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Dreamy One's Journal

1st November, 2003. 11:41 am. testing.

is sexy.

%%Testing.Dont think this thing is gonna work%%


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10th June, 2003. 4:40 pm. Pissed the hell off

Bloody hell. Its 4.28 and my dad was supposed to call me at four o'clock to discuss when he's actually going to pick me up. This is just so wrong. I should have gotten the fucking phone call by now. Hell, I even called him and no one answered. My step-mother's annoying southernish , countryish, voice on the answering machine was what I got. Fucking people. Its Tuesday and they should fucking call me when they say they are. This is bullshit. I should be talking to him RIGHT NOW, not WAITING for his bloody phone call. Hmm. I wonder if the bastard is going to call me or not. I did, however, leave a very polite mesage on the message thingy. Blah. Well, I'm going to play online games and hopefully I'll forget about the whole thing now. I'm hated by Molly and Bazzy and who the hell knows who else. Thank god my dad's going to pick me up Thursday. Wait, that is if he actually does. he's known for not doing shit. later.

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9th June, 2003. 6:00 pm. me oh my

I'm tired of this. How many times do I have to tell people that Jade is not made up? She is an actual person. My gawd. I have better things to do than make up a friend. Thats just lame and people that do do it, thats just great for you btu I'm not so shut the hell up about it. Damn. Its annoying. Anywho, I went to school and I lined up against the door sixth period because I felt like leaving when the second bell rang, and all. Ms.Daniels was screaming and saying for us to not go on the second bell and anyone that does go, will have 'consequences' to pay tomorrow. I stood by the door as Casey, Jenna, Aj, Jermael, Stacy, Jared, Raquiem and some other people came up. Our class is huge. About 10 percent of our class lined up against the door on the first bell to leave on the second like technically, you're supposed to but Ms.Daniels was being a bitch and didn't want it. Anyway, when the second bell rang we all ran down the hall, went down the stairs, went to the bathroom, went to our lockers or did something like that and didn't stay. Rockel and Marina told me that she wrote all the names down and we're getting office referrals tomorrow when we go to class. I'll just skip or I'll go and leave again. If I do get an office refferal, then I'll get suspended for five days. Big fucking woop.

Now, as for my leaving thing. I'm leaving this Thursday if everything goes right. I'm calling my dad tomorrow night and we're going to go through the actual details of the leaving thing. I dont want to leave because I"m not going to have any contact with my lovely little lori who I love sooo much but I am. I hope she doesnt forget about me or cheat on me while I'm gone. I love her too much and that would tear me to streads.

Well, I'm going to go and think abotu this. Maybe, I'll e-mail Lori again. Love you all. Haleigh is gone.

Current mood: sad.
Current music: 21 questions//50 cent.

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1st June, 2003. 8:05 pm.

You're nosy, poking your nose into everyone's
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You're magic centers around doing things for
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1st June, 2003. 7:58 pm.

alt text
What Element Are You? (With Pictures)

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1st June, 2003. 7:55 pm.

What Season Are You Like? (With Pictures)

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1st June, 2003. 7:38 pm.

Today was okay. Its 7.38 at night and I have got like 2 hours of sleep. I'm sick and it hurts to breathe. Whenever I breathe, there's like this pain and it hurts like fuck. I dont know how I'm going to go to school or whatever tomorrow. Hopefully , it'll stop. I need a rainbow thong. I've got like practically all the colored thongs except rainbow and Kelly has a really cute one. I want a cute, rainbow, thong. There's this thing going around that if you draw rainbows consistantly or are into the rainbow pride thing, you're gay. I dont agree with that. Kelly is bisexual and does draw a lot of rainbows but so what? Rainbows are cute and you should be able to draw them consistantly without having to worry about what other people will think about your sexuality. Twacy said she might make me a layout or something. She rawks and if she does, her rawking status will greating improve but she still rawks even if she doesnt make me one. Darrell and Ashley asked me out. Well, Ashley asked me out while I was sleeping at her house which I just got back from. We made out for some reason again. I dont know. She's like one of my best friends with the exception of Kirsten. Darrell asked me out Friday. Oh my god! I just realized that Ashley's going to North Carolina with me! yay. That way, she can meet Nick and we can all party. Lols. My summer is so going to rock. Leaving on the 15th of June, mind you. Okay, enough gibbity jab. I'm going to go to sleep. Love you all! =P Toodlesnesses for now.

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Current music: my immortal//evanescence.

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30th May, 2003. 11:30 pm.

