselves, manners.
68) what type of guy/girl do you usually go for: the funny ones.
69) do you have a bf/gf: no
70) if so where did you meet them: uhm..who?
71) what do you like most about your bf/gf?: N/A
72) do you have a crush right now: yes'm
73) if so who is it: take a wild guess
74) do you believe in love at first sight: lust at first site.
75) who is the first person you kissed: eric f.
76) do you believe in fate: meh.
77) do you believe in soul mates: sure
78) if so do you believe that you'll ever find yours: i dontk now

[ family stuff ]
79) how many siblings do you have: 1
80) what are your parents names: Michele and Kevin
81) what are your siblings names: Nicole
82) how many siblings does your mother have: 3
83) how many siblings does your father have: 6?
84) where are your parents from: i dont know
85) is your family close: i guess.
86) does your family get together for the holidays: yah.
87) do you have a drunk uncle: dont think so
88) any medical problems run through your family: yeah.
89) do you have any nieces or nephews: nope
90) are your parents divorced: yes
91) do you have step parents: not yett
92) has your family ever disowned another member of the family: no
93) if so for what: xxxxx
94) did some of your family come to america from another country: somewhere along the line

[ other stuff ]
95) what song do you swear was written about your life: ..i'l get back to u on that one.
96) whats the most embarassing cd you own: im not embarassed about my cds.
97) whats the best cd you own: uh..static lullaby, my chemical romance.
98) what song do you absolutely hate: Feeling this
99) do you sing in the shower: not usually
100) what song reminds you of that special someone: oi.

[ favorites ]
101) color: grey, pink, black.
102) food: chicken enchiladas!
103) song: sick of it all//distillers
104) show: will and grace or dharma and greg
105) school subject: art
106) band/singer: distillers, asl, mcr, blood brothers...
107) animal: rodents.
108) outfit: dont have one i guess
109) radio station: dont listen to it, but i'd have to say 104.3!
110) movie: American History X, Fight club, Chicago, and billions of others.
111) pair of shoes: my cons?
112) cartoon: yu gi oh..haha.
113) actor: Edward Norton, all the way.
114) actress: idunno
115) potato chip: Sun chips.
116) drink: juice
117) alcholic drink: nothing
118) holiday: my birthday
119) perfume/cologne: i dont know.
120) pizza topping: cheese
121) jello flavor: cherry, the green kind.
122) lunch meat: turkey
123) board game: does jenga count??
124) video game: mario party, def jam vendetta, many others.
125) kind of ice cream: cookies and creme, vanilla.
126) book: Speak
127) computer game: pinball
128) number: 21
129) cereal: rice krispies treats, fruity pebbles, apple jacks.
130) comedian: George carlin!!!
131) dessert: cupcakes, ms suskis brownies.
132) disney character: Dory
133) clothing store: nowhere inperticular.
134) pastime: internet...messing with pictures.
135) teacher: mr flood.
136) childhood toy: ninja turtles.
137) carnival game/ride: all of em.
138) candy bar: the crunch bars with the caramel in em.
139) magazine: anything interesting.
140) salad dressing: ranch
141) favorite thing to do on the weekend: hang.
142) hot drink: tea or hot chocolate
143) season: spring and fall
144) sport to watch: cheerleading. =]
145) person to talk to online: hm..everyone. definitely joe pivo, michael, and steven when he talks, or fat george.

