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Friday, April 23rd, 2004

Subject:What does Tennessee, boys? She sees what Arkansas.
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Music:"Why Bother?" -Weezer.
As unlike my mama as I am in some ways, I suppose she and I are quite similar in others . Primarily, we're both really big nerds. :) When I still lived at home, we used to do nerdy things together whenever we had the time and funds to do so. We would drive to locations from Indiana to Tennessee in search of genealogical information, visit museums and caves, see plays, hear live music... She and I have had some really fantastic times together. We were at our nerdiest though, en route to these places... in the car.
Mom and I used to do travel games like no others. We would usually begin by reciting things we had memorized, before moving on to things like "the alphabet game". Without the inclusion of alcohol, we took turns naming American cities beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Then, we'd do foreign cities... then trees, landmarks, song titles, movie titles, book titles, food products, anything promising that we (more often, she) could come up with (the most clever was actually the idea of my cousin Lacer, who suggested we play the alphabet game with Batman-style action sounds).
When I was in high school, I had a great fondness for the TV show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Mom and I began playing song games like "two-headed broadway star" and trying to make up "hoedowns". :)
At home, she taught me (a total woodwinder) to crappily play "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More" on piano (we had one, briefly). At this time, I was about fourteen or fifteen and going through a patriotic music phase (not exclusively American--I'm a nerd, not a patriot). Being the dweeb that I am, I came up with the brilliant idea of singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" to the tune of "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More". That worked out BRILLIANTLY and became a travel favorite for Mom and me. :)
I went home for a visit the weekend before spring break this year. It had been quite a while since Mom and I had done anything nerdy together, so we set off for St. Meinrad to see the National Players' productions of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Our Town". We stuck with the lost art of conversation during those drives, but one night after returning home, we got into a lively discussion of (get this) official state songs and ended up trying to come up with a song title for every state in the current American union. That was a little difficult, and we ended up cheating a bit... but "Idaho" cracked me the hell up. :) :) :)
You see, when I was a kid, my great-grandmother toured this state (Indiana) with her kitchen band (and might I add, the best damn kitchen band I've ever heard), "Faye's Follies". One of their usual songs was "Delaware".
So... Mom and I were going through the states in alphabetical order (because I'm nerdy enough to have memorized them that way), coming up with at least a couple of songs for each one. When we got to the eighth state, we both predictably broke out into, "What did Delaware, boys? What did Delaware? (She wore a New Jersey, if you're curious)" Damn this is almost embarrassing... but you get the picture. :)
So... we eventually made it to Idaho, and we were both fucking stuck. Who the hell has written a song about Idaho??? In desperation, I began to sing the only thing I could think of: "What did Ida-ho, boys?" Since Mom (and I think Richard was also around) is such a nerd, that got some laughs, and we eventually had to make due with that.
About a week or so ago, Mom phoned and recommended I look up the Perry Como (PERRY COMO!!!) song, "Delaware". She thought it might be THE "Delaware", and I thought she might be onto something. After all, Perry Como IS the dweebiest! *sigh* She couldn't have been more right. :) In addition, that suggestion led me to find that some DO sing the song with a verse inquiring as to what Ida hoes. She hoes her Mary-land. :)
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