Hey people. I dont think anything of importance happened today. According to this sex bracelet thing, if someone breaks it, you're supposed to have sex with them. That would make me having sex with this one guy 20 times since he keeps breaking my bracelets. I give up. I'm not going to wear anymore for them to get broken. I'll just give them to some of my friends or something. I listened to Michelle Branch's new video ' Are you happy now?' and it reminded me of her. Then, being the bad person I am, I listened to Michelle Branch's ' Goodbye to you' which made me all thinky. It made me think a lot about things. Why do these songs that I like always make me think? Grr @ that. My mother gave me some money tonight so tomorrow, I'm probably going shopping. yeps. Well, I'm going to get something of great thirstful value and drink. Toodlesnesses for now.

Current mood: thoughtful.
Current music: Goodbye to you//michelle branch.

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29th May, 2003. 9:23 pm.

Heys, people. I finally talked to my dad or whatever. Monday night he said that he was getting this surgery done because his doctors think that he has cancer. Everyone has something related to cancer in my family.. Well, mostly the older people. Elderly people.. I feel so bad for them. Yeah. I tried to call him but no one was home so I just talked to Tya. I'm tired. Ashley's going to Jolly Rodger's tomorrow for some field trip and Ashley's mom called me today. She invited me to go on Saturday for her birthday that was like a week ago. I think I'm going to go. Her mom called me when I first woke up so I was kind of blahish. i hope she didn't think I was being rude or anything. I'll have to talk to Ashley later then.I'm watching Smackdown. I dont know why since it like really doesnt intrest me anymore. Dude, I need to eat. I"m feeling dizzy or whatever. Well, I'm going to go and get my eatage on. There is a strong possibilty that I might study so pray for me. Lols, no. I study a lot since Im Ms. I want to get good grades. Yeah. Okay, well have sweet dreams and think of me! Hehe.


Ashley: Good night the other night. :>


Current mood: sleepy.
Current music: Goodbye to You//Michelle Branch.

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28th May, 2003. 10:33 pm.

Nothing much happened today. I read a lot of famous poems none of which I remember but I do remember I liked them or something. I did go shopping, like thats so unusual. Its like my normal weekly thing. My idiotic brother beat up my step-dad and of course, I had to referee in between it. My mom called the cops. Windows, doors and tables are broken but only in my mother's room. Well, she has money. She can fix it. They're talking about going to the comissioner's office tonight and get him thrown out or something. The cops are here making a lot of noise. Listening to my mother yelling at them, makes me laugh. Oh wow. Hopefully they're leaving. It's got quiet. Oh well. I wonder how many times the cops have been to this bleeping house in the last... month. They're idiotic and call the cops whenever he gets all mad-like and if my mother would have let him use the car to go to the store since his is broken, there wouldn't have been an explosion and we wouldn't have to deal with the repeative cops. People dont think as much as they used to. We have brains. Hello? Aren't we like to supposed to use them?

The kittens are getting rather large. They're looking good and they're like almost four weeks. They were three weeks, Sunday. They're cute. They're all grey with little, tiny, hardly visible stripes. They also have this white thing right below their throats. They're just learning how to walk and stuff. Its so cute! Whenever I try to pet one or something, Jezzy gets all defensive. I would too if I had six offspring and they were learning to walk and someone wanted to pet them. I think Jezzy has an illness. She isn't acting as sweet, loving and generally herself as she did but then again, she has to deal with six kittens from day to day so I should have some sympathy or something for her.

I woke up in the middle of night because of all this cop mess and grr @ the fact the annoying little cops are still here. Der! Dude, its only like 10.42 ? Grr! I was trying to sleep. Me.. trying to sleep.. I'm special! People should be more considerate of my feelings. Oh well. I think I'm going to get some water and head back to bed if the cops would shut up.

Congrads, Giselle. I'm sooo glad that you and Darren are finally going to get married and hehe, I'm going to be there! Oh, and Ashley.. Blue Hair.. it rocks, Mami Smurf. =P Sheena, I adore your poems!! Jessensia: The green demons are after Jeremy! Jeremy: Stop getting high all the darn time. Its not good for your brain cells. Green aliens invading you. =P LMAO!

Okay, going to bed now. I think. Well, Have a good night or morning and remember I love you especially that Aussie that doesnt know it yet unless Rachelie has told them already.. Hmm. Yeah. Loves you all and goodnight. Toodlesnesses for now.

Current mood: tired.
Current music: immortal//evanescence.

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