[ your bedroom/sleeping habits ]
146) what color are your sheets: blue and gold.
147) what color are your bedroom walls: dark blue
148) do you have posters on your walls: no i dont think i do. But i have a lot of crap on them.
149) do you have a tv in your bedroom: i do
150) how many pillows are on your bed: 3
151) what do you normally sleep in: a tshirt and my undies?
152) describe your favorite pajamas: i like all my pajamas
153) what size bed do you have: twin.
154) do you have a waterbed/daybed/bunkbed: daybed
155) do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: no
160) do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep: no
161) describe the last nightmare you had: hah, oh geeze.
162) do you sleep with stuffed animals: no
163) how many people can sleep comfortably in your bed: 1, sometimes 2
164) do you sleep in any unusual positions: dont think so
165) do you have to share your room with a sibling: no.
166) do you snore: i dont know.
167) how about drool: probably.
168) do you have an alarm clock in your room: yeah
169) what color is your carpet: creamish tan
170) what's under your bed: lots of notebooks, and craft stuff.
[ this or that ]
171) coke/pepsi: pepsi
172) doughnuts/bagels: doughnuts!
173) day/night: night
174) wicked witch of the east/west: ????
175) heaven/hell: um...
176) coffee/tea: tea unless its chilled coffee.
177) hamburgers/hotdogs: cheeseburgers
178) rock/rap: eh
179) britney/christina: dont care
180) swiss cheese/american cheese: american
181) real world/road rules: real world, but they both suck
182) backstreet boys/NSYNC: Nsync
183) silver/gold: silver
184) nike/adidas: adidas
185) mc donalds/taco bell: mcdonalds
186) sweet/sour: both
187) punk/emo: depends.
188) hot/cold: both
190) spring/fall: both
191) operas/plays: plays
192) read/watch tv: both
193) cds/tapes: cds
194) dvds/vhs: dvds
195) old/new: new
196) shorts/skirts: skirts.
197) pink/red: pink
198) color/black and white: depends.
199) meat/vegetables: both man
200) mexican food/chinese food: i like em both, but at the moment, mexican
201) commercials/infomercials: both
202) scary movies/comedies: comedies
203) bikinis/one piece: bikinis
204) sandals/tennis shoes: tennies
205) dogs/cats: either or
206) unicorns/fairies: unicorns
207) water/land: water
208) sugar/spice: sugar
209) black/white: black
|210) ribbons/bows: bows? does it matter.
211) chicken/beef: chicken
212) colored/white christmas lights: colored
213) cars/trucks: cars
214) austim powers/james bond: austin
215) popcorn/pretzels: pretzels
216) hip/hop: hip
217) passionate kiss/peck: both are nice
218) WWE wrestling/real wrestling: uhm..neither?
219) back rub/foot masage: back rub
220) picture frames/photo albums: both
221) pens/pencils: depends

[ what is your opinion of the following ]
222) eminem: aw
223) virgins: whoot whoot!
224) god: is nonexistant
225) the osbournes: meh
226) reality tv: idiotic
227) J Lo: sucks
228) religion: pointless
229) emo music: sure why not
230) valentines day: always ends up horrible
231) christina aguliera's comeback: um?
232) homosexuals: what about em.
233) abortion: if thats what u want.
234) inter-racial relationships: doesnt matter.
235) murder: do what u want.
236) death: it'll happen
237) pre-marital sex: Whatever happens happens
238) terrorism: oh well
239) fortune tellers: dumb
240) threesomes: let me think...i'll pass
41) prostituion: is stupid.
242) politics: bore.
243) country music: yee haw
244) george w. bush: who cares
245) cloning: stupid
246) britney's boobs: arent as big as people say
247) gas prices in america: that sucks for those who drive

[ name game ]
what do you think of when you hear these common names....
248) jack: hannah
249) tiffany: .....
250) ben: perryman.
251) Maria: ....
252) jennifer: lopez
253) nicole: enright is hot!
254) amy: jakubin
255) adam: SELLERS!
256) richard: is a gaywad
257) justin: timberlake.
258) arnold: hey arnold
259) tom: garcia
260) melissa: thurson, from 4th grade
261) charlotte: hornets
262) harold: ...drawing a blank
263) john: ippolito
264) joel: my cousin?
265) vanessa: williams? who?
266) michelle: branch
267) kevin: wroblewski..oi vay
268) brent: old gym teacher
269) jake: pelki from baseball
270) billy: joel
271) natalie: rutiaga, man i miss her
272) christy: from bowling
273) nick: barkowski
274) linda: .....
275) taylor: cimone, ew.
276) jordan: my cousin
277) jamie: um..
278) adrian: thats a common name?

