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Nips! XD [ Thursday
July 10th, 2003 // 5:56pm ]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | "Things I'll Never Say" by Avril L. ]

Okies!! Movie reviews first!!


= I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! I've never read the book but I absolutely loved this! Funny, sweet, sad, and downright cute! ... T___T They killed Sam!!! NUUUU!! I liked Sam!! Bah..!! It was good though and I absolutely luffled Zero!! *glomps Zero* He was too cute!! Like a plushie! ^__^ Two thumbs way up fer this un!!



= ...... BAAAD!! BAH!! I hated this movie!! We spent over half of the time making fun of it!! Oi! Just... ugh! Listening to the people was like this:


--;; It was just... bad. When Bruce's dad was telling him what his mom's name was it kept going: *mumblemumble* Her name was *mumblemumble* ...<<;;; Oi.... *sigh* That and the constant usage of multiple little boxes that showed the same thing from another angle..!! SOOOO ANNOYING! Anyway, I give this two thumbs way down. It was just dumb. Don't waste your money on it.


... *grins* I'm eating Nips... YUMMY!! I love Nips! Caramel all the way baby! *grins* Sooooooooo good..... mmmmm... nummy! Wai!! I gotta call Michelle so she knows we're going to class tomorrow! Heeheee!! Sarah-chan's going to take the cooking part with me next week!! YAYNESS!! I won't have to go alone!! And I'll get my puzzle back!! Wheeeheeee!! I'm a sucker for crafts!! I love drawing and painting and building things! Just adore little projects! ^___^ I'm a child stuck in a teenager's body!

Hmmmm... XD Now I wanna draw something!! *giggles* I'm off then!! Ja peeps! If I get inspired I'll be back!

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3 Quizzes and some emotoinal business. *sigh* [ Thursday
July 3rd, 2003 // 8:37pm ]
[ mood | Odd - Depressed - Chipper ]

You are Bamboo. The soft sound of leaves waving in
the breeze is all you need to forget the
strains of the industrialized world. Your place
is in nature, away from the modern world and
out where you are free.

What is the Sign of Your Serenity?
brought to you by Quizilla

...0.0 I was always told I'd fit in here in Japan but damn! Bamboo?! My brotha's and sista's ish all over the place!! XD lol!


With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

brought to you by Quizilla

......oO?!..........00;;;........... *BLUUUUUUUUSH*


You're a Magical Girl!

You're sugar-hyped, caffeine-hyped, and permanently genki-er than a whole busload of Disney characters on crack. You eat too much, you're a total klutz, and somehow this makes you an ideal candidate for saving the world. If you're really unlucky, you get to get naked in an embarrassing transformation sequence in every single episode, with only a few sparkles and pastel blobs to cover your dignity.

Which generic anime character are you?

You're sugar-hyped, caffeine-hyped, and permanently genki-er than a whole busload of Disney characters on crack. ........*LAUGHS*


Yesh.... my life ish pointless. *sigh* I mean COME ON! I have almost no life away from the computer. Today I didn't want to get online and I had NOTHING else to do. So I slept. I f--king slept! Ooooi!! I really need to get out more. *sighs and munches cup noodles*

Well... I'm on page 9? of HP 5 and my brother thinks I'm in the 100s. ^^; I need inspiration damnit! .... T__T I need Seto-angst!! That's what I need! ..... @_@ Yes....... I'm becoming very angsty.... that quiz way down there, the "What YGO writing style are you?" or something like that... I didn't get yaoi... 0.0 I got angst.

I'm soooooo going through a phase or something. -_____-;; I feel so damn vampiric. Need to get out my house.... Aw well! I'm content to become a Half Vampire Authoress Whose Family Knows Nothing of Anything She Really Does!! .... ^^;;;

I really need to tell my mom... I want to. Nobody in my family knows about or my writings or Yaoi or my RP buddies or.... anything. ~___~ Damnit! I've gone all DramaQueen!!! NUUUU!!! Ra damnit! I didn't mean to do that.

God... tomorrow is the 4th of July and, being a Friday, my mom has to work as usual. T__T Kiary-chan has a party her and her family is going to and I'm stuck here with Jacob. (little brother) Not that I mind spending the evening with Jakey it's just..... *sighs* What's the 4th of July without Fireworks? I haven't seen a fireworks display since we visited my grandparents in Texas before we moved and some people down the rode were setting them off down the street... (It was the 4th of July, we just couldn't see the Town display of fireworks from Grandma's front yard)


OKAY!!! ^_______^ I feel better! I'm done angsting now! ...>____>;;; Why the hell am I watching Speed Racer X?

Naomi: Invader Zim is on next and you love that stupid show.... That and you like the SpeedRacerX theme song.

.... 00!! By Ra you're right!! XD Yay!! And SRX is over now! Yayness!!!

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Some more quizzes... :D [ Wednesday
July 2nd, 2003 // 7:08pm ]
[ mood | mellow ]

Who's Your YGO Boyfriend?

.... HOT DAMN!!! XD Yeeeeeesh!!!


Which Yugioh Character Are You?

.... Okay! Okay!! I didn't get Seto this time! I got Yuugi... BUT LOOK AT THE PIC!! *drools*


Which Yugioh Character Are You?

See!! THAT'S what I really got!! .... ^_____^ Cute... but the Seto picture ish drool-worthy! Whoo!


....XD Okies! I ish gonna go back to reading HP 5 now! ^__^ Kiary-chan ish sooooo jealous! But I will make it up by starting that fic I promised you... sometime..... in the *cough*hopefully*cough* near future! ...<< That doesn't look like it's spelled right...
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Of One Quiz & Sundial Review Replies [ Wednesday
July 2nd, 2003 // 5:18pm ]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | "Bang Bang" by Cher ]

One Quiz

take the non-offensive quiz.

and go to laura = great.

^___^ Wheeeheee!


Review Replies

Sundial Chapter 10 [9]:


Lyn/Lin 2003-06-29 2 Signed
didn't you know that jounouchi is the first name?
katsuya's the last name so shouldn't it be shizuka katsuya?

[ Okay... I'm sorry but this had me ranting and raving for hours. Please read the notes before you make comments like this. I've explained it plenty of times. KATSUYA IS HIS FIRST NAME! I know that Yuugi always calls him Jonouchi but Katsuya IS his first name. I own the ORIGINAL JAPANESE mangas. 7 of them thus far. If you need me to scan you a page of proof on the name and have the Hiragana translated for you so you can understand it fine. Please, I'm not trying to be rude, but I would greatly appreciate it if you not nit-pick on me for this. It's one of the only things that really p*sses me off. I know I got the name right and I'm not changing it. Thank you for reading though. ]



Unica 2003-07-01 10 Signed
I COMPLETELY LOVE YOUR STORY! I just found it and I knew just by looking at it I'd love it! And i do!


(I added you to favorites stories)

[^_________^ You love it?! Awww!! I'm so glad! Domo arigatou for adding me to your FavoriteStories! I really appreciate it! Dun worry! I am writing more ^_-]


Karenu-anime 2003-07-01 10 Signed
UPDATE!! Plz continue!! Arigato~ '.~

[ I will continue I promise! I'll also be updating as soon as possible! You're welcome! ^_^ ]


stray cat 2003-07-01 10 Signed
^^you´ve continued finally^^welcome back.poor ryou...whar will ´kura do to him *bounces* i wanna know...

byebye...straycat cayra-chan

[Yesh! Finally! XD Heeeheee! Dun worry, you'll know what Bakura did *cough*Moreorless*cough* next chapter! ]


PharoahzQueen45 2003-07-01 10 Signed
YAY! Your back!

:huffs:: It's been long enough. LOL]

( I'm sorry about you r great grandfather )

I loike how you set the characters up, and this is a VERY well written story.

I, uh, _hope_ that there will be a nice little romance thingy between Yami and Yuugi...?? ^_^

Anyways, great job!

Update a.s.a.p.!

