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Sydney's Journal

27th January, 2003. 10:18 pm. Oh vey

Yah yah i know i spelled oh vey wrong. Oh well. Here's the deal, it's my 16th birthday today. Yes today, and well it wasn't the best birthday ever. I kinda has a descending day in school, but it did start off well with many hugs, SPECIAL THANKS TO ANY OF YOU WHO WERE A PROVIDER IN THAT RITUAL!!!!, gotta say the hug is my favorite form of affection. Anyways, my Grampa is on his way to the emergency room, my friend likes the same person I do, apparently has for much longer than me, so I give up, I don't play that game... I'd rather hurt myself than a friend so I promised her she won, no questions asked (luv ya babe). I'm just getting kinda sick of the whole not having a romance thing. Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Yes, you better believe it, yes I am proud of that fact. I've been proud of it for sixteen years. But somehow it doesn't seem to hold hte same value it did before. Don't ask, this is random but I'm putting hte picture in here:
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Lol, yah I know htat was completely random but who cares. Ugh, I am so in a tired mood, but i haven't done like any of hte homework that i was supposed to have done today. Looks like another all nighter, and I have a hugely busy day tomorrow, so not good! Maybe I should decide to take honors world cultures next year instead of ap world. I mean it IS an 8, y wouldn't I right? Ugh I wanna go eat ice cream and be merry but dang if you've ever read the nutrition facts on ice cream... holy cow! I think i am gonna go make some maccaroni and cheese, yes it sounds bad but its smart ones, so i'm allowing it... i'll prolly end up chosing an apple anyways. Yuck my eyes are so tired. Oh and I just realized I haven't even begun to delve into this deal about this stalker kid. OMg hte kid does not take hints. Ok if I NEVER im you, its always you iming me, and hwen you ask questions i always answer iwth just one word, wouldn't you get the idea?!?!!? I don't want to talk to you. You annoy me, you scare me. And I hate saying stuff like that because its really not his fault that I just don't want to even be friends iwth him, its not like he's not a good person, its just like, um yah yer boring to be around, i see nothing interesting about you and i don't have an interest in being friends, so give up already! Yes I'm being brutal right now but I have had it up to here ::puts hand way obove head in a flat position... actually decides it'd be better to steal her bff courtney's hand, which is a whole foot higher up and thrust that into hte air above my head:: Ok, anywyas now that i have thoroughly ranted, well this is actually short for me but i got stuff to do... i'm gonna go downstairs adn do some situps... ice cream bad! lol, jk, tastes yummy!

Current mood: annoyed.
Current music: I just wanna be mad ~~ Terri Clark.

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26th December, 2002. 11:27 pm. Dedicated to Kelly (as promised, mwahz)

Kelly Kelly Kelly! You got me a journal! Sweetie I love ya to pieces!!! I hope everyone had a Merry Merry Merry Christmas. I know I did. By the way, don't expect me to speak coherently, or to write in actual sentences in this journal EVER AGAIN! Ugh, I am too tired to sit here and do any more typing... email me pweese! Mwahz to the world!

Current mood: drained.
Current music: SheDaisy ~ Hark the Herald.

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