[ have you ever ]
279) mooned anyone: no
280) been to a foregin country: no
281) been on a diet: no
282) broken a bone: no
283) swallowed a tooth/cap/filling: no
284) swear at a teacher: yeah, but not on purpose
285) talked to a xanga member via email: no dont think so
286) got in a fight: yeah, in 6th grade with the one handed chic.
287) dated a teacher: nope
288) laughed so hard you peed your pants?: no
289) thought about killing your enemy: sure
290) gone skinny dipping: nope
291) met another xanga member in the flesh: uh huh. =]
292) told a little white lie: yeah
293) told a secret you swore not to tell: i dont know
294) used a foreign object to masturbate: wow, no.
295) misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid: dont think so.
296) been on tv: dont think so
297) been on the radio: no, but awwww once i wrote an email to request a song and they read my email and it was a cute dedication type deal.
298) been in a mosh pit: not for long..kinda on accident. lol. im a scaredy cat.
299) been to a concert: yeah
300) dated one of yor best friends: um...maybe
301) loved someone so much it made you cry: no
302) deceived someone close to you: i dont think so
303) broken the law: sure
304) been to a rodeo: no
305) been on a talk show: Nope
306) been on a game show: i wish
307) been on a airplane: yeah
308) got to ride on a fire truck: YEAH!
309) came close to dying: eh. no.
310) eaten your own cum: haha, no.
311) gave someone a piggy back ride: yeah
312) terrorized a babysitter: probably not
313) made a mud pie: yeah
314) had a dream that you're falling off a cliff: yah
315) snuck out of the house at night: yeah
316) been so drunk you dont remember your name: no.
317) had an eating disorder: nope
318) felt like you didnt belong: sure
319) felt like the third wheel: always
320) smoked: ick
321) done drugs: no.
322) stolen money from a poor person on the street: thats cruel.
323) had your tonsils removed: no.
324) gone to camp: no. =[
325) won a bet: yeah
326) written a love letter: no not really
327) gone out of your way to be with the one you love: uhm, no?
328) written a love poem: yea
329) kissed in the rain: Yeah.
330) slow danced with someone you loved: mmm
331) participated in cyber sex: haha, yep, its so hilariously stupid.
332) faked an orgasm: no
333) stolen a kiss: yeah
334) asked a friend for relationship advice: yeah
335) had a friend steal a bf/gf: yea
336) watched the sunset/rise with someone you love: no
337) gotten a speeding ticket: no
338) done jail time: no
339) had to wear a uniform to work: yeah
340) won a trophy: yeah...for baseball mofo! WHOOT
341) thrown up in public: no
342) bowled a perfect game: i wish
343) failed/got held back: no
344) roasted pumpkin seeds: yeah
345) taken ballet lessons: no

[ childhood stuff ]
346) did you play with barbies: yes
347) did you own treasure trolls: yes.
348) did you watch beverly hills 90210: nope
349) did you play simon: yep, and nowadays we still play it, invisible simon tho. =[
350) did you watch fraggle rock: no
351) did you wet the bed: not that i remember
352) did you believe that there were monsters under your bed or in your closet: trolls
353) did you wear underwear with the days of the week on them: haha yeah!
354) were you shy: no
355) were you spoiled: still am
356) did you go to the circus: once, thats scary
357) did you go to the zoo: yeah, all the time
358) were you in a car accident: no
359) did you build snowmen: yeah
360) did you cry when you scraped your knee: aw yeah
361) were your older cousins mean to you: i dont have older cousins
362) did you think slinkies were cool: nhaha, yeah.
363) did you think the ninja turtles really lived in the sewer: yeah
364) were you afraid of the dark: no
365) did you have slumber parties: all the time.
366) did you have New Kids on the Block stuff: yep
367) did you tease your hair out like tiffany: no way.
368) did you believe in santa claus/the easter bunny/tooth fairy: kinda

[ randomness ]
369) do you believe in aliens: naw
370) name 3 things that are next to your computer: christmas tree at the moment, wall, and a window?
371) do you have any hidden talents: no
372) do you wish MTV would play music videos: dont watch mtv
373) if you were to star in a movie what kind of movie would it be: take a guess *wink*
374) what would your movie star name be: peach
375) do you play any sports: just bowling i guess
376) what's the scariest movie you've ever seen: idunno
377) whats the best movie you've seen recently: um..well i watched fight club earlier
378) whats the dumbest movie you've ever seen: scary movie 3
379) do you drive: no
380) what is your dream car: i dont know...station wagon
381) do others think you are good looking: u tell me
382) would you ever sky dive: yeah
383) do you believe in big foot: no
384) how many rooms do you have in your house: not many
385) are you afraid of rollercoasters: nope
386) do you believe in god: nope
387) do you believe in satan: nope
388) do you believe there is a heaven: nope
389) do you believe there is a hell: nope
390) do you own a pool table: i wish
391) do you have a pool: no
392) do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen: yeah
393) do you like chocolate: yea
394) who/what is on your 2003 calendar: kittens
395) how many US states have you been to: a few
396) ever wished on a shooting star: yes.
397) Best haloween costume you ever wore: i dont know.
398) do you carry any weapons on you: my mind?
399) what is your weakness: hugs
400) name something you cant get enough of: Hugs, kisses, friends!
401) describe yourself with 3 adjectives: hip hip lady
402) how many kids do you want to have: i dunno
403) future daughter names: dont know
404) future son names: dont know
405) what is your ideal way to die: in my sleep
406) how do you release stress: crying, ranting, writing.
407) are you a trendy person: you could say that
408) are you an artistic person: yeah
409) are you a realistic person: yeah.
410) do you untie your shoes every time you take them off: no
411) are you a strong person: depends.
412) are you a strong-willed person: depends.
413) who was the last person to email you: my aunt
414) who was the last person to IM you: derek
415) do you hate chain emails: very much so
416) are you a deep sleeper: sometimes
417) are you a good storyteller: no
418) what do you believe is your best quality: i dont know
419) what is your greatest accomplishment: honor roll
420) do you lke to burn candles or incense: yes
421) do you do yoga: i tryed before, but no.
422) do you have your own credit card: no
423) lets say you win the lotto. what do you do with the money:, share, and shop.
424) do you have a checkbook: no
425) do you like your drivers license picture: dont have my license
426) do you tan easily: YES
427) what color is your hair naturally: brown
428) how many cavities did you have at your last dentist appointment: idunno
429) worst feeling in the world: loneliness, being rejected.
430) best feeling in the world: being loved
431) is the glass half empty or half full: half full
432) do you catch yourself using online terms in real life: no
433) what do you think people think of you: i hope they think im cool.
434) are you a likeable person: i think so
435) do you need therapy: sure why not
436) do you take medication for a chemical imbalance: no
437) whats the best way to be proposed to: something cute
438) what kind of movie would you star it: i dunno
439) if fed ex and UPS merged, would it be called fed up: this is a dumb question
440) when are you moving: who knows
441) whats your favorite phrase: idunno.
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Sunday, November 9th, 2003