~ PQ45 ~

[ ^^; Yesh.. 3 months was most definitely long enough. (Naomi: TOO LONG!) <<;; ... Thanks.. He died peacefully in his sleep though. 92 yrs! Not bad, ne? I'm glad you like the story thus far and as for the Y/Y, it's comin'! .. :P Eventually. But I'm pretty sure it'll be the first couple to snap. ^_- ]


Luana Hime 2003-07-01 10 Signed
O.O Holy shit motherfucking crap! Ryou! *whimpers*.. Don't.. Bakume.. please, don't! *starts crying like a baby* T_T

sorry for swearing though.. -__-

[ .........*blinks* ^^; It's alright. ]


Youko Demon 2003-07-01 10 Signed
Thanks for updating, the chapter was excelent (Excpt the cliffhangers ah!!) please update REAL soon. :)

[ You're welcome! Thanks for reviewing! *grins* Sorry 'bout those cliffys XD. And I've already got the next chapter on a roll so it should be out REAL soon! ^__^ ]


Soul Stealer 2003-06-30 10 Anonymous
BY THE GODS! YOU--YOU FINALLY UPDATED! THANK RA! *jumps around being happy* you updated at last! at long last! ^_^ upsate again soon!

[ *throws arms up* YESH!!!! I UPDATED!! WHOOO!! ^___^ ]


Angel-soul03 2003-06-30 10 Signed
Wow! Another wonderful fic!! Please update soon.

[ *blush* -^^- Glad you like it. I'll be updating ASAP ]


SilverLily aka Blood Moon 2003-06-30 10 Signed
*growls* It's about damned time too! I have been waiting for EVER for an update, vera! You're one of my favorite writers! Your talent makes me jealous, and taking so long to update makes me go NUTS! I CAN"T WAIT TILL THE NEXT ONE! Yeah! Oh, and fon't forget, maybe some fluffy moments between Yuugi and yami, hmm? For me? Onegai? *pulls Yuugi out of a corner* Ha! No I DO have Yuugi pouty eyes!
Yuugi: (sighs) I feel so used. . .

[ *bows repeatedly* Gomen for the long wait!!! ....... *bluuuuush* Thank you soooo much for the compliments and you'll be happy to know (I think) that the next chapter should be out sooooooon! Fluffy? ^__- I'll try to work that in for ya! ]


Yugi with Lotsa Sugar 2003-06-30 10 Anonymous
This is a pretty good story.
Needs more Seto/Jou though.

[ Thank you. ^_^ Ah, the S/J.. >) Dun worry! There'll be a lot of that in the next few chapters. Maybe not the NEXT one though... ^^;; I think I cliffhanger-fied the Jou part again.. oops! ]


PanDora 2003-06-30 10 Anonymous
for the guy with the black hair...i don't know his name either so unless some of your reviewers would give you a hint, otherwise, just make it up ^.^

[ Heehee, thanks. One person said they thought it was Igor and if I get nothin' else I'm goin' with it! ^__^ ]


candy 2003-06-30 10 Signed
*grins* YAY! Finally an update! *sniggers* Yugi blushed when Bakume said that! Oh no! What has Jou gotten himself into?!? I bet Seto's going to come home and see them about to start a fight, or fighting and Jou's going to get into trouble since he's new. *sighs* Man oh man...Well, i'm glad Yami is enjoying Yugi's company! POOR POOR RYOU! Bakume needs someone to slap him into reality, having people scared of him like that and treating everyone horribly won't get him anywhere! Hopefully Ryou will be the one to break that habbit. Ryou's too cute and innocent for Bakume to even touch a hair on him! UPDATE THIS SOON!

[ WAI!!! Candy-chan-sama!! You reviewed again! ^_________^ I just loooove your reviews!! Hehehe, ^_- Won't give away much but I will tell ya that I'm afraid that ain't what's gonna happen with Jou and Seto. XD Might've though if I hadn't already typed the Jou part before I read this! ]


AliasForever 2003-06-30 10 Signed
Heh heh. Good story. Update soon. =)

[ ^_^ Thanks! I will! ]

Luana Hime 2003-06-30 5 Signed
I love this fic as far. Uhm, I think I'm gonna read the next chapters tomorrow, cuz' I'm already about five hours online reading fanfics. @__@

[ XD I'm glad you like it! Whoa... 5 hours?! 0.0 Sleeeeep!! ]


Assassin of the Shadows 2003-06-30 10 Signed
;_; I'm sorry about your Great Grandpa, I know how it feels! *sniffles herself* but I liked this chapter, it was nice, and it doesn't matter if it took you a while... at least you put it up ne?

[ *smiles* Thanks.. he died peacefully in his sleep though so that's an upside to it I guess. 92 years. Not bad. And thanks for not eating on me about the wait. I appreciate it. ]


LunaCatt99 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Please hurry and post the next chapter this is my first ever reading a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic and I like it so please hurry!

[ 00! This is the first YGO you've ever read?! I'm so honored!! I promise to hurry!]


Aurora Belmont vampire hunter 2003-06-29 10 Signed
I can't wait for more. and I think you did a good job one Bakume's persnalty it's really like Ryou's yami in a way. well later

[ *grins* Hopefully I won't make you wait too long. I did a good job on him..? ^^ Thank you!! I'm so afraid I'm screwing him up.. ]


Kay B. Toyas 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Oh my gosh miricales do happen every day. I'm so glad that you've updated I thought that you have given up on this great story. i'm sorry that someone on your family but someone in my family died not to long ago too so i fell your pain. anyway update again soon. Huggles!

[ Hehe! ^^; Seems that way! Nuuuu!! I'd never give up on this story! Trust me. It's the first serious YGO fic I've ever written and I'm really proud of it! ^__^ Thanks for the words on my G. Grandpa. I'll try to update ASAP! Luffles! ]


Jadeyuy 2003-06-29 7 Signed

[ ^^ Thanks! ]


shitsumon 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Read the story, and am hoping that you can post the next chappie in a timely manner. *please?*

So . . . will Yugi have internet access? And did you do a disclaimer for Yahoo?

[ ^^ I'm trying with the chapter I promise. As for the internet: ^.- You'll have to wait and find out. Disclaimer..? OO!!! Thanks for the reminder!! ]


Shadowy Fluffball 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Oh oh oh continuie continue continue. oh please do, I want to see more. I was about ot read more whan I found out there was no more, and it made me reawy sad. *cries to herself.* please *sniff* Please continue.

[ 00!! I'm sorry!! Nuu! I made you cry! I will continue I promise! ]


Princess Strawberry 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Oi, update! ^__^ Finally!

YS: You shouldn't talk. You haven't updated in-

*claps hand to YS's mouth* SH! *hiss* How many times do I have to tell you to shut up!??


>.> Oi. Anyhoo, great chappie (as always)! ^__^ Hope you will start typing and update soon, Vera-chan!

[ ^__^;; Yes! Finally! *giggles* And I've already started typing so the update should be soon! ]


restless-soul13 2003-06-29 10 Signed
That's awsome! very good! Great plot.

[ ^___^ Thank ya much! ]


Queen of Eternal Darkness 2003-06-29 10 Signed
pllzz continur soon

[Promise I'll update ASAP! ]


ShimmeryAngelStone 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Cliffhanger. You better update soon. I just read this fic and I really like it.

[ ^^ Yosh! Cliffhangers! As for updating: I should be updating soon! I'm also really glad you like the fic! ]


Fallen Hikari 2003-06-29 10 Signed

wonderful chapter. now we're getting somewhere! i didn't mind the fact, i need to update my own fic... >__< however, i found it worth the wait!

keep up the great work and update soon!

~*Fallen Hikari*~ ^__^

[ *giggles* Thanks! I'm sorry about the wait but thanks for not nagging on me about it. I will! ^__- ]


Little brother pyro 2003-06-29 10 Signed

[ *blink* .... ^__^ ]


Myaami 2003-06-29 10 Signed



Mya: complete as you can get with an un-complete story...

Myaami: Meaning...

Mya: You MUST update sooner this time!

Myaami: I LOVE THIS STORY! ^_^

[ *laughs* ^__^ I'm glad you like the story that much! And I SWEAR I'll update sooner this time!! ]


Chibi Chaos Mage 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Please continue! Soon! ^^

[ I will! ]


galen_girl 2003-06-29 10 Anonymous
Oh my god that took so long! Don't take that long again er I'll... I don't know yet but it will be very bad!

[ .......... ^^;; I promise it won't take that long this time! ]


Duo's Only Chick 2003-06-29 10 Signed
o...please please please update soon!

