14 43 hours
Lt. Commander Bren Ohmsford, Chief Science Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

= [ - Deck 03 | Bren Quarters - ] =

As soon as the doors to his cabin hissed shut behind him, Bren unzipped his tunic and threw it on the sofa. Moving towards the bathroom, he pulled off his teal undershirt, grimacing ever so slightly at the unpleasant odour that escaped from underneath. The shirt was cast unceremoniously onto a pile of week old clothes that begged to be thrown into the reclamation unit. The once neat officer's quarters now looked like a targh mudpit.

Bren shivered slightly as he stepped into the bathroom, goosebumps appearing on his bare skin. The environmental controls on Deck 03 were operating normally and resulted in quite a temperature drop from where he just came. He pressed his palm onto the sonic shower's activation button, and turned the temperature dial to 22C. Slipping off his shoes and pants, he got into the shower and closed the doors.

Shivering again, this time from pleasure, he revelled in the way the warm sonic waves massaged his aching muscles and tickled the hair on his body. With all the chaos and commotion, and judging by the way he smelled, it must have been at least two days since he'd taken a shower. He ran his fingers through his hair and reached for the non-descript bottle of generic shampoo.

A few minutes later, he felt refreshed and good as new. Stepping out of the shower, he grabbed a towel and tied it around his waist. He reached for a can of deoderant when he heard a beeping coming from the computer on his desk. Quickly spritzing himself all over, he headed into the lounge area and sat down at the desk. Flipping open the computer, he found a message waiting for him. It was from Tanis.

With his heart beating a little faster, he opened the text message and started reading through it:

They say that man is foolish,
a creature without emotion,
but you alone have proved them wrong,
to me you are an ocean.

Water is filled with life,
the start of every being,
it quenches thirsts,
it gives us life,
in motions never ceasing.

I met you when my life was bad,
when I felt I could no longer go forward each waking day,
I wished that I was stronger.

You gave me strength,
you gave me love,
for which I'm ever grateful,
but my arms are empty now, my heart is ill,
and I am alone again.

I miss the days we spent together,
the laughter and the sorrow,
for you, my love, are not there anymore,
and I can't face tomorrow.

I go to bed alone at night,
hoping to find you there,
but, alas, I am alone,
and then I shed a tear.

I wish there was a way that I
could take back all I said,
but I know that that will never be,
for the coup I've fled.

Each day I long to have you back,
I hope that you forgive me,
and every time I hear your voice
my heart is glad and free.

If you could find it in your heart
to ever return my feeling,
I promise that I will love you true,
with each fibre of my being.

Bren sat in silence for a while after reading the message. He didn't know what to think. or even what to feel. There was only one thing he could do. Pressing the reply button, he typed three little words with big meaning:

"I love you."

14 42 hours
Lt. Commander Bren Ohmsford, Chief Science Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

= [ - Deck 7 | Secondary Shuttlebay - ] =

Bren Ohmsford was a man on a mission. Or at least appeared to be. His steps were quick and deliberate as he made his way down the corridor towards the secondary shuttlebay where most of the Science team were gathered. After visiting Sickbay, he'd felt much better and returned to the Bridge until one of the junior officers relieved him. Amazing what modern medicine could do. Now he was going down to relieve Miss Cross and sort out the mess that was the Science Department. With some hope, the science computer core might have been salvaged and they'd still have their database intact. Otherwise, they were pretty much screwed...

"Lieutenant Stevenson, I hope you have some good news for me," Bren said all business like as he marched through the large double doors leading into the shuttlebay. The place was a beehive; lengths of cables and wires connected shuttles to shuttles and shuttles to consoles, and officers and crew were scurrying about the places, setting up backup equipment and trying to salvage what they could from the destroyed labs.

"Actually, yes sir," the blonde officer responded, handing Bren a padd in mid stride. "We were able to link up to the science database, which is still intact. The damage control teams have been able to salvage some equipment from Deck 06, but unfortunately not much remains. Forensics say it looks like a cascade reaction; the plasma conduits ignited each other."

"All right." Bren stopped in the middle of the shuttlebay, and looked around him. Over in a corner were two crewman shuffling through charred padds, trying to retrieve any data that they could. In the shuttles, most science consoles had been linked up to each other via cables, and any auxiliary consoles had been converted for the use of Science.

"People, listen up!" he spoke loudly, his voice echoing through the crowded shuttlebay. The people dropped what they were doing, and listened as their department head spoke. Bren pulled up his tunic sleeves and wiped his brow. Environmental controls were still down on a number of decks, and this was one of them. Several other officers were also in various stage of undress, but no one really bothered with it; protocol was important, but not as important as keeping the ship in one piece.

"In an hour's time, we will be entering a nebula. Sensor analysis is severely limited by the fact that we don't have an astrometrics lab to analyse the data. Wayu, take a team and convert the school's astronomy lab for use. It's not ideal, but it's the best we can do. Stevenson, take Dr Emer and some others, go down to the Arboretum, and access the ship's environmental controls from there. See if you can cool this place down a bit. If we go into that nebula like this, it's going to get even hotter. T'Pan, I want you to go to sensor maintenance and see if you can boost the output so that we can penetrate that nebula and find out what we're going to be facing. Any of you with engineering experience, go down to Engineering and assist in any way you can. The rest, keep up the good work. We're going to be stuck in this shuttlebay for quite a while, so we might as well make it home. Dismissed."

Bren looked at his chronometer. Alpha shift would be over in ten minutes, but there was no way he could take off. When there was so much to be done, there was no time for rest. The stimulant Amily had given him would last for at least a few hours more. He could do with a shower, though. All this sweating was starting to make him smell.

"Che'l, I'm going to take a break for a few minutes. You're in charge here until I get back," Bren said to the Andorian Ensign as he passed him by on his way to the exit.

"Aye, sir," he responded.

Stepping out into the corridor, Bren tapped his commbadge. "Ohmsford to Cross. We'll be entering the nebula in a short while. I want you to take the science console on the Bridge; I'll be down in the makeshift astrometrics trying to keep an eye on things."

"Acknowledged, sir," she replied.

"Good. Ohmsford out," Bren said, heading down the corridor to the turbolift.

14 41 hours
Lt. (jg) Corran Edwards [SecOfc] & Jewels Shaletti [Chef], Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Begin Joint Log =/\=

Corran's boots made a hurried thud on the deckplates as he rushed from the Security Bay all the way to his quarters. Now would be the best time - tomorrow waited on no man, and he wanted his tomorrow *today*. Bursting through the door almost faster than it took to slide apart, he rushed through his quarters with a flurry in his belly. Stopping before the replicator, he took a deep breath before accessing the computer's databanks.

It took what felt like forever, but he scanned through every ring he could find, from every planet encountered by the Federation, until he found the right one. It wasn't much - silver, instead of gold. A small diamond, surrounded by an intricate pattern of silver, which continued around the band in what was called a Celtic Knot. He remembered a few history lessons from his childhood, and thought it the best. It was beautiful, to him. Setting the correct parameters, he had the computer replicate it, making sure it took its time.

Finally, the ring was finished, complete with a little box, and Corran grabbed it and rushed out of his quarters, barely stopping long enough to see the PADD Katie had left him telling him she would be staying with Callie. Then he made his way to Ten Forward.

Jewels looked at the herbs a few more minutes and decided on trying to replant them. She couldn't crush any hope. She got up and went over to a replicator and to get a pot for the herbs. She took the replicated pot to the island and sat back down carefully using a loving hand to replant the shocked herbs.

Corran fiddled with the box endlessly on the turbolift ride down, all the way to the double doors of Ten Forward and in. He asked around quietly for where Jewels could be found, and one of the waiters nodded in the direction of the kitchen. This was it. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he wlaked over and peeked around the doorway to see her sitting there.

She sat there deep in thought and really didn't notice that anyone else was around. She was thinking of Corran and sighed deeply before she stood up. She took the replanted herbs and placed them in their hanging spot near the sinks.

He watched her for what felt like an eternity, all the feelings he had felt for her thusfar swirling around in the pit of his stomach like some mystical dance of butterflies. He leaned against the inside of the doorway, watching her with the softest of smiles.

Jewels stood at the sink amoent longer before turning around and finding Corran watching her. It was almost as though her mind had conjured him up and in a puff of magic there he was. She gasped softly as she realized that he was really there and her mind was not playing tricks on her. She moistened her dry lips with her tongue and gave him a small smile. She swallowed hard as possible thoughts of why Corran was there drifted in and out of her mind.

Corran held a hand up, keeping the other behind his back and filled with the small velvet box. "I know, you probably don't want to see me right now, but *I* had to see *you*," he said softly, coming fully into the doorway.

"But..I was just thinking about you," she blurted out before thinking. {Why would he want to see me after I ran out last night?} She took a hesitant step towards him.

Corran closed the distance between them, meeting her there beside the center island. He let loose a nervous smile. "Really? That's...a good thing to hear right now," he said, still keeping one hand tucked behind him.

She stood on her tiptoes and quietly said, "I'm sorry," against his lips and finished with a small kiss. Her eye became glassy as she looked away. {Maybe she should risk everything and just do what he wanted.}

Corran kissed her back softly, then took a deep breath, and he gently brought a hand up to turn her face to him, and looked deep into her eyes. "I have something I want - need - to ask you."

Her eyes never left his as she nodded. {Was he going to give her another chance to...what?} She bit her lip in her nervous way and then took a deep breath.

He took another deep breath, and took her hand in his. Then, slowly, he bent down to one knee. "Jewels..." he said, looking up to her, and bringing his other hand around, showing the velvet box in his palm. "Jewels, will you marry me?"

She stood there looking at him not saying anything. She wasn't sure she heard him, but he was waiting for an answer. He couldn't have stunned her more.

She stood there for two or three minutes not giving any indication as to what she was thinking or feeling. Tears filled her eyes and they began to slide down her cheeks. Corran's concern grew and his heart felt as though it were going to beat right out of his chest if she didn't answer soon. At the sight of her tears he slowly stood. Finally able to move Jewels propelled herself into his arms. At last her voice came to her and she whispered, "Yes," against his lips.

Corran felt his heart soar. Picking her up into his arms, he spun her around, kissing her with all of the love and passion that he had within him. He was too happy for words, and it showed.

She held him tight and kissed him back just a feircely as he was kissing her. When he finally placed her on the floor he took her shaking hand and placed the ring on her finger.

"I love you, Jewels," he said breathlessly, pulling her back into his arms.

"Cor, I love you." She snuggled against his neck and began to press soft kisses against his neck. Excitedly she asked, "Do you want to celebrate with some champaign?" She thought about the bottle that was inthe refridgiration unit under the bar.

"Yes!" he said excitedly, then pulled her close to press a kiss to her neck, just below her earlobe. "And, perhaps, we could enjoy it alone..." he whispered into her ear.

14 38 hours
Lt. Commander James Finn, Executive Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

== USS Archer ==

Yellow Alert. Not Quite Blue, But not quite Red. It was that interval before something tried to blow up the damn ship. Although, it relaxed James, especially if it was on the stand down from Red Alert. He'd been an Engineer for most of his time on Archer, and in a situation like this he'd probably be rushing around the place keeping track of damage reports and things which needed repairing whatever was most necessary.

The Corridors on the Archer were a little scorched in Places, Most likely from blown out EPS Conduits or something. Finn stopped, walking towards the wall and reached out. Touching the black charred wall and shuddered. Suddenly he was there, opening his eyes he found himself back on the Archer. The Destroyed Archer on YT-826.

Lights were out and the ship had unmistakeably been there for decades, rotting in the unforgiving earth. James Panicked, and started to run down the corridor shouting for someone, anyone. Rounding the Corner he saw a Body. This was a nightmare obviously, he'd never admitted but discovering that destroyed stardrive section on 826 really left a mark on James.

He Knelt down towards the body, placing a hand on its shoulder. The Mans head was facing down, he couldn't see his face but he was a Lt.Cmdr he noticed from the rank pips. Instantaneously the mans head shot up, It was James. Himself, staring straight at him. The Impostors face was burned heavily and had blood dripping down the side of his face.

James fell backwards onto his elbows in shock. He had to stop this. "That's Right, Commander Stop it!" the injured hallucination shouted, repeating himself until finally dream faded back to reality and James found himself in the same position on the Real Archer.

Wiping the sweat off his face he clambered to his feet and rested his back up against the wall. Could that really happen? What if he was responsible for that? But it was impossible Commander York was dead now, and his descendants had been on the Planet...and Irina. There was no way that he could be responsible for it, let alone it actually happen. That didn't satisfy him though, those few hours spent alone on the eerie wreckage had really done a number on James.

Slapping himself to some sort of presentable state he turned back to take one more look down the Corridor and then entered the Turbolift to go down to Sickbay. A Report had crossed his path about the Chief Ops Officer. Something about an insect bite, something which Gerzon had told James on many occasions could very likely kill him.

Once he had made it down to sickbay, he slowly edged through the door, which was open when he got there seen as a Lieutenant had just exited moments before he had moved to open the door. Amily was obviously going to be around here, and as much as he hated to admit he still felt for her. A Confrontation infront of her staff was something which neither of them needed being new to their positions and all.

Looking around a bit, some Medical officers whizzing about the place he finally stopped dead in his tracks, hearing Amilys voice. But she wasn't talking to him, she was talking to Sikes. They were on the otherside of the wall, but James could hear them loud and clear through the opening.

"Well any way, they suggested that I confront the feelings and try to get to know the ones that seemed to effect me the most. So I was wondering if you would like to have dinner some time and talk."

He heard Sikes say. James' eyes narrowed as he stood there, astonished at the cheek of the Chief Tactical Officer. It was plain to see that he wanted his job and his Ex. Rage filled him, as he remembered how Cameron had acted as a friend throughout the rough patches towards the end of James' relationship with the Chief Medical Officer. How Cameron had kept himself in the Loop, supposedly interested in how things were going, but it was apparent that The Bastard had his own agenda. He wanted Amily for himself and as soon as James was out of the picture for but a moment he was straight in there.

Clenching his fists he tried hard to conceal his rage. He just wanted to beat that git to death. Make him suffer. But that wasn't who James was. Perhaps someone James wished he could be at times like this, but it wasn't who he was.

From behind him he heard a familiar voice. Gerzon. His rage subsided as the Chief Operations Officer called weakly.

"Hey Commander Come to see if I'm dead yet?" he chuckled dryly.

James turned his scowl into a smile as he turned to face his friend who was laying on a bed behind him. "Course, There are some people who want your quarters, especially for the south facing view." he smirked.

Gerzon laughed, but that soon turned into a cough and a painful looking one at that.

"Easy buddy." James reached to steady the guy. "What's up with you?" he said looking a little concerned now.

"Insect bite." Gerzon said huffing down onto the bed. "They think it happened on the Sherbrook, and well you know how I am with bites. I Could wind up dead" he said with a smirk, but James could tell that deep down Gerzon was a little worried.

The First Officer looked at Gerzon for a moment before he was interrupted by the Chief Medical Officer sliding in besides James with a PADD.

"Hello Sir." Amily said reviewing the info on the PADD, not allowing James the courtesy of eye contact. "If you've come to see if he's ready for duty, then I do hate to disappoint but he's stuck here for a while." she said rather callous.

"Well, That's...Unfortunate." James said wincing. "It seems asif you're ontop of everything, even your love life." Finn said rubbing his beard, which was pretty tufty now.

"What?" The CMO said a little nervous.

"Nothing. Nothing At All." James said changing the subject. "Commander, I would like a full Casualty report on my Desk along with hourly updates on Lt.Cmdr Trep. Oh, and I've Received a Complaint about an Incident earlier today during battle involving one of your Officers and one from security. Please have him report to me when things slow down a bit." He said turning and heading for the door. "Oh, and Enjoy your Dinner" he added disappearing out behind the sliding doors.

Soon Enough he had made it back to the Bridge, Noticing that nobody was in Command he took one step out and looked around. Sikes was not there and to be honest if he had been James probably would have given him a shiner. He made his way down the steps and took a seat in the Captains Chair.

"Report." he called out.

"Were still in pursuit of the Alien ship which attacked us Commander. Their Sensors are still inoperable, so they haven't detected that were in pursuit. If they continue on their current heading we'll reach an uncharted nebula in two hours. Initial Scans can't penetrate the inside. Also, Warp Engines are Back Online and Engineering is getting to other repairs."

"Good, Make Science aware of the situation and get me all available data on who these Aliens are again."

"Very well Sir." came the reply.

Sitting for a moment he tapped his Comm.- Badge.

"Finn to Edwards" he started.

"Go Ahead, Cmdr."

"Lt, I'd like Ensign Rek sent upto My Office at once."

"Sir." Edwards replied, obviously knowing what that was about as it was he who had brought it to Finn's attention.

James leaned back in the Chair and clenched the arms. The Archer was back to business as usual. Medical was busy with casualties, Engineering was busy with repairs, Science dealing with their freakin nebulas, Operations keeping track of all repairs and investigations, Security dealing with insubordinate officers and Helm, well...flying the ship. Yes Sir, things were just as they always were.

14 37 hours
Lieutenant Harry Lefler, Chief Navigational Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

-=/\=- Bridge -=/\=-

It seemed like a week had passed since hed entered the bridge, this battle, going on forever. Finally Bren and Finn returned to bridge. No he didnt mean that.. it had only been around 6 minutes since they had left. He brought the Archer around again and waited for his console to flicker to life, as it went black.

As it came back to life, he saw on the sensors where the sherbrook was. it was now or wait 10 minutes. Shields saw that and gave the order. Harry altered the trajectory of the ship and watched as their speed became less and less as the Archer pulled the sherbrook along.

He increased the power to the impulse engines.. hoping it wouldnt blow them up, but trying to increase their speed. The ship started shaking very gently.. which increased as the ship got faster.

They where going up to their maximum speed with the sherbrook in tow.

This was it, the enemy ship was right where it needed to be, The deflector shut off and the freighter slammed into the side of the enemys hull. As they disengaed the deflector the Archer gave a lurch of power, that Harry used to veer out of the way of the explosion.

He then turned them right about and moved them slowly forward giving tactical the option to use every last phaser bank they had.

He looked up at the view screen. It had gone dead quiet, no more shaking, the red lights still blinking and shining onto his face.

He looked down at his console and only just realised it was flickering and had a large scorch mark across the warp engine control.

He tapped his console and routed through all the navigational stuff. He stared at the list and it grew. Most of the information wasnt important, but nevertheless it was worth reporting.

14 27 hours
Lt. Cmdr. Amily Ashlexa [CMedOfc] & Lt. Cmdr. Cameron Sikes, Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

===Deck 4, Cameron's quarters===

201. 202.203. Cameron was counting rivets in the walls and ceiling. HE had gotten all of 15 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. He shut his eyes tight and rubbed his neck. {Man my head hurts} he strained to think. Cameron finally grew tired of trying to fall asleep. He rolled over to one side and called out. "Computer .time" he muttered in a half drowsey way.

[The time is 17:51] answered the computer in the all to familiar sterilized female voice.

Cameron groan. {I have been here two hours and I don't feel any better, in fact I feel worse.} he thought. Cameron lie motionless on the bed, trying to decide what to do next. {May be some food would help.} he thought. He slowly moved his legs to the side of the bed. One by one he placed his un shod feet on the floor. He remained in that position, not really wanting to get up, but not wanting to remain on the bed either. Slowly he moved his left arm and prepared to sit up.

Slowly he pushed himself to sit up erect. {Damn, my head really hurts.} he thought. Cameron slowly looked about the room. "Computer, coffee, black, two sugars and toast, with marmalade." He called up. HE raised his right hand up and rubbed the back of his neck.

The computer chirped and in the replicator appeared his request. {Well the replicator isn't gonna carry the food over here.} he thought. Cameron braced himself on the bed. He had little energy or desire to move, but He needed to do something. Cameron gathered his will power together and decided to finally get up. He pushed himself up from the bed. He slowly walked over to the replicator. With every step his head seemed to ache more. He reached the replicator in a recode slow time and picked up his food. His face grimaced as he slowly walked over to the little table he used for eating.

15 minutes later Cameron had finished the toast and almost finished his coffee. His headache had only gotten worse. {Ok I am not getting sleep, and food did not seem to help. May be the doctors can give me something for this so I can at least go back to work. Cameron stood up from the table and took one last slow sip of coffee. He then moved to his bead and put on his shoes, his face shown noticeable distress.

===Main Sickbay===

After having treated one senior officer with a hangover, and yet another for an insect bite, Amily was a bit less than surprised when the Chief Tactical Officer appeared in the doorway. "So," Amily began, smiling at the visibly fatigued officer, "let me guess. Hangover...bug life not working sleep...hit your head when the ship was shaking about?"

Cameorn walked in to the sickbay with his eyes towards the floor. He heard a familiar voice speak up, just a little too loud for his tastes. He looked up and saw Amily. His eyes werwe squinted and puffy. He looked at her with a some what puzzled look. "Huh?" he said. Not knowing if she was joking or being sarcastic, he simply continued not waiting for her to explain. "No doc. Or at least I don't think so." He raised a hand and rubbed his neck. "I think it is just one heck of a headache, back here." He stopped rubbing abd pointed in the general direstion of his neck. "It is bothering me so bad it hurts to move, and I cant seem to get any sleep either."

She was tired herself. The chief medical officer had intended to slip out of sickbay a while ago, but it was now looking like her hopes for a nap would have to wait for now.

"Well, Mr. Sikes, let's get you up on a bed and see what we can do for you," Amily smiled, surprised that she was able to keep a cheerful demeanor despite the touch of cynicism in her voice. It was all she could do to hide the mild bit of discomfort that she felt around him. It wasn't that long ago that Cameron had gone off the deep-end and required an extended stay on Aurora.

She held out her hand, leading the way to an available biobed. From then on, her hands were on autopilot. Her tricorder was ready in position to scan over her patients head, checking for anything abnormal. She was certain that she wasn't going to find any underlying medical condition that was causing his insomnia. But the last time she had assumed that, Cameron ended up being diagnosed with a small brain tumor.

Cameorn slowly moved over to the bed that Amily directed him to. He had seen her hand lift and point, as if saying 'take my hand'. Cameron had started to reach for her hand, but then stopped when a particular twinge shot through his neck when he moved his arm. Finally he made it to the bed and slowly hopped up on top.

Cameron sat there slumped over rubbing his neck. Several times Amily had to ask him to remain still while she ran her tricorder around him. He could not help it, it simply hurt. There was an eerie silence between them. Once on top of the bio bed, neither of them spoke out, except for the occasional 'sit still' remark form Amily. Cameron fidigeted while she ran her tricorder, and then he remembered he had not been in the sickbay since arriving back on board. It was customary to check in with the CMO and hand deliver your medical records to them. And since he had been in a considerable amount of medical rehabilitation on Aurora, she would need the entire volume he had brought with him on to the Archer. Amily finally finished scanning and Cameron stammered to say something to break the silence. "I have my medical records in my cabin." He stated sheepishly staring out at the floor in front of him.

