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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003

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    Whilst having a meaningful discussion with a nameless party, I came across as a greedy and insensitive asshole who only seems to want money.

    Is this true? Of course it is, and I'm damned proud of not being so ignorant as to think otherwise. Anyone... ANYONE, no matter who it is, is the hugest moron if they think that money is of no real value. I'm sitting here, 4000+ miles away from home, and all I have is one single dollar. Oh. And five cents. It's an eye-opening experience, I'll give you that much. I went to Chinatown for probably the only time in my life and didn't buy a damned thing.

    But that's all beside the point. Money DOES grant happiness. Money CAN bring love and enjoyment to someone. Money CAN buy anything. ANYTHING. The movie Richie Rich starring Macauley Culkin (sp?) was supposed to teach us that money can't buy friends. What people didn't seem to notice while absorbing this bullshit mantra that everyone repeats is that nobody would've given two halves of a rat's ass to notice Mr. Rich had he not been the soul heir to $700 Billion. Money can't buy love? Just ask any slut out there if she'd date a homeless guy on the street. Hell, a good 90% of women wouldn't ever even ponder the possibility of maybe thinking about taking a guy out on a date on her own damn red cents. If a guy doesn't have any money, he's as good as that homeless bum on the side of the street.

    Money can't buy happiness? Well, what IS happiness? Comfort? Money can buy that. A significant other? See above. Entertainment? Seeing that movie tickets are upwards $8 per person, I shouldn't even have to talk about it. Food? Drugs? Music? Talent? All these things you can go and purchase. Yes, you CAN purchase talent. How does one learn to do anything? Take the almighty bartering tool THE DOLLAR out of the equation, and you really can't do anything at all. You can't even go to some churches if you don't donate money. You can't go to school to learn things. You can't just rot away; you must pay the government something at some point.

    There's not one damned thing that I can think of that I'd like or like to do or anything at all which pays no merit to money. There's going to be people reading this right now that think I'm just a cynical bastard, but then, if they're not that retarded, they'll realize that they're ON A COMPUTER which is most likely on a desk in a chair on a floor wearing clothes breathing clean air while not getting tetanus or a variety of other diseases for which they've been innoculated, and when they're done they're going to go do something else that is only possible through a certain degree of wealth. Then they'll try to justify something by calling me a bastard, but that won't work either. They'll sleep late at night on a high-quality matress (or sofa) and cover themselves up with a blanket while enjoying climate control and possibly listening to music or watching television. A good 99% of things that we take for granted as just being there are only there because we're in America, a rich country.

    Not that I hate America for being rich; we've earned every last damned penny of it.

    We are born, and from day one we are programmed to earn more and more money. No matter how much one denies the importance of money, they never ever want their children to go without it. Why do they read to the child and not yell at them? It encourages mental growth, and yelling may stunt such growth. Why should someone have a properly-working brain? So they can do well when they start going to school. Why would anyone want to do well in school? To get good grades. Why for that? So they can get into a good college. College? Why? So you can be learned and get a good job. A good job? Why? So you can make money. Everything comes down to money. There's nothing that ever goes on in life without money being a variable in the equation.

    Money is the root of all evil. Life is all about making money. Everyone is damned to be evil from the start.

    So next time someone says that they don't need money to be happy, make sure to be around when they don't have any so that you can spit in their faces and laugh when their children can't afford a hospital visit so they're sitting there taping their baby's broken limb together with popsicle sticks. Make sure you're there to laugh at them when they get kicked out of their house. Make sure you're there to push them back down when they try to get up. Make sure that they know that you're laughing at them when they can't eat. Make sure that you make it clear that you can help, but that you choose not to. Make sure you're there to deny them a helping hand when they reach out for it. Wave the few dollars you may have in their faces when their children do everything they possibly can in their lives so that they don't ever turn out like their parents did. Do whatever you need to do.

    "In God We Trust" is on our money for a reason. It's not because we need to display our deity, it's because we need to fool ourselves into thinking that our god isn't the bill itself.

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