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Date:2003-07-25 13:17

i am 19 years old i live on my own from my family. when i was born i was taken from my mother. at one point both she and i lived in the same foster home. she was/is into drugs and other stuff. she sitched me to on my graduation day to go get drunk. i am her oldest. i have two little brothers. they live with each of their grandparents. they are young and nieve even moreso than i. i want to teach high risk students to suceed in life not that i realy know how to but i am only 19 i still have a little ways to go myself but i figure at least its a goal right. so when my mother finally got me back she droped me off a some guys house whom i have grown to call dad. he is a stubborn redneak of a man but i love him to death. hi is honestly the only man i have been able to love... ever. he has 17 hundred other daughters that his sperm actually contributed to making that he also raised, or took care of in some way or another along the way. now that i have graduated from high school i am attending college and am trying to find ways to keep my sanity and entain myself at the same time! talk to you soon

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