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Dreamy One's Journal

27th May, 2003. 8:05 pm.

Okay, okay so there was this really weird dream last night. As everyone knows I like Will and he lives in Australia. Anyway, in this weird dream of mine, I go there and we like have sex. Very oddlike. It freaked me out so I just slept and thought of cheerios previously. My grades are extremely high. When you actually study and do your work, you can actually get high grades. Thats good, right? Oh wow. That girl on Gilmore Girls is going to write an essay about Hilary Clinton to get into Harvard. I've offfically declared that online relationships like really suck even if I'm not having one at the moment which is the reason I've declared they suck. You never know who or what the other person is feeling or whatever for sure which also leads to high suckage. I've come to a conclusion that studying can actually be fun. Hehe, I'm sounding like a really bad dork or whatever. Sorry. Lols. I finally talked to Blair. Oh, it looks good for a high university if you volunteer in an activity that shows personality or whatever? Oh. I need a college issue thing if I plan on going. Well , I'm off to do the great task of studying that I'm learning to appreciate. Hmm. Oh, and I know I switch topics a lot. I should change that. Well, toodlesnesses for now!

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26th May, 2003. 9:46 pm.

Heys people. First day of like whatever. Last night was like a really weird night but it was totally awesome. Ashley, you like totally rawk, gurlie! Hehe. And you know what I'm talking about. I have another like crush or whatever. Its really weird but he's like totally hot. I love Willy to death for some reason. Its like really weird since I totally forgot about it for a few weeks or whatever and now i remember and I cant stop thinking about him. I like a 20 year old guy that lives in Australia! Alrighty then. Okay, well first day. Not really blabbing. Toodlesnesses for now! Loves yous!

Current mood: ditzy.
Current music: stuck by stacie orricco.

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