Time:1:52 am.
Mood: loved.
Music:you make me wanna//usher.
So where to start. Last night i stayed up till 4:30 talking to john. It reminded me of when i first met him, and man, those were the days. *sigh*. Not much to say there. But it really made me smile.

This morning i was awoken at 7 by my dog barking and my mom yelling at me to answer the door. Forgot i had to babysit my 3rd cousin. Blah. I couldnt keep my eyes open and i hate kids cuz they wanna do one thing and then they wanna do something else, and they cant just do one thing for more then 10 minutes. so frustrating. So that went...well. He left around 1.

So at 1 i fell asleep to Finding Nemo and woke up around 3:45. Got online, and around 4 i came online and brian told me hes gonna pick me up at 4:35. heh. So it gave me 30 minutes to shower and stuff. blah. Then steve and brianna and brian picked me up. We went and stole phil from work cuz he didnt wanna go. Got amber, came back to Brians, Jason came over, so did Kyle and they actually practiced. Jason only knows one song so ..that sucked, but for playing together for the first time, the one song they did play was real good. Hoorah. Me and amber got bored so we went and played slots and brians dad was talkin to us for a bit. Then we waiting for him to leave and we made rammen noodles and the funniest thing happend, but i dont feel like writing it. it was stupid. Then we went back and listened for awhile, went to wendys, got a frosty. Then we went to Meijers just to walk around, i love that place. I bought some shoe laces. yep. Drove home, we got lost. ah. Brian let me drive half way home and tim was scared cuz i drive like a maniac. Tim is funny. =] i couldnt stop laughing.

All in all i had a real fun time and i laughed a lot. But now im real tired. Sittin here talkin to John. Hes the only person online talking. Nobody ever is online. But i guess theres not many people i'd really wanna talk to anyway.
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Friday, November 7th, 2003

Time:6:14 pm.
Mood: horny.
Music:Drunkship of lanterns//Mars volta.
Man ive been neglecting blurty mad style. I've got ten minutes to spare before brian picks me up for breakfast so i thought i'd do ten minutes worth of catchin up.

Past couple days have been decent, bowling has started, woo hoo. JV team is gonna suck hardcore cuz its only me amanda and ashley and mccune is stealing nikki from us and well, we are stuck with freshman, and they all suck. Grrrrr im so sore, from bowling, yikes, thats sad. i think i found out who the cunt was - talkin in here a couple days ago, but hes too spineless to come to me and say a damn thing, so instead he has to say it ANONYMOUSLY on my blurty. Whats the fucking point, we know who you are anyway, im not an idiot. oi.
oh, and to gillian, thanx for caring =]. People are cunts, and thats always how its gonna be.