[ ^__^ I will! ]


Megami no Shi 2003-06-29 10 Signed
^_^!! You live!! YAY! LIKE I SAID PREVIOUSLY, YOU ROCK!! ^_^!! CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!! WHEN DOES SETO MEET JOU? THE SUSPENSE IS SO UNFAIR! ::sniff sniff:: ;_; Kaku motto suru, kudasai!! *Please Keep Writing*

~Megami no Shi

[ *blushes* I dun rock..!! Demo, I can tell you that if I don't add the Seto/Jou encounter (which I probably won't) in this next chapter it WILL be in the one after that! And I promise to keep writint but suspense does kinda add to it, ne? ^.- ]


me 2003-06-29 10 Anonymous
plz update and soon!

[ Heehee, I will! ]


Silver Dragon 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Can you speak l33t? ^_^ I only know dumb computer geeks. (It's their language.) ...Would that classify as me? *Ponders* Well, I learned it from my bro... ^.^;; He's the baka.

ANYway, ^_^. Yep. ^_^. Not much else to say... Unless you want me to get you a popsicle. Or a pizza.

^-^ I can provide you with entertainment, if you wanna go.

That's for people who have just discovered it. *Laughs* Funny as hell!

OK, update soon!! ^_^

[ l33t? ^^ A little.. I think... XD! Heehee, No no! You dun have to get me anything. *giggles* Thanks for the link though and the review! 'preciate it! ]


AG the master 2003-06-29 10 Signed
this story is great i'm glad u finally updated

[ ^^ And I'm glad you like it! ]


WingedWolf 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Yay! There's finally a new chapter! *throws mental party* Ahem. Oh yeah, I think that guy's name is 'Igor' or something like that.

[Yosh! Finally! *giggles* Igor huh..? ^____^ I'll use it! Arigatou! ]


ShadowSpecter ( 2003-06-29 10 Anonymous
Aw this story is good so far! A very original idea!! Please update soon onegai! I hope to see some Yami/Yugi or Seto/Jou son!

[ *grins* Thanks! I was striving for original when I started writing... actually.... XD I'm trying for original on almost all my stories! Can't stand copying people.. Got off track! As for the couples: ^__- I'm workin' um in! Though Seto/Jou might not show up for a while, coupling wise I mean. ^_^ ]


Jadej.j 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Roll eyes well I don't worry about Honda or Mai. It's Jou and Ryou right now that I'm worry about ;)

[ ... *giggles* Yes! They neeeed to be worried about! Focus on them while I try to figure out what the hell to do with Honda and Mai! XD ]


Kaneda-Shotaro and Yami Tetsuo 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Really good chapter! ^_^! Me like this story! More pelase!

[ *smiles* Glad you like it!! More comin'! ]


lily day 2003-06-29 10 Signed
Aiya! you must update! this is cool, i like how you incorporated the whole slavery thing. will that turn out to be illegal later on? as a gift for such a cool fanfic i give you a yugi plushie *hands over*

[ *huggling Yuugi plushie* Arigatou!! ^__^ I should be updating soon and I'm glad you like the story thus far! Oooooh... ^___- Wait and see! ]


Ummm.. 2003-06-29 1 Anonymous
hey. So far the story is good. But you really need to write bout more Jou/Seto. also, I read the other story about the Mythological Love Story, could you also update on that?

[ Glad you think so! As for the S/J.. well I'm getting there XD. They'll start up soon, I promise. But as for MLS.... -.0; having some serious writer's block for that. Shiryoku might be updated soon though.. Check out 'Run' though for some J/S]


DrkDmnChld 2003-06-29 10 Anonymous
I likes! tis is a great story! keep up ta good work.

[Thankies!! I will, trust me! Glad you enjoy! ]


Ani-Coolgirl 2003-06-29 10 Signed
New chappie! Huzzah! ^_^ I like! I like! Continue!

[*giggles* Huzzah!! ^__^ Glad you like!! I promise to continue asap! ]


....@.@ That took a looooooooong time!!!


^____^ I feel good now though!!
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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! [ Wednesday
July 2nd, 2003 // 1:34pm ]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


I haven't started reading it yet *is currently hugging the book* ^_____________^ But I'm about to!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I have been waiting forever for this thing to get in and it finally is!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! XD Sorry Kiary-chan, I HAVE to start reading!! *runs off to start reading book*

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New Pic [ Monday
June 30th, 2003 // 7:14pm ]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | "The Shoop Shoop Song" by Cher ]


Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much Seth-chan!!! ^_______^ I looooove the piccy!! *grins and dances* I wish I had PhotoPaintshop so I could do that kinda stuff but since I can't.. THANK YOU!!!

Let's give Seth-chan a hand!

Audiance (>:) I forced them into this yes): YAY!!! *cheer*

^____________^ Domo arigatou! *bounds off to talk her mom into getting PhotoPaintshop*

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June 30th, 2003 // 2:41pm ]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | "If I could turn back time" by Cher ]


Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight! Break it down! *breaks it down*

I can't believe, after three long months, I FINALLY GOT AN UPDATE IN!! I'm so frickin' happy right now!!!! Aside from that, Kiary-chan got a puppy!!!! WAI!!! Toby is so damn cute!!!!

*beams* Good mood... very good mood.... in a writing mood! I even already started the next chapter of Sundial! I've never done that right after I updated!! I've even got the whole next chapter of Shiryoku planned out!



The Proposal

Tonight was the night. Everything had to be perfect. The entire evening was planned precisely, right down to the color of the napkins at dinner. Not a single thing could be out of place. Tonight was the night he was going to finally 'tie the knot' so to speak.

Seto Kaiba was going to propose.

He and Jou had been dating for four years tonight now. The brunette had told his boyfriend that to celebrate the occasion they were going out to the nicest resteraunt in town. It was a place that, though they''d never eaten there, the blonde had brought up many times. It wasn't the fact that he knew Seto could afford it and usually only the cities highest ranking citizens ate there that made him want to try it but rather the fact that rumor was they had the best food this side of Japan.

Jou never passed up a chance for good food and nobody knew that better than Seto.

Speaking of Seto, he was currently standing before a full length mirror in his room, strightening out his tie and smoothing his hands across the dress jacket over his shirt to free it of any stray wrinkles. Not that there would be any left after the seventh time but, hey, who was counting?

The jacket itself was a deep navy color, one Jou always commented to bring out the color in his eyes. Beneath that was a light cream colored dress shirt, silk of course, that in just the right light seemed to shimmer silver. The pants were expertly tailored and the same color as his jacket, the type of pants that you only wore once and left in your closet for years on end. Seto had a lot of those types of pants.

Actually, he had a lot of these types of outfits in general. But he knew that Jou had never seen this outfit seeing as he had hadn't even let it in the house until that morning. Every edge of cloth was cut to the perfet size and style. There wasn't a stray piece of loose thread or button on anything. Seto had made sure of that. As for Jou, he'd been sent out with Mokuba all day.

The two were free to do whatever they wished so longs they stayed out until five. Mokuba already knew of his brother's plans and was happy to keep the blonde busy all day, making sure to skillfully avoid "Dropping by the house" or "Heading on back now." While dinner reservations were for six, Mokuba was instructed to bring Jou back an hour early to help the boy get ready.

Seto took in a shakey breath and released it. He was nervous. Anyone would be in his shoes. Of course nobody but Jou and Mokuba were allowed to so much as stare at his shoes for too long or els- *cough* Back on topic...


..Hehehe...... the beginning of a humor fic I might finish up sometime! :D
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*grins* [ Thursday
June 26th, 2003 // 3:48pm ]
[ mood | Grin...ish ]

...................... *grins some more*

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BOOM BABY!! [ Wednesday
June 25th, 2003 // 5:06pm ]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | La bamba ]


His real name is:

First: Katsuya

Last: Jounouchi

BOOM! I know this for a FACT because I have the manga!! I CAN read the hiragana that happens to be beside every bit of kanji so there! I also know I got the name order right because, yeah, it's Jounouchi first but under it it has Kaiba Seto.


^________________^ Wheeeeheeeeeeee!!! I'm so proud of myself!! I even found a part where Anzu calls him Jou! *beams* I LOVE MY JAPANESE CLASSES!! *dances* And if anyone thinks they can prove me wrong: BRING. IT. ON.

I have the ORIGINAL japanese mangas from a REAL Japanese department store so yeah. Take that world! BOOYAH!

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Just.... RAWR!!!! [ Sunday
June 22nd, 2003 // 3:30am ]
[ mood | angry ]

AAAAARRRRRRGH!!! RA BE DAMNED!!!!! NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!!!! @#*! &^%*$(#)@$*@#($*$)@!!!!!!

