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1st April 2004

1:08pm: Season is finally over. Time for a break now- means a short break from blurty too.

I will be back soon with some good news hopefully. Until then enjoy the springtime.

13th March 2004

7:52pm: This season is a real disappointed for me. The first competitions very good- a few podiums, but the last two months have been very bad. I´m lucky if i even get to the final round!

I´m glad the season is ending tomorrow. I hope for a good position tomorrow and a better next season.

Enjoy the competition tomorrow!
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10th February 2004

10:15pm: Once again I apologize for not updating this journal. Sorry sorry sorry.
It´s been some busy weeks. Travelling from Poland to Japan, then back to Finland, then to Germany last week. Luckily we had the one weekend off, but it was mostly spend for training.
I had the chance to spend some time with my family, siblings, friends and Mona. We had some catching up to do.
The trip to Oberstdorf was very bad. I wasn´t satisfied with my jumps at all. You could probably see it on my face…. ;) What else is there to do?
The championships are coming up. My favorite hills are the ones for skiflying and that´s where I jump the best, so I have high expectations for myself as you can imagine.
Axu is at my house at the moment and he told me to send his greetings ;) *pushes Axu down the chair* ;) I wish I could!! That was supposed to sound funny but it wasn´t. Hmmm…. *laughs*
I think I have spend too much time with Axu today so I will send him home now. ;)
By the way, I will answer all mails as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.
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28th January 2004

7:32pm: We just got back from Japan yesterday and I still have jetlag, but it's ok. It will pass soon.
Japan tour was fine. A 8th and 16th place was good, but I didn't make it to the final on Sunday and I was very dissapointed.
Next stop is Oberstdorf- skiflying! That's what I'm best at so I hope to achieve some good places.

And most importantly: happy b-day to Kipru!

19th December 2003

10:51pm: new e-mail
I know I haven't updated in a very long time, but I have been very busy with travelling, family, friends, girlfriend.... Talking of Mona, we were in a Finnish magazine and the pictures from it a very good, but I don't know where they can be found. I just bought the magazine ;-)

I have made myself a new e-mail: BUT please DO NOT add to msn, if you use that, because I never use msn so there is no need to have it there.... But feel free to send me a mail :-)

Well I am off to bed. Have a competition in Engelberg, Switzerland, tomorrow. Let's hope for a good result!

30th November 2003

7:28pm: WELL I had a successful weekend! I was 3rd at both competitions- I was sort of counting on the win so I am a bit disappointed…. just a joke ;) No it was a good weekend, apart from the crashes of course but Morgenstern and Kofler are alright, from what I know.
Next week in Trondheim I’m gonna give all I have and go for the victory :)

AND I’m trying to get Luitsi into making his own journal here. Just wanted to inform everyone.

27th November 2003

7:53pm: Hi, I'm Vellu! Most of you probably don't know me, but I am a Finnish skijumper - but it wouldn't hurt to get to know me. I'm a decent guy... ;)
I'm in Kuusamo at the moment. Tomorrow the new skijumping season is starting and hopefully it will be my best season so far.
Don't be afraid to write to me ;)
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