Yesterday was a busy day, but i found out i got a B in algebra now cuz of that last test. Shit. And we took a test in english that i knew not one answer to. =[ crapola man. So anywho, school was alright i guess, better then i thought. After school we all smushed in brians car, all 7 of us. He dropped me off at practice and stuff. Bowling was alright, after that i went to school and worked on my art project a little bit. I messed it up, =[ tear. Oh well, everyone else says it looks good. blah. After art i went to Mikeys house and we did our english paper, we made it really short, but its right to the point. meh. After that, Mikey walked to me to Brians house and we played Anticipation on Nintendo for about 2 hours. That never got finished. I had to go home, so i asked if i could drive. So he let me. haha. That was interesting. There was a kid comin down the street so i was like 'watch this' and i swerved and scared the shit out of him, it was humorous. He almost fell off his bike, and then i felt bad, but i couldnt stop laughing.

Anywho, this isnt the morning anymore, i had to abruptly leave. Breakfast was good, and then me and maggie went back to nicks and i studied vocab, which didnt help much. gr. oh well. another test failed. oi. School wasnt bad today. Brian took me and manda to bowling. bowling I got ice cream. =] yay. Thats all i care about.

I need to take a shower, and my mom needs to come home with some batteries for my digital camera! gosh. I tell ya...
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Monday, November 3rd, 2003

Time:9:27 pm.
Mood: listless.
Music:the leaving song pt ll//afi.
Not in the mood to right, its bash erica day. woo hoo...lets all join in the fun. [::sarcasm::].

Today was a waste of a day kinda. Went to school, had an english test, actually think i did decent. History is too easy, wt training i actually worked. It helped me take my mind off things. Had a geometry test, didnt think i'd do so well, but i actually understood most of it. I never pay attention in that class, and i always copy off lauren. Oh well. lunch was blah, george asked me to make flyers for him, i still havent. Dont feel like it. 6th hour was alright, did nothing, finished drawing the feet on my picture, didnt have to do anything else, its ugly. Chem was easy, took notes, no homework.

After school Amanda offered to drive me to bowling, good deal. Were the first ones there. No varsity, but thats okay. I'd rather play JV and play every game, then play varsity and never play at all. So whatever. That was the first time i've talked to Amanda in like, couple months. Oi...then afterwards she was like "you can just come over if u want" but we ended up going to James' house. Havent been there in ages. Didnt really wanna be there, too many memories. sucky.

So then i came home and was in a crappy mood, and what not. Ate, came online. Wont get into all that nonsense, its all so fucking stupid. Dont care anymore.
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2003

Time:10:03 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Music:Nothing ever goes as planned//Styx.
Gosh im in such a shitty mood. Its amazing the way people can bring you down.

Today was good i guess. Woke up around 11:30 and brian picked me up at 1:30ish and we went to Bennigans for lunch. He asked me out, i said yes. Oh joy. Then we went to Game Stop and got 2 nintendo games. Family Fued and some sports game that we later found out didnt work. We played those for awhile, watched a movie, i forget what it was called, and then we watched tv the rest of the day. Hoorah for comedy central.

I dont feel like writing, i hate girls and their stupid ways.
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Time:1:25 am.
Mood: loved.
Music:too late//drop the one.
Today was a good day. They've been good lately, its nice.

Woke up at about 9 and it was so dark in my room, and it was so nice. So i watched fight club that pivo let me borrow. =) Then my mom came in and said "are we going?" So i took a shower and she took me to get my hair cut. its..meh. I wanted it shorter, but oh well. Then we went to kohls and went underwear shopping. My favoritest thing to do. After that we came home and i sat around and did laundry and dyed my hair. I messed it up, missed a spot or something. Damnit. Dont care though.

After sitting around for a good portion of the afternoon george came and picked me up and we went to the muse and listened to this really horrible band. Walked around and talked to all the Lansing fucks whom i really do not like. Watched the second band, simple something. They were pretty good. Then Drop the one finally came on, the one we wanted to see and at first george was all scared cuz they were dressed up like guns and roses and they looked like they would be horrible. So they started playing and they were super good, and we both loved em. I've seen em before, but i mean..i dont remember it. haha. They are great though, everyone come to the show on the 14th to see them.

George dropped me off at Brians house and when i got there they were playing with ice. Nerds. So then we was sittin round doin nothing, watchin skinemax, cuz the remote was broken. no lie. Then we finished watching the jerk. So i was a happy camper. Brian dropped me off at 12:30 and then he went home and got online and said some cool things to me. =] Hes taking me out to lunch tomarrow, or we're doing something tomarow at lunch time, and yeah. *does a dance*. Excited.