"I see," was her simple reply. She had been meaning to see to it that Cameron's medical records were up to date the minute he had returned, but there was a matter of a little battle going on that had prevented her from doing so.

Amily sighed. There was nothing unusual about the nature of Sikes' headache. Dialated blood vessels, likely a result of stress. He had low levels of certain eseential vitamins and minerals in his blood, easily treatable by eating properly. "For now, I'm going to give you the same advice as I have been giving out to everyone coming in here with your symptoms," Amily began. She watched as Cameron looked curiously at her, his expression changing from one of concern that his condition might be something serious, to one of realization that he was going to be alright. "I'm going to give you something for the pain and a nutrient suppliment. And please...get some rest if you can. Relax and try to wind down before you attempt sleep as well."

Standing back, she waited for his reply. The look on his face, to her, didn't indicate whether he was pleased with this diagnosis or not. In the back of her mind, she hoped it would satisfy him, at least enough to make him not flip out on her. Holding a hypospray in her hand, she waited for some type of emotion from Cameron, good or bad.

Cameorn continued to squint and stare at the floor. "Ok, Doctor," he waited for amily to inject him. He was to concerned about much at the moment other than getting rid of this pain in his neck. But in the back of his mind, he knew he had no time for sleep. He had to go relieve Mumacik soon and see what he could do to help get tactical systems back on line. shot of pain surged through his neck and Cameorn twitched a bit.

Soon the familiar hiss of a hypo could be heard right behind Cameron. He did not feel anything, he never really did. But after all of the chemicals and sedatives that had been poured in to him back on Aurora, he had gotten used to the sound. Soon he felt a bit of comfort, not much, but enough to notice. He sat up straight and stretched his neck from left to right. He twisted his head to the back as far as he could in both directions. The pain was slowly subsiding. Cameron looked at Amily, "Doc, do you think you can give me a stim? I have a lot of work to do before I can really sit down, relax and get some sleep."

Amily let out a deep sigh. The phrase "can you give me a stimulant" was being spoken more than she would have liked. It wasn't just the tactical officer that was asking, but several others who had come through sickbay had asked for one as well. "Alright, I don't see any reason why I should deny you a stimulant, but keep in mind your doctors advice. Get some rest as soon as you can." Reaching over for another hypospray, she turned around to meet his stare with a somewhat deceptive smile. "And I'm serious, you can't use the stimulant as an excuse to stay awake for longer than humanely possible." She winked slightly at him, hoping he would get the hint. The stimulant she was giving him would only last a few hours. In her mind, at least, that should be long enough to complete whatever work he needed to do.

Cameron nodded to Amily. "Yes doc, I know, hopefully a few hours is all I will need." Cameron waited as amily injected his with the stim. Only after a few seconds he started to feel more awake. Coupled with the hypo she gave him for his headache, he was begging to feel like him old self again.

Cameron looked about the sickbay and saw Amily busy herself by putting her hypos away. He hopped off of the bio bed and started to strech. {Good. God no pain and I am full of energy." Cameron turned to Amily to thank her. She herself had just turned back to Cameron. He quickly hugged her. "Thanks doc," he said whild hugging the small petite medical offiocer. He then quickly turned to start for the bridge.

Cameron then stopped suddenly. In his exuberance he had remembered something his counselors on Aurora had recommended to him. As quickly as he stopped, he wipped back around to face Amily. "Oh Doc, by the way," he hesitated for a second, what he was about to say was going to sound odd. "Well.." he scratched the back of his head, "I would like to ask you something. You see during my rehabilitation, the doctors there told me that I should not try to ignore my feelings. And well yours was one of the strongest, next to." Cameorn stammered for a bit, he had not see the crewman in so long he had almost forgotten his name. "Andersen, yes that is it Andersen," he said almost gleefully.

Amily crinkled her forehead, not quite sure of where this was going. In the seconds of pause, she tried to think of how Cameron's feelings towards herself and Andy could possibly have anything in common. At least she hoped. Rather than try to think about it anymore, Amily flashed a bit of a nervous smile and allowed Cameron to finish his thought.

"Well any way, they suggested that I confront the feelings and try to get to know the ones that seemed to effect me the most. So I was wondering if you would like to have dinner some time and talk." Cameron had a half smile on his face. He waited for Amily to answer but then realized she had a half puzzled look on her face, he then though about what he said and realized it might have come out all wrong. "Oh, uh. just a friendly chat, as friends if you would have it." Cameron stuttered to get that last part out. He had hoped that she did not miss understand him, he was simply following doctors orders.

The puzzled look that she had worn before seemed to disappear once Cameron had explained himself. "Of course, anything for a friend," she began. Seeing that he was looking kind of nervous about requesting this from her, she added quickly, "Besides, we haven't had a chance to catch up with things ever since your return from Aurora."

Nodding to her, he began to turn away. There was a bit of a silence as she watched Cameron turn and walk out of sickbay. He didn't look back even once. "Um...should I invite Andy along to dinner as well?" she called out, just before the doors had closed. That got him to turn around. Amily laughed to herself as she watched Cameron break a little bit of a smile as he nodded to her.

"That's up to you," he turned and walked away, the sickbay doors closing behind him.

14 25 hours
Ensign T'Pek [SecOfc] & Cdt Sarah Mason [NPC], Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

Rek was wondering around on the deck 10 as part of his patrol and listening to the nattering of a young crewman about how good it was top be able to get on the ship he requested. "This is boring as hell" was all Rek could think when all hell broke loose. the ship started shakeing and shuddering. "What was that?" the crewman asked and Rek sowled back at him "It was us takeing hits from weapons fire.". With that statement just passing through the crewmans head the wall console beside them exploded and peppered them both with shrapnel. Rek was thrown backwards and slammed into the wall while the crewmans seemed to just stand there before slumping to the ground with blood running from under his shirt. Rek tried to stand up but couldn't move. Looking down at his leg he saw a nice big piece of console sticking through it. Tapping his comm badge he called a med team to deck 10.

Sickbay was inundated with reports of injuries coming in from all over the ship. The goal of the medical staff was to push people through to recieve treatment and then be sent on their merry way. But the influx of people was overtaking the number of people walking out of sickbay doors.

Systematically, as each report of injury came in, another medic was dispatched, with serious cases taking priority. Once again, it was Cadet Sarah Mason's turn to attend to the injured.

"Deck 10" she called out as she entered the turbolift. Only having a chance to glance briefly at the injury report, Sarah was certain there wasn't any way she could have imagined what she was about to see.

Rek had managed to pull himself over to the crewman to see if he could do anything to help, it would have been close to impossible to help him in a fully equiped hospital let alone in a corridor with nothing at all to help him, the back of his shirt had been torn off and showed his back, if you could call what was left a back. The spine had been brutaly cut by pieces of the console passing through the crewman and there were little to no organs left that Rek could see. Rek decided to check himself quickly, his mind had been taken up with the leg wound and there for no pain was being transmitted from elsewhere, looking down at his shirt he saw 3 small rips and saw faint blood stains around them. Lifting up his shirt he was happy to see that they were nothing more then scratchs.

The to men came into the view of the young medical officer. Pausing only for a moment to catch her breath, she jogged the rest of the way to attend to the injured crewmen. Sarah looked over at the apparently disembowled man. He wasn't moving, and his skin was starting to take on a bluish appearance. There wasn't an incredible amount of blood, the console jutting through his body was probably keeping it from spraying out.

Immediately, she took out her tricorder and began scan for any sign of life. Looking over at Rek watching intently, it wasn't long before Sarah shook her head and noted the crewman's death status.

There was, of course, still a man alive and very much in need of medical attention. Pivoting and taking a few steps towards Rek, she began to assess whether the man was in urgent need of medical attention, and immediate transport to sickbay, or whether he could be treated and then be taken to sickbay the old fashioned way.

"Aren't you going to do anything for him?" Rek stared at Sarah as he spoke.

She just shook her head in response. What could she do? He was definitely dead, and had been dead the second that console flew through him. Transporting him back to sickbay would do very little good, and would be wasting ships energy that could be spent on another vital system. At the same time, however, she felt guilty that she didn't have someone with her to at least remove the console and let the man rest in peace.

Rek looked up at Sarah, he knew she couldn't do anything for the crewman but it still rattled him anyway. "Let's get me to sickbay. I am sure if I don't get this leg taken care of soon its going to retire me permenently."

With Sarah's help he got up and hopped with her to the turbolift. Tapping his comm badge he reported his status to security and requested they put someone else on deck 10.

Sarah didn't protest, but found it a bit amazing that Rek was so preoccupied with his duty that he felt the need to contact security while riding in the turbolift, instead of waiting until they arrived in sickbay. He must have been delusional.

With that done, Rek smiled painfully at Sarah "So doc you think I am gonna live?" he said with a a hint of sarcasm in his voice and a whole lot of pained humour.

Turning to her patient, Sarah shook her head. He was definitely delusional in her mind. And the sooner they got to sickbay, the sooner she would be able to see to it that his blood loss wouldn't affect his thinking any further. "Yes, unless you want to die," the young cadet replied back in her own sarcastic voice.

Luckily for Sarah, the turbolift stopped and the doors opened. Only a short ways down the corridor towards sickbay. Once again, Rek leaned on the much smaller medical officer for support. Hop. Hop. Hop. Two more hops and they would trigger the sliding doors to sickbay. Stopping to take a rest for a brief instant, Sarah felt Rek pushing his body weight against her with a little more force than he had before.

Hop. The next thing she knew, the half bajoran was standing above her as she tumbled to the ground. Rek's crutch had snapped like a twig, her legs giving way beneath her.

Rek caught the wall as he lost his footing and watched the young medical officer go down, steadying himself he let his injured leg drop to the floor before reaching down and helping the young medic up. "Comeon doc" He said painfully "Lets get both of us to sickbay" Lifting the young doc up in his arms he supported himself against the wall and slid himself along the wall to the sickbay doors helping the cadet.

There was no more hopping for the security officer. Sliding just a few inches further, the sickbay doors opened. They had made it. Immediately finding it a bit strange that the medic was being carried back by the very person she had been sent to treat, Mark Copper took Sarah and whisked her away. Her leg had, indeed, snapped like a twig under Rek's weight. As soon as the lower portion of Sarah's uniform pants had been removed, everyone saw the piece of broken bone sticking up through her skin.

And there Rek stood. Mark was taking care of Sarah as several other medical officers seemed to ignore the fact that Rek was injured as well.

Rek looked around at the commotion, he saw several medics rush past him without giveing him a second look, This was beyond a joke, here he stood injured and in extreme pain and yet nobody seemed worried. Watching one more medic run past Rek got annoyed just enough to reach out for the next one he saw and pull him over "Look is it that hard to see a man in pain here, now how about you get me some help becuase if you don't I am going to get really annoyed."

Looking a bit bewildered, the medic and Rek made eye contact for a few seconds. "Sorry, sir," the medic replied, now wearing an expression of both mild fear and frustration. "We're really busy right now, but if you tell me what's wrong, I can relay that to triage."

Not saying a word, Rek continued to stare. The security officer just pointed down. A puddle of blood had formed around his boot and several tears were clearly present on his leg. "Ouch..." the medic spoke, sucking air noisily through his teeth.

Rek gave the medic an evil stare 'Yes ouch now get me to a bed and get me a doctor too look at this." Seeing a bed with nodbody on it Rek hopped acrossed to it and waited for a doctor.

14 24 hours
Lieutenant (jg) Corran Edwards, Chief Security Officer's Duty/Personal Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Security Bay =/\=

After having cleared the evacuated decks for repopulation, Corran and the rest of his Security department had the task of pulling together all their information and compiling reports. What joy.

Midway through his third report - oddly enough, an incident report on the fire-suppressors of Ten Forward - Corran had had enough and tossed the PADD down. True, he wasn't mad at the PADD, or even the report. He was mad at himself. Mad for Jewels running from him, mad at himself for making her need to get away. But what could he do? He didn't know how he could fix things to make them all right. He just knew he had to have Jewels in his life. It was that clear, that obvious to him. But was that enough? Obviously not.


Corran looked up from his thoughts to see Ens. Hastings standing in front of his desk.

"Oh. Yes, Ensign, what is it?" he stirred, blanking his features from the thoughts that had whirled there a moment before.

"Final report on the drones sir, from Science. This is all the data they've managed to collect on them so far."

"Ah, very good," Corran said smoothly, taking the offered PADD. After scanning it over, he handed it back to her. "Work with Ens. Rek on drawing up a holodeck training simulation to run the department through. Model it after the Sherbrook engagement zone, but here aboard the Archer. Let me know when you two finish."

Once Hastings left with their assignment, Corran sat back in his chair with a long frown. He had to do something. Something that better for them. For *them*. Then he had an idea.

Closing the door to his office, Corran brought up his terminal and opened up the comm system. He physically typed in one of the longest and oldest communications routing protocols known to humankind, and then sat back to watch it do its work. Thanks to the sophisticated gear aboard the Archer, this simple yet effective form of communication - which had served mankind since the dawn of the information technology age - was virtually indetectable, except for by the person receiving the transmission. Simple, text-based communication, at the speed of one's fingertips.

After fifteen minutes of waiting - pretty quick, considering the ancient communication system he was trying to contact - he received an {Transmission Channel Open - Receiving} message on his terminal screen. He then typed out a simple message:

{<USS Archer - NCC 62750 - Epsilon Fleet - LtJG Edwards, Corran Ian - Service Number 992-417-683-2694 - Begin Transmission>}

{<9224176832694>'s your Bro...If you're around, let me know. I need a sister's advice. -Cor.}

Corran was about to close down the terminal and head out into the security bay when the terminal bleeped back at him almost immediately. He had no hopes that Annabelle, his sister and master of the Antares Frieghter Colorado Rocket, would be at her terminal at the same time he would, but the Universe had a crazy way of working out just when you needed it to.

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> CORRAN!? What are you doing??? What's wrong??? Is Katie okay???}

Corran sat his tail back down and pulled up the manual entry console again <<okay, a keyboard, whatever :P>> and began typing away furiously.

{<9224176832694> Good, you're around Listen, nothing's wrong, Katie's fine. I just...need a sister to talk to.}

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> Of course What's your problem?}

{<9224176832694> Well, you see, there's a woman I've met...her name is Jewels...and...she's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. We've been seeing each other for a good while now, and Katie loves seeing her too...but she and I got into an...'argument'...Ya see, she's worried that, if something happened to me, what would happen to Katie...of course, I told her about the arrangement I have with you, and she seemed upset about it...I love her, Belle, I do. I want to be with her like the moons over Rigel seven. What...what do I do?}

A few minutes passed. Corran gave her enough time to digest what he had there. Then a few more minutes passed. And a few more.

{<9224176832694> Belle?? You there!?}

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> COrran!! You bonehead! You love her, don't you!?}

{<9224176832694> Of course OF COURSE!}

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> Then there's only one way you can really tell her MARRY HER!}

Corran sat back in shock at the urgency in which Annabelle's words hit the screen. There was no lag that time.

{<9224176832694> You want me to ask her to marry me? But...what if she says no!? I mean, it's not like I've known her all my's felt that way, but, I mean...}

What *did* he mean? He knew, deep in his *soul*, that it was something he wanted to do; to ask her. But it scared him to death. There was so much he didn't know, yet then again, so much they had shared, so much they knew about each other and so much that connected.

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> If you two are so happy together like you say you are, then don't worry about what she might say. It will all work out for the best...I know it.}

Corran stared at her words for the longest of moments. She was right. What was there to lose? Everything. But that's what made it worth while.

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> Cor, you still there??}

{<9224176832694> Yeah...I'm here...and you're right. Thanks lil' sis. I...think I'm gonna do it.}

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> GOOD!! Just be sure I at least get an invitation!!!}

Corran laughed out loud to himself, a beaming smile coming to his lips.

{<9224176832694> I will...even do my best to make sure you can be there.}

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> You better Anyway, I have to run, we're about to reach our next port. Write me again with what she says, all right? And tell Katie-bear I love her!}

{<9224176832694> I will. Take care Belle Love ya!}

{<Edwards, Annabelle Lee> You too Love ya!}

{<Transmission Link closed by Edwards...CCF

And with that, Corran closed the link, and sat back in his chair, the thoughts rolling around in his head and sounding better by the second. Getting up, he strode out of his office and towards his quarters with a purpose.

14 22 hours
Lt. Commander Delilah Ross, Science Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"We set up a few of the consoles in the shuttle bay, as well as some of the shuttles themselves to link up to the Science computer core so we can continue operations down here, ma'am. ..... ma'am?"

"Mmmph? O-Oh. Yes, that's excellent Ensign. Good job." Delilah offered him a weak smile, a kind of apology for her mind being elsewhere.

"You've seem rather distracted this past hour. Maybe you should get some rest?"

Delilah waved a hand idly, dismissing the idea. "I got enough sleep in May. I'm good for another 6 months." She smirked at him, causing him to laugh. "No, I'll get some once Bren comes and relieves me."

Satisfied at her answer, the Ensign turned and left Delilah alone once more.

"... But I don't think sleep is going to help my situation." She muttered softly to herself as she set down a forgotten PADD in her hand. The Ensign was right, ever since her encounter with Shields, she had been very distracted. She just couldn't understand it. Her hormones were in check now, everything was like it was before, so why did she still have an overpowering urge to touch him? Granted, she covered it well, but she could sense that he felt the same. It was all very, very confusing.

"Why? Why don't I feel like killing him? ... I *should* feel like killing him, after what he's done to be, and yet..." She let out a frustrated sigh as more questions filled her head and no answers came for them. This was the first time in a very, very long time she didn't feel like she was in control of a situation and that was one of the worst feelings in the world for her. She was a Political Officer. She had to be in control of a situation before there even *was* a situation, and yet... here she sat, feeling helpless and confused, not sure what was going to happen next.

"I need a break. That's it. Just need to clear my head is all." She told herself as she jumped down from the shuttle engine then headed for the shuttlebay doors. "Lieutenant Stevenson, you're in charge until I or Bren get back." With that done, Delilah promptly cleared her head of Science, work, and especially Shields. ... Well, she tried at least.

14 21 hours
Lieutenant (jg) Mumacik, Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

===== Main Bridge, USS Archer =====

Minutes passed like a dream ... the battle with the enemy vessel seemed to be endless ... and even with Cameron, Fernandez and Muma did their best, the Archer took more damage then she dealt to the enemy.

It was decided not to lunch any shuttle to support the ship and to fully rely on the 'dish' plan. Mumacik was not satisfied with the rejection of his suggestion but now was no time for objections. He simpy turned back to his console and continued with his effort to hit the enemy the best he could.

He shortly glanced over to Fernandez who pretended not to care about him and watched the ship's status only. As usual Cameron had some excellent battle tricks in his sleeve and he used few of them. That was something {with a probability of 92,9%} he could rely to. Knowing that his primary task now was to minimize the damage the enemy will deal to the Archer until the dish will be ready ... Mumacik concentrated his fire to the phaser and torpedo systems. Every single percent of drop of enemy phaser efficiency could give the Archer precious seconds.

Finally was the dish ready ... thanks to the work of Commanders Finn and Ohmsford ... and Mumacik heard the simple command of the Captain: "Now". He followed the scene on his console monitor. Three seconds after the impact Muma had again the sensor readings of the enemy vessel ... and he knew that the plan worked The enemy was quite hard damaged on various points and systems and the hull integrity fell down to 40%. He red energy fluctuations all over the enemy systems ... Shields off-line ... weapons with only a quarter of power.

A skilled tactical officer would take an immediate advantage of the situation by firing all weapons to the enemy weapons and shields ... but Muma was no skilled officer ... he took the advantage 1,24 second later ... ;-))

Tapping his console he fired a full voley of quantum torpedoes onto the enemy. The blue-ish visual effect brightened the bridge for a second and then Muma watched the result of his assault. With the support of Cameron's phaser fire ... the enemy was finally disabled

The bridge had erupted in a soft sheer, followed by a kind of sigh of relief. Fernandez turned towards him and smiling hughed him softly. Realising what she did she withdraw herself and turned a bit red. "I am sorry Mu .. Lieutenant" she whispered. Muma looked at her with some surprise, he red about the meaing of an hug by a woman ... but to be honest he did not understand it completely ... "Err ... nothing happened Ensign" he said quietly back to her. Both turned to Cameron to look if he had noticed ... but he seemed to enjoy the short time of relaxtion in his chair. Fernandez smiled slightly.

14 20 hours
Jewels Shaletti, Ship Chef's Personal and Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Corridors =/\=

Jewels ran through the corridors barely noticing the repair teams. If she happened to run into one of them; she barely mumbled an apology. Her thoughts were far away from where she was at one moment and then all to close for comfort the next. Thoughts of her parents betrayal mixed with thoughts of her confusion with Corran. Finally exhausted from lack of sleep, troubling thoughts and strenuous exercise; she stopped running and slowly walked toward her quarters. With her slowed pace and lack of thoughts from her overloaded brain; she began to feel how sticky and wet she was.

Arriving at her door she entered slowly and looked around the lifeless room. She let the door shut behind her and then she began to strip off her clothes as she headed for the shower. The thought of hot water streaming over her body to massage her muscles encouraged her last few steps to the shower. As the warm water sluic ed over her body her mind went numb of all thoughts. She stood under the pulsing stream of water for a while before using the vanilla scented soap and strawberry scented shampoo. Shutting the water off; she quickly toweled herself dry. She wrapped a towel around her body and finding the bed inviting laid down to sleep. The lasts thoughts wafting through her mind were of the warmth of Corran's body laying closely to hers as she drifted off to sleep.

=/\= 2 hours Later =/\=

Waking with a start; it took Jewels a few minutes before she realized her dream was just that. Now plagued by thoughts that had chased her while she ran, Jewels was unable to sleep. She decided to dress and go to Ten-Forward and begin the clean up she was sure that waited for her.

=/\= Ten-Forward Kitchen =/\=

Dressed in a red T-shirt and black shorts, Jewels arrived and surveyed the mess that lay scattered around the floor of the kitchen. Some o f her fresh herbs laid broken on the floor and many of the po t and utensils that hung for easy ratability now were a mixed mess of metal on the floor. Everything would have to be washed and put back in place. Carefully picking up the broken pot with the herbs; Jewels set them aside. She started washing the pans that she kept because they were seasoned for cooking certain dishes. She wiped her brow with the back of her hand and then began to dry the many pots and hang them back in their spots. next she continued the process with the cooking utensils that had been strewn across the floor.

Jewels got herself a bottle of water and took a long swallow of the cool liquid before sitting down. She sat at the island examining the broken pot of fresh herbs trying to decide if there was a way to salvage them or replant them or had the shock been too much for the tasty plants. Then it struck her as a funny thought how the broken pot of herbs was much like her personal life.

14 15 hours
Ensign Han Gesten, Engineering Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"So did you pass the Louisiana Bar exam?"

Summary: Ensign Gesten explains to Commander Keith how he cleared the plasma life form from the anti-matter injectors to bring the warp core back online.

