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16th March 2004


I normally don't like guys..but he's not like the other assholes. He's not even close to being. Ah..he's not James Dean..he's just about there. :)

6th March 2004

10:33am: Nervous Breakdowns at the Local Cinema
Fridays nites never felt so secluded like this. I lonely can they get! Oh well. I just can't stand it when I get disappointed and others. I hate this! One of my friends wanted to see her boyfriend, and he said he was coming..never showed up. That's her boyfriend, whom says he loves her, and look what he does. Another one of my girlfriends got totally upset cuz of her asshole boyfriend getting undone over her hair. Her hair! She didn't wear it down..and he was being a dick. So she got real bummed..started weeping, her friends came over to comfort her. He was going to dump her because her friends came over to her. I think he truly thinks he can demand Amanda..and have her all to himself. Well..he cant. I rather not witness these tragedies... The females they keep on getting hurt..There they are left abandoned on the interstate highway.. There'a a carcass with a heart oozing out dedication..and most of all . Love
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