Im in a very good mood, it was a nice day. I need some sleep.
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Saturday, November 1st, 2003

#&I want to live inside you to see just what you see It would feel so relaxing to know that you're with me and it feels so good to live my life through your eyes
Time:1:12 am.
Mood: curious.
Today was good for the most part. Oh yeah, Happy Halloween. =]

Went to school, the usual. 1st and 2nd period were nothing, 3rd hour i dont remember, but im pretty sure i was being crabby and did absolutely nothing. 4th hour we reviewed and me and Lauren just talked all period. Lunch was pretty entertaining. Study hall was sucky. 6th hour was funny. We had a sub and we were drawing our pictures and that crazy african kid was tellin Aaron somethin about the way he was drawing his picture wrong so i was like "whats goin on" and i told off the african kid. It was funny, then John went over there and told him off a second time, he thinks hes so great, but his work sucks. asshole. 7th hour wasnt bad, we had a sub and we just worked, easy stuff basically. Not bad.

After school i came home and what not, did some things, took a shower, ate some dinna. Brian picked me up at quarter till 7. Jesse called, and so did Monica. =/ I felt bad for some reason, and mark is mad at me. gr. Lets me and brian picked up kyle and went back to his house, we 'made' costumes. I made brian a Miss America sash out of duct tape. It was beautiful. Then we walked to phils house and stopped at like 4 houses to trick or treat. Then we walked back from phils house, went and picked up amber and sat in Brians garage forever. He has a way nifty slot machine, so me and Amber played that for awhile, and listened to them play. Decided to start a bonfire and we sat there for a couple hours. It was nice. We always do the coolest things. Took amber and phil home and went back to Brians, watched tv and he told me a story about meeting bam margera. lucky. and then i came home around 12:30. Im mad cuz i could have stayed out later, cuz mother is snoozing. Oh well. I had a very nice nite. =]

Tomarrow=Saturday. I think ima get my hair cut and dye it and then later in the day me and george are goin to the muse to see Drop the one. Oh Boy. I need to make dem flyers.

Im so sick of getting kicked offline today. Its rather annoying. Im hungry, chips and dip just aint cuttin it. Oi. Very tired...barely slept last night. no1's online, maybe i should just go to bed.
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Thursday, October 30th, 2003

Time:5:10 pm.
Mood: productive.
Music:cheap sunglasses//ZZ Top.
So today was another blah day. Its getting better.

Went to school, first period was nothing, second period was fun, 3rd hour sucked. 4th hour was easy, we wheedled our way out of taking the test tomarrow. Lunch was alright, study hall i went to the library and hung with brian. =D i was in a shitty mood all morning and then he put a smile on my face, he always does. Tee hee. 6th hour was alright, people get on my nerves, and then 7th hour was kinda cool.

After school i came home and did my english paper. Its really stupid, it started out cool, but the ending sucks. Blah. Got an email saying that i got another band to play. =] Go me. So i called up georgie boy and Saturday we are going to see Drop the one (the band i got to play) at the muse and then we are gonna go and whore around and advertise. So heres the first ad.

S.A.D.D. Show Friday November 14th @ 7 pm.
755 Pulaski road, TF North big gym.
Come and see: Self Taught, 3 Bean Soup,
Skylit Ignition, Ode to Fall, Drop the one....

Only $3.00
(this is not an emo show)

Oi. I need to get to that History project, and make a new flyer, and figure out what im gonna be for Halloween! OI! I wanna talk to brian. =[
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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

#&im a walkin in the rain tears are fallin and i hear a pain wishing you were here by me, to end this misery.
Time:9:04 pm.
Mood: blah.
Music:runaway//del shannon.
Today was...meh. not the greatest. Went to school, i cant seem to wake up on time anymore. So im always running late. 1st hour i didnt feel like watching the movie so i did vocab instead. Got a lot done, go me. 2nd hour we worked on computers all period, i actually did work instead of screwing around. Well, i did some work and then screwed around. meh. 3rd hour i did nothing, well i benched and then nate was all like "try this" and it was a lot of weight, but we both didnt realize it and it fell right on my chest and i pulled my shoulder muscles. Hurt like a bitch. Went to the nurse, go ice, it did nothing for me. blah. It hurts a lot, and my calves hurt from all that jumping yesterday. Oh well. 4th hour i sat at james' group cuz lauren wasnt there and neither was jason. We took a homework quiz and then did absolutely nothing. We had a lot of homework, but i didnt bring it home because i never do. oh well. Still have an A. Lunch sucked royally. It was just me, kevin, and pivo because everyone was at band. Oi. It was boring. But i got more vocab done in study hall, i hate review units. Art was cool, i finished the project we started yesterday, mine looked pretty cool, but i messed up and drew a line where i wasnt supposed to. oi. So it will probably get marked down. gr. I liked it though. Uhm..chemistry wasnt bad, im beginning to not mind that class so much. yay.