= Begin Log =

= Main Engineering = = USS Archer =

With the ship finally out of harms way and the crew of the Archer, realtively, safe...however safe floating through space on a giant hunk of metal is, the hard part for engineering started. With at least half the systems on the ship damaged, the team of engineers had quite a job ahead of them. Keith had assigned double shifts to almost everyone and without the rush of adrenaline, it turned into long tireous hours of redundant work.

Han had been sitting on the floor, in front of the same panel all day. No matter what he did, the EPS relay in front of him would blow the moment he turned on the parts replicator just five feet from it, that of course, used this relay to get power to itself. Reaching inside he pulled out a tube and replaced it with a new one before ehading back over to the replicator.

Pushing the button he spoke, "One engineering tricorder." Fzzzzzt. In an embarassing display, sparks shot out the panel as the replicator began to power up. Of course, it didn't complete this process and soon went dark. "Damnit!" Kicking the replicator with his right leg, pain suddenly shooting through it. "Damnit again When is this thing going to heal!"

"Eventually Ensign, just like how you'll get that relay fixed." While Han was engrossed in his work, Keith had come up behind him. "I'd like to see you in my office Ensign."

"Uhhh, yes sir." With his crutches now gone, Han just walked with a slight limp, gimping his way over to the chief's office.

"Have a seat Ensign." Keith waved to the chair on the other side of his desk, just before he sat down in his own.

Taking the seat gladly, Han leaned back and enjoyed the moment of relaxation.

Keith cleared his throat before leaning forward. "So Ensign, you never did tell did you get that plasma life form out of the anti-matter injectors?"

A grin spread across Han's face, he figured the chief would figure it out. Of course, he more than likely already had, but just wanted to make sure his hypothesis was correct. "Well...simple sir. I realised it was holding on for it's dear life, it didn't want to move from where it was at, it didn't like the pressure building up against it. So...I killed the injector for a moment, give it time to think it's safe and let go, then it put it up to full as fast as I could right after that. Blew the bugger out like a canon." Han laughed at that, he could only imagine some small alien being shot out of the injectors.

Keith sat there in thought for a moment before looking at Han and standing. "Good thinking Ensign, nice work, nice work. You're dismissed."

Standing slowly as to avoid the pain in his leg, Han finally got up. "Thank you sir."

14 14 hours
Lt. Cmdr. Gerzon Trep, Chief Operations Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

Gerzon was running high with a fever as he was lying on a biobed in the middle of sickbay. The insect was doing considerably damage to his system and it was not something he was happy with. Then again who would? Trill had developed a very sensitive immune system, otherwise any attemp to join a trill with a symbiont would be about three times as hard as hosts would try to reject the symbiont slug as if it were a virus. ( in some ways this was even true. Some Trills did consider symbionts a virus, but that was a very minor group.)

Looking at the ceiling, Gerzon noticed that several patches in it were darker then the surrounding material. He wondered what it could be that was causing this coloration. Systems in sickbay were generally often checked, just in case the systems were called upon during heavy casualties.

Gerzon's fever was also causing him to slighly hallucinate. He had already seen a Breen and a Klingon play cards with Amily.

Trying to sit up was diffucult, but this was something he had to go through. Amily had assured him he was alright, but that she just didn't want to boost his time for recovery by putting his body at risk. Gerzon had ignored most of her speech and had even fallen asleep at the end of it, mostly because of the medicine he had in his bloodstream at the time.

He took his comm badge and activated it, trying to establish contact with Lt Foster.

"Foster here" came the reply after a while.

"Andy, can you take over for 3 days for me. I've been taken offduty." he said, barely coherent, but he didn't want to show in his voice he was down with a bugbite.

"Sir, are you seriously injured?" Andy said.

"No, I'm ill and yes I know it is bad timing, but take care of the department. You can always drop bij LtCmdr Finn for an advice. " Gerzon instructed Andy. " I'll be around in 3 or 4 days." he said. He thought he could hear a slightl gulp over the line, as if someone was swalloing a little more diffucult. Gerzon didn't know if it was imagination or real.

"Trep out"

Instructing Andy had been taxing on his health and he felt tired by just speaking and trying to focus well for such a short time. Gerzon didn't know if the ship was still in battle or not, as his senses were sligthly compromised to speak in ship terms.

Quietly Gerzon fell asleep.

14 11 hours
Cmdr. Reeve Shields [CO] & Lt. Cmdr. Delilah Cross, Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

Uneasy Encounter

He could have simply gone to some other science officer. For that matter, any other science officer. But instead, Shields found himself again walking to her. This time it was Shuttle Bay Two, but location didn't seem to make much difference. It wasn't any room that did it, it was her.

He wasn't really sure how, but he reassured himself that it was some devious trickery of some sort that he'd just have to be more alert and on guard for. He supposed that he could have just as easily avoided her entirely, but that would just be a sign of weakness, wouldn't it?

Delilah was sitting on top of a shuttle engine, swinging her legs back and forth idly as she read a PADD. Thankfully, or unfortunately, quite a bit of work was saved from the blast and since Bren was luckly enough to be on the bridge, Delilah was stuck down here trying to organize everything at the moment while trying to keep the actual Science department and it's work well.... working.

The thud of boots informed Delilah of someone's approached, but her attention was glued to the PADD. Besides, it was usually a Science officer bringing her more that were recovered from the ruined Science department. "Just place them with that charred stack of others." She mumbled absently.

Shields didn't respond as he took a few more steps, then stopped. She looked.. well, she looked good. Green skin, dark hair, and even the surprisingly cute glasses sitting on her nose.

He gave his head a quick shake. Those weren't the right thoughts, about the right person, and there wasn't any right time for them to exist.

"Commander," he said simply, to get her attention. He wondered exactly how professional and steady his voice was, and if it sounded as weak and pathetic as he thought it might be. Whatever she did, she was doing it now.. and he had to fight it, suppress it. Damn chemicals.

Her whole body stiffened at the sound of Shield's voice. She kept her eyes glued on the PADD, not wanting to look up at him, afraid of what her reaction might be since she had no pheromones to blame whatever might happen.

"Sir." She said blandly, awaiting his response as a thousand thoughts raced through her mind.

"Have you made any progress on the combat drone analysis?" Shields replied as flatly as he could. At least he was making it easier, playing along. If they could just keep it cool, keep it professional. And, for that matter, keep their distance. If she stayed up and over there, and he stayed down here.. nothing could happen. Right. Nothing could happen.

Finally looking up, Delilah eyed him closely as she pushed her glasses back up on her nose. "Do you want my professional opinion, or my 'professional' opinion?" She knew he'd understand the question. ... Why she was giving that information up so freely confused her. She could get in a lot of trouble if her superiors knew she was sharing information with him. After all, she was supposed to be a plain Science officer.

It was a simple question, but it troubled him. To be perfectly honest, it never came to him that she might have additional information about the combat drones, and that meant he was either slipping in his comfortable new job, or that he was getting worse medically. Neither of which was a pleasing thought.

Thankfully, he was no longer a perfectly honest person, and so, he got away with it. At least, he got away with it today. With only the briefest of pauses, he replied back simply, "Both."

Nodding once, Delilah shuffled through the stack of charred PADDs and picked one out, starting to read from it. "Subjects are mechanical in nature. The 'Drones' have an intelligence, possibly limited sentience. Obviously can communicate with one another and work in groups of at least two. They c----" Delilah went on for about 10 minutes with all the technical information they gathered on the things. Finally, she reached the end of the PADD and set it down before doing a curious change.

Taking off her glasses, she slipped them inside her lab coat then jumped down off of the shuttle engine with an unnatural grace before stepping up close to Shields, lowering her voice so nobody else would hear. "Species 10892, or 'Drones' have been encountered before. They are highly intelligent and extremely lethal. They have a hive way of thinking, like ants or bees which makes them very efficient at what they do. Their origin is unknown, as is how they came to be. Perhaps someone's science experiment gone wrong." A soft frown touched her lips as she looked around subtly then shifted her eyes back to him. The look on her face was disturbing, a mixture of respect and repulsion. One killer admiring a better one. "They are like the Borg, only not as warm and fuzzy. The are only interested in assimilating technology and information, not biologics. We just get in the way so, if something gets in your way..." She let the sentence hang, offering only a shrug.

Shields took a moment to consider what it could mean. The obvious implication was that the Idran Collective was raiding freighters, and therefore, had some resemblance of control over these rather nasty combat drones. But this wasn't exactly a simple piece of technology, and if anything, it was a major threat... something that could easily become a mechanical army, in the hands of an organization that hated Starfleet.

"What about their programming? Is it adaptive? Is there evidence of specific targets imputed directly?" he pressed for more, ignoring a growing urge to reach out and just touch her, to brush away a stray strand of hair, or just slide his hand softly against her check..

"It's really not known at this moment. Each machine that anyone has been able to recover has been damaged beyond repair. It's suspected that they have the ability to corrupt their system upon termination, like a kind of suicide, but like I said, it's all terribly uncertain. We have yet to subdue one intact. They don't like being taken easily."

Shields nodded slowly, closing his eyes for a moment to try and center himself again. It was a risk, closing his eyes in front of her.. but a risk worth taking to avoid doing something stupid, something driven purely by chemical lust. Besides, somehow, he didn't think she'd take his life.. at least, not here, not now.

He wanted to say thank you, but they both knew he couldn't. It would be like acknowledging the fact she'd given up intelligence, voluntarily. No information was passed, to the best of anyone's memory, and that was the way things were, and the way things were going to be.

"Very well," Shields managed as coldly as he possibly could. He wanted to give some word of encouragement, a good work, an attagirl.. or even to say her name. But he didn't do any of that. He simply finished with a flat and toneless, "Carry on."

Delilah opened her mouth to say something but only let out a sigh as she nodded once. She reached into her labcoat, pulling out her bulky glasses and slipping them back on, once again becoming the quiet Science officer. "Sir." She said once and let her gaze linger on him a moment longer before turning away and heading back to the shuttle and her pile of charred PADDs, not giving Shields another glance.

14 10 hours
Lt. (jg) Corran Edwards [SecOfc] & Jewels Shaletti [Chef], Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Begin joint =/\=

Jewels and Katie were checking on dinner when Katie heard the door open. The little girl rushed passed her, yelled, "Daddy!" and jumped into Corran's arms. Jewels gave a smile as she turned to walk out of the kitchen.

Corran caught his daughter easily enough, despite how tired he felt. he swung her around in a great big bear hug, thankful to be home, if only for a little while. "MMmm, sport, you're gettin' big!" he said after a moment. "I told you I'd be home, didn't I?"

Katie's blonde head nodded eagerly as she smiled at her dad. Jewels watched them from the across the room. Smells of the homecooked meal floated through the room. "Dad, Jewels and I had a good time today. Can i play hookie more often?"

Jewels looked at the ceiling and went to lift dinner and put it on the table. "We made that funny kind of chicken that you like."

"Oh did you?" He said, perking up slightly. "And no, you can't play hookie more often." He managed to toss a look back into the kitchen at Jewels. "Just what kind of fun have you ben teaching her?"

Jewels shrugged and thought about Bren hurling all over the poor ensign. Katie excitedly started, "Well, she showed me how to do this kind of painting where you relly use more water than color." Jewels smiled and placed the the chicken on the table followed by spring fresh green peas, candied carrots, cremed corn, mashed potatoes and gravy and a small green salad. Katie continued to tell her dad about the things they did as Jewels placed the many dishes on the table. "We also had to go to Ten-Forward and this guy threw up on somebodies shoes while we were there. Jewels said he over did it a bit. but you should have..."

"Katie..," Jewels interrupted, " I think we should save that discussion for when we're not ready to eat.

Corran chuckled, setting his daughter down and giving her a little tweek on the neose. "You can tell me the rest after dinner, okay?" With her slightly disappointed nod, the two headed to the table, Corran with an alternate route in mind; he stepped over to Jewels and pulled her into his arms, giving her a long, tender kiss.

Jewels hadn't really relaxed until Corran started kissing her and then she seemed to feel ok again. She smiled at him and said, " I hope you like the recipe I used on the chicken. Katie assured me your favorite was "blue chicken"." She let her fingers mingle with his before they both took their seats at the table.

Letting out a slight sigh as they parted and took their seats, he let a beaming smile shine through. "I'm sure it's perfect. And it looks like you've gotten everything!"

Katie and Jewels shared a conspirital grin. She handed the platter of chicken to Corran to start and Katie picked up the mashed potatoes and started them. With their plates filled there was only one thing left to do...Eat.

Corran dug in hungrily, as he often did, eagerly scooping up mashed ptoates and peas, corn and chicken in a malaise of a meal.

Jewels smiled as she watched katie dig into the meal much the way her father did. She smiled at their enjoyment of the meal and began to eat what she had piled on her plate. As she ate thoughts about how they looked like a family ut weren't ran through her head as well as other thoughts. she pushed them aside and decided to talk about them with Corran when he wasn't quite so busy.

Corran made quick work of his plate, and eagerly attended to seconds. Amidst the small talk often heard at dinner, and more explanations about Katie's day, Corran easily finished his second helping and sat back with a happy sigh. "Jewels, m'dear, you're a goddess."

She smiled and teased, "You're just saying that because i can cook." Jewels offered Katie a smile and continued, "besides I had an excellent assistant." Thats when katie decided to pipe in, "Yeah, Dad, Hope you saved room for dessert. It was the one thing I didn't get to pick. Its...strawberries and cream. Just like Jewels promised in your office."

Corran barely managed to keep the surprise from his face, but turned a slightly arched eyebrow to Jewels. "Oh really/"

Jewels choked a bit on her drink but managed to swaloow it rather than spit it all over the table. "ERrm.." Jewels cleared her throat and calmly replied as her heartrate increased, "yes, there are strawberries for dessert." She turned and met Corran's gaze and Katie Jumped up from the table saying, "I'll get them."

Corran quirked a mischevious smile as Katie ran off to grab the strawberries. "A slightly different way of eating them, I suppose," he said softly, hiding his growing smile in a sip of his drink.

"Well, I was planning on having dessert later myself I'm just too full right now." Jewels gave him a mischevious grin and then looked away as she started to clear dishes. Katie returned with a bowl of fresh made cream and then ran back into the kitchen for the strawberries.

Affecting a slight hurt lok, he let out a sigh. "Oh well, suit yourself," he said, dipping a finger in the cream and removing the evidence.

Katie return next with a couple of bowls and spoons. "oh, I want to show you my painting," Katie chimed in excitedly. She ran to her room and was back in seconds with the landscaping picture in watercolors that Jewels had helped her with earlier.

Corran took the painting carefully and looked it over. "Wow That's impressive, sport!" he said enthusiastically, and it was; it looked faintly familiar, adn then it dawned on him: it was the beach near the Presidio, all the way back in San Francisco on Earth. " did you do this?" he asked in wonder.

"Jewels helped me. I showed her a picture on the computer and she drew it on the paper and then showed me how to do the colors." Katie gave her Dad a smile. "Jewels said i did a good job."

"You did, sport, you did," he said half paying attention. It was incredible - he'd walked down that same strip of beach a few times long before Katie was born. "Where do you want to hang it?" he asked, turning back to her with a bright smile.

Corran looked around the undecorated room for the right place, then found the best place to be the blacnk expanse of wall next to the replicator. Peeling off the magnetic backing and activating it, he set the picture on the wall. He stepped back to view the work better as Jewels and Katie came back in.*

Jewels held her own picture rolled in her hands and nodded as Katie's art work seemed to brighten the room. Katie stood a little stunned at the way her own picture looked on the wall. Jewls knelt down and gave Katie a hug. "See, it looks great!"

Corran chuckled and mussed Katie's hair. "She's right, Sport. What do you think?"

A quiet, "Wow.." was all the young girl could muster as a response. jewels hadn't ever recalled Katie being that silent unless she was sleeping. Katie took a step closer to the wall leaving a small distnce between Corran and Jewels. Jewels smiled and stood up as she flashed a small smile toward Corran. She turned to take her picture back to the bedroom and crused herself for not taking it back to her own quarters in the first place.

Corran watched Katie a bit more, then turned and followed Jewels back to the bedroom. "So, what about yours?" he asked with a smile.

Jewels tried to play it off as nothing special. "Oh, It's nothing. Really." she continued on her way to put the picture away. The picture of the horse made her remember when her parents trusted her enough to let her ride. It was one of the things they took away and crushed her freedom in the process.

"Oh, come on..." He said playfully. "Katie showed hers off, why won't you?"

"Because I think Katie should have all the acolades," Jewels said quietly as she avoided meeting Corran's gaze.

Corran frowned thoughtfully, moving closer to her. "Hey, are you all right?" he asked.

Jewels turned to face him, "yeah, I'm just not happy with the picture." She looked at the paper rolled in her hands and then met his intense blue gaze. She half-heartedly handded him the painting. "You can look if you want... buts lets just leave Katie's as the only one up. OK?" She smiled and kissed his cheek as she returned to cleaning up the dinner things.

Corran held the rolled up paper for a moment, watching her retreat back to the living area. Carefully he unroleld it and saw a similar beach done beautifully, with a horse racing through the foam. It was very well done, and would probably fetch quite a few bars of latinum on the art market. Corran didn't understand quite why she didn't want to hang it up, but he rolled it back up nonetheless and tucke dit away.

Jewels had finished with the dinner things and was whispering to Katie when Corran walked bck in the living area. Katie nodded and smiled devilishly as she went to tackle her Dad.

"Argh!" Corran said melodramatically, now with a munchkin latched to his leg. Letting out little grunts and so forth, he "struggled" over tot he couch to plop down. Then he set to a counterattack of his own, tickling Katie under her arms.

As Katie kept Corran busy she sneak up on him as promised. Splat A hand full of whipped cream hit him squarely in the face. Katie laughed hard, while Jewels pretended as though she didn't do it as she licked whipped cream from her fingers.

Corran immediately stopped what he was doing, turning his head back and forth. He was blind "I'm blind!" he said morosely.

Katie cleaned off two spots just big enough for eyes and then began rolling on the floor laughing. Jewels bit her lip to keep from laugh but still pretended to be innocent of any wrong doing.

Corran looked from his giggling, devilish child to the devilish woman who had evidence all over her and was trying to get rid of it. "You know..." he said, slowly getting up and scraping off mounds of whipped cream off his face. He didn't bother finishing, merely lunging for Jewels with his cream-covered hands

Jewels ducked and put the sofa between her and Corran. Katie jumped up and started yelling, "Get her Dad!" Jewels gave Katie a look of mocked distress and said, "Traitor!" Katie smiled and encouraged her dad on. After a few minutes of some cat and mouse around the sofa, Katie screamed and distracted Jewels. Corran made a swift movement and cleared the sofa. Jewels started to move to get away but was a bit late.

Instead Katie tripped Jewels and Corran caught her but the two ended up on the floor. The two kissed efectively spreading whipped cream over both of them and Katie skipped off to her room happily avoiding the whole mess.

Corran held her against him as close as he could, the game of cat and mouse having sparked a bit more interest in him than possibly intended.

Jewels licked somewhipped cream from his bottom lip as they laid together on the floor.

Corran grinned lazily, looking into her eyes with a glimmer in his own before pulling her into another deep, passionate kiss.

As their kiss ended Jewels quietly said, "I think I'm gonna need a shower to get the whipped cream out." She gave him a sexy smile, but continued to lay there with him.

Corran let out a feigned sigh of disappointment. "Oh, if you insist..."

Jewels winked as she stood up. "Well, you need one too."

"Oh, I like the sound of that," he growled, getting up with a wicked grin.

She took his hand in hers and she lead the way to the bathroom. they stopped at Katie's room and noticed that the little girl had put herself to bed and was already beginning to sleep.*

Corran turned back to Jewels with a slightly curious look. "What do you do to the poor girl?" he asked softly.

Jewels smiled and said, "I make her multitask without knowing it." She winked and continued, "She didn't sleep as well when you weren't around. It must have caught up with her."

Corran smiled and turned back to face her, leaning on the door way and reaching up to gently caress her cheek. "Thought any more on my idea?" he asked softly.

Jewels took a deep breath and looked Corran in the eye as she debated whether to tell him later or just let him have it. She'd a million ideas it seemed about the moving in running through her head.

Corran just waited ther, looking into her eyes with that mix of hope and fear that could senda man soaring or crush a man to pieces in an instant.

"Cor, if something were to happen to you who raises Katie then?" It was a question out of left feild but was something she couldn't shake from her mind. Maybe because she already loved Katie or was she just looking for a distraction but she really wanted to know what would happen to the little girl.

Corran's mind stopped so sudden you could hear the gears slamming against each other. Then the pieces came back together to allow thought to become coherent. "Um...Annabelle. My sister. Belle actually found out about Katie before I did," Corran went on softly. "She first brought her to me on Xonnel, and had been taking care of her for a month or so while she tried to catch up with me between assignments."

"Hhmm..", quietly escaped her lips, but one look could tell anyone that she was deep in thought. She took a log look at Katie sleeping and started to move further down the hall to Corran's room.

She wanted to tell him yes but she didn't think she could just keep pretending to play house. She sat on the edge of the bed and continued to think. What did she really want?

Corran followed her slowly into the bedroom, stopping just inside the doorway, and looking down at his hands carefully. "If...something were to happen to me...I honestly wouldn't want her shipping off to a busted old frieghter that has more problems than it's worth," he said carefully. "I grew up on that ship, I know. Annabelle has a good life as a merchant, but it's not a life Katie would want."

She nodded that she had heard him but it didn't help with the decission. "Cor, I can't." She looked up at him helplessly. She stood up and waited for his response, another thing she wasn't sure she could endure.

"Can't what?" he said, a touch of defensiveness entering his voice. "Can't stand to be with me? Or can't stand to lose me?"

She felt her eyes fill with tears but kept them from spill out down her cheeks. "I can't play house anymore." She looked away for a second and took a deep breath. "I love being here with you. I love you and Katie." She could see Corran's temper rise. "But I can't ..." Her throat consricted and she fought back the tears.

Corran grit his teeth - he had done it again, said the wrong thing. Arguments were so much easier when they were between phasers. "Then..what?" he said, his voice half pleading.

"I won't hurt Katie by letting her get any more attached than she already is besides ..." she struggled for control again and she began to pace making her way closer and closer to the door but still staying out of his reach. She felt trapped.

"Then what would it take?" he asked, with a heavy heart. He'd do anything to keep her there with him. "What would I have to do?"

As he leaned against the door frame watching her she continued to pace. She was estimating her chances at getting by him when his question made her pause for a second. {What? Was there anything? Did she want him to feel that way?} She shook the thoughts from her mind. "I don't want you to feel like you have to do soomething. I.. just don't think.." Her breathing increased a bit as she tried to explain how she felt.

"J, love, what if it's something I want to do?" he said pleadingly.

"Then, you won't have to ask me what you need to do." She started through the door as thoughts of losing both him and Katie filled her mind. that was something she didn't think she could handle and how many Xo's would allow her to get away with dumping food on them so eaily.

Corran turned to follow, reaching out. "Wait, Jewels, please..."

