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the zone of the free [14 Dec 2003|01:40am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | micheal & janet jackson - scream ]

i am done with my exams ! no more advertising , pr , marketing or sales ! at least for a month ! haha , it feels good now , not worrying about what time to get up the next morning to meet Jane . after exam , me and Jane headed down to Sweet Recipes ! and had dinner ! yum yum , seabass , fish and chips and CHOCOLATE BANANA CAKE !! yummy ! i just love it man . i think the PS branch is e only one in S'pore . i haven't seen others . supposed to meet Jeremy but AS USUAL , he couldn't make it , somehow or the other , we always end up not meeting . was supposed to catch Love Actually . i really wanna watch it !

anyway, Si'en , Richard's consultant is so freaking annoying ! can u imagine ? she msges like this , " hee, waiting for reply lor, hee i will let u know, hee". YUCKS !!!! what's with the HEE ? act cute lah . cannot make it sia . so sad ! some more she works in my school ! she keeps delaying my cheque . my consultant says that she's overdoing it and it usually doesn't take this long . i really wanna be assertive , but she works in my school building ! she knows my lecturers . heck , if it gets out of hand , i shall do what i have to and SHOW HER !

anyway , Micheal Jackson , my childhood hero . i grew up collecting his photos , cut outs ! jeez . i still believe that he's innocent , even though many others don't . people will stop at nothing to get what they desire , in MJ's case , money . the fact that he was already charged with the first case , why do parents STILL send their kids to him ? so they can get molested and then claim money ??? i see no logic . these people are just out to get his money . the kid was told to lie . that's it . come on lah , he's such a humble man , always looking out for the needy and the poor , a father of 2 kids . why can't the fucking media and the specified people just give him a fucking break ? god .

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