After school there was a SADD meeting. It was fun. George was makin a poster so he said "come help me" and since i wasnt talkin to nobody i went and helped, i ended up coming up with an idea and making the whole poster myself. *shakes fist*. Mr ensalaco said it was good. Then we sat around talking most of the time. George took me home.

Did homework, talked to mother. She made me clean out the fridge. oi. Then she bought me lots of food at the grocery store and then white castles. yay. im full, but i could go for a cupcake. So i think i will.

New season of the OC was tonight. It was really good, that show makes me sad though. Its so great. The love stories kill me every time. oh well. I wonder when our vocab is due. hm..

i have a feeling there is gonna be trouble. =[ wheres brian.
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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Time:10:41 pm.
Mood: content.
Today was alright..kinda, blah.
Went to school, maggie, mikey, and pivo were all absent. Blahhh. So first hour and second hour were..boring. But it was interesting to listen to this girls conversation about beating up this girl that i got in a fight with in 6th grade. haha. 3rd hour was like boot camp. Jump rope, jump hurdles, step ups, repeat repeat, exercise bikes. Well it wasnt so bad, its just really hot in the small gym. 4th hour we had a sub, my pencil didnt work so i sat around, did absolutely nothing. Copied off lauren. Lunch was sucky. I talked to Oscar and Sellers the whole time and they were being mean, but oscar gave me his drug free ribbon. yay. Study hall Brian was like "go to the library", he says that everyday, and since pivo wasnt there i took him up on the offer. Went to the Library, it was kinda interesting. =] Art was frustrating, the nuts at my table annoy me. The one kid is alright , but ugh. Chemistry was fun, we did a lab on bending glass and polishing it. Mrs. Swearingen said me and yesenia got a B cuz i kinda bent the glass too far. Whoops.

After school i came home and did my homework. Go me. Brian called and picked me up, we wanted to play board games with his sis and her friend. They wouldnt. =[ We kidnapped chantel, but she ran away. Then we just gave them the cold shoulder cuz they are too cool for us. So we watched "The jerk" instead. Funny movie, didnt finish it, but we will later. He Dropped me off at 10. Now im here. Should be in bed. Oh well.

I have a taste for twinkies. who's got one to share?
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Monday, October 27th, 2003

#&Harmless and innocent you devil in white you stole my will without a fight you filled me with confidence but you blinded my eyes you tricked me with visions of paradise
Time:9:30 pm.
Mood: happy.
Today was a great day. yep.

Woke up an hour early, guess im not used to the time change. Went to school, got out of first period for an assembly for stupid class rings. Meh. 2nd hour was fun kinda, i like 2nd hour. 3rd hour was cool, seemed extra long, cuz i actually worked. 4th hour wasnt bad, did nothing, like usual, but i have a 92%. Whoot! I have 4 A's! Im very proud. Lunch was cool, fell asleep in study hall cuz i had no homework to do. 6th hour we got a new seating arrangement and it royally sucks. I sit next to the same ignorant kid who sat next to me before, and that crazy african kid. =[ who is super annoying. Oi. I could simply ask ms shover to move me and she would, but she was like "your a good person, you like to help, so i put you with the kids who need some help". Grr. 7th hour all we did was watch movies. Boring. ugh.

Anywho..after school was nice, there was a bowling meeting. So i went to that, first time i talked to amanda in ages. Gosh..i miss those days. =/ *sigh* There are a hell of a lot of freshman, i hope im not stuck on a team with a bunch of em. They wouldnt shut the hell up. Gr. Bowling was so fun last year, so im excited. i need to get my ball.. hmm...

After that i saw taba in the hall and so i gave her a ride home. Came home and was in a cleaning mood, so thats what i did. After that i attempted to start working on my history project, its easy kinda, but im lazy. Due friday. gr. Then my mother cooked me some grilled cheese and maggie came over. I dont think she's been over since like..june? wow. =[ So she sat on my computer while i made flashcards for engilsh. Good times.