She hesitated a moment but then continued on down the hall. She could feel the energy that had built up while she tried to keep her emotions under control and now she felt the need to run.

<Dixie> He stopped there in the dorway, his feet frozen to the floor as he watched her rush away. This couldn't be happening...what could he do?

13 50 hours
Lt. Cmdr. Amily Ashlexa [CMedOfc] & Lt. Cmdr. Bren Ohmsford [CSciOfc], Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

= [ - Deck 16 | Sickbay - ] =

Bren entered the crowded sickbay and looked around for the nearest empty biobed. He was feeling rather unstable on his feet, and his stomach pulled off deft acrobatics every few seconds. After the little mission to the deflector control room, Finn recommended Bren go down to Sickbay to get something to help him sober up. He was still wearing his jumpsuit and carried the helmet under his arm.

Amily knew she shouldn't have wasted any time leaving sickbay. But she had spent a little too much time straightening up things on her desk before making another visual inspection of sickbay. Panning across, she was almost ready to move forward towards the main doors, but yet another senior officer caught her eye.

Straightening her uniform, she walked slowly towards the chief science officer. "Bren You are looking...well..." she trailed off, smiling curiously at him. Appearing to her to be only a slight bit surprised to see her still on duty, he didn't immediately reply to her greeting. At the same time, Amily herself couldn't think of much more to say to him at that moment.

"Oh, hi Amily," Bren replied, offering a weary smile. "I have... er... uhm..." he cleared his throat and tried not to blush too much. "Well, maybe you should just scan me and see for yourself what's wrong."

"Yes, sir," the dark haired officer replied somewhat kiddingly. Based on how much Bren was wavering back and forth as he sat, Amily could make a few guesses as to what Bren had gotten himself into without ever picking up a tricorder. "Should I be surprised at anything I find here?" she continued, waving the peripheral scanner over the side of the science officer's head.

"Yeah, I drank a little too much last night," Bren confessed. "I've been having some personal problems..."

"Well, maybe you should go see Counselor Hu. Talk to her a bit," Amily suggested.



"That's what I asked you. Who?"

"Ensign Hu The Chinese girl."

"Oh, Ensign Hu!" Bren snapped.

Amily just had to smirk. She knew it wasn't a laughing situation, but Bren was acting more odd than she had ever seen him act before. "Yes," she replied again. "I can treat the physical symptoms and give you something for your hangover, but if you want to get to the root of your problem, a counselor might help you not feel the need to drink in the first place."

Her hand came down, finishing the scan. She felt bad for Bren in a way, pawning him off on a counsellor rather than taking the time to listen to him. "Of course...if you want to sort out your thoughts with someone off the record..." she spoke again, forcing herself to make eye contact with the sick man, "My door is always open if you want to clear your head over something to eat...or something."

"Thank you, Amily," Bren replied. He needed to get back to work and coordinate the Science Department, most of which was now gathered in some cargobay after the whole of Deck 6 was evacuated. "I really appreciate that. Is there anything you can give me to ease this hangover? I don't really have time to rest now, seeing as it's at least another four hours before I'm off duty."

Amily grabbed the hypospray with the desired medication. Thumbing it a few times, she smiled once again at Bren. "This should take care of your little issue with the alcohol...and give you a little boost of energy so you can complete your shift," she stated, holding the hypospray within view of him. "Just make sure you talk to someone. This stuff isn't the cure-all for your problems...only the ones caused by the alcohol," she finished, waiting no further to press the hypospray into Bren's neck.

The effect was nearly instantaneous. Standing up, Bren appeared to be more steady on his feet than he was before. Nodding to her, he thanked her quickly before walking out the sickbay doors. Good as new.

09 37 hours
Lt. Commander Cameron Sikes, Chief Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Bruised and battered, but not beaten"

Dodge, Dodge, Fire, shake, Fire Shake, Fire. That was the routine that was becoming more and more monotonous with each passing minute. Cameron strained to focus on his sensors, carefully picking his targets with precision only rivaled by a surgeon. His phasers were draining, power was fading, and the enemy ship before them refused to give up the fight.

{When will they get that damned Dish ready} he constantly thought to himself. Thought he was not sure it the fool hardy plan would work, it was still a plan. And one that fell so far from convention and so close to insanity, it might actually have a chance of succeeding. Seeing that the enemy was taking a wider turn than normal, Cameron figured he had a second or so to call out to The auxiliary tactical station.

Leiutenant, Make sure you don't fire in the direction of the freighter when they start moving it. We don't want to accidentally destroy the ship before we want it to be destroyed." Cameron had not looked up at all during his brief dissertation,. BE suddenly looked up and remembered one last detail. He looked over to the pair at the auxiliary tactical station. "Also make sure you shift power over to the side of the ship where the freighter is headed, we don't want to cause any damage from this tricky maneuver." HE saw Fernandez nod and muma move his head slightly.

The ship shook as the enemy ship started to pound away at the archer once again. {Damn} Cameron exclaimed in his mind. He had glanced away for just a second too long. He quickly snapped his head back to his console and fired a quick shot, not wanting to miss the opportunity to dish out some archer punishment for their insults they had been giving to the battered and bruised federation ship.

An eternity seemed to pass as Cameron, Mumacik and Fernandez did what they could to fend off the enemy ship before them. Finally he heard the captain ready the crew for their insane plan. Time sped up quickly from that point on. Before he knew it the single word that was needed to start the unorthodox procedure , was uttered. "Now"

Camoern watched his sensors as the archer pushed the vessel in to place. Cameron feverishly fired every last ounce of energy from the phasers hoping is some small way the attacks distracted the enemy ship from seeing the archers true tactical maneuver. And as violently as Cameron fired, he stopped, just short of hitting the freighter as the enemy ship grew closer, by that time it was too late.

Cameron watched with awe as the plan unraveled its' self. As planned the freighter went smashing in to the enemy ship. Cameron watched his sensors as he saw arcs of electricity shown in blue hues from the part of impact. He watched as debris from both the freighter and the enemy ship radiated outwards, not much unlike when a stone is case in to water. It was a joyous site, at least for the weary tactical officer.

As time returned to normal, Cameorn started to se the debris field thin and it was clear to him what was next. With out the slightest of clues, He saw Mumacik start to fire his remaining torpedoes at key targets; Phasers, Torpedo launching systems and shields. Cameron in turn started working on various other targets like engineering, the warp nacelles and various ships control systems. The plan had worked, and not a moment too soon. As both Mumacik and Cameron exhausted their armaments, the enemy ship had been crippled, enough not to be a threat to the archer at least. They had won the day.

The bridge had erupted in a soft sheer, followed by a kind of sigh of relief. Cameron figured that most of the crew on the bridge had felt that they were doomed and were glad that the plan had worked. Cameron slumped back in to his seat and relaxed. He looked up at the view screen for the first time in who knows how long. The view of the rather injured marauder limping off in to the distance was a welcome site, but one that seemed to make his eyes hurt. {Had I been looking down for so long?} Cameron thought.

Cameron rubbed his eyes and realized that not only his eyes hurt, but his entire head. He wearily looked around the bridge and noticed several other people taking a break. Then it dawned on him. He had been on the bridge for a very long time. With the captain on away missions, the xo scooting off to who knows where , Cameron had been working for over 12 hours with no break.

Cameron stood up slowly. He rear end and lower back ached from the constant sitting, straining to hold on, and the ship being pummeled by the enemy. HE stood erect and stretched a bit. He then proceeded to walk over to the auxiliary tactical station. HE knew ther was still work to be done. But it was work that did not have to have his undevided attention. HE approached Mumacik.

"Lieutenant. Start taking inventory of the damage. Help engineering the best you can to prioritize the repairs. Start with the needed repairs for the shields." He saw Mumacik nod. "Aye Sir."

Cameron then pointed to the near by turbo lift. "I 'm going to get a quick nap in and some food. I will relieve you in 4 hours. Call me if you need me for any reason." Aye was the reply he receive once again.

Confident in his officer's abilities, Cameron slowly moved to the turbo lift. The doors opened and Cameron stepped in and turned around to face out on to the bridge. After the doors closed, Cameron slumped forward , placing both hands on the lift doors. "Deck 4" he wearily called out.

09 33 hours
Lt. Commander Amily Ashlexa, Chief Medical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Where is Keith?" Daniel Hsu spoke in the same breathy voice that Amily was becoming accustomed to. She was getting tired of hearing it, and hoped that Keith would arrive soon to deal with his officer. Instead, as another medical officer walked by, Amily called the naïve officer over.

"I have some other matters to attend to," she began, brushing her hair out of her face, feeling a bit guilty for leaving her patient. "Lt Hsu needs to be monitored until Commander Keith arrives," Amily finished, walking away before the other medical officer could object.

There were, of course, other things to attend to, but Amily set off in the direction of the other patient treatment area and towards her office in the hopes that something would grab her attention. Once the medical officer came to her office, she glanced once again at the list of people receiving treatment in sickbay. Reading one name in particular, she looked over towards one of the beds to see a very familiar Trill officer. One of the nurses was attending to him, but she figured that she might check to see what Gerzon was in for. It was definitely a good sign that she didn't see any signs of physical trauma as she approached.

As she attended to Gerzon, the ship continued to shake, the lights in sickbay flickering every once in a while. It was a good thing that the operations officer had the good sense to come to sickbay, even with so much going on around the ship.

Finishing up, Amily headed to her office once again. This time, it wasn't to look for things to do, but it was rather to check the time and see if it was reasonable for her to leave for some rest. She hadn't been on duty for an extremely long time, but there seemed to be a small lull in the number of patients coming in. As good as time as any to try and catch a little bit of sleep so she could return to duty feeling as though she had rested, even a little.

09 32 hours
Chief Petty Officer Gianta, NPC's log
scan for lifeforms

"Joined up for this cwap, people think I'm Crazy."

"Excuse me, you big brute," the thin whisp of a scientist huffed exasperated, "but I've spent FAR too much time on this project to simply leave it here to be destroyed by you military knuckle heads."

Gianta replied back evenly, "Sir, you need to either pack up your experiments, or leave it here.. but you need to evacuate this deck, sir."

"I will NOT!" the man replied, hands on hips, "just who do you people think you are? I don't hold two masters degrees and a Ph. D. in temporal mechanics just to be ordered around like some lemming!"

Gianta was in his 23rd year with the service, and lunkheads like this never seemed to change, "Sir, we need to clear everyone out. Now."

"Well I simply refuse to do so I am a learned man, and I cannot in my right mind fathom any reason why we should need to evacuate this deck," the man took a few paces closer, and poked his boney finger into Gianta's powerful chest, "if YOU Starfleet people could simply keep us away from petty combat for your precious medals, we might not have to evacuate every two minutes!"


"I'm not finished yet Do you have any idea how much time and effort I've spent trying to work on this? Just how long it took to properly align every single piece, and to decorate this dreadfully drab grey? Do you think I'm just going to walk away from it all? Again? Hello? Mister, are you listening to me? Do you have any greymatter between those two ears of yours, or are you all muscle and grunts?"

Gianta gritted his teeth. He was here to make sure the deck was evacuated, not spit out verbal diarrhea or do any intellectual fencing with prissy scientists and old feeble men. But before he had a chance to open his mouth and reason with the man, he was cut off. Again.

"It figures that bonehead of a Commander would send someone like YOU down here to shoo me away. Blasted baffoon probably couldn't tie his shoes by himself, I don't know why anyone would let him take command of a shuttlecraft, much less a starship. Piss poor pathetic puke of a man couldn't lead his way out of a wet paper bag. Too many years of fighting and grunting, just like you, eh?

"No respect for science, you Starfleeters. Can't you understand there is something bigger than yourselves, hm? The universe doesn't revolve around your precious Starfleet you know You're here to serve me To make sure I can continue my work, not to--hey HEY Put me down right this minute you.. you.. brute!!"

Gianta, feeling the slightest impact from little fists, walked out of the room with the frail looking scientist over one shoulder, heading for the turbolift to head to the next floor. It was a short ride, but the man couldn't seem to shut up if his life depended on it.

"Abuse! Harrasement I'll have your head for this, you insufferable gorilla! I'll make sure you serve on garbage scows for the rest of your life Put me down right this instant I swear, your superiors will hear about this I'll file a complaint There'll be a formal investigation You'll be sorry, you idiotic fool Muscle bound simpleton Do you know what you've done you dimwitted sorry excuse for a sentient life form? Do you have any idea who I am?!?"

Gianta set the small man down, perhaps a bit heavier than he could have. Then, before the scientist could huff any more words, or proclaim his victory, or file a complaint, Gianta connected his fist with the man's solar plexus. As the frail man leaned forward in a breathless gasp, Gianta leaned in to hiss raspely into his ear.

"No sir, but I'm Chief Petty Officer Gianta. That's G-I-A-N-T-A. Make sure to spell it right in your complaint. Sir."

09 31 hours
Lt. Commander Amily Ashlexa, Chief Medical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

Amily was getting used to the shaking. She wasn't sure whether it was due to some form of instability within the ship or whether the ship was being actively hit each time. Whatever the reason, the CMO had altered her walk to take more heavy and calculated steps so that she wouldn't lose her balance when the next one came.

The unconscious body of Daniel Hsu lay on a bed surrounded by a containment field. His injuries were relatively easily repaired, but it took a bit of work on the part of a few medical officers to ensure that whatever organism was infesting him remained confined. For the time being, the decision was made to allow him to remain unconscious, but not prevent Hsu from waking up if he did so naturally.

The dark haired medical officer took a moment to note the status of the possessed engineering officer before checking up on how the rest of the staff was handling the injuries that had come in. "Doctor Ashlexa?" she heard a voice call out behind her. Amily looked up to face the medical officer. "Lt Hsu has regained conciousness," the officer finished, making sure Amily had heard the news before returning to their duty.

Amily was only a needed to move a few steps to the man's bedside. Daniel struggled to move his lips to speak, eventually gaining enough strength to mutter a few words. "Keith, I want to see him," the man spoke in a very dark, but breathy voice.

"Lieutenant," Amily began to answer, "Commander Keith is busy in engineering right now." The man turned to face her, his eyes looking as though they were staring through her, rather than at her.

Moving his lips and mouthing the word Keith again, the engineering officer spoke again, "I must speak to him. It is very urgent that I speak with him." The last words the escaped from the man's mouth seemed to be spoken with an increased energy.

Tapping her comm. badge to call the Chief Engineer, Amily knew that Hsu would only become more demanding if Keith didn't show up. Of course, Keith had more important things to do like fix the warp drive, but even as Amily was trying to convince him to come to sickbay, Hsu continued to demand that his boss come to sickbay.

Luckily, it didn't take much prodding for Keith to come up to sickbay. She couldn't help but wonder if anyone other than herself had called Keith, especially a medical officer with a deeper voice, if he would have been quite as eager to drop everything and come to sickbay. Either that or Hsu was one hell of a great officer, she thought.

Daniel remained silent, waiting for his supervisor to arrive. It was hard for Amily to tell whether he was trying to overcome the invisible restraints he was placed in, but the man's expressionless face didn't indicate that he was struggling to do so. She felt strange staring at him, watching, but all she could do was wait for Keith to arrive. Just hoping it would be soon.

09 29 hours
Commander Reeve Shields, Commanding Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Hello, Sherbrook, Goodbye."

They were back on nearly even terms with their enemy. At least, in a roughly tactical sense. While both sides had weaker shields and less power than they started, Archer had recovered her damaged (or otherwise "inoperable") warp drive systems, and with the work of two fine officers, had their Deflector dish modified in record time for an almost insane plan.

It certainly wasn't in any of the tactical textbooks like the Picard Manouver was. The fact that they were planning to literally take an unstable and likely dangerously volatile hulk of a ship, and hurl it into their enemy was.. well, it seemed stupid. Too stupid for any highly educated and professional force like Starfleet to attempt.

To Shields, that made the plan perfect. The element of surprise on a battlefield was one of the most powerful things any commander or soldier could utilize.

The enemy starship arched around for another pass, as Archer held an unusually straight and relatively steady course, predictable and stupid. From the first volley, the enemy had no apparent respect for their enemy, and their rush in to now strike at the seemingly dimwitted Starfleet ship highlighted that error.

Lt. Lefler had done an excellent job in slowly inching their maneuvers closer to the Sherbrook, and the enemy never did catch on. They probably wouldn't realize until the Sherbrook was crushing against their hull. That, however, wasn't Shields' concern, nor did he care. If they were stupid enough to underestimate their opponent, they deserved a surprising end.

Archer shuddered a bit, the shields still holding against the first few glances of phaser fire. Shields shifted in the Captain's chair slightly, the rest of the bridge crew probably did too, silently, waiting for the order. The enemy seemed far too close now, baring down over them.. but too far, and even with deflector modifications, their surprise gift would never reach it's intended recipient.. and they couldn't have that happen.

The order was simple, a short three letter word. Now.

The reaction was instant, as they saw the deflector out from the corner of the viewscreen, pick up the now lifeless Sherbrook. The freighter slowly inched ahead, moved ever so slowly as it picked up speed, heading not for where the enemy was, but for where the opponent would be. Lights and screens flickered, as the Deflector ate up power at a fearsome rate, trying to move an object many times too heavy many times too fast. It wasn't enough to float the Sherbrook into it's target, it needed to smash into their enemy with every bit of force and momentum it could muster.

And again, the seconds stood still, the bridge crew nearly silent with only the slightest hushed whispered between stations and officers to keep the power levels up, to keep the deflector going, and to keep the plan alive.

Archer groaned now, shivering and straining against the task it was being asked to preform. Relays and circuits were going down all over the ship as she struggled against the massive object. She was built to be an explorer, a graceful fighter, even a scientist, or diplomat.. but not this. She was never built or even intended to be a tug boat, a work horse. But the ship, like the crew, was adaptive.. and they needed her to adapt to this.

And then, time speed up. Faster and Faster, until that freighter was racing for it's destination, it's meeting with an arrogant enemy that didn't think anything would be thrown into it's path.. much less a whole hulk of a freighter.

The impact was brilliant, as the unstable Sherbrook overloaded, exploding on impact against the unsuspecting recipient. For a moment, the explosion outlined a sphere around the target, but soon, that sphere gave way.. Shields knew before anyone said it that the plan worked brilliantly.

Without missing a beat, Archer leaped into action, phasers and torpedoes blazing and tearing into the all but defeated enemy. But even then, their strikes were precisely executed, surgically hitting key points, and only those key points. Engines, Weapons, sensors all went down.. but their core didn't overload, and their life support systems remained perfectly intact.

Their attackers would attribute those facts to luck and bad aim on Starfleet's part. Archer's bridge crew knew better. With no way to fight back, and no sensors, their enemy was de-clawed and blind.. defenseless. They had just enough to limp home and try to salvage their pride by lying and saying they destroyed a Sovereign Class Starship. And, in their pathetic arrogance, they would head home fat dumb and happy. Without any sensors, they had no idea what had been planted on their battered hull, or what other vessels may, just may, be tailing them all the way home.

There was only the briefest of cheers, as the crippled opponent limped away from the battle. Archer peeled away, letting their enemy live a moment longer, since it served nothing but to benefit them. The Deflector dish gave out, but it'd done the job.. and there were at least minor repairs to be completed all over the ship, but all in all, they were none the worse for wear.

At least they had environmental systems.. something that Shields wouldn't allow their enemy to keep. Just because they survived an extra few hours, didn't mean they had to live in the cool comforts of an artificially controlled environment. They'd fly home hot wet and muggy without any sort of environmental control, and to add insult to injury, Tactical made sure to hit as many of their sanitary junctions as possible.

Someone on the bridge confirmed that the beacon was sounding off loud and clear.. at least on that specific frequency, if you knew what to look for. Shields nodded silently, shifting again in his chair.

He blinked.

It wasn't his chair.

Shields slumped ever so slightly in the Captain's chair, a chair he was only temporarily borrowing, he promised himself. Only until the ship and crew got a proper Commanding Officer, a true leader.

Giving a slight sigh, he chased the thought of getting up away. He wasn't supposed to be sitting there, but it was comfortable, at least, as chairs go, and now wasn't the time to stand and make any sort of statement. He wondered if he should have said something, or say something about what they'd done, what had happened... but he stayed silent. The crew could enjoy it for themselves.. not that many of them seemed to take that long a moment to do so.

Already, reports were coming in. Damage reports, repair estimates, minor casualties.. all of them came in now, like they should be. For some departments, the hardest part was over. For others, their work was only just really beginning now, after the battle. For Shields, well.. the worst of both, he and Finn would be as busy now as they were before. But somehow, it didn't seem too bad. It almost felt.. good.

Perish the thought.

09 28 hours
Commander Reeve Shields, Commanding Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Time is not Constant"

Time, at least by internal clocks, was a variable element. Most of the time, people managed to keep at least half-decent time in their day to day activities, without ever needing to check with a chrono. But in times like this, moments of high tension and stress that combat provided in ample amounts, the internal clock failed miserably.

Seconds sometimes spanned as long as minutes, hours compressed into a blink of an eye. In reality, the seconds ticked by as smoothly and timely as they did on boring survey missions. But emotion changed things, action and reaction of the rapidly evolving environment made things immeasurably different, including the passage of time.

Shields understood this, and in his mind, kept an active eye out for the actual time displayed on the nearest chrono. But just because that chrono said something, didn't make it right, didn't make it true. Today, the chrono lied.. because the time it displayed in no way corresponded with how much time he felt had passed. It was illogical and stupid, but that's what he felt.

Too much had happened for it to merely be minutes, or moments. Systems went down and up and fluctuated a million times. People --no, officers-- had acted and reacted to a million different variables, solved problems, corrected mistakes and executed plan upon plan, revision upon revision as two starships danced their deadly dance.

It was simply impossible for it to have happened in the time that the chrono displayed so diligently. Shields refused to believe it.

What he did believe in, was what he saw, what he'd felt and seen and heard from his officers. That sinking, sick feeling from the pit of his stomach that hurt so much when the warp drive failed had been replaced with a gritty determination. One way or another, this crew bailed him out. They created on their own accord a new plan, to match the new situation. With a breathtaking combination of ingenuity and willpower, they fixed what needed to be fixed, and simply speaking, made it work.

Shields understood that their circumstances were quite unique, almost strange. There had been aliens living in their warp drive system, right when they needed that warp drive most. There were initial reports that they'd attacked or possibly taken over and borrowed a crewmember's body.

And Shields, understanding the rarity of the moment, still didn't give a damn. He didn't care about any alien, or how cool it was, how rare it was, or even how the Engineering or Science Teams managed to cox it out of the drive and allow for a return of their warp systems. He really didn't give half a can of baked beans and brussel sprouts. All that mattered was they did, and it looked like it worked.

He'd read about how they did it some other time, when they weren't being shot up by people who wanted to kill them.

09 27 hours
Lieutenant Harry Lefler, Chief Navigational Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

-=/\=- Bridge -=/\=-

Harry steadied himself as the deck jerked him about. He had definatly got a pattern in their attack now. No matter how hard they tried, Harry kept learning their pattern and compensating the Archer Evasive maneuvers for them.