I CAN'T FRICKIN' BELIEVE THIS!!! omg omg omg omg omg!!! I have been waiting FOREVER for the 5th HP book to come out. YAY!! It's finally out. BUT I STILL NEED TO HURT SOMETHING!!! KNOW WHY?! After all of my complaining and ranting and fussing that Iwakuni would NEVER in a million years get something so big in when they wree supposed to: I FOUND OUT THEY DID!!

The f*cking book store actually got the book in early so they could put it on sale.... *sobs* And they're probably all sold out!!! I already have a copy preordered to come through the mail but Amazon sucks and I'd have to share with my brother but if I could just get it now...!!! ARGH!! I want that book so bad and knowing my luck they won't have a single bloody copy left when I go!!

The worst part is: MY BROTHER KNEW!! HE KNEW THE ENTIRE TIME THAT THEY HAD IT IN AND DIDN'T TELL ME!!! ....... ARGH!! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? He claimes that he "didn't want me to get in trouble" for buying one when we had one coming but for God's sake!!! My mom wouldn't care!!!


I can't really be mad at him though... he sounded so sincere when he told me.... I mean... he's always looking out for me and stuff even though I'm the older sibling. I just... I dunno.. I've waited so long for this book to come out and the idea that I might have had a chance and let it slip through my fingers... well.... it pisses me off.

*sniffles* Kiary's going to be worse than me though...... God........ please just let them have a copy in..... onegai...? I want that book and this is the ONLY time Iwakuni has ever been so on the dot! ....... *sighs*

I'm praying.

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^__^ On a roll..!! [ Saturday
June 21st, 2003 // 9:47pm ]
[ mood | productive ]

Sundial, Chapter 9

A weary sigh pushed past Yami's lips. Dinner had ended some time ago without much incident unless you counted Bakume scaring a waiter half to death that resulted in the poor man spilling champagne all over himself. Or if you wanted to count the fact that Seto had finally snapped in the presence of the two old woman sitting with him, shouting something at them that caused the two to huff indignantly and stalk off to another table to finish their meal. Yes, dinner had been rather uneventful.

Yugi however, now standing beside him, was practically beaming. The boy certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. Some of the many people who had come to talk to him had also inquired about the smaller boy next to him, Yugi being more than happy to answer any questions they had. Of course, Yami was pleased to see the other enjoying himself so much. He guessed that they didn't have parties or get-togethers like this wherever he was bought from. A Holding House in the area no doubt.

Now, the ruby eyed teen was standing in front of a long table of gifts. Their bright wrapping paper glinted merrily in the chandelier lighting from above, almost as if begging him to open them. But he wouldn't. Not now at least. He'd decided at dinner with his parents that he would not be opening any gifts here in the room. Not only would it prolong his requirement to be at the party but he didn't like people making a fuss when he didn't 'show enough enthusiasm' in the gifts bought. Yugi, who was standing a little behind him, had gasped and made a comment that sounded like 'Sugoi' when the table had been filled.

Yami wasn't as impressed. It was the same thing every year and by this time he was bound to get doubles of things he already had, only a few actually being something new. Maybe he'd just give half of this junk to Yugi. The boy seemed fascinated enough by the wrapping paper, he was sure he'd be amazed by the gifts themselves. It was that or take them back.
He had just announced his thanks to everyone for coming and for their presents and apologized for the fact that he would not be opening them at the time. A few looked a bit upset at that but nobody said anything to him on the subject. At least nobody until he'd moved away from the table and nearly run into Bakume. 

"What do you want Yoshitona?" he asked in a rather bored tone that caused the white haired other to sneer maliciously.

"Hmm.. why didn't you want to open your gifts for all of us, Nagashima? I mean, you're usually always in the mood to show off as much as you can. Why let tonight be any exception?" Bakume questioned in a voice that was dripped with fake curiousity.

"Mmm hmm, nice try Snow White. Now if you'll excuse me and go harass someone else who cares to have their time wasted, it would be greatly appreciated." the ruby eyed teen replied, mocking the same polite manner he'd been using with other guests all night. The only difference was that he smirked when he finished speaking to Bakume.

He didn't seem to like that for his sneer suddenly turned into low growl. "Very funny, brat. Where might you be off to in such a hurry? A closet perhaps to see what the midget there can do?" he asked with narrowed eyes, sending a sharp look to Yugi.

The said boy, who'd stood silently as not to intrude on the other two's small quarrel, felt his face drain of color as he stuttered to say something. It wasn't working to well as after a moment the lack of blood was made up for as his round face flushed brilliantly and he hung his head with a nervous fidget. Yami wouldn't do that... would he?

While Bakume snickered darkly, Yami was anything but amused and it was taking all of his self control not to reach out and deck the other boy square in his twisted face. "Shut the hell up Yoshitona and leave Yugi out of this. Unlike your father, I don't jump at the chance to screw the first single person in my line of vision."

Bakume stopped snickering at that and hissed, reaching out and grabbing the front of the birthday boy's shirt in a fist. "Don't you DARE talk about my father like that." he spat. Oh sure he hated the old bastard but he was still the only one allowed to bad mouth him like that.

Yami just cocked an eyebrow. "Or what? You're going to punch me. I'm sure everyone else in the room would love to see that." And sure enough, a few other guests had stopped to watch along with the still pink faced Yugi. However, it wasn't just random guests that had caught site of the scene. Once specific blue eyed brunette was watching with a very amused smirk.

"Yami-san sure seems to have upset Yoshitona-san..." Mokuba muttered from beside his brother, taking another sip from his glass. Seto nodded lightly.

"It certainely seems that way." he agreed.

On the other side of the room Toshinoko looked up with a sigh. "Oh dear... it must have been to much to ask for one dinner without a fight..."

The silver-blonde haired man next to him frowned slightly and followed his host's gaze across the room, the frown hardening when he spotted his son. "You know what, just let me take care of this."

"Are you sure..?" Toshinoko asked, recieving a nod for an answer.

"Yes, quite sure. Now just excuse me for a moment..." Etsuya nodded to the other and moved swiftly across the room, a hand falling silently on Bakume's shoulder before the trembling fist could even reach the air.

Bakume froze at the sound of his father's voice when the older man spoke, having known it was him the moment the hand touched his shoulder. "Bakume. Release Yami this instant and be off. I told you an hour after dinner you could leave and you've been around for about an hour and a half."

The white haired boy complied. It wasn't Etsuya's words that got to him, not in the slightest. It was the tone of voice. Pleasantly stern and smooth but lined with a certain ice he was all to used to hearing. "Hai father." he muttered with a glare, watching the teasing smirk on Yami's face that only seemed to increase his anger. Turning sharply on his heel with a final sneer, he stormed from the dinning hall and out to their limo.

Etsuya watched his son leave before turning back to Yami with a bow. "I'm terribly sorry for my son's behavior." he apologized in his normal, gentlemen's voice.

Yami waved a hand to dismiss the other's words. "Iie, it's alright Yoshitona-san. No harm done." he assured him, Etsuya nodding his understanding before moving back to talk with his father. The birthday boy turned back to Yugi. "I'm sorry about that, Yugi..."

Yugi just smiled and shook his head. "It's alright! It wasn't your fault anyway and you stuck up for me. Domo arigatou!" Yami blinked.

'Is he... thanking me?!' he nearly gaped but managed to contain himself and smile slightly. "Don't even mention it."

Yugi just smiled and bounced along after the other as he began walking. Yami couldn't keep the tiny smile off his lips as he searched for somewhere to sit away from the rest of the room.

Seto rolled his eyes and sighed, bored beyond all natural comprehension. He was curious as to why Yami's little look alike seemed to trigger such abnormal behavior from the tri-color haired teen but didn't linger too long on it. Usually, after dinner and cake and whatnot there were a few more hours and people began to depart, a few of the more elderly already doing so.

'Thank Kami those two old hags are already gone..'


^________^ Yay!! I just have to add some Jou and Ryou and it'll be up for posting!
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La la la la la Bamba! [ Saturday
June 21st, 2003 // 6:48pm ]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | 'La Bamba' by ...oO? ]

Heeeeheeeeeeeeee!! ^_______^ I'm... AWAKE!! I am! I slept until 2pm today and took a nap around 3pm XD So yeah, I'm definitely awake now! *grins* Slept over at Kiary-chan's last night and we stayed up on the computer until 2am and some change then snuck downstairs with blanets and pillows and junk and watched Harry Potter 2 until we fell asleep.

Speaking of Harry Potter... DAMN YOU AMBER!!! > Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. LUCKY!!! RAWR!! I want that book so bad!! DAMN YOU IWAKUNI!!! DAMN YOOOOOUUUUUUU!

T______T Since Iwakuni sucks we probably won't get it here until.. KAMI-SAMA KNOWS WHEN!!


^_______^ My mom has one preordered from Amazon and when it gets here my brother and I have already decided that I can read it first! Yay! Hehehehe!

Ooooh.. I really gotta get going with Sundial because I promised Kiary-chan that once I finish the next chapter for that I'll write her a story with Draco/Harry and Sirius/Remus for HP. ^^ Those are the ONLY slash couples she likes out of ANYTHING so how could I resist? ^___- Your story will get to ya soon, girly!


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[ Thursday
June 19th, 2003 // 10:26pm ]
[ mood | anxious ]


Which Yuugiou Character's Issue are you?

A Kokoro No Naka quiz by Judy

^___^ Yay!! I've got work issues! Not only that but this pic. is cuuuuute!!!


Which Harry Potter Characters Are You The Child Of?

brought to you by Quizilla



^___^ I couldn't resist!! Heeeheee, yes as you all may be able to tell by this point: I love online quizzes! :D Yay! Yes well... I neeeeeed yaoi lemons! *sobs* I'm so ficken yaoi deprived right now!! Soooooo deprived!!

;_______; I need Dee-chan to come on.
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@__@ Again with the sleep-needing... [ Thursday
June 19th, 2003 // 2:30am ]
[ mood | sleepy ]


I don't know how long I've been running. All I know is that it's been long enough to cause my leg muscles to scream in protest, my breathing to be altered to sharp gasps for air and my lungs to burn painfully. I would just give up if I could but if I do they'll catch me. I know that they're still following.

They always are.

It's cold, so very cold, outside now. I had a jacket... I think. Yes. I had a jacket. But it caught on a tree branch some time ago, maybe a few days ago, and I did not wait to retreive it. I can't waste my time on that. But now I'm near freezing and every breath of air burns down my throat right into my lungs, increasing the flaming pain there. The mistress moon shines brightly above, only partly clouded by sky. It's ethereal glow taunts me, lights my way yes but also lights an easy track for me to be followed.

Her star maidens are no better, each one a pin prick of white against the inky folds of sky. I wish it had been cloudy tonight. The darkness doesn't bother me, and least not when I need to be hiding. Had the astronomical beings not been so bright I might have been able to hide until they passed.

But not now.

The glow is too bright and my even if I managed to hide my heavy panting would surely give me away. Of course if it wasn't my breathing it would be the rapid pounding of my heart, beating harshly against my rib cage like a drum. It hurts. God does it hurt. But maybe if I hold out, maybe if I keep pushing, and maybe if I pray.... maybe I'll live to see tomorrow.

Perhaps the sun will rise before they can catch up and I will be able to find my way out of this forest. With the rise of the sun comes my freedom. They do not pursue me during the day and instead wait until the dead of night to crawl from the shadows and search for my presence. I wish they would just leave me alone. I don't want to be one of them, and I don't want them to use me like I know they will.

Everyone uses me damnit and they have made it clear if I do not join them that's exactly what they will do. I miss my old life. I miss being above everyone, able to sneer down at them as I pleased. For they were all beneath me then. But something happened.... HE happened. And damn him to hell but it wasn't supposed to!

I wasn't supposed to lighten up on him. I wasn't supposed to become friendly towards him. I wasn't supposed to tell him everything about myself. I wasn't supposed to make love with him. Damnit... I wasn't supposed to love him.

But I did, and I still do, and it's that love that is making me run. It is that love that is forcing me to place one foot before the other in rapid procession for hope that I'll be able to make it back. If I can make it back then things will be okay again, if I can make it home then everything will be alright. They'll stop chasing me and I'll be back with him and my brother.

I miss them. I miss them so much and the thought that, if I don't keep on, I will never see them again brings tears to my eyes. It's been so long since I last cried but now, sure as the moon shines, I'm crying. I don't stop running nor do I slow but I do cry. The crystaline droplets fall in streams from my eyes and I know the normally sapphire color has been darkened to navy. He always told me that happened when I let my emotions choke up on me.










It all burns inside of me and fuels my tears. But it also fuels my soul and gives me a newfound strength to continue running. If I could just stop and catch my breath- No. I cannot stop. For any reason. Not until they stop following me.

But that won't happen until you're home... a voice whispers in the back of my mind. And I know it's right. And those truthful words continue to replay in my head. They won't stop chasing me until I'm home and I can't stop fighting until they stop chasing me. I have to reach home, it calls out to me and pulls me towards it like a magnent.

I will go many more days without eating and barely sleeping. I can only afford to sleep a small bit turning the sun's brightest hour before I am forced to continue on. I need all of the headstarts I can get because, no matter how far I've traveled during the day, I still have to run to keep away from them.

My lean form allows me to pass easily between trees and tight spots, in turn making my trek a touch easier. But he doesn't like the fact I'm so thin. He claims it's unhealthy and before all of... this , I was getting better. He was proud of me and that was... I loved it. As much as I loved him himself. Nobody has been that proud of me since the passing of my mother.

I need him. I must get back to him. And my brother needs me. I can't give up on him. The two most important people in my life are counting on my safe return... or return in the least. My clothes are tattered and torn, crimson staining the white slacks in numerous places. Some of the wounds are from them and some of them are from getting scratched and snagged as I hurry through the forest. My shirt is almost completely usless, almost all of the buttons missing and what had once been fine, black material is now tatters just barely holding together.

I'm going to be sick. I know it. Completely ill by the time I get home. I've been running for so long. Days on end pass by with only vague recognition. I have long since lost what date is may be or what day of the week. Something in the back of my mind tells me it's winter. That or late fall thanks to the lack of snow. But I really am going to be sick.

Not in the head.

Not about to throw up.

Just downright sick.

I know I have a fever and if I don't I know I will get one soon. It's rained on me a few times, three or four times I believe. That combined with the cold wheather scream health hazard. But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters but getting home. If I'm lucky, I'll get there soon. I do not know how far they'd taken me out from home but I do know that once I get out of the forest I'll be safe.

Until then however, I have to run. Let the tears fall as they will and run for as long as my legs will allow and then force them the rest of the way. I cannot afford to stop. Not when I'm so close. I can feel it. I will be home soon. Mokuba will have his brother back, and I will be reunited with my only blood relative remaining.

But I'm also running to him . As soon as I reach him I'm going to tell him how much I love him and have him repeat the same words of affection until I'll never forget the way it rolls off of his tongue. His name pushes past my lips, a hoarse whisper beneath my breath as I push on through undergrowth and plant life. I repeat it a little louder, in a soft speaking voice that, as the whisper was, is hoarse as I trample through the forest. Again the name leaves my tongue, a raised voice that almost cracks. And finally, I scream his name into the freezing air surrounding me, my voice terribly cracked and almost unrecognizable. But even so I scream his name again, cry out for him desperately.


And I continue to run...
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More Quizzes! :D Yay! [ Wednesday
June 18th, 2003 // 3:00pm ]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | "One More Sad Song" by All American Rejects ]

[harry + hermione]

^__^ It's okay! I mean, better than poor Keana-chan. She got Harry/Ginny! Eeep!!


[harry + snape]

...oO........ I need to wash my brain out.......


[i'm bill weasley]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

^___^ Hey! It says I'm cool! Neato!


Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You?

:D :D YAY!! I'm Lupin!! I luffles him!!


See what drug you are.

^__- Drug Free Me!


Which Quidditch position should you play?
Quiz by gryffinrose

You're a very important member of your team. You're the one who needs to stay calm in a tough situation to guard the goal posts. Your team really depends on you to keep them together.

...:D I'm important! Yayness!


^__^ A happy color!! Goody!!


XD Yay!