So now im talkin to brians sister, telling her things to do to brian. heh. *devious grin*

Im in such a good mood. wow.
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Sunday, October 26th, 2003

Time:9:45 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:Traveling riverside blues//Led Zeppelin.
Didnt write in here today...losing interest.
Today was relaxing. I had a me day. Woke up and it was pitch black in my room, it was so nice. Slept in till like noon. woo. thats a record. I havent slept that late since this summer when i'd wake up everyday at 3. So lets see..
Went online for a little bit, cleaned out my hampster cages, ew. Cleaned my room. Talked to ginger. That made my day worth while. Went and watched some tv, did some homework. I did my chemistry picture, its Molezart, it looks awesome. In a little bit im about to go draw the little molemaid. I dont exactly know how to draw a mole, so it kinda looks like a hampster? whoops. The picture still looks cool though. yay, im excited.

My mother cooked dinner and it was really good, she said shes gonna start cooking more often. yay. That makes me happy. Theres a bowling meeting tomarrow. We'll see how that goes, cuz i dont talk to any of the bowlers anymore. Maybe i should just get a job? =[ thats a hard decision. hm....getting a job has more pros then cons. Bowling..meh. i dont know. Its too hard to chose. Gosh!!!!!!!!! We'll see how the first week goes. I hope he dont put me on varisty like he said he wanted to. oi vay.
better get going.
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Time:1:37 am.
Mood: drained.
Today was good for the most part. yay. Woke up early, meh, but then i sat online, cleaned up my room, talked and showered. Was gonna go to the movies with mark, matt, and monica, but monica didnt wanna so we didnt.

So anywho..around...6:30 brian picked me up and we hung out at his house an hour and what not. Dropped his sister and chantel off at the skating rink, pfft. We had a laugh about that, and then we went to go see Scary Movie 3. We got stuck waiting in line and we are idiots and forgot our ids. damnit. Oh well. Got decent seats, and we had a plan for if we didnt. lol. We come up with some interesting things when we are together. Anywho..the movie wasnt so good, it was..meh. ook. Oh well. After that we went to Walmart and i was way tired, so we bought pick up sticks and some candy. Went back to his house and talked to his rents for a bit, they are real nice, and then we played pick up sticks, jacks, and then we just played catch cuz those games sucked. heh. Went in the other room and watched some comedy central, most of those shows are so racist, but they are funny.

It was a lot of fun. He dropped me off at about 1:40. =] My mom didnt seem...too upset, but she wasnt thrilled either. Im a happy camper.

When i got home i remembered i had thrown my comforter in the wash earlier so now its wet and i have to wait for it to dry. =[ damnit. So i figured i'll eat some food and do this survey i stole from nicole. yay.
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Saturday, October 25th, 2003

#&Tonights the night we'll make history honey you and I. And i'll take any risk to tie back the hands of time and stay with you here tonight.
Time:12:28 am.
Mood: thoughtful.
Music:The best of times//Styx.
Today was....nice. right.

Woke up late, and went to school, dont think i did too horrible on my vocab quiz. Yay. Got an A in history, got credit for something i never handed in, woo hoo. yay. Did grades for lagunas 3rd hour. yay. 4th hour went over homework. Lunch. 6th hour worked on my project, it looks kinda cool, took it home, and finished it. 7th hour we did work, simple work. The whole class sang the mole song for me. =] it was funny. I giggled.

After school i came home and did nothing. Wrote in my xanga. =] Altered it a bit. Then i went in my room, did my art project, ate mcdonalds. ick. Got ready and went to the game. Was with mark the whole time, pivo called me whipped *shakes fist*, But i sure was acting like it. I guess i was just bored, and trying to make things more fun. I wont get any farther into that. Me and mark walked to big daddys, while nicole drove everybody else. It was fun. rain is fun. tee hee.

Anywho..big daddys was interesting, dont feel like talking about it. Walked to joe pivos afterwards, and we sat on the porch and talked, then i came home and felt bad. oi. I have such a horrible headache. Which according to brian means "its time to dance". haha, thats why i love brian, aka ginger. =]
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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003

#&youve got the lot to burn a shelve of pig smothered cries Is there a spirit that spits upon the exit of signs. Is anybody there
Time:7:53 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Music:Drunkship of lanterns//The mars volta.
Didnt go to school today, woke up and had bad cramps, told mother and she was like "stay home if you want" so i did. Layed in bed till noon, came on the computer, did nothing, didnt feel like doing anything, so i layed in bed mostly all day and then i took a shower and came online. Took some pictures. Simply cuz i was bored.

Got argument? with mark. Sometimes to that effect. It was stupid and it made me mad cuz he never believes anything i say. Ugh..That kinda made me feel shitty.

Anywho..heres some photos. =]yay.

^thats me a couple hours ago.

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Today is "piss of erica" day. I swear it.
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