However that tactic was short lived, as he was about to find out. He rolled the Archer to avoid its phaser attacks that should occur about now, but the ship suddenly flipped off its normal course and came full at them, phasers blasting out. The deck pitched to the left as the inertial dampeners failed to take enough of the force off.

He hung onto his console and watched as the faulty impusle engine came back online. He activated both of the impulse engines and moved the Archer away from the Enenmy ship.

He tapped the console and readjusted his sensor layout. 'ok that didnt work. They knew what you were doing and were just playing you along' He said to himself. He should of anticipated that.

"Initiating Evasive maneuver sequence Beta7" HE said and did a random loop the loop. before actually initiaing it.

Torpedoes were easy to evade. He had manged to only let about 1 out of 9 they fired to actually hit them.

However Phasers were a little more difficult to avoid, especially if there was an experienced tactical officer on the enemy ship. They were two fast for a ship the length of the Archer to avoid. Infact he was reasonably sure that only a shuttle would have luck avoiding phaser shots.

He applied his hand to the console again and made the archer go through a number of complicated manuevers before he returned coming straight at the enemy ship and veering off in an attack run.

09 25 hours
Ensign Han Gesten, Engineering Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Sticky Situation"

Summary: In all of the commotion, Han suddenly begins to space out and think of ideas. One comes to mind that just possibly one of the plasma life forms could be blocking the anti-matter injection. Beginning scans, the ship is suddenly rocked and the lights go out. After making a quick scan, Han confirms that an alien is in fact stuck and takes measures to get it out, thus bringing the warp core back online. Keith then brings the warp drive back online.

= Begin Log =

= Main Engineering = = USS Archer =

Gesten stared into the warp core, it seemed dead, it's usual pulsing blue was now just a pulsing of red and motion, reflections of the fires and people running about in engineering working on their emergency tasks. He had been originally working on the warp core, but in all of the commotion he suddenly felt at peace and just stopped to look and think. "Why won't it start again? Are the aliens back inside, sucking our power away?" he mumbled this while his gaze remained on the core.

"What?" Keith had overheard Han talking to himself and at this moment in time as the Archer was in peril, any advice was encouraged.

Han looked over at him and replied, "What?"

Keith looked at him, obviously flustered, "What did you just say?"

Han had been spacing out, drifting off in thought, he had completely forgot about reality. "Are the plasma life forms sucking up energy again?"

"No, obviously not, otherwise the warp core would start but there'd be no energy flowing through the ship." This was of course a completely valid point, Han knew this yet said his idea anyway. He seemed to travel through every single option when his thoughts drifted, even when it was completely irrelevant.

Still, it was stuck in his mind as if it were the right answer or at least close to it. Sucking up the power...blocking the power from traveling through the ship...blocking. "Is there one possibly stuck, wedge in the anti-matter injection tubes or something? Since it is a plasma based life form it wouldn't set off an anti-matter reaction...I mean, they were supposed to leave the warp core but one could've gotten stuck. It's something to look for and it's better than anything else we got..."

This seemed like a valid enough point and diving back into their consoles they began some scans. Rocking once again, the motion of the ship attempted to send them to the deck but holding onto whatever was around them they were able to stay standing, gazing into the glowing light.

"I think you may just be right, let me finish this scan-" Just then another explosion rocked the Archer, the biggest yet and obviously the worst. Without even a flicker, lights were black, all of engineering lit only by the glow of fires. Molir and Han instantly had their tricorders out and stepped up to the warp core, their scans confirming that in fact one of the creatures was plugged in the anti-matter injectors.

" do we get him--it out?" The Archer was obviously dead in the water and if its aggressors wanted could now destroy them on their next run around.

"However it is, it better be quick!" Just then, lights began to flicker on and off, the last lick of power left was pulsing through the ship.

Stepping up to the console, Han's hands moved as quickly as possible to execute his idea. It would more than likely work and hopefully still be able to keep the promise of non-aggression Keith had setup with the plasma life forms.

"What are you doing?" Keith was instantly behind him, but Han ignored that question. He'd have to explain later, if this worked. The Archer needed this power and it's warp drive back online before the attacking ship could come back around to finish them off. Hitting the console with his hand, Han stood back and waited, the lights still flickering...then once again, all went black. "What'd you do?" Keith asked again, but Han just stared at the warp core.

Seconds seemed to turn into minutes, but then a small blue glow could be seen inside the core. A building of power as it came back to life, the shining light in the darkness. Then, within moments, the pulsing blue was back at a reasonable efficiency for the shape the Archer was in, a small victory that would hopefully lead to the bigger one, survival.

"Whatever you did, great, activating the warp drive now. Explain to me later." Systems began to come back to life and everything lit up with it's glow again, although fires had lit engineering well enough, it was nice to have the lights on again. Keith tapped at his own console and after just a few seconds hit his comm badge, "Molir to the bridge, warp drive back online."

09 23 hours
Lt. (jg) Corran Edwards [SecOfc] & Jewels Shaletti [Chef], Joint Duty Logs
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Begin Joint =/\=

Jewels looked around Ten-forward and noticed many people looked tired and a few were using the converted tables to sleep on. There was still plenty of coffee left and a few of the sandwiches had been eaten. As the ship continued to shake with small rumbles, the worried look on some of the adult faces was very evident. Katie slept restlessly in a booth near Jewels. Jewels got up to stretch her legs a bit and the ship shook violently once again.

Corran had grown accustomed to the rumbles of the ship already, getting reports from each of the patrols as they made their checks around the ship. So far, everything was happening outside, and that was a good thing.

After being thrown into the wall by the last shake Jewels heard a warning bell. It had been put in place so that the staff could be alerted to a fire and get crewmembers and civilians out of Ten Forward before the mess hall area was sealed off with a firewall. Jewels looked around for the fire and Corran. She didn't find either at first and she head toward the kitchen to see if the fire was there.

Corran's head snapped up at the sound of the fire alarm. As Chief, he had to know what sections had what kinds of fire alarms. Without waiting to see a fire, he jump-started his people into beginning to move people out of Ten Forward.

Finding no fire in the kitchen area; Jewels hurried back to check on Katie. The little girl was gone and Since Corran had started to evacuate Ten-Forward it really wasn't a surprise. She scanned the room again and saw Corran giving order with his hands as well as his voice. Ignoring the officer next to her, she made a beeline for Corran.

"Let's move!" Corran said to his people. The doors were already beginning to slide closed as Jewels made it to him. "Come on, darlin'," he said, waving her out along with everyone else.

"But... there isn't a fire I've checked." Jewels took a scan of the room as Corran moved her along toward the door. "Did you see Katie leave? I didn't." The only reason Jewels even thought to ask was because she knew Katie had been asleep before the alarm and she wanted to be sure the girl was safe.

"Hastings has her," Corran said while still keeping an eye on everyone slipping through the doors. "Wait - what do you mean there's no fire?"

"Well do you see one out here? And I checked the kitchen there isn't one there. That's what I mean by no fire." His words effectively halted their movement toward the door and with her explanation the doors closed.

Corran just let out a sigh. He was tired, and now this. "Molir is going to hear it from me," he muttered finally.

"Well, let him hear it now cause the door just closed."

Corran let out a sigh, as he looked at the suddenly shut doors, then slapped his commbadge. "Edwards to Molir, I've got a problem..." he began, then proceeded to explain the situation. The CEO said he'd get to it when he could, but he had worse things to worry about.

"Looks like we've got to get out of this one first darlin'," he said, looking around quickly to try and find the best way out.

Jewels walked over to a panel near the closed doors and pressed the emergency release button. She hoped the doors would open but after a few grinding noises, nothing happened. Jewels looked around the room and then at Corran. "Do you have any other ideas cause the emergency release was mine." She gave him a half-hearted smile as she was beginning to think about all the other things that could go wrong.

Corran frowned in thought, and then the emergency forcefield emitters going online and doing an active scan for the source of the fire caught his attention. "Uh-oh..."

She turned and looked him in the eye. "What?" She practically held her breath as she waited for his reply.

"Fire suppression system going active," he pointed, then took her hand and lead her over to the nearest Jeffrey hatch. "We've got to get out of here before that thing kicks on and sucks the life out of us."

She swallowed hard and look to where he was pointing. She followed him over to the hatch saying, "So glad I asked," sarcastically.

Corran let the remark fly. There were more important things to worry about. Like getting her out of there. He tried the hatch access code, but it didn't budge. He tried his override code, but still nothing. This thing was determined to put out whatever fire it could find.

Jewels stood next to Corran more than slightly tense but prepared to do whatever was asked of her. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She watched the progress of the force field and took a step closer to Corran letting him silently know that time was running out.

Corran glanced over his shoulder once, seeing the narrow forcefield drawing closer. The other emitters were beginning to add their effect to the lounge, drawing the oxygen out of the air. He tried the access panel desperately, attempting combination codes, override codes, any code he could think of to no effect. He tried the manual override for shutting down the fire suppression system, but it would not go through. Finally, he stopped, then drew his phaser. He kicked the setting up to level 8, then turned and sighted on the projector that brought its aim closer to them. A sustained burst, and it was taken out quickly. "Back up, love," he then said to Jewels, guiding her back a few steps and drawing a bead on the access panel. He fired, destroying the panel with a shower of sparks, and the hatch slammed open.

Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead and breathing was beginning to get difficult as the oxygen was being sucked from the room. Jewels stood behind Corran with her head resting on his back as he shot at the access panel. Her head snapped up as the hatch slammed open. She took a deep breath and gave him a relieved smile. He took her hand and they head up the hatch.

Corran lead the way with a bit of a relieved grin, but they weren't out of the woods yet. Two turns later and he popped the seal on the access hatch leading to the main corridor, and Corran moved his large form out and then turned and helped Jewels out.

She followed Corran through the tube and after a couple of turns, he was offering her his hand to help her out. When both her feet finally hit solid ground she took a deep breath and stretched. She couldn't help the thoughts that were running through her head, but they frightened her more than what had just happened.

Corran managed a few deep breaths himself, and leaned against a bulkhead, watching her with heightened senses. Adrenaline still coursed through his veins at the situation that had rapidly deteriorated in Ten Forward. Without a word, he took a hold of Jewels hand and pulled her close to him in a big hug.

She felt a tug at her hand and then the solid wall of Corran's chest. She laid her head on his shoulder as his arms closed around her driving all the deadly pictures from her mind. The smell of him even drove the thoughts of how close death had come from her mind as she continued to revel in the strong hold he had on her.

Letting out a relieved sigh, he eased up the hug and gave her a quick, tender kiss on the forehead. "Come on, we'd better make sure everyone else is all right."

She sighed as tears threatened to spill down her cheeks, but she gave him a nod. Even though she would have preferred them to do a million other things she knew that he had a job to do and she wasn't going to stand in his way.

Corran stopped in the act of pushing himself off the wall, cupping her chin gently in his hand. "Hey," he said softly, then gave her a soft kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and drank in his tender kiss as though it was giving her life and strength. As their kissed finished she nuzzled against his neck for a few more seconds. Before letting go of him, she gave him another kiss.

A sweet respite, and one that was over all too quickly. "This'll all be over soon, I promise," He said quietly, leaning his forehead against hers for a brief moment. She nodded slightly, and then with a sigh Corran pushed himself from the corridor wall and led the way back to the rest of the main security group. While on their way, Corran tapped his commbadge. "Edwards to Commander Molir, I suggest you send a repair team to Ten Forward at your earliest convenience." He didn't wait for a reply.

09 21 hours
Lt. Cmdr. James Finn [XO] & Lt. Cmdr. Bren Ohmsford [CSciO], Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

= [ - Turbolift - ] =

"Please, don't say anything..." Bren commented, rubbing his forehead. The nausea had subsided a bit but the throbbing headache still continued. "I don't usually get drunk on the job but I've been having some personal problems lately."

"I know the feeling mate." James sighed. "Got my own problems to deal with at the moment aswell" He added Looking doe eyed at the turbolift doors and rubbing his beard.

"Amily?" Bren enquired.

"Tanis?" Finn shot back.

"How'd You--"

"Amily" James nodded.

"And you--"

"Cross." Bren replied.

Right, well at least that was over was all James could think. There were more important things to be doing, like getting that extra Juice from the deflector control room.

"If we reroute some of the power from the non essential systems on the evacuated decks we might be able to boost the power of the deflector. We can reconfigure it do emit an antigraviton burst, and in conjunction with the tractor beam, we might be able to manoever the freighter in the right direction," Bren mused. His head was fuzzy and hurt like hell, but at least he could still think.

Suddenly another thought occurred to him. "We'll have to wear EV suits," he said. "Since life support is offline. There will probably be enough air left for us to get to the storage locker when we get to Deck 11, but only a few minutes so we'll have to hurry."

James didn't answer, both men knew that they were in agreeance, there was no other way and no reason to dispute the Science Chief's recomendation. The Turbo lift doors opened and James and Bren scarpered out the door towards the storage locker all the while hoping not to drop dead from oxygen deprevation, or their eyes been blown out of their sockets and their blood evaporating.

Both Men Made it to the Storage locker, it was a little difficult getting there with the atmosphere or, rather lack of it being so thin. Bren seemed to be having the most trouble, being a drunken wreck and all. James did his best to push him further on towards their goal, and when they finally made it they were relieved to be getting into their EV suits and breath oh so sweet air.

"Bren, what are you doing?" James said to bren who was taking of his Jumpsuit.

"Getting Naked." Bren replied.

"What the hell man?" James laughed. "Put that back on!" he said helping bren do up his jumpsuit. "That lack of air must have done your head in.

Soon Enough the two men were in their EV Suits and Bren seemed to be 'Sobering' up from his little episode. James pulled a Phaser and an Engineering Kit off the wall and Bren did likewise and they left for Deflector control to sort out this mess. They only had a few minuets James noticed when he arrived at Deflector control, or at least that's what the HUD on his Helmet said.

"Here we Go." James muttered taking a step in.

Bren walked directly to the main control panel and began inputting the command codes that would allow him to manually override the system and change the particle emission. After being granted access, he reconfigured the deflector to emit an antigraviton burst of two billion millibars.

"All right, the deflector is set. Have you rerouted the power?" Bren said, burping softly. He was feeling rather dizzy and nauseous, and prayed to God that he didn't puke in his suit.

"Almost" James said, his tongue at the side of his mouth, a common habit of his when he was concentrating heavily on a task.

He was pulling all the power from Holodecks and Replicators just to get the Deflector Dish up at 150.23%. It was difficult because some of the EPS relays had blown, circuits had blown, causing the powers path to be cut off, and he had to redirect the redirections. Difficult at best, but almost impossible in a pair of freakin gloves and an EV suit.

"Done it!" James cheered. "Finn to Bridge. Power Redirected. Deflector at Maximum, Commander Ohmsford and I are returning to the Bridge."

09 12 hours
Lt. Commander Gerzon Trep, Chief Operations Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

Gerzon was being examined. He was not feeling well after he had returned to the Archer. His work on the bridge of that ship had been finished, but somehow something was wrong. He had started to feel lightheaded and a little dizzy. Knowing Trill physiology, he had decided to go to sickbay immedeatly. Trills were very sensitive to insect bites, something that had been a nasty side-effect of the evolution towards a joined species. Almost all people that were suitable for joining were allergic to insects. Insects weren't very common on Trill, and those were pretty harmless. However, insects on other world were pretty lethal to trills. Gerzon had found that out the hard way once. He had been on a training mission as Cadet on the Academy years ago to Tellar, home planet of the Tellarites. He had been bitten by an ant, which was only a centimeter long. The doctor had had to operate him to get the poison out of his system. A week later he had been cleared to go back to the Academy to recupirate there.

Now one of Amily's nurses was taking a look at him. He had been here long he thought. Even working with Harry had been stressfull and he had excused himself just after that. His dizzyness meant he couldn't focus well enough.

He saw the nurse staring at the scan of the bloodsample they had just taken.

"Sir, would you mind lying down? I would like to take another scan." Gerzon did as he was told and lay down on one of the biobeds that were standing in sickbay here. A moment later Amily herself came in, while the nurse was preparing the scan.

"Heya Gerzon, lemme have a look at what we have here. " she said smilingly.

Somewhere Gerzon knew something was wrong as Amily wouldn't come out of her office for a simple headache, so he wasn't surprised when Amily told him what was wrong.

"Gerzon, it seems you have contracted some sort of alien infection from an insect bite. She took his arm and showed a very small black piece of dirt that was on his skin. "See this? This is some sort of tick. Very small, but foir you it seems pretty toxic. I will run scans on all the other members of the away team and see if they have something, but I think they won't even notice. They aren't trill. "

Gerzon nodded. "I almost expect it."

Amily continued. "I would like to have you in sickbay for about a day or so and see how it affectsyour system."

She took out a hypospray and injected something. "This will stop the fever and hopefully give you a good night sleep."

"Fever? I don't have any fever." he said a little protesting.

"You probably will very soon. it is a good thing you were so quick to respond. Trill physiology is very complex and I need to go very careful around you. " Amily said. "You're the only Trill aboard at the moment and I don't have most of the trill medicines in store. I can replicate them, but you know those aren't as effective as real medicines on Trills." Gerzon nodded.

"Seems I need a good pair of pyjamas." he smiled weakly.

09 10 hours
Ensign Han Gesten, Engineering Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Liar liar spaceship on fire!"

Summary: Taking off to lead a repair team. Han finally fixes the fire control system before hobbling his way back to Keith.

= Begin Log =

= Main Engineering = = USS Archer =

"Let's go, let's go!" Through most of this ordeal, Han had remained near Keith to assist him in any way possible. Now though, there was work to be done, lots of work. With the fire control system offline, the ship was going to go down in flames. So, taking charge of one of the teams, Han lead them through engineering to their destination.

Ironicly the entire fire control system had been doused in flames. Whipping out his canister like the rest of the engineers, Han showered the flames in the foamy substance that quenched the flames right before his very eyes. "Alright guys, wait for the foam to dissolve, then we can get to work. Start scanning now."

Every engineer pulled out their tricorder in unison, like a strange coordinated dance. The same readings ran across every single screen, but this was no surprise. "You two," Han pointed at two Crewmen, "we're obviously going to need some spare parts, you see what's on the screen, get them and don't stop for anything!" They scuttled off leaving Han two men short, but no bother. The fire surpressing foam was beginning to disolve and the team could finally get to work.

All at once like a pack of roaches they dove onto the thing, repairing what they could then handing it off to someone else. This whole time, Han sat back and coordinated the effort. He had discovered how important it was to have someone directing everything, otherwise there would be just more chaos.

The ship shook again, sending the disabled Han, once again, to the metal plating. More consoles could be heard exploding and flames sprouted from random places in the wall. 'Damnit.' Was all he could think before he rolled over to a bar and began to pull himself up. Pain shot through his leg the whole time, but he was running on pure adrenaline now, there was nothing that could stop him.

With spare parts arriving just moments after another jostle of the ship, the team quickly began to repair the rest of the device, hoping that there was nothing they'd missed and after a few more minutes, Gesten gave the order. "Alright...power her up."

A crewman stepped up to the device and hit the on button. Humming to life it came online and for a moment everything looked great, until sparks began to fly out the side and the infamous light turned off. Luckily, Gesten had his tricorder out the entire time and saw it coming, he killed the machine remotely just before.

"Power surge, fix those EPS relays leading to it." Once again following orders the team popped off a few panels and climbed into the tubes so they could reach the relays. 'Damnit, this is taking forever, we're going to fix it only to have another blast take it offline.'

"Ensign Gesten to Keith, we've almost got the fire control system back online, mind giving me a ring when you see it in action?"

"Yes, just leave someone in charge and get back here once you think it's done. I need your help with the warp core."

"On my way." Tapping his comm badge as per the usual conclusion, Han wobbled voer to the tube entrance and hung his head inside. "How's it lookin boys?"

An echoy reply shot down the tube, "I think it's all ready sir."

"Alright, stand back." Han hit the button and watched his tricorder as the device shimmered back to life. 'I think we've gotten it.' Grabbing his toolkit and fire can, Han started to wobble his way back towards Keith on the other side of engineering when his badge rang.

"Ensign, nice work, looks like it's operational for now. Now where are you?"

"Just getting my crippled self back around to you."

Another shake rocked the ship, Han luckily having a death grip on the bar that surrounded the warp core. He had ditched his crutches early on and now had to pull off a hobble everywhere he went. Probably not good for the healing process, but he could worry about that after this was over.

09 08 hours
Lt. Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer's Personal Log
scan for lifeforms

.-=/= USS Archer | Main Engineering =\=-.

Molir monitors his engineering repair teams continued with the repairs and fire fighting on several decks. "Computer," he said, "transmitted a message to Commander Steven Keith on Deep Space Nine."

The computer responded, "Message ready for recording."

"Dad, just wanted to say 'Happy Memorial Day' ... thinking of you and mom. Sydney's doing fine, we're doing fine. Can't talk right now but just wanted to say 'Hi'. Syd and I we'll talk to you later. Love, Molir."

Molir followed up, "Computer, send message."

The computer chirped in acknowledgement.

01 23 hours
Lt. Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Out of the Frying Pan and into the FIRE!!!!!!"

Summary: Gesten and team had worked hard in getting the warp core and drive online only to have it fail again as the engineering section experiences a major shockwave. Fire erupts on multiple decks including engineering and several engineers are injured, including the Chief Engineer -- determined not to let a little flesh wound stop him, Molir and his team of valiant engineers set out to putting out the fires. 'Remember, only you can prevent starship fires'.

.-=/= USS Archer | Main Engineering =\=-.

Molir didn't waste anytime returning to Main Engineering, the ship continued to take punishment from the attackers.

As the doors open and before Molir could say, 'Okay everyone, what have you got for me,' Han looked over to Keith and reported, "Sir, we are back online, would you like to do the honors? Calling the bridge that is."

Then, without any warning, the ship violently rocked back, as though a massive shockwave had just struck the hull of the ship. Many, if not all, of the engineers were thrown across the deck of engineering. The console panels that had been repaired had shorted again as sparks exploded and debris covered the floor.

"What the hell was that!?" Ami shouted.

"Don't know, but we've got multiple fires on multiple decks," Han said as he looked over the internal sensor reports.

Looking around main engineering, Molir commented, "Yeah, including main engineering." He shouted to the other ensigns nearby, "Put out those flames, the fire suppression system must be offline."

Han looked over his console to re-evaluate the status of the warp core and warp drive system. He shouted, "NO Damn it The warp drive is offline again."

Molir yelled, "We'll have to worry about that later, we need to get this fire under control."

Several engineers ran around engineering grabbing any available portable fire suppressant canisters, doing their best to extinguish the fires. Some engineers had been injured from the explosion.

Molir tapped his comm-badge, "Engineering to Sickbay, we need an emergency medical team down here as soon as possible."

Doctor Ashlexa's voice sounded as she answered Molir's request for assistance, "Engineering, this is Dr. Ashlexa; we're sending a team down to you as soon as they able to get to you. Do your best to stabilize their conditions until my teams can get there."

Just then, another panel exploded as a power surge overloaded that particular system. Some of the exploding debris caught Molir across the forehead, leaving a gash; as blood began to bleed out from the open wound.

"What the hell are they doing to my frellin' ship?" Molir shouted. "How are we doing on the fires?" He looked around.

Gesten responded, "We've got the major ones under control and we're now taking care the smaller, individual ones."

"Send out any available repairs teams to help out with extinguishing the other fires on the other decks," Molir ordered. Looking over toward two other engineers, "You two, get the fire suppression system online, ASAP!"

Both could only nod at the order, no time for words.

01 20 hours
Lieutenant Harry Lefler, Chief Navigational Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Bridge =/\=

Harry sat at his console watching the ship come about and fire at the archer again.

With only one fully fuctional impulse egine, it was becoming increasing difficult to avoid the hits. He rolled the ship the port, making the round of torpedoes come within 50 Meters of the Hull.

LtCmdr Finn read out numerous reports from behind hi. Harry listened to them , though coninued maneuvering the ship, trying to give tactical the best shots they could have.

"Iniating Evasive sequence sierra-4" He read out and plotted the course.

What really caught his attention of the conversation behind him was the fact that the civilian ship was going to blow up. At first, he didnt see any use for that. Then slowly the idea formed in his head.

"Options?" James questioned.

He tapped his console, Tractor beam WAS still online. He hoped it would stick on. He decided to suggest it anyway.

"Perhaps" He said turned his chair to face the two commanding officers, while keeping one hand on his console. "We could somehow Propel the Destructing ship into the Path of Enemy Ship?"

Mumacik piped out. Harry looked at him from a second and turned back to his console. His part now over "We'd need to boost power to the deflector dish Captain." Muma said. "That together with the Tractor beam should be enough to propel the ship."

"Shields To Engineering..." shields Began.

"Sir, I'll do it." He heard the Xo state . "Engineering have their hands full."

"Alright people, lets do what we can to make this happen."

Harry stuck the evasive maneuvers at the back of his head and looked at the flight patterns of the enemy ship. An Advanced tactical Figure of eight was the basics of it.

Except rather than just going around on a X and Y axis, this one involed a Z axis. The ship would make an 8 figure at one point, then either move the 8 by angle or flip it.

However the ship, every 5 minutes was travelling though the same part of space. A few calculations, and he'd have where they'd need to propel the Sherbrook into the Enemy vessel.

Harry did the calculations and tapped a bit here and a bit there, and finally the computer gave him 6 possible points of where the Archer could perform it. Of course the Starship could do it at any point wherever the enemy vessel was, but these 6 points could be acconmplished with ease.

"Sir," He announced to Reeve. "I have pinpointed 6 posistions where the Archer can easily propel the Sherbrook into the Enemy ship. The first one will be in 3 minutes time, the next 7 Minutes."

23 22 hours
Lt. Commander Cameron Sikes, Chief Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

The archer was taking a beating , and the enemy ship was still fully operational, Cameron grew increasing frustrated. He had been toiling over his consol the entire time, watching the enemy's flight path, the path Harry was flying them, the shots Mumacik fired, The shield strength and where he was firing, the strain was taking its toll. As the enemy ship passed once again Cameron fired away at the same spot he had always tried to hit. {Miss, Hit, Hit Miss} he counted to himself as he watched the enemy ship fly by. Cameron glanced at his tactical sensors and noticed a 5% drop in the enemy shields.

Cameron kept his focus on the consol has he barely listened to the conversations going on. He could hear Fernandez calling out shield strength and Mumacik tapping away feverishly at his consol at Auxiliary tactical. He had not paid close attention to Harry telling the captain that they might try using the freighter as a weapon, but when he finally heard something other than Mumacik's fingers, he looked up from the console.

Cameron watched the discussions on the bridge silently. He did his best to keep firing on the enemy vessel, while he tried to observe the discussion of how to move the freighter tin the path of the enemy ship. As the next pass by the enemy ship occurred, Cameron looked down and fired again at the same spot he had been trying to hit. {Hit, Hit, Hit Miss!} He saw a 7% decrease in shield strength. The ship rocked form the enemy volley. HE heard Fernandez call out the latest reports of shield strength. Cameron heard something come form the XO and looked up only to see him walking quickly to a turbo lift. Having no time to think about that he looked back to his consol. HE watched the enemy turn and start to approach. He saw a volley of torpedoes, released from Mumacik fly away just as the ship turned. The first two striking the bow of the enemy ship but the other one sailing past as the enemy ship maneuvered to avoid it..

The hits caused the enemy ship top lose forward shield strength to 92%. But this did not help Cameron he was targeting a rather large shield generator on the aft port side of the enemy ship, Mumacik's hit the bow. Cameron watched as the enemy ship zig and zagged as it headed back to the archer. Cameron watched the ship positioning display as Harry started to maneuver through the apogee of his latest figure 8. Then Cameron noticed something, the enemy ship veered off and started heading to its starboard. Cameron had not noticed this before and wondered what might be happening. HE could tell from the enemy ships flight path that he would have another chance to fire at his favorite spot. Noticing that with each successive round the shielding in this spot was dropping. Noticing that the archer was loosing the fight fast he called out to Mumacik.

Lieutenant, on the next pass I want you to target a spot on the aft port side of the vessel." Cameron tapped on the consol and sent the coordinates to Mumacik. "Fire your torpedoes when I fire phasers." Cameron looked back at his console. He saw that Harry deviated form his usual flight curve to avoid a rather large part hull plating, most likely form the freighter. Then it happened again, the enemy ship changed its course to run past the archer port side. Cameron franticly started to tap on his console. HE had a few seconds before he needed to fire and was trying to figure out why the enemy ship kept changing course. Cameron looked at the shield readings on the port side of the archer. {%0 % shield strength, nothing special about that except.} he thought. He quickly pulled up a status of the 36 shield generators on the port side of the archer.

Quickly he scrolled down the list that showed power consumption and efficiency. As he made his way halfway through the list, he saw it on of the generators were using twice the power as the others but only 20% efficient. Cameron looked back at the enemy ships approach. He called out to the captain with out looking up. "Sir the enemy ship might be targeting a weak shield generator on the port side, Deck 16, just in front of the." The ship rocked from the impact of the enemy ships latest volley.

Cameron fired his phasers at the enemy ship hitting his spot three out of 4 times. He saw two torpedoes fly at the enemy ship, on hitting the spot, the other missing as the ship maneuvered to avoid it. He tapped on his console and looked at the readings. He finished his sentence in a joyful tone. "Ablative armor over engineering. " He did not wait for an answer form the captain he looked over to Mumacik. "40 % drop in that spot Lieutenant, hit it again if the opportunity presents itself."

Cameron then glanced back at the captain. He saw a strangely puzzled but yet annoyed look on his face. Cameron had been smiling, but then quickly put a serious look on his face. "Ermm. Sir, it looks like the enemy is targeting the aft port side around decks 15 to 17. " Cameron glanced down at his console to look at the status of the generator in question. "That last hit took out generator 16-24, shield strength in that area is down to 40 % but the remaining generators are straining to keep the 40%."

He heard the captain give an order to helm to try to keep that side of the ship away from the enemy vessel. Cameron glanced up. "Sir, they seem to want to hit that spot at all cost. In the last pass, they adjusted their course two times to fly pasty our port side."

"Obviously commander." Replied Shields coldly.

Cameron shook his head. "Also sir we have been able to produce a weakening in their starboard aft shields near their engineering section. When we are ready to move the freighter in to position, I suggest we try position the freighter so that when it explodes, the main force of the explosion is near their starboard aft section. Hopefully the explosion of the freighter will penetrate the weakened shields near their engineering section. May be we can lure them in by offering up our port starboard section ?"

Cameron looked at the captain for a second waiting for an answer. Before the captain could respond his consol beeped and Cameron looked down. He saw the vessel approaching for another pass. He quickly tapped on his console and selected spot to fire at. Cameron continued to look down as he waited for some response from the captain.

17 05 hours
Ensign James Carter, Medical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

James grasped the bio-bed as the ship violently began to shake. He kept taking Deep breaths and trying to do his job. There were a couple of injuries, but most of them were simple things such as broken bones and cuts but they were some critical patients. He got them sat down and the Medical team began to help.

The ship once again jolted and James lost his balance and down onto the floor. He quickly got back up and pulled at his tunic. He went a little red in the face but nobody really seemed to notice.

"A plasma conduit has blown on Deck 6.there are some casualties" Everyone in Sickbay heard the message and James decided to take this one. He and another Medical Officer headed for Deck 6.They got into a turbolift and headed there. James didn't really speak to the other Medical Officer. It was the same person who had came to see what James was up to in the back-up sickbay.

When the Turbolift door open the deck was full off smoke and there were a few Security officers helping some of the injured? Most of the injured were able to hobble into the Turbolift to get to sickbay but one remand laid face first on the floor.

James quickly kneeled down and promptly scanned her with his tricorder, then slowly turned her around. She laid on his knees, James look at his hands and they were covered with her blood.

"You'll be fine I'll get you out of here" He throat went dry and he eyes swelled up. She grabbed his tunic and began to cough.

James tapped his combadge and quickly requested an Emergency Transport to sickbay. He picked her up in his arms and they both were transported. Immediately she was put onto a bio-bed and the Medical team got to work.

James had to quickly clean up; he had blood all over his hands and tunic. After sorting himself out he grabbed his Medical Tricorder and began to help the injured.

17 02 hours
Lt. Commander Amily Ashlexa, Chief Medical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

"He looks like he's in pain," one of the nurses reported to Amily. "His recent injury isn't the only contributing factor, but he's undoubtedly stressed out from any number of things. Homesick, perhaps."

Amily's expression remained unchanged as she listened. How could she have missed all of the signs? Especially rattling to her was the fact that she had managed to entirely overlook the fact that James Carter had been treated for a minor injury and returned to duty so quickly. Shaking her head, all Amily could mutter in reponse was, "Homesick?"

Nodding, the blonde nurse relayed the story of how she had found Carter staring out of a window blankly into space. He hadn't told her much, other than responding with a resounding "I don't really know" when asked if he was alright.

The ship shook. It wasn't the type of shaking that would knock someone off of their feet, but definitely enough of a jolt that would cause someone to grab the nearest thing they could find to hold onto for balance. There was undoubtedly more to come as the brief conversation that Amily was participating in came to an abrupt close. The dark haired medical officer walked out into the sickbay, taking a visual count of the number of patients that the medical department was dealing with.

Again, the ship shook. This time, it was a bit harder. Amily had long ago given up on trying to figure out what was going on up on the bridge, seeing as how there was very little she could do herself to respond to the ship being fired upon. A few seconds later, the biggest hit to the ship was felt. The lights in sickbay dimmed for a moment as the power was probably being rerouted to a backup source. There was only a momentary pause in activity as the rest of the medical officers continued to work, only slightly affected by the minor disruption.

Soon, the injury reports would be coming in. "Sickbay, prepare for casualties," Amily heard overhead the moment that she reached the console. Mostly minor injuries reported, luckily, but even the report of a minor injury could translate into something more serious.

As the first of the injured arrived, Amily quickly assessed one of the patients. The side of the man's face had a large reddish-purple bruise to match the one she later uncovered on his arm. Scanning around the injury and feeling satisfied that the crewman was not bleeding internally and wasn' t suffering from any further head trauma, she left the repair of the injury to another cadet standing nearby.

Two biobeds over, the figure of James Carter stood over a more seriously injured patient. The movement of James' hands was very slow, yet precise. Approaching the Ensign's side, he hardly seemed phased by Amily's presence. "Status?" she spoke, taking care not to startle him.

His gaze remained fixed on his patient. Severe plasma burns covered the exposed areas of the patient's skin and the man's uniform was scorched in several places. James quietly informed the CMO of his patient's status, never once looking up from his work. He seemed preoccupied to Amily, but he was performing his duties more than adequately, so there was no reason to stop him from performing them.

"Ensign, I'd like to talk with you in my office, when time permits," Amily spoke with a slight bit of hesitation. Now was definitely not the time to be dealing with one of her medical officer's being homesick or depressed. But she felt confident that if she had a talk with Carter, that it might reassure her of Carter's mental state, and his ability to carry out his duties.

Only responding with a nod, Amily left him to attend to his patient. Behind her, two engineering officers had brought yet another injured crewman to be cared for. Amily pointed to the empty bed for Keith and Gesten to place the man onto. It was Lt. Hsu once again. "He was found in the maintenance shaft," Keith informed Amily, his dark brown eyes meeting hers. As for the rest, the engineering officers were only able to relate what they knew about the aliens that had apparently infested Hsu's body. "If you will excuse us, we have a warp drive to fix," Keith stated, nodding to the medical officers attending to Hsu before returning to engineering.

"Carter, have you ever treated a patient in a quarantine field," Amily turned to Carter, who had finished treating his plasma burn patient. Nodding hesitantly, the ensign moved to the opposite side of the biobed. Amily activated an invisible quarantine field over the lieutenant, hoping to contain whatever it was that had taken over the engineer.

17 01 hours
Lt. (jg) Corran Edwards [SecOfc] & Jewels Shaletti [Chef], Joint Logs
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Begin Joint Log =/\=

Jewels surveyed the room to make sure everything was ready and her gaze fell on Corran.

She tore her gaze from him but not before he noticed. Her head had stopped bleeding and she was preparing to take Katie back to the Edwards' quarters

Corran stopped what he was doing for a moment, then recovered and finished telling the two officers he was speaking to post guards at Ten-Forward's only entrance. The ship shook shuddered slightly, from what felt like something internal, and Corran moved over to where Jewels stood.

Katie gave her dad a hug and Jewels eyes held to Corran's.

Corran returned Katie's hug with a great bear hug of his own, then turned back to Jewels. "Well, at least I know that you two are in the safest place on the ship at the moment."

Jewels smiled, "Actually we were on our way back to your quarters." Her hand found his and they held hands in a tight squeeze for a few seconds.

Corran shook his head slightly, but gave her hand a squeeze back. "I wouldn't, right now. I think it's best if you stay here. And that's Chief of Security talking, too," he said worriedly.

"Okay, we'll stay but what do you suppose we do?" Jewels head was beginning to ache a bit and she really wanted to rest a bit. Katie piped in, "I'll get dad some coffee." Jewels held back a giggle but smiled.

Corran watched Katie run off with a bit of a puzzled look, then he turned back to Jewels. "In answer to your question, stay out of trouble? I don't want anything to happen to you," he said, placing a hand on her cheek.

She reached up and took his hand and held onto it. "I'll try, if you will." Katie returned and carefully handed her dad a cup of hot very black coffee.

Corran winked at Jewels reassuringly before accepting the coffee from Katie. Letting it cool a bit, he took a sip. His eyes widened slightly, and as he coughed the rest of it down, he looked back at Katie. "Did you make this just for me?" he managed after a bit.

Katie smiled, "Jewels let me make a big thing of coffee for everyone to have. She said it would keep everyone awake." Jewels let a couple of giggles out before she got them suppressed. Katie looked very pleased and the look of shock on Corran's face almost made her laugh.

Corran nodded slowly then shrugged lightly. "It'll keep them awake, all right," he said under his breath, and took another tentative sip.

Jewels whispered something in Katie's ear and the little girl skipped off toward the sandwiches. "You'll appreciate that when you haven't slept." Jewels followed Katie progress and watched as she carefully picked a couple of sandwiches for her dad. "How bad are things?" Jewels pinned Corran with a penetrating gaze.

Corran let out a sigh, looking back over the officers milling around and keeping everyone calm. "We've had to evacuate decks eleven through thirteen - that's why I'm here now. Whoever is shooting at us is taking their time. "

Jewels nodded and changed the subject abruptly as Katie returned with a couple of sandwiches for her dad. "We've been having a good time today." Jewels smiled at Katie and gave her a wink.

Corran nodded slightly, taking another sip of coffee (which he had now apparently gotten used to) and kept casting a watchful eye at his surroundings. "Oh really?"

"Yes," Katie said as she handed a small plate with three finger sandwiches to her dad. Jewels began, "you know I bet you could take one of those platters of sandwiches and pass them out to people as they arrive." Katie looked up to her dad for approval.

"Just be sure to not get in the way," he added cautiously."

Katie nodded and went off to serve the sandwiches. Feeling a bit torn Jewels looked at Katie and then back to Corran. "I should go and help her." It was about the last thing that she wanted to do because what she really wanted was to be alone snuggled up kissing Corran. The fact that he was standing right beside her didn't help. Rubbing her head a bit to ease the ache. As she pulls her hand away from her head she notices it has begun to bleed a bit again.

Corran turned his attention back to Jewels, and then a frown came to his lips. "Are you all right? What happened!?"

"Nothing, really." Jewels wiped her head with the back of her hand and then wiped it on her T-shirt. "I bumped my head shortly before we came down here to get things set up." She tried to give him a smile but it was only a small one.

"Are you going to be okay?" He asked worriedly, setting his coffee down. "DO you want me to call Dr. Ashlexa?"

"No, you do not need to call the Doctor." The last thing Jewels wanted was to be back in the company of that annoying nurse. "It'll be fine." She walks over the bar and retrieves a towel to hold on her head for a minute.

Corran let out a sigh, but backed off. "Well, just tell me if you feel worse, all right? I don't need you all banged up, okay?"

Jewels nods, "Sure." She sat down in a chair as Katie came back to join them.

Corran let out a slight sigh - another thing to worry about, though he wouldn't let on. "All right love, I'd better get back to it...things look as well as they can be in here."

Katie walked a short distance away. "Cor..." Jewels said as she stood. When he turned to look at her; she didn't know what she was going to say and instead kissed him. Katie returned with a cup of coffee for Jewels who absently took the cup as she watched Corran. Upon taking a sip of the inky black brew, Jewels spit it back out with a sputter.

Corran was a tad surprised by her kiss, but it was just what he needed. Smiling slightly at her spluttering at Katie's brew, he squeezed her hand once more. "It will be all right, I promise," he said softly. Then he let go and kneeled down before his daughter.

"Be good, Sport," he said, giving her a big hug.

23 42 hours
Lieutenant Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

.-=/= USS Archer | Main Engineering =\=-.

"Commander, the alien life forms are contaminating the warp matrix, causing our warp core to destabilize," Ensign Gesten explained. "We have to get those life forms out from of the warp plasma."

The ship takes another pounding from the enemy as it rocks violently and more relays explode and spark from a nearby console.

"This is getting ridiculous," Molir commented, "the only way to get out this is to communicate with the alien species and the only person that can speak for the alien species is lying unconscious in sickbay."

Han looked over with the rest of the engineering team and nodded, "Sir, we might have no choice but to purge the power systems. Prior to the attack, I discovered something that might have some debilitating effect against the alien life forms; of course doing so will probably kill the alien life forms."

"Do we have that right?" Keith posed the moral question, "Do --" Keith was interrupted.

"Sir," Han inserted, "they killed two of our people and if we don't purge the power systems, we're going to lose more than two security personnel."

Molir nodded. "Stand by to purge the power--" Again, the Commander was interrupted.

It was Lt. Commander Ashlexa's voice, "Sickbay to Engineering. Commander Keith, Lieutenant Hsu has regain consciousness and requires your attention in Sickbay."

"Commander," he answered, "can it wait, the captain has request that we have warp power back online."

There was a slight pause, "Negative, the Lieutenant insists," she paused again, "he urgently requires your attention."

"Ensign," he looked over to Gesten, "you have the deck."

<< Han can fill in event here >>

.-=/= USS Archer | Sickbay =\=-.

Keith made his way to Sickbay and had caught sight of Lieutenant Hsu. "Lieutenant," he said, "I'm glad you're doing well." He looked over to the Medical officer on duty, "I trust there's no permanent damage to his brain, is there?"

The doctor didn't respond immediately but after a few seconds of silence, "Commander, Lieutenant Hsu might be conscious but I believe the aliens are making the contact."

Molir moved in closer.

The Lieutenant's mouth opened as a voice escaped, "You hurt us..."

It was the voice of the alien species he talked with earlier, "We had no choice, you were affecting our power systems and right now, without our power systems at full strength, this ship, including you and us -- will be destroyed. You have to stop what you're doing."

The ship rocked again; the lights in Sickbay flickered.

The meta-phasic life forms, which infested Hsu's body, responded, "You came to us, you invaded our space and you took us away."

Molir continued to plea with the aliens, "We were unaware of your existence; it was only now that we understood that you existed on a different dimension. But right now, you have to leave our power systems, we need to protect ourselves."

The Lieutenant stood up from the bio bed and walked over to a nearby console and rested his hand against it. Within seconds, the area around the panel started to glow and spark. Another couple of seconds later, dead calm.

Molir tapped his comm-badge, "Keith to Engineering. Han, what's the status on the warp core?"

"Commander," he responded, "I don't know how to explain it, but the warp core has begun to stabilize. We don't have complete main power and the warp drive is still offline."

"Good, concentrate on getting the warp drive and the core back online. Keith out."

Molir walked over to the Lieutenant, "Thank you."

The Lieutenant looked at Molir, "You will return us home?"

"We will try," he answered. "For now, please stay here... we need to take care of the issues at hand. I will be back." Molir looked over to a nearby medical officer and left sickbay to return to main engineering.

Molir tapped his comm-badge, "Keith to the captain, the alien life forms are no longer infesting our power systems, but we're our warp drive is still offline. We're working on getting it back online as soon as possible. Keith out."

20 32 hours
Jewels Shaletti, Ship Chef's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Edwards' Quarters =/\=

Katie was disappointed by the message that her father would be longer than he originally thought. With a few assurances and promises from Jewels, Katie was happy to continue to paint. The two of them continued painting until the ship jerked. Katie fell to the sofa and Jewels caught herself before she hit the floor but not before she hit her head at the hairline on a stand.

With the shaking of the ship, Katie wanted to find her dad. Jewels stopped her and convinced the little girl that she need to let her dad do his job so that everyone would be safe. Wiping some blood from her head with the back of her hand, Jewels grabbed Katie's hand and headed for Ten-Forward. On the way Jewels persuade Katie to stay with her and help set up Ten-Forward for emergency living.

=/\= Ten-Forward =/\=

upon reaching the dining area Jewels sent Katie to the kitchen to make coffee; while Jewels pulled the window coverings closed and locked them all but about two. Next Jewels went to the bar and grabbed a cloth napkin and wiped the blood form her head again. She checked on Katie who was happily struggling to make the coffee, but doing a great job, so Jewels let her continue with what she was doing. Then Jewels worked on converting some of the tables to beds. It was a simple process; unlatch and fold and then the benches and tables made a bed. Over near the bar were the circular tables and chairs where officers and other civilians could still get some coffee and minimal service. She had just finish setting things up when some of the security personnel started to arrive.

Jewels moved on to the kitchen and started to put sandwiches together with Katie's help while the coffee brewed. It wasn't long before the chef and the little girl had made a couple of platters of finger sandwiches. As the coffee finished brewing Jewels tested it and hoped that the one sip she had didn't gr ow hair on her chest. Katie and Jewels set the sandwiches and very strong coffee on the bar. Jewels surveyed the room to make sure everything was ready and her gaze fell on Corran.

She tore her gaze from him but not before he noticed. Her head had stopped bleeding and she was preparing to take Katie back to the Edwards' quarters.

17 57 hours
Ensign Han Gesten, Engineering Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"What about morals?"

Summary: Gesten and Keith continue to work on the problem of the alien life forms and they soon think the only option is to eliminate the life forms. But a moral question continues to pop into Gesten's mind and the minds of others, is it right to throw away your values to save your own life? Just as Keith is about to give the command to purge the power and kill the aliens, he gets a call from sickbay and is called away by the now conscious Lieutenant Hsu, leaving Han in charge of main engineering. After several minutes of tension, the warp plasma begins tos tabilize and Han directs crews to repair the warp core and warp drive. With these vital systems repaired, Han asks Keith if he'd like to inform the bridge.

= Begin Log =

= Main Engineering =
= USS Archer =

"Commander, the alien life forms are contaminating the warp matrix, causing our warp core to destabilize. We have to get those life forms out of the warp plasma!" Continuing to whirl thoughts around in his head, Han conjured plan upon plan, each one coming to a dead end. More and more he was beginning to believe that only the aliens could remove themselves in a peaceful manner.

Though before Han could complete another train of thought, the ship rocked violently, more than before. Sparks flew out of consoles and primary systems, Han could feel things go offline and the Archer becoming more vulnerable by the moment.

"This is getting ridiculous," Han could hear the chief speaking, but didn't give it much attention, he was brining the program to purge the power systems. "the only way to get out of this is to communicate with the alien species and the only person that can speak for the alien species if lying unconscious in sickbay." Han's train of that from just moments before, but there was still another option. Keith and the rest just wished they could ignore it, killing off this species would be an act of genocide.

"Sir, we might have no choice but to purge the power systems. Prior to the attack, I discovered something that might have some debilitating effect against the alien life forms; of course doing so will probably kill the alien life forms." Once again, Han's thoughts, but this time spoken aloud. Several had already thought of this, but not spoken it, was it an act Starfleet officers were really to take? Murder who knows how many new species, an intelligent life form. Even though Han had said probably, it was easy to see that there was only a fraction of a percent chance of the aliens surviving a power purge.

"Do we have that right?" The Chief made note of the moral question out loud, even though he knew everyone was thinking it. This was a time of it okay to throw away your morals at such a time? Is it right to toss your morals aside just to save yourself and those around you? "Do--"

Han interrupted Keith before he could continue, "Sir, they killed two of our people and if we don't purge the power systems, we're going to lose more than two security personnel." Han had been on the Archer for six months now and this was the first time he'd encountered such a life threatening situation, such a moral decision where he could make a choice, where he was asked for input. All he could think of was to save himself and the Archer, but is it right? This continually pumped through the back of his skull as his hands hovered over the ignition key on the console, the key to begin the power surge and flush away the aliens.

Watching Molir's every move, waiting for the order to go ahead, Keith spoke, "Stand by to purge the power--" but before he could finish, he was once again interupted, this time by the beeping of his comm badge.

"Sickbay to Engineering. Commander Keith, Lieutenant Hsu has regain consciousness and requires your attention in sickbay." Han recognized the voice as that of Lieutenant Commander Amily Ashlexa, chief medical officer. He remembered only a month or so ago when she had walked in on his holoprogram and invited him to her toga party...which he unfortunately missed. If only this was just a holosim.

"Commander, can it wait? The captain has requested that we have warp power back online."

A moment of silence then the doctor's voice came over again, "Negative, the Lieutenant insists. He urgently requires your attention."

With that, Molir looked over at Han. "Ensign, you have the deck." And that was it, Keith left Han in charge of engineering. Did that mean he could purge the power systems if he felt it was neccessary? Han didn't want to ahve to make the final decision on something like that. He had to wait until the Commander returned. Besides, what if he found some other peaceful solution. That is what Han wanted as well as the Chief.

"Alright people, let's keep looking for a solution. I want something besides purging the power systems...and keep on those repairs!" Han didn't know what else to do, it was difficult to have so many people looking to you for orders at a time like this, Han knew he was feeling only a fraction of what Keith felt, but it was enough.

Only ten minutes passed as Han and the rest of engineering continued in repairs and continued with their ideas on the warp core. The ship shaking multiple times and each time, Han just watched as more equipment showered sparks across the metal engineering deck. Which was his deck for the time being. Not that he paid much attention though, his eyes were fixed on the console in front of him. Every moment he was hoping that the warp core would just stabilize by itself.

Then out of the blue, it did. In utter shock and awe, Han went for his chest to tap his comm badge but instead ended up knocking it off. "Engineering to Commander Keith." Han spoke even as it fell to the floor, he knew it had been activated even before it made it's trip to the deck and since it was resiliant enough, it didn't break. But Han didn't bother to pick it up, his console was already beeping with a message.

"Keith to Engineering. Han, what's the status on the warp core?"

Tapping his console with a grin on his face, "Commander, I don't know how to explain it, but the warp core has begun to stabilize. We don't have complete main power and the warp drive is still offline."

"Good, concentrate on getting the warp drive and the core back online. Keith out."

Now was the easy part, Han could do this and he knew it. It was easy to coordinate for repairs, just those life threatening decisions were the tough ones. "Alright people, concentrate on the warp drive, I need it back online. Now!" It was funny, Han thought, no matter how much all of the other departments can do, they were dead in the water without engineering. Here was the life source, this was all it, this pulsing blue cylinder in the middle and it was his and everyone elses job to maintain it.

Slipping behind a working console, Han started tapping away, running a quick diagnostic to figure out the basics of what needed to be fixed and where it was located. 'Only six relays and a fiew injectors, along with a few other elements, helm didn't kill us to bad.'

"Alright," Han began to point and assign people to where they needed to go and what they needed to fix. He didn't know all of their names so most of it came out like so, "You, there Injector. You, here Relay!"

Watching everyone obey his orders was the best part, there was a satisfaction that stirred up inside him as he watched systems come back line and the warp core come back to life, pulsing at it's full royal blue once again. Then, just as Commander keith came stepping out of the turbolift and into main engineering, the light on Han's console, indicating the warp drive coming back online. It was only at three quarters power, but that was better than none. "Sir, we are back online, would you like to do the honors? Calling the bridge that is."

19 03 hours
Lieutenant Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer's Duty Log (Supplemental Log)
scan for lifeforms

"When it Rains, It Pours"

Part II (of MetaPhasic Life)

Summary: Molir (walked) and Han (hobbled) their way back to Main Engineering only to find out that the Commander (Reeves, played by Rick Hunter) was about to take the ship into a maneuver (Maneuver, Picard) but with a unstable, uncertain warp core, the results were disastrous.

.-=/= USS Archer | Main Engineering =\=-.

Molir and Han returned to main engineering after dropping off the unconscious Lieutenant Hsu at sickbay. Molir looked over to Ami, "Status report?"

Ami quickly walked up to the Commander to offer her report, "Sir, we're having problems keeping the warp core stable, the alien life forms are now tapping into the core itself, drawing out more power. We're trying to compensate using auxiliary power, but that's starting to take a major drain."

Just as Keith was about to lend a hand, Commander Shields voice sounded over the ship's comm-system, "Bridge to Lt. Commander Keith, do we have warp drive?"

Keith could only respond with the data given to him, "I think so, sir, but there's no telling..."

Reeve interrupted Keith in mid-sentence, "Make sure that we do, Bridge out." Shields didn't even wait for Keith's response.

Molir looked toward his people, "Okay, everyone, you know the drill people... by the numbers... we need the warp core stabilized as soon as possible."

The teams scrambled all over the engineering deck -- crunch time situations are often the best time for the worst thing to happen -- this is no exception.

Ensign, anything positive yet? I need to know!" Keith was right next to Han on the other console, working on the same exact thing.

"I think I've got something but I can't tell yet."

Molir didn't have time to wait, he continued with his work.

Han spoke again, "Dead end sir, nothing yet." He returned to his work. "Sir, I've got it..." But what Han had got was too late; the helm had started to access the warp power only to have warp core de-stabilize.

Han shouted, "Commander We're losing stability in the warp core, she's going offline!"

The ship suddenly lurched forward, going no where fast as the ship halted. Molir was lucky to have both hands to minimize any injuries to himself from falling, Gesten, on the other hand -- one hand actually, wasn't able to secure himself and fell on to the deck metal plating.

Gesten, from the floor perspective, looked up toward the warp core, "Anything yet, Commander?"

Molir shook his head, "Negative, Ensign." In his head, he could only think, 'Oh, no -- not again.' And, like always, when it rains it pours, the ship is thrown and rocked as her hull was subjected to weapons fire. Relays and plasma console explode and spark all throughout the engineering deck. System panels all starting to flash red -- power screens are all showing critical levels and though backup systems are online, they will begin to break under the weight on its shoulders.

Just as things weren't bad enough, "Engineering, get those EPS relays back and fix my warp drive!"

18 35 hours
Lieutenant Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

<< OOC: This event took place just after Molir and Han had left main engineering, to investigate the situation involving Lieutenant Daniel Hsu and the alien lifeforms. >>

Summary: With the discovery of alien life forms on board the Archer, Keith and Han both went to investigate. Along with security, they found Lieutenant Daniel Hsu in one of the maintenance junctions, connecting two or more maintenance shafts. Keith was successful with starting a dialog with the alien life forms, ending it proved to be tougher.

.-=/= USS Archer | Maintenance Shaft #14 =\=-.

Both Ensign Gesten and Lt. Commander Keith slowly approached Lieutenant Hsu's position as they were escorted by two security personnel to investigate the anomaly. The calibrated internal sensors had discovered the existence of an alien life-form that had been feasting on the warp plasma that coursed through the power conduits. Those same life signatures were also discovered to exist within Lieutenant Daniel Hsu.

"Commander," Ensign Gesten started to say, "tricorder sensors are growing stronger. We're getting closer."

At hearing that, the two security officers that had taken escort positions in-front and behind the two engineers, whipped out their hand phasers and checked to ensure that the stun settings were indeed set.

As they rounded the corner, they could see a figure of a man standing within one of the shaft junction, just standing there.

They continued closer.

"Lieutenant Hsu?" Molir shouted. "Are you okay, can you respond?" There was no response... they moved in closer.

The security officer was the first to clear out from the shaft, followed by Molir and Gesten; the second security officer brought up the rear.

"Lieutenant..." Molir called out to Daniel, "Lieutenant, can you hear me?" Just as he was about to nudge the Lieutenant for some sort of response, he quickly pulled it back as a small energy spark zapped his hand.

Gesten did a quick scan of Lieutenant Hsu, "Commander, I'm registering a bio-electric field surrounding the Lieutenant, he's completely enclosed."

Molir attempted again to reach the Lieutenant, "Lieutenant... Daniel, can you hear me?"

Slowly, the Lieutenant turned his head, facing the commander. In voice that wasn't the Lieutenant, a response, "We are here..."

Molir looked over to the ensign and turned back to face the Lieutenant, "Who is 'we'? What is your species?"

There was a pause, a moment of dead air as the creatures, that now inhabit Lieutenant Hsu, try to translate the Commander's question. "Xion Dimens," was the response. "We are the Xion Dimens, Commander Keith."

"How do you know my name?" he asked.

There was another pause, "We know much that the organic vessel knows."

Han leaned toward Molir, "Organic vessel, sir?"

Molir replied quietly, "Lieutenant Hsu, ensign. Apparently, the alien life-forms interpret the Lieutenant's body to be a vessel, an organic vessel." Molir returned his attention towards the aliens, "Why have you boarded our vessel?"

"You infested us."

There was a puzzled look from everyone, "What do you mean, 'We infested you'?"

"You came to our home, you came to our world, you invaded us," the aliens responded in a unified voice.

Han had broken into the conversation at the time to inform the Commander that the warp reactor has started to show some signs of abnormal activity. Molir stepped over towards Ensign Gesten to examine the data provided on Gesten's engineering PADD.

Molir direct his question to the aliens, "Are you the cause of these power fluctuations we're detecting in our warp core?"

"Your supply of energy is rich, we require more..." Just then, the lights along the length of the maintenance shaft began to flicker.

"You have to stop this," he said, "you're affecting the normal operations of the ship; we need to have our warp power."

"We require the energy."

Molir noticed that their speech pattern has become increasingly better than when they first spoke. This would mean that the creatures are quite intelligence. "What do you require the energy for? Perhaps we can work out something so that you can get the energy and not affect our own needs at the same time?"

The aliens that inhabited the Lieutenant turned his head, ignoring the Commander's request. Molir looked over to Ensign Gesten, "Power drains are still fluctuating."

"Please stop else we'll have to use force," Molir pleaded but there was still no response. "You've forced the situation." Molir looked over to the security personnel, "Ensigns, if you will." Molir took a step back, giving the ensigns a clear line of fire.

The initial blasts from their phasers didn't appear the affect the Lieutenant; the bio-electric field had provided a shell of protection. Molir looked over to the ensigns and authorized the used of a higher stun setting. This proved to be successful as the beams penetrated the field and knocks the Lieutenant unconscious.

As the Lieutenant fell to the floor, the ship began to rock. "What the..." Molir started to comment. "Quick Han, help me grab the Lieutenant and take him back to sickbay."

Han nodded and grabbed Daniel's feet. The engineers helped the unconscious body of Lieutenant Hsu through the maintenance shaft followed by the security personnel. And just as security started to leave, a large bolt of energy leaped across from the wall paneling and struck the two ensigns, leaving nothing but smoldering ash.

Molir and Han both witnessed their deaths. "Holy Let's get the *%&*$ out of here."

"You got no argument from me," Molir answered.

As they continued through the shaft, they could see the junction in the distance, with sparks of energy leaping from console panel to console panel.

18 26 hours
Lieutenant (jg) Mumacik, Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

'Parrysplits and damage buffers'

===== Main Bridge, USS Archer =====

Mumacik tried his best to help to defeat the emeny. Tapping like a swift wind (or as a crazy fool) he aimed again a torpedo, locked his targed and shot ... and missed. But this time it was just a probe ... the real voley was ready right now. The enemy ship reached the most distant point of its trajectory and started to turn around to begin a new attack. Muma picked this moment to fire his next torpedo voley.

Very little ships can turn around at full speed ... and from them a good half end 'sqashed' on some asteroid or comet ... and so even the swift and agile enemy had to reduce speed to turn around safely ... and that was just the moment Muma waited for.

Another quick tapping ... and the bluish effect of three quantum torpedoes shimered on the main screen. Some quick seconds ... and the result. Two torpedoes hit the enemy. From the corner of his eye Muma looked at the enemy ship status screen ... their shields dropped down to ... 92%. Comparing to the state of the Archer ... it looked like a scratch only.

Mumacik glanced quickly at Cameron who tried his best with phasers. The CTAC seemed concentrated and full focused on his console ... if anyone could 'teach the emeny manners' it would be Sikes.

Mumacik turned back to his console and tried to lock the next voley onto the enemy ship. He glanced on Fernandez sitting behind him, taking care about shields and hull plating. She catched his glance and smiled a bit at him and then noded. It was quite nice that Muma doesnt need to care about shields as well ... and her nod revealed that its still not critical with the Archer's shields.

{With this rate of taking strafe from the enemy ship, the Archer will be disabled in less the 10 minutes, 30 seconds} Muma thought. There must be an another way how to deal with that swift agile enemy ... and suddenly he had an idea. Opening his mouth to make a suggestion ... he was interrupted by the XO calling for options.

"Perhaps" Harry said spinning from his chair. "We could somehow Propel the Destructing ship into the Path of Enemy Ship?"

Mumacik noticed the immediate threating destruction of the civilian ship and thought about Harry's words for a second. There were several ways how to move an space ship without its own engines ... but most of them required time ... something they lacked right now. With an thought in his mind Muma started to tapp away to confirm some data first before speaking.

James could hear Mumacik tapping frantically at his console from behind. "We'd need to boost power to the deflector dish Captain." Muma said. "That together with the Tractor beam should be enough to propel the ship."

Muma wanted to add the probability rating of the success of that operation ... but thought better of it. One reason was that the rating was not quite high ... and the second that almost nobody payed attention to his probanility ratings ...

"Shields To Engineering..." the CO Began, obviously planning on Getting Engineering to sort out the Deflector dish Problem.

"Sir, I'll do it." James said standing to his feet. "Engineering have their hands full."

As Finn left the bridge with Bren, Mumacik turned agian to the centre of the bridge and offered a suggestion: "Sir, with the present battle situation ... logic would dictate to launch three combat class shuttles. Our enemy is powerfull and heavy armed but the most advantage compared to the Archer is its swiftness and agility which makes it hard to hit by our weapons. That advantage would be neautralised by the shuttles ... the enemy would have to awoid four different sources of weapon fire and the shuttle could serve as 'parrysplits' and 'damage buffers' for the Archer as well. That could give us extra time for our plan ..."

He eyed the CO standing in the middle of the bridge and waited for an answer.

14 57 hours
Lieutenant (jg) Corran Edwards, Chief Security Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Main Armoury =/\=

++COMM++ "Bridge to Security. Evacuate Decks 11 Through 13." ++COMM++

"You heard the man, MOVE!" Corran bellowed across the security bay to the group of officers left in there. Corran accessed his terminal quickly and issued the evac code for the mentioned decks, alerting any crew in those areas to get clear as quickly and smoothly as possible. The deck lurched beneath their feet, but Corran stayed standing and led his people out at a quick jog.

++taps++ "Edwards to teams Alpha and Epsilon: Begin evacuation of decks eleven through thireen!" ++taps++

An acknowledgement answered, and Corran turned back to his team and bellowed more orders. "All right people, you know what to do You two, clear out Hydroponics and Stellar Cartography Jones, Mason, help Alpha team to clear out the Crew Quarters. G'lial, make sure the Engineering workshops are locked down. Everybody else, one sweep through the decks and move on. Let's go!"

The officers were quick to snap to work, moving to Jeffries tube access hatches and heading up to the above decks to clear them of people. Those that didn't jump through the tubes fanned out with Corran, sweeping the deck and reporting the all clear after each room. In minutes they were finished, moving through the tubes and up a deck to repeat the process. Once Deck 12 was finished, all moved up to deck eleven to finish the job, and then the access points to the evacuated decks were locked down. Corran moved through his team to check each's findings, then came to Ens T'Pel Rek.

"Ensign, oversee getting these displaced personnel to Ten Forward and get them situated. Set up a makeshift auxilliary Security station there; that's where we'll have patrol teams coordinate from. Go."

The Ensign nodded and headed off, and then Corran turned to Mason and Jones. "Let's keep an eye out, boys," he said low, and marched off to continue the deck-by-deck footwork.

14 56 hours
Lt. Commander Bren Ohmsford, Chief Science Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Regret: Too Late!"

= [ - Bridge - ] =

As the turbolift stopped and its doors slid open, Bren stepped out cautiously and tried to hide the fact that he was seriously hung over. He looked down at the floor and shuffled over quickly to the main science station. Taking his seat, he turned his back slightly to the rest of the bridge and stared blankly at the screen in front of him.

"Commander, are you feeling well?" a voice asked quietly behind him. Bren slowly turned his head around to see Cameron Sikes standing behind him. He saw Sikes' mouth form an o and said, "I will be ok." Turning back to the console, he tapped into the sensor network. It seemed like the whole Bridge was staring a hole in the back of his head, but he couldn't care less. His main concern was not to throw up in front of everyone and make an ass of himself... again.

Bren continued staring sightlessly at the screen for an indeterminate amount of time, slightly dozing off. He was about to slip into unconciousness when his synapses were jolted by Fernandez's loud voice. "Sir I have a ship, bearing 154 mark 57!"

Sikes shot up straight in his chair and barked. "On Screen Start passive scans only, we don't want to start anything." The Chief of Tactical then tapped his commbadge. "Sikes To commander Finn. Please report to the bridge immediately. We have just detected a ship in close proximity."

His attention sparked, Bren looked at the data streaming across his terminal screen detailing the ship's alloy composition, its weapons systems, its hull integrity and shield status, life form readings and... and high level frequency communications that looked suspiciously familiar. Bren accessed the log data from the drones' communications analyses and compared it to the data that he was receiving; it was a perfect match. Whoever was on this ship was communicating with the drones on the freighter. The turbolift doors slid open then and Finn entered.

"Report" James said, leaving it open for anyone to give him an answer.

"Sir, I've Been searching the database for any ships matching the specifications of the ship we detected. Its become apparent that the ship matches that of those used by a terrorist faction known as the Idran Coalition. They're kind of like the Orion syndicate, except in the Gamma Quadrant," Sikes said.

"Great," Finn muttered sarcastically. "Can we reason with these people?"

"Negative Sir, Intel suggests that they despise Starfleet. Its possible that this is a..."

"A what Commander?" James said, picking up Sikes trail.

"A trap, Sir."

A few moments later the turbolift doors slid open and Commander Shields walked in, looking pretty much the worse for wear. Finn gave a full report while the Commander walked over to take his position in the command chair. "One minute to interce--Sir!" came the sudden cry from tactical, "they are on sublight sensors only!"

Shields looked over to the Science station for the more accurate sensor readouts, "Confirm." Unfortunately, Bren didn't immediately realise that he was being addressed and continued staring like a fool at Shields. "Science, confirm!"

Almost jumping out of his chair, Bren muttered "Ye'sur" as he confirmed Tactical's reports.

"Bridge to LCdr. Keith, do we have warp drive?" Shields asked quickly, standing in front of the chair that he still refused to sit in.

"I think so, sir, but there's no telling--"

"Make sure we do, Bridge out," Shields cut off, and without skipping a beat continued for the bridge, "Prepare to execute the Picard Maneuver with two jumps, surgical strikes for their weapons and engines."

"Incoming torpedoes!" Sikes called from Tactical.

"Execute Picard Maneuver," Shields ordered immediately.

Bren was about to object, to remind shields about the lifeforms still attached to the Archer's hull, when the ship lurched forward, followed by a loud creaking sound, almost like the ship was tearing itself apart. The torpedoes slammed into the Starfleet flagship, causing the intertial dampeners to flicker offline for a moment and resulting in a slightly sickening gravity dip. Bren's hand covered his mouth as the lights flickered on and off, and he tried very hard to keep from yacking all over the console.

"Warp Drive offline, power relays blown all over the ship, backup systems engaging," LCdr. Trep rattled off from Ops, before Finn added, "No major casualties reported."


"At 72% and falling, sir," Sikes answered from tactical, "I'm not getting enough power. They are swinging around for another pass!"

"Helm, evasive maneuvers. Ops, feed shields and impulse first. Science, get down to Maintenance Shaft 14 and relieve the engineers. Get the damn plasma aliens off the ship, shoot them if you have to. Engineering, get those EPS relays back, and fix my warp drive!"


"Sir!" Gerzon said from Operations, the Guy had been a little quiet, but he was eager to see what he had to offer. "The S.S Sherbrook just took a direct hit from a Torpedo Meant For us..."

Finally Pulling its weight, James thought, but what did that have to do with the Battle he wondered.

"...Point Being, she's destabilizing. Sensors say she's going to Blow Any Moment."

"Options?" James piped up from Behind the Commanding Officer.

"Perhaps" Harry said spinning from his chair. "We could somehow Propel the Destructing ship into the Path of Enemy Ship?"

James could hear Mumacik tapping frantically at his console from behind. "We'd need to boost power to the deflector dish Captain." Muma said. "That together with the Tractor beam should be enough to propel the ship."

"Shields To Engineering..." the CO Began, obviously planning on Getting Engineering to sort out the Deflector dish Problem.

"Sir, I'll do it." James said standing to his feet. "Engineering have their hands full."


"I'll join you," Bren offered and rose rather slowly from his chair. He followed Finn into the turbolift and the doors closed behind them.

14 55 hours
Lt. Commander James Finn, Executive Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

== /\ USS Archer - Main Bridge /\ ==

Out of the Viewscreen, you could see The Ominous Demise of the Archer. The Ship that approached was no doubt meant for war. Its black hull disguised it amongst the dark night that was space, there were no windows, unlike the Archer, which was a ship of exploration a ship of light. This was meant for destruction and would attain it any which way it so desired, or at least that was the general feeling which the First Officer got a casual glance.

Reeve had returned from The Away mission, and to be totally honest James was all the more better for it. With the Reaper at the Door and the Archer in less than formidable shape Reeve's Experience was definitely needed. James read again through the display on his chair, going back over the Report on the plasma Aliens that had taken up residence in their warpcore.

Earlier, when Keith delivered his initial report, Finn had caught a glance from The Chief Tactical Officer, who was supposedly bewildered by James' attitude to Keith on the Communications line. James however, was well aware of what was going on and didn't feel the need to tell Keith what to do, he knew as well as anyone else what needed to be done down in Engineering. Sikes' eyes however betrayed him, he didn't need to say anything but he was screaming 'You Incompetent Fool' at James.

This was worrying for James, as being new to this Job he was a little shakey with the whole thing. He was wary of every decision, and with The Chief Tactical Officer doubting him already, James wondered why he didn't just give the job to Cameron and piss off to some civilian freighter and get abused by pirates, that was at least the vibe he was getting.

James however remained calm and composed on the Outside, or rather he was doing his best to keep face. Sikes could go sit on a pineapple for all he cared, there were other things to do.

Reeve was spouting loads of stuff out to all the Relevant departments as the Ship loomed closer on their position Tactical was busily getting down to the task at hand, or rather the impending battle. Finn let his thoughts wonder back and forth for a while as he kept one eye on reality and the other on his day dreams.

Tactical beeped again as they fed Shields the information that the pirate ship was only on sublight sensors. This was like a dream come true for any commanding officer going into battle. If the opposing ship could only detect things moving at sublight speeds, then using the Picard Manoeuvre to go to warp and come out behind them would work a treat because they wouldn't be able to detect them.

The Best Laid plans never go down the way they're suposed to though. James watched silently in the wings, as the engines failed. Finn all the while keeping stock of the situation, quietly learning and taking into account all the factors that effected the situation.

"Where's my damn Warp Drive?!" Shields muttered as the battle drew on.

The Ship Rocked violently again as more of the Enemy torpedoes impacted on the Archers steadfast shields. He didn't know how much longer they'd remain so durable though, a few more rounds of those torpedoes and they could all be bits of space debris, or worse yet slaves on some pirate ship, but he'd rather die then let it come to that. His Chair beeped again and he reviewed over the information.

"Heavy Damage on Deck 12, Life Support Failing." Finn said reading straight off the Console. "Bridge to Security. Evacuate Decks 11 Through 13." he said almost instinctively.

He knew his role on the Bridge, was only that of a suggestive and advisorary role to the captain when Reeve was there, but James felt as if he was in a position to operate with a little slack under Shields, and he knew the Captain would snap him back the moment he felt he'd gone too far.

"Sickbay, Prepare for Casualties" he said, again reading off the Console on his Chair. There were 21 Reported wounded. Mostly Minor Injuries, but he could see that a Lieutenant Morris Minor was injured severely after a plasma conduit blew out right infront of his face. Well, that's what the report read anyhow.

The Bridge Shook again as Reeve looked back to Cameron as he piped up about the ship using their own Picard Manoeuvre on the Archer. How freakin ironic was all James could think as he was jaunted from his seat. The Archer was taking a real pounding of this Piece of Crap ship, any other day and the Archer would be making it eat its warp nacelles, Today however was not a good day to die.

"Sir!" Gerzon said from Operations, the Guy had been a little quiet, but he was eager to see what he had to offer. "The S.S Sherbrook just took a direct hit from a Torpedo Meant For us..."

Finally Pulling its weight, James thought, but what did that have to do with the Battle he wondered.

"...Point Being, she's destabilizing. Sensors say she's going to Blow Any Moment."

"Options?" James piped up from Behind the Commanding Officer.

"Perhaps" Harry said spinning from his chair. "We could somehow Propel the Destructing ship into the Path of Enemy Ship?"

James could hear Mumacik tapping frantically at his console from behind. "We'd need to boost power to the deflector dish Captain." Muma said. "That together with the Tractor beam should be enough to propel the ship."

"Shields To Engineering..." the CO Began, obviously planning on Getting Engineering to sort out the Deflector dish Problem.

"Sir, I'll do it." James said standing to his feet. "Engineering have their hands full."

Reeve Simply Nodded to James, when Bren added that he was going to Join James. Finn and Ohmsford entered the Turbolift, and as the doors closed the last words he heard from Shields Mouth were, "Alright people, lets do what we can to make this happen."

14 52 hours
Lieutenant (jg) Mumacik, Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

===== Main Bridge, USS Archer =====

"Lieutenant, Continue your work over at the Aux. Station. Have Fernandez assist you. I will take over the scans of the area." Said Cameron from behind him.

Mumacik stood from the chair and stepped aside ready to move down to auxilliary tactical.

"Oh.." Cameron added to Mumacik, "Be ready for any combat, this ship is most likely not friendly."

"Aye, Commander" replied Mumacik with a slight nod. His face pale with lips shrinkged ... like always. "I will execute all necessary arrangemants" he added. As Cameron sat on his usual place Mumacik walked swiftly down to auxilliary tactical. There was Ens Fernandez who pierced him with her eyes, appearantly still angry with him about the holodeck training accident.

Mumacik sat on the second chair and looked at her. She was a pretty human woman ... the 'south-american' type ... quite alike an Earth singer from the 21. century ... Jenifer Lopez. She blinked at him ... but the effect on Mumacik was the same as on a PADD ... none.

"Ensign," Mumacik started," please take care about the unknown ship and the status of the civilian frighter while ill continue my work on the way to detect the arfitical drones".

"Aye, sir" she replied Mumacik like with a slight ironical tone in her voice. She appearantly awaited something else from Muma ... but became only the 'cold fish'. Then she turned away from his and started to tap the console.

Not realising what she wanted to say with the tone. Mumacik turned to the console again and continued with his own task.

"Commander. The Ship. It's coming up fast off our port bow." Cried Cameron

"How? Where?" sked the stoically XO.

"I...I Don't Know, she just appeared from nowhere...They could have been cloaked but why decloak from that distance." Was the reply.

Mumacik looked up from his console. He quickly ananysed the situation. He was less then average in realising what a woman means when she replies : "Aye, sir" to him ... but definitely 'light speed fast' in realising a possbile combat situation when he saw one. He quickly saved his work and switched his console to comabt mode. "Ensign, how is the status of the Archer?" he asked quietly.

"Shields offline, weapons off-line, Ablative armour integrity 100%, structural integrity forcefield at 100%" replied Fernandez immediately. She was damn good ...

He noded at her and tapped the console for a quick level 5 diagnostics. It was maybe not the right time for a diagnostic, but it took only few seconds and Mumacik wanted to be sure, that none of the tactical systems will show unexpected problems right inside a battle.

The bridge appearance changed as the ship went to red alert. The light dimmed and several new - red light flashing went on. The overall murmour level on the bridge increased as the various bridge officers passed relevant commands down the chain ...

Knowing the usual task distribution between Cameron and him, that means sensors and phasers for Cameron and torpedoes for him, Mumacik turned shortly to Fernandez and said: "Ensign, yours are defensive systems. Take care about the shields, armour and structural integrity field, coordinate with Ops about enegry distribution" A simple nod from her was the answer.

"Incomming torpedoes!" cried Cameron from behind the main tactical.

The Captain replied almost immediately: "Execute Picard maneuver!"

A nice trick for nice battles ... would be nice when it would work ... but it didnt. Mumacik prepared to engage the enemy once allowed to, just after the short warp jump. But there was no warp jump ... but a strong rocking as the ship was rocked by those torpedoes. Mumacik was unsure why the maneuver was not succesful but a look at his console revealed much more relevant problems.

"Shields At 72% and falling, sir, I'm not getting enough power. They are swinging around for another pass!" said Cameron to the Captain.

His Chief did as expected: "Take torpedoes ... work on taking out their Weapons. I will work on the engines and shields."

Mumacik replied: "Understood, sir" and turned swiftly back to his console and his hands started to 'dance' on it. Now was the enemy ship near enought for a proper scan and Mumacik wanted to know what exactly he had to shoot down.

The scan of the ship revealed several disturbing informations. Even when three times smaller that the Archer itself, the enemy ship shields looked to almost equal strong as the Archers. The impulse speed and maneuverability appeared to be a good deal better then the Archer's and the most disturbing news was the fact that the enemy ship distruptor type weapons and torpedo power seemed to exceed the Archer almost two times. The emeny ship appeared to be a plain war ship, something like the Defiant escort ship class. Relatively small, quick and very manoeuvrabile, heavily armed and sigle oriented ... to battle.

Mumacik started to aim the enemy ship but then realised that Camronw as already targetting the torpedoes. It was a bit strange but Mumacik decided to wait for a bit. Instead of firing torpedoes, he activated the phaser arrays and prepared them for immediate firing after the torpedo voley will be fired.

Looking at the enemy ship schematics, Mumacik half expected to see a drop in their shields strenght. But ... none came as the enemy appeared just before the Archer.

"Sir the ship just performed their own Picard maneuver!" cried Cameron from his post and the bridge was shaken again.

"Shields at 50 % , Port shields are weakening fast!" reported Cameron and Fernandez confirmed his words woth a slight nod. The port generator was quite overloaded and now was the right place for starting evasive maneuvers to give the poor generators time to regenerate.

Finnaly the Archer started to retaliate as Cameron managed to hit the enemy for the first time in this battle. Now were the torpedoes under Muma's command again and he immediately aimed the enemy weapon systems. The enemy ship was fast and now drew around for the third attack. Deading now directly at the Archer, they revealed their weapon systems ...

Mumacik pressed a button and a voley of three torpedoes left their tubes and headed towards the enemy. As the enemy was in a difficult angle ... two torpedoes missed and only one hit the ship direclty. Another slightly fall in their shields.

Sure ... it was not a textbook fight ... Mumacik should wait with the torpedo fire until the enemy ship's shields are down at last to 40%, but all they needed now were hits ... rought firepower ... rather then precision and planning ...

Having another voley ready Mumacik waited till the enemy will be in a better position to shoot.

09 24 hours
Lieutenant (jg) Mumacik, Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

===== Main Bridge, USS Archer =====

Mumacik looked up from his console and saw Cameron walking across the bridge. He was heading to the Science station where the CsciO was sitting. Mumacik wondered how much time passed since he last looked up from his console.

To say the truth, Mumacik was full concentrated to do his task and payed very little attention to what happened on the bridge. With Cameron back in the CTAC position, Mumacik was free from all the nasty Chief duties and to be honest ... he almost enjoyed to be a simple assistant again.

And since Ens. Ferandez was called to the bride by Sikes again and now was sitting behind the auxilliary tactical scaning for the unknown ship, Muma was not required to watch for the ship ... and he was lost in his own task ...

His task was to find a way to scan for and detect the artifical drones. Reading all aviable reports about the drones, Muma knew that they were quite dangerous in hand-to-hand combat and had the ability to comunicate together. Thay had most probable the ability to detect active scan beams directed at their position and to create a cloaking 'cloud' composed of actinides particles.

There were several posibilities how to detect those drones to consider and so Muma did. First there was the possibility to boost the short-range sensors to maximum and try to localise the drones. But to use the brute force ... was not a good idea, particulary because that would not solve the problem with those actinides particles ...

Then he had a thought about connecting to the internal sensors of the civilian frighter and use them for scaning for the drones ... and because the frighter was not a federations ship and used another sensor technology, there was a chance that their sensors would not be affected by actinides.

That was a nice idea but a quick look at the frighter schematics on his pannel revealed that its internal sensors are heavily damaged and thus off-line. Maybe next time ...

As the third solution ... the use of probes with additional sensor pallets came into Muma's mind. To deploy several of them around the frighter and relly all data to the Archer to analyse them could be fair usefull. And even better ... to beam few probes inside the frighter would be maybe even better. Since the Away team's tricorders had little problems in detecting the drones inside the frighter ... the probes could be fair effective in their jobs as well.

But there was the problem how to detect the drones when they would try to infiltrate the Archer? With shields down ... it would be not an impossible task.

Mumacik tapped his console in his eagerly way to find a way. The solution was simple. At last it appeared simple once you have found it ... "Tachyons". Tachyon beam was the only reliable way how to detect cloaked objects ... and there was no way how to fool tachyons since they have imaginery mass ... thay can not be affected by any shielding or cloaking method.

They could use the Archer main deflector dish to emite a wide-spread tachyon beam between the Archer and the frighter. There was no doubt that they will be able to detect any moving object between the ship and the frighter ... but the question was ... will it be enough? How will they detect the drones in the case they will make their way inside the Archer?

Suddenly Mumacik was interrupted by the familiar voice of his superior: ""So Lieutenant, Any progress?"

"Not yet sir, though we might consider using a wide spread tachyon beam between us and the freighter, we might detect the mechanical beings movement." Said Mumacik a bit confused taht he had not noticed Cameron standing just behind him.

Cameron nodded. "I will take it up with the XO when he returns."

Mumacik noded at Cameron back. It was obviously that he had awaited a bit more from Mumacik. There was a possible battle on the way and Cameron wanted sure to have some aces in the sleeve.

09 17 hours
Lieutenant Harry Lefler, Chief Navigational Offier's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Bridge =/\=

Harry looked at his console, seeing the ship on an intercept course made him sharpen up. He looked at the info from the Tactical scan that had been taken and looked at their manuvering ability. It would be an even match.

He tapped the console and lined the archer up with the intercepting vessel- the bow pointing directly at it.

"One minute to interce--Sir They are on sublight sensors only!" Tactical Announced.

"Confirm." He heard his CO say.

there was a short gap until Shields tried again and finally got a reply. Harry checked the stats of his own ship. Engine wise - not good.

"Prepare to execute the Picard Maneuver with two jumps, surgical strikes for their weapons and engines."

Harry blinked. The picard maneuver? that was an interesting idea. Harry was always slightly cheered up when he had a chance to exercise his piloting skills.

"Incoming torpedoes!" He heard sikes yell.

"Execute Picard Maneuver," The Co's voice came from behind.

Harry applied the control, The console snapped back at him with a rather horrible sound. He tapped it again as quick as he could. The time the torpdeoes had to impact into them was less than 3 seconds. He finsihed the overide and manually engaged. The Archer groaned and shuddered through space.

Nope. No good. The deck jerked and rolled to oneside making him hang onto his console.with a few taps he righted the ship and waited for the order he wanted.

"Warp Drive offline, power relays blown all over the ship, backup systems engaging," Gerzon said from beside him.

"Helm, evasive maneuvers. Ops, feed shields and impulse first. Science, get down to Maintenance Shaft 14 and relieve the engineers. Get the damn plasma aliens off the ship, shoot them if you have to. Engineering, get those EPS relays back, and fix my warp drive!"

He heard Shields yell.

The instant he heard helm. He was off. Manually trying to avoid the enemy targeting scanners. 'Ok, here we go.' He thought and sat straighter. He yawned the ship to the left, letting tactical use all of the phaser arcs they had.

The Archer jerked each time the enemy ship released a volley, making it increasingly harder for him to Maneuver the vessel. The last volley shot a group of sparks out of his console blackening the top half of his uniform.

"Our starboard Impulse engine isnt responding to commands!" He said above the noise of the red alert alarm. "Attmepting new course of evasive maneuvers!"

He veered the Archer away from the Enemy ship. making the most of the port impulse enigne.

He typed out quickly a message to engineering requesting more power to thrusters. He slammed his elbow into the console when the ship shuddered again. The feeling in it disappeared- he tried his best to continue manuevering from the fire. He was being fairly successful. He had avoided 8 out of the 12 volleys they had fired.

09 16 hours
Lt. Commander Amily Ashlexa, Chief Medical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

=/\= Sickbay, Again =/\=

The away team had beamed safely back to the Archer. The yellow alert claxons that had been silently pulsating in the corners of the sickbay changed to red. Carter's prophecy of a red alert had come true. Without even looking down at the status report that was being sent to various departments on the ship, Amily figured that the ship was under some kind of threat. At least minor injuries from around the ship were probable.

LtCmdr Amily Ashlexa had already sent one of her medical officers down to the backup sickbay to check on Ensign Carter. If Carter is already down there, she thought to herself, he might as well stay there and make himself useful.

Her hand raised to tap her comm. badge to contact Mark down in the other sickbay. No sooner had her hand come within an inch of her chest, Carter appeared in sickbay again. A bit confused, she stopped her hand short of her comm badge and smiled at James from her office. Before she could even stand up, the ambitious young ensign was off assisting in the treatment of one of the wounded once again.

Sixteen injured from the transport ship. Amily approached Carter, who was dutifully assisting the EMH. The program hadn't been deactivated, as per her request. "I'm going to have to shut off the EMH," Amily spoke as she made eye contact with the eager officer.

"Is something wrong?" he asked her, the look on his face not changing, indicating that he was neither disappointed or pleased at the response to the EMH's deactivation for the time being.

Amily licked her lips before beginning her answer. "No, the EMH is only meant for emergency situations where there are not enough officers to take care of the wounded. Sickbay is well staffed at this moment, and the EMH is not necessary right now." The CMO wasn't accusing James of anything, seeing as how she was unsure as to how the EMH had gotten activated. It was likely not James himself who had activated it in the first place.

"When you are finished with this patient, I was wondering if you had a chance to look into the analysis of the samples that were taken from the crew of the transport ship?" Amily asked, not waiting for an answer from the Ensign before she spoke again. "At your leisure, of course. The information might be usefull to keep on hand for future reference. It might be nice to see what kind of residue was left behind by these machines in case we ever encounter it again in the future."

Carter nodded silently. Amily smiled at him. The last thing she wanted was to make it seem as though she was giving him a lecture. The CMO stepped away, silently before requesting that the hologram that was working along side Carter be deactivated. With that, she returned to her office to work. She hoped the Archer wasn't in for a thrashing in the next few minutes to come.

09 13 hours
Lt. Commander Cameron Sikes, Chief Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

Cameron returned to the Tactical station. HE told Mumacik to, move to the Auxiliary station,"Lieutenant, Continue your work over at the Aux. Station. Have Fernandez assist you. I will take over the scans of the area." HE watched Mumacik get up from the seat and start to walk away. "Oh.." he added to Mumacik, "BE ready for any combat, this ship is most likely not friendly." Mumacik responded calmly and coolly as usual.

Cameron sat down at the console. He tapped away and pulled up the sensors. The ship was hanging out there and flying at a tangent to the Archer. Cameron kept a close eye on the Ship, not wanting to be surprised. Just then he heard the comms open, it was the chief engineer.

Cameron listened as the chief gave a quick report about a missing engineer and something about bio informs in engineering. {WHAT??} He thought. {It seems that the archer would have been better off if they had not installed the ablative armor and gone with a bug zapper instead!} Cameron looked up from his consol and waited. HE expected James to respond to the chief's message but he did not. Cameron looked at James and saw him staring at his command chair console. {OK Man gets on with it. For gods sake you are the XO, are you going to acknowledge him?} James simply sat there looking at the screen.

A beep caught Cameron off guard. HE quickly snapped his head and looked down. {DMAN Don't do this, don't do this!} He thought to himself. HE looked over the scan record and noticed what had happened. The ship he had been tracking had disappeared; fooling the sensors in to thinking they had left. Then they appeared much closer and on a direct path to the archer.


"Commander. The Ship. It's coming up fast off our port bow."

"How? Where?" was all James could muster at that moment?

"I...I Don't Know, she just appeared from nowhere...They could have been cloaked

but why decloak from that distance."


Cameron replied. He continued to watch the ship as he signaled over to Mumacik with a hand. HE hoped Mumacik had been paying closer attention than he had and was preparing for combat. Cameron quickly tapped on the consol and prepared the shields for action, all he needed was the command to raise then once the away team was back on board.

Cameron then listened to James as he finally started acting like a XO. Cameron listened to the conversation between James and the Captain. {Why was he over there in the first place? Considering what is happening, I would have felt better if the captain had stayed here and James went on the away mission. Anyway, that is how it is supposed to work.} Cameron thought as he looked over the tactical systems preparing for a battle.

Soon Cameron heard what he was waiting for. He taped on the console and raised the shields and then activated the ship wide red alert. Cameron kept his eyes trained on his scanners, watching the ship approach closer and closer. Not long passed until Cameron heard the turbo lift doors open. HE looked up and saw the captain and ops chief walk in. {It is about time. Now may be some one will take charge!} HE did not look away for long when his consol beeped again. {Now WHGAT!} He screamed in his head.

Cameron did not notice much of what James reported to the captain, his attention was solely on the approaching ship and the danger it presented. HE waited for someone to tell him what to do. The ship grew closer and closer, and still not orders. Finally he could not wait any longer.

"One minute to interce--Sir!" came the sudden cry from tactical, "they are on sublight sensors only!"

Cameron could not hear what was being said at the command chair, he did not really care at this point. The CO was here, the xo was here (though might not be all here) and Cameron was where he was most comfortable at, tactical. "Prepare to execute the Picard Maneuver with two jumps, surgical strikes for their weapons and engines." HE thought he started to hear the co say something else when he noticed what he had been expecting.

"Incoming torpedoes!" HE called out to the bridge.

"Execute Picard Maneuver," was all he heard in return.

Cameron prepared to manually track the enemy ship, he would have to since a the Picard maneuver had a tendency to play with targeting sensors and a few precious seconds to retaliate for the torpedo spread could mean everything during the first seconds of the battle. Cameron had not looked up from his sensors when he felt the ship lurch. {That is not right?} He thought. HE scrambled over his sensors, they had not moved. Cameron quickly