11:09pm 10/07/2004
mood: tired
music: One of my old music boxes
Another school, another journal.
Damn D'Artemis for not continuing on after 7th year. Better yet, Damn my mother for insisting that I continue school at all.
Atleast the people seem decent enough. I made it into slytherin and I have a room to myself (with what my mother's paying them, it better stay that way). The selection of males could be better, of course, but they're certainly not horrible. A certain blonde boy who looks rather familiar... he caught my eye. I'll have to ask around a little and see who he is..... and if he has any particular interests in anybody as of yet.
I'm sure by now I'm rambling. I'm exhausted, condemning the world can do that to you, you know. The purring cat that's asleep on my lap isn't helping, either.

(love's heart is death)