Mmmmm... nummy!! ^__________________________^


..... :D Well that was fun!! Hey peoples! Go check out Keana-chan's journal! ^___^ My best friend finally has some life online! Yay!!
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[ Tuesday
June 17th, 2003 // 9:37pm ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

» B A S I C Q U E S T I O N S «
.001. ] Name: Emily ^__^
.002. ] Gender: Female
.003. ] Age: 14
.004. ] Birthday: February 23rd, 2003
.005. ] Height: Um... *checks ID* ...64 o0
.006. ] Hair color: Brown w/ rede & blonde streaks
.007. ] Eye color: Brown
.008. ] Race: Human
.009. ] Is your hair long or short: Eh... middle. It reaches just a bit below my shoulders
.010. ] Repping: *blink* Huh?
.011. ] Zodiac sign: Pisces!
.012. ] How many languages do you know: English, a few Japanese words/phrases, and a bit of Spanish from Spanish class
.013. ] Nationality: Eh.. I'm like... 5/6 German but lived in America all my life :D
.014. ] Piercings you have: Ears.
.015. ] Piercings you want: >< No more!
.016. ] Tattoos you have: None.
.017. ] Tattoos you want: Needle thing poking me over and over for a picture? NO WAY!
.018. ] Today's date: June 17, 2003
.019. ] The time: 10:19pm
» S C H O O L «
.020. ] Are you still in school: -.- Unfortunately
.021. ] Did you drop out: Nope!
.022. ] Favorite grade: Uh.... I dunno. o0
.023. ] Least favorite grade: -.o I don't really dislike grades.
.024. ] Favorite teacher: Mr. Kuzak or Mr. McCord!
.025. ] Least favorite teacher: Dr. Berestein (EEEEVIIIIILE SPANISH TEACHER!! ><)
.026. ] Favorite subject: Erk.. ^__^ Art! That or English ^_-
.027. ] Least favorite subject: -___- Algebrea
.028. ] Do/did you buy lunch or bring it: Usually buy but I bring sometimes
.029. ] Play any sports on the school's team: No, but I might go for Softball next year.
.030. ] Are/were you popular: No way! ^__^ And I enjoy it!
.031. ] Most humiliating moment: Ano... ^^; Booty dancing when the Principal came around the corner to see at Homecoming
» F A V O R I T E «
.032. ] Number: Don't have one!
.033. ] Clothing brand: Uh... ^^ I just buy!
.034. ] Shoes: Sneakers!!
.035. ] Saying: Fwevah! or Nyergershiggy..
.036. ] Tv show: YuGiOh! (Anime freak, so shoot me)
.037. ] Sport: :D Badmiton!
.038. ] Vegetable: Cucumbers
.039. ] Fruit: Strawberry or Watermelon
.040. ] Movie: Hmm... I don't really have a favorite!
.041. ] Magazine: Seventeen? o0 I don't read magazines.
.042. ] Candy: Month old twizzlers or a Watchamacallit
.043. ] Gum: Juicy Fruit ^__^
.044. ] Scent: Vanilla or Lavender
.045. ] Ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
.046. ] Color: Purple
.047. ] Season: Winter or Spring I think..
.048. ] Holiday: Summer Vacation/Christmas
.049. ] Type of music: Pop, Country, Foreign, PopRock, OLDIES!!!
.050. ] Thing in your room: LAPTOP!! *love*
.051. ] Place to be: ^__^ My room!
.052. ] Radio station: >> I hate the Radio here
.053. ] Tv channel: Uh... 28? (Nick toons) Hey! TV sucks down here! >< I don't watch scary movies!
» T H I S OR T H A T «
.071. ] Rock or rap: Rock
.072. ] Rock or pop: Pop
.073. ] Rock or r&b: R&B
.074. ] Rap or pop: Pop
.075. ] Rap or r&b: R&B
.076. ] Rap or metal: Metal
.077. ] Pop or r&b: Pop
.078. ] Pop or metal: Pop
.079. ] r&b or metal: R&B
.080. ] Selena or J.lo: Selena! >< I hate J.lo!
.081. ] Hot or cold: Hot
.082. ] Winter or summer: Winter
.083. ] Spring or fall: Either or
.084. ] Shakira or Britney: >.O Don't make me choose
.085. ] MTV or VH1: MTV (I don't get VH1 here!! ><)
.086. ] Football or basketball: Football. HIKE!
.087. ] Skiing or snowboarding: Skiing! :D
.088. ] Rollarblading or skateboarding: Rollerblading. I can't skatboard. -.-;
.089. ] Black or white: Either
.090. ] Orange or red: Orange
.091. ] Yellow or green: Yellow
.092. ] purple or pink: Purple
.093. ] Inside or outside: Inside.
.094. ] Weed or alcohol: >< Niether!! I dun wanna diiiieeeee!
.095. ] Cell phone or pager: Cell phone. >> But I'm getting sick and tired of seeing them so often..
.096. ] Powerpuff Girls or Charlie's Angels: Charlie's Angels -.o I don't even see PPG anymore.
.097. ] Scooby doo or dino: Scooby Dooby Doo
.098. ] Tattoos or piercinqs: >< No!!
.099. ] Coke or pepsi: DR. PEPPER!!
.100. ] Flowers or candy: Sweet, sweet, candy!
.101. ] Tall or short: Tall
» H A V E / W O U L D Y O U E V E R . . «
.102. ] Pictured your crush naked?: *blushes* Erm.. once or twice
.103. ] Actually seen your crush naked: No!
.104. ] Been in love: Not yet!
.105. ] Cried when someone died: Yes.
.106. ] Drank alcohol: Just a taste and I didn't like it.
.107. ] Lied: Me? Lie... *halo appears* I'd NEVER.
.108. ] Eat shit for $1,000,000: ...o0 I'd have to think about that one
.109. ] Steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: Never.
.110. ] Lie to the police: Never had to but I might if need be! ^_-
.111. ] Run from the police: Course not!
.112. ] Lie to your parents: >:D Hai!
.113. ] Walk up to a stranger and kiss them: Oo Are ya serious..?
.114. ] Walk out of a restaurant without paying: Nope.
.115. ] Flashed someone: Not until I'm happily married ^~
.116. ] Told the person you liked how you felt: *shakes head furiously*
.117. ] Gone to jail or juvi: Iie.
.118. ] Stolen anything: Erk, some orange flavored tic-tacs and a sheet of stickers.
.119. ] Wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: No way! You're givin' me something to do!
.120. ] Kicked someone's ass: YOU BETTER FRICKEN' BELIEVE IT!
.121. ] Broke a beer bottle: Eh, nope.
.122. ] Gotten into a bar, under-aged: Yeah, but it was only to walk through to the other side.
.123. ] Kissed someone of the same sex: No but if I fall in love with someone of the same sex I would.
.124. ] Gone on a road trip: Not yet! ^______-
.125. ] Gone on vacation without adult supervision: Unfortunately not.
.126. ] Been to a concert: No, but I wanted to a while back! ><
.127. ] Been to another country: I'm living in Japan now! :D
.128. ] Talked back to an adult: Hell yeah! And they deserved it too!
.129. ] Got pulled over: >.O I dun drive yet peoples!
.130. ] Got in a car accident: Heehee, twice when my dad was driving, but he just lost a tire. :D
.131. ] Broke a law:
.132. ] Given money to a homeless person: I've never seen a homeless person.
.134. ] Tried to kill yourself: No way, I'm not suicidal.
.135. ] Cried to get out of trouble: :P Yup yup! Worked too.
.136. ] Kissed a friend's brother or sister: >< No way!
.137. ] Kissed a brother or sister's friend: Once, on the cheek. We were playing truth or dare.
.138. ] Dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways?: Yeah, yeah. Why not? It's still
» P R I V A T E «
.139. ] Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: No
.140. ] Do you have a crush: -.- Not right now.
.141. ] Do you love anyone right now: Aside from family and friends, no. Not that special kinda love.
.142. ] Have you ever been in love: Nope, but I'm waiting for it ^_^
.143. ] How many people have you kissed: No one!
.144. ] Who was your first kiss: -__^ See above numbskulls!
.145. ] How many hearts have you broken: I don't think any... o0
.146. ] How many people broke your heart: Nobody!
.147. ] Best quote to sum up love: "Love is something eternal....The aspect may change, But not the essence." - Vincent van
.148. ] So what is your bf/gf/crush like: -.o I have none of them
.149. ] Do you have a picture of him/her: See above
.150. ] Please post it if you do: Aren't you listening? I don't like nobody! ><
.151. ] Do you have a picture of yourself: Yes
.152. ] Please post it if you do: Eh.. no.
.153. ] Do you go by looks or personality: Personality!
.154. ] Ever kiss a friend: No
.155. ] Are you still friends: o0
.156. ] So moving you smoke: No! And I'm glad my mom stopped! *cheers for mom*
.157. ] Do you smoke weed: No.
.158. ] Crack, heroin, anything else: Never.
.159. ] Beer good or beer bad: Eeew
.160. ] Are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: Nope! ^___- That person is to your left and back three paces.
.161. ] Do you like smirnoff ice: Oo What's that?
.162. ] Prefer beer or liquor: Uck, niether
.163. ] What kind of cigarettes do you smoke: I don't somke.
.164. ] Are you a virgin: Hell yeah! And proud to be one! :D
.165. ] If no, when was the last time you got some: oO Never you perv...
» Y O U R F R I E N D S «
.166. ] Best friend: Sarah
.167. ] Known longest: Real - Amber | Online - Zoe-chan!
.168. ] Wish you talked to more: Amber and Zoe
.169. ] Wish you saw more: Amber
.170. ] How many friends do you think you have: A got a bunch of friends but only a handfull of really good ones.
.171. ] Who drives you insane after a while: My brother... and myself! :D
.172. ] Who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: Amber and Sarah
.173. ] Ever lose a good friend because you took it to the 'next level': Nope. Never been in a relationship
.174. ] Craziest: Me! ^__^
.175. ] Loudest: >< TANEKA!!!
.176. ] Shyest: Probably Sarah ^__- But she had a boyfriend so maybe me.. o0
.177. ] Best hair: ...?
.178. ] Can always make you laugh: Sarah, Michelle and Mystery-chan!
.179. ] Best eyes: I like Sarah's eyes! ^_^
.180. ] Best body: Oo Can I phone my friends?
.181. ] Most athletic: Sarah
.182. ] Most impatient: Michelle
.183. ] Shortest: Sarah
.184. ] Tallest: Michelle
.185. ] Talented: We all have our own talents thank you.
.186. ] Best singer: Sarah or Michelle, they sing good even if they won't admit it!
.187. ] Skinniest: Heehee, Sarah!
.188. ] Nicest: Well.... me or Sarah I think. ^_-
.189. ] Best personality: We're all unique damnit!
.190. ] Biggest drug user: ..Oo None of us man!
.191. ] Makes you laugh the most: Hmm... ^__^ Myself!
.192. ] Makes you smile: ^__^ All my friends make me smile! But Taneka does make me cringe sometimes...
.193. ] Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: o0 None of them
.194. ] Easier to talk to: boys or girls: Girls ^^
» Y E S OR N O «
.195. ] Are you a vegetarian: No way! Gotta loooooves yer meat!
.196. ] Do you like cows: Yesh! They're delicious!
.197. ] Are you a bitch: Me? No way! >) That's Michelle!
.198. ] Are you artistic: I like to think I am..
.199. ] Do you write poetry: Damn straight I do!
.200. ] Are you a fast runner: -.o Depends on my mood
.201. ] Can you ski: Better than anyone else in my family!
.202. ] Are you british: Uh, no. ^__^ Part German though!
.203. ] Are you straight: Yeah, but if I happen to fall in love with another girl then it's AOK with me ^_^ I'm open minded!
.204. ] Are you stupid, insane, and another physically handicapped: Stupid = Sometimes.| Handicap = No way. | Insane =
@___^ Ooooooh yeah!!
.205. ] Are you fat: Nope
.206. ] Are you short: T___T Not really but my 12 year old brother is fricken taller than me!
.207. ] Are you tall: See above
.208. ] Do you own a hot pink shirt: >.O No way!!
.209. ] How about orange pants? XD I wish!
.210. ] Are you evil: Nah! ^__-
.211. ] Is Britney a whore: Not as much as Christina
.212. ] Am I annoying you: o0 no..
.213. ] Are you secretly from another planet: >>...<<.... >< Bad bad bad!
.248. ] Of the war on terrorists: >> Just bomb um and get it over with
.249. ] About suicide: I don't like the idea..
.250. ] About abortion: Under certain circumstances it should be done.
.251. ] Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: Back in America! :D
.252. ] Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: Sarah & Amber for sure! ^__^
» F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S «
.253. ] I want: To be able to finish the next chapter of Sunial and RP >:D
.259. ] I wonder: What came before God.
.260. ] How do you know its love?: I know I will when I feel it ^_^
.261. ] If you could be any kids character, who would you be: Uh nobody ^^ I like myself thanks
.262. ] If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you eat: Shrimp :D
.263. ] Do you remember any of your dreams: -__- Rarely.
.264. ] Do you dream in color or black and white: Color usually from what I remember
.265. ] Do you admit when you need help with a problem: *Fidgets* Sometimes.
.266. ] Can people read you like a book: ^^ Sarah can!
.267. ] What's your biggest fear: Spiders, Needles or Rape
.268. ] Do you talk a lot: Heehee! Yup! Even if half of what I'm saying is nonesense XD
.269. ] Are you afraid of clowns: No but everyone else I know is.. o0
.270. ] Do you like spiders: O_______O HELL NO!!
.271. ] How about grape kool-aid: Uch... orange please!
.272. ] Can you drive: o0 No
.273. ] Are you spoiled: ^__^ Sometimes.
.274. ] Are you anti-social: >> I can be
.275. ] Do you see dumb people: Yesh! They want me to join their reign of stupid!
.276. ] Do you see dead people: I see dead LOOKING people XD
.277. ] Any last words: "No matter how hard you try, No matter how hard to struggle, You can't push open a 'pull' door."
.278. ] Now that this is over, what are you going to do: Take a shower, get a soda, and email Mystery-chan back while I wait
for Dee-chan to come online!

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Just Lounging Around ^_- [ Sunday
June 15th, 2003 // 9:01pm ]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Kids Choice Awards 2003 on TV ]

What's Your One Piece Doujinshi Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla


*blushes and giggles* ^____^ I'm a teddy bear thing! Cool cool! :D ... hmmmm......... Well, I haven't started anything new for Sundial like I thought I would yet. *sigh* DEMO!! I am going to start a new story to host on ..... >) Oh yeah, I'm gonna have fun with it.

OH!! Speaking of I FRICKEN LOVE THIS STORY!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooo good!! Hot hot hot hot hot!! If you like UkeSlaveKitty!Seto and BastardMaster!Jou you will LOOOOOOVE this as much as I do!! GO CHECK IT OUT!!




^___^ Well as you might be able to tell I'm in a pretty good mood right now...!! Ooooooh! I think I'll type up something..... something..... XD Well I dunno what but we'll see what happens!


"So... you think you have what it takes?" he asked, eyes boring down into the pair of calm green ones that stared back.

"Yeah, I do." was the reply.

"What makes you think you think a little gal like yourself is gonna be any better then these men?" he motioned to the line of soldiers all watching the pair silently and intently.

The girl smirked, a lock of azure hair falling to curtain one of her eyes. "Because, the enemy is a bunch of sex deprived young guys. Why else?"



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June 14th, 2003 // 12:48pm ]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "Take me Away" by Dixie Chicks ]

^__________________________________________^ School ended Wednesday!! YEAH!! SUMMER VACATION!! *beams* Finally! Finally! Finally!! Man, I'm in a good mood...!! *dances* Ooooooooh!! I'm gonna work on my stories today! Yayness!! Everyone cheer for me!


...^^DD Or not. Ah well!! I think I'm finally gonna give Sundial's new chapter a go! I really need to update that... ^^ Ah! For the air particles out there that have NO idea what I'm talking about: Sundial ish a fanfiction I'm writing. ^___^ Check it out! Check it out! I thrive on reviews!

>>....<<..... Procrastinating ish baaaaaad. -.0 I gotta stop..... tomorrow. ^^; Ah well! I'll get around to doing the stuff I should have done months ago eventually! *grins* But now it's summer and I have so much free time! Alrighties!! ^______________^ Let's see what the writer box can make me put down today!


The room was dim, the only light coming from the lamp off to the side. But even that was a low glow, the bulb straining to keep lit. It was close to breaking. Not that it mattered. Kurain prefered the dark anyway. The pale haired man, sitting in the corner of the black walled room, took a long drag of his ciggarete. He held it for a moment before releasing a puff of smoke past from his mouth, too sharp teeth glinting slightly from an angle. Another perfect strategy completely crushed by a dead guy and the ever faithful fantastic three. He was getting sick and tired of this shit.

He'd had the blonde right where he wanted him. Wrapped around his finger and so easy to twist. Things had only gotten better when Kaiba no Bakayarou stumbled upon them, his very will to survive being crushed by himself and the slightly brainwashed Jonouchi. He'd had the whore beneath him, not struggling at all..! Then the ghost thing popped up and the twins and.... Rakku. Another plan foiled.

Rakku Nimoshi... he hated him almost as much as Kaiba. The name Nimoshi would never leave his tongue in anything less than a spat curse. Those... people were..... Kami he hated them! Always so simple and kind, willing to help anyone. He was not like them. He was not one of them. He'd dropped that years ago.

And even so, Rakku still tried to be friendly towards him. Oh he was positive that the hazel eyed vamp's little friends didn't know about their meetings. Positive of it. But that didn't matter. What did was that the idiot kept trying to get him to 'come back' to what he had been. He'd been a fool. He would never be that way again.

The silver blonde took another long drag of his ciggarete before crushing it against the ground, a small billow of gray smoke spiralling up from between his lips. "Idiot... I'm not like him........ I'm not like HIS parents..... I'm NOT his brother..... not anymore." the vampire hissed into the shadows creepying across the room. A spark and a crackle sounded before the light bulb ceased to shine, the room being thrown into an inky black recess rivaled only by the darkness of Kurain's heart.

He'd kill them all eventually. Kaiba, Jonouchi, The twins, and his brother. Rakku Nimoshi's pathetic attempts would be in vein and he would stand triumphant above the broken souls if it was the last thing he ever did.


..... ^___^ Okay well! Only one person will really understand that! It's a peek in on the mind of an OC of mine in an RP with Zoe-chan! *grins* Yay! I like it..! ^_- Okies well, I'm off!! I'll probably be back later tonight while I babysit though... ^^;


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Do Ray Me Fa So La Ti Doooo!! [ Thursday
June 5th, 2003 // 5:32pm ]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Myself practicing tonights songs! ]

HOOHOOO!! ^______^ Choir concert TONIGHT!


Song list:

Gloria Cannon : Okies, the deal with Gloria songs is that we sing one every. frickin. TIME! I am NOT exaggerating! We ALWAYS sing a Gloria latin song!

Pie Jesus : *snickers* Looks like Food God doesn't it? Actually it's pronounced (Pee-eh-Hay-Zeus) ^^ More latin!

Wind Beneath my Wings : This one is one of the better tunes! I like it and the lot of us sound really good!

Circle of Life : YOSH! The Lion King > Dreaming of You : Selena! ^____^ I think it sounds okay for getting all the parts down in only a week and a half!

Grease : My favorite!! It's a collection of 5 little peices to different Grease songs! Sooooo cool!!


^_____^ I really will get on and tell ya'll how my concert was tonight! ^_- Wish me luck!!

*hops off singing* La la la la laaaaaa!!

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Quizzes, quizzes, quizzes [ Wednesday
June 4th, 2003 // 9:40pm ]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Click click click.. ]

You are a yellow mermaid!

What mermaid color are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^___^ Yay! I ish a daydreaming yellow background Ariel picture.... I mean Yello Mermaid! ^^;


Heather Kozar is cute sexy.
You have that childlike thing going on. White
cotton panties and bobbysocks seem to be your
calling card. Why don't we take some of those
stuffed animals off your bed and kick it up a

What's your brand of sexy?
brought to you by Quizilla

*huggles plushie* But I like my stuffed animals..!


I Am

Which tarot card are you?

*giggles* The Dark Magician!


You are are ethereal and light. You
always think the best of everyone. All your
friends call you an angel.

What Element Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am the Ghost Of Chirstmas Past!! ... Oh wait... ^^D Just Spirit!


your eyes show intellect

which eye are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Smart person I ish!! ^___^


you are a fantasy book

what type of book are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

YAY!! ^____________^ I love fantasy! This one ish so true..


What is your inner spirit?
brought to you by Quizilla

Fweeheee! Gaze upon the elegantnessnessness! ^_^


*giggles* I fight for love and justice and in the name of the moon *dramatic pause* I WILL... I will.... i... damn. Forgot my line.



what's YOUR deepest secret?
brought to you by Quizilla


----------------------- * ----------------------- * ----------------------- * ----------------------- * -----------------------

^___^ Well.... ^^; That was interesting! Ooooookies... *INSPIRED!!* I have an ideeeaaaa!!

Quizze Me

Not true... I am not anything like that. Don't tell me I am because I know better. I'm an intellectual human being, not a... a.... Sex Toy! I hate online quizzes. I really really do.

He loves them.

I do not.

They are a waste of time that should not even exist in the cyber world. It's not like a normal quiz where there are correct and incorrect answers in which you can improve on.

No.. these are odd.

What's your favorite color? What would you do if..? If so and so did this and that you would..?

Shoot me. Just get it over with and shoot me.

I hate online quizzes.

There's a chuckle behind me, I know I growled and he heard. Those oh-so-familiar lips press against my temple as I glare at the computer screen. It was his fault anyway! He made be take the stupid quiz..!

"Sex Toy, huh..?" he murmurs in my ear. I'll admit it.

I shivered lightly.

"I hate these things. They're never right..!" I complain with another growl as he nibbles at my ear. When he speaks I can feel his breath brush out against my ear.

"You know, I got Toy Collecter." he murmured, licking at the shell of my ear and trailing a hand down my chest.

I shivered harder and felt the gasp sucked in past my lips as he finds a nipple and pinches it. I swear he does this on purpose. He finds the kinkiest possible online quizzes, takes them, makes me take them and then pulls off stunts like this. Like that hand traveling across my thigh.

"Jou.." I moan out softly.

"Hai, Sex Toy?" he smirks, brown eyes glittering in that devil-may-care sort of way I've grown so fond of. Though, reminding me of that demon test isn't going to get him far in his plans.

I turn to glare back at the computer.

"You KNOW I hate these things..! They're so... so.... idiotic! Completely pointless I swear!" I ramble angrily, just catching the small twitch he makes. Good. He deserves to be put off for making me take one of these things.

"Tsk, tsk.. you just need to loosen up, love." Suuuuuure. Loosen up. You have any idea how hard it is to do that when an oh-so-lovely, tan skinned hand is trailing dangerously high on the inside of your thigh?

Very hard.

"H-hey! We agreed that I would take the test and you would let me get back to work..!" I reminded him, swatting at his hand. Of course, as usual, he ignores my logic and gives my thigh a squeeze.

"Aww... but I wanna give my Sex Toy a try.." he pouts, perfectly shaped lips tilting downward at just the right angle. Kawaii.

No. Musn't give in. I have work to do now that the quiz from hell is over with.

"Koinu, I have to work now."

But Katsuya Jonouchi doesn't give up without a fight. "Okay, okay, okay! One more quiz!" he pleads, those gorgeous honey eyes shimmering slightly. Damn.

Damn, damn, damn. No! Don't nod!! Don't nod yo- Too late. I nodded. And if that's not enough I'm talking too. "Fine. ONE more of these stupid things. But I get to work afterwards..?"

He grins and nods, blonde hiding his eyes from he as the messy locks tumble into his face. "Hai hai!" he chirps, spinning my chair around suddenly. He doesn't give me a chance to question him before lifting me up out of the spinny chair and setting me on the desk edge.

"What are you doing Jonouchi..?!" I find myself demanding of him as shoves some papers aside to scoot me back a bit. By this point he'd already settled himself between my legs, trailing tan fingers up and down my shirt. He smirks.

Not good.

"I'm giving you your quiz." he stated casually, reaching up from rubbing my thighs to unbutton my shirt.

"What kind of a quiz is this supposed to be..?!" I ask hotly only to receive a light kiss and the sound of my shirt being tossed aside. Honestly I have to say, there are few looks as sexy as the one Jou gives when he's undressing me.

The blonde leaned forward after a moment, nipping at my collar bone. "Five questions.." he murmurs against the skin.


"First Question..." he licked at what I could feel becoming a hickey, pulling a moan from me, and stroked against my clothed crotch. "How turned on are you right now?"



I have a feeling I won't be working after Jou's quiz.... hmm....

He can quiz me any time.


..... ^^ Dunno what strove me to write that! *points at quizzes* THEIR FAULT! ...^^ Alrighties! To bed with me!! Hey!! If you read the stuff I write, make a comment, add a thought, tell me what color shirt you're wearing... hehehe anything!

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