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    Thursday, January 2nd, 2003
    12:07 pm
    happy new year! urgh, i have a headache from drinking a teeny little yesterday. We have piles and piles of sparkly hats and streamers in our garage. kurt and i are doing homework at the library at 1...im getting ready......
    Sunday, December 8th, 2002
    5:06 pm
    12.8.02 2:07 PM
    ok i drank two juice cartons of grape juice so im a little high right now. :) im listening to a little upbeat TLC music (R.I.P. Left Eye Lopes) yeah. I went wholesaling and we didn't even get a cent. im doin christmas shopping next week. on my wish list: foosball table. yehhhhhhh im poor. i am crazy over scented gel pens. i will get some for my cousin.
    Thursday, November 28th, 2002
    6:17 pm
    thanksgiving. it was kinda crappy for me. i went with my family to my grandparents' house in Grand Rapids. rite now theres very little snow but good enough. kurt drove with his family and we actually bumped into him. uh........i got to say prayer this thanksgiving and start off the circle. little billy was thankful for his yu-gi-oh cards. crazy. we ate a turkey and the little kids had a food fight with the stuffing. kurt and i drove back home and we made out at his house. we saw this gay girl named kayla peng. shes crazy over philip who can't skate for shit. im kinda moody now. i need cereal. ~aimee~
    Monday, November 25th, 2002
    7:44 pm
    today omar checked out my vw. we went to krispy kreme for breakfast and ate like ten donuts and two croissants. i saw a cute guy at nordstrom rack next door. we skipped calculus and went to joyce's house. she was at school so we went to kurt and borrowed his moped. omar went to the body shop to get some money. kurt and i went to starbucks and studied more for the physics quiz comin up. we went to 7-eleven and bought hot dogs. i got to skool just in time. grades are comin out tomorrow mornin. the rest of the day was boring. i went to kurt's house and saw a couple of thugs beatboxing. they were really good. i drank a bottle of rice soda with vanilla *MINE*. im online rite now and talking on the phone with francesca, one of my close friends. she said she cut too to study for the physics test. Mrs. Brown is a mean, old lady that knows a lot about physics. Big Portuguese oral coming up on Thursday. I really got to study. Mrs. Gomez says it covers Section 5.2: The Clothing. Will someone help me study? Ah, Mom called. frans comin over now and she gave me money to orer pizza. i have to do an essay on the book of Nahum for Bible/English. It's a very short chapter but take time to read it. And we end with a verse:

    "Behold, on the mountains
    The feet of him who brings good
    Who proclaims peace!
    O Judah, keep your appointed
    Perform your vows.
    For the wicked one shall no more
    pass through you;
    He is utterly cut off.
    -Nahum 1:15

    Current Mood: energetic
    Current Music: sean paul-just gimme the light
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