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Bekah's Journal

27th December, 2003. 9:30 pm.

I am home from school now. Actually, I have been for the past two weeks. The break from teh grind has been most excellent. A lot of laziness and napping is involved. I still have homework, though. Nursing classes have a way of haunting you even in your darkest dreams.

Tomorrow is my birthday!!! I will be officially old, 21. No big plans for the day, just staying home with my family. I have to get my driver's license renewed as well.

Current mood: giddy.
Current music: Return of the King soundtrack.

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10th December, 2003. 10:36 am. Semester is almost over

I only have one more final until this crazy semester is finished. Praise the Lord for miracles. I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed for a while. The papers are done and out of my hands. Only one final left and that is med/surg. Nasty, evil class.

I guess I have to pack my stuff ro go home at some point today. I guess I guess put it off since I was procrastinating about my finals. :) Talk about priorities. Procrastinate on the important stuff.

I found some new signatures for my email.

"Fell deeds awake, now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red dawn."


"Ride now, ride for ruin,and the world's ending. "


Guess where they are from? Lord of the Rings, naturally. I thought the bit about the ending of the world was appropriate considering that it is finals time.

Current mood: sleepy.

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3rd December, 2003. 12:02 am.

I have a few LOTR quizzes to post


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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The Fellowship...but someone as smart as you already knows THAT!
Are You a True Blue Lord of the Rings Fanatic?

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25th November, 2003. 3:47 pm. It's here!

Thanksgiving break has finally arrived. I thought the day would never come. However, I have just gotten out of OB for good. That's a pleasant thought. I do have to write a nasty paper over the week though. Definitely not cool. That's life in nursing, I suppose. Three more semesters if I don't die first. :D

Current mood: ecstatic.
Current music: Newsboys - Amazing Love.

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24th November, 2003. 5:28 pm.

When will Thanksgiving here? Time goes so slow when you are waiting. On the other hand, I have way too much to do and not enough time to finish it all. Nursing papers are Evil! I got a 91 on the OB paper, just one point away from an A. Evil, evil, Evil! Oh well, hopefully I will be able to pull an A out of that class.

Current mood: exhausted.

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23rd November, 2003. 4:47 pm. School...

It's Sunday night, and I am about ready to head off to small group at church. This is the last week for it, so I am hoping it will be really good.

On another note, I can't wait for Thanksgiving break to get here. I haven't been home since the middle of October, and it is time. I was able to get a 3 hour nap this afternoon. Quite nice.

Current mood: exhausted.
Current music: none.

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21st November, 2003. 9:39 am. Fun times

I got to talk to a friend from camp for almsot two hours last night. It makes me wish so much that I was back at camp, just hanging out with everyone. I miss everyone so much. It's only November and I am ready to go back again. Forget the next semester, I want to be at camp.

I have a math test today. Statistics isn't really too bad, just tedious.

Thank Eru that Thanksgiving is coming up really soon. I think I'd go crazy if I didn't get a break. The perils of academia.

Current mood: lethargic.
Current music: Enya.

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19th November, 2003. 12:57 pm. Relief

My OB paper is finally finished. It's over 22 pages, and I am exhausted. Ickiness. I am very glad to have it done and out of my hands. Now for the grade...I did my best and turned it in early. Now, on to the next paper. *sigh*

Thanksgiving is next week and I can't wait. To quote Lord of the Rings, I am feeling like butter scraped over too much bread. It's been a long semester and it isn't over yet. God's strength, not mine. That's the only way to live.

Green Bay won! They beat Tampa Bay down in Florida. Woohoo!

Current mood: accomplished.
Current music: Third Day - My heart.

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14th November, 2003. 6:55 pm. Progress being made

I have been working on my OB paper frantically for the last two days. So far, I have about 11 pages, and I think I am a little more than halfway through. Fun, fun. That's life in nursing, I suppose.

Current mood: busy.
Current music: Third Day - Alien (in my head).

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12th November, 2003. 10:49 am.

I have nursing clinicals later on this afternnoon. OB is so much easier than med/surg. I got to see an actulay labor and delivery last week. It was surprisingly less bloody than I expected. I now have a 20 page paper to write about it. Fun times.

Last summer I went on a week-long backpacking trip at camp. I sort of was the leader since Aunt Georgette had to stay back with a slower girl. That meant I had to make all the decisions concerning where to stay, getting water, etc. It challenged me to the utmost.

After I got back, I was writing in my journal and a few thoughts hit me.

Just like on Pathfinders, we crave the Living Water. Our entire day is focussed on finding it. Planning, scheming, willing to do anything to find it. Nothing else matters beyond that; we won't survive long without it. Our walk with God should be the same way. I should be completely set on finding God that all else escapes me. Comparing to chasing our God, nothing else has imprtance.

Current mood: contemplative.
Current music: Third Day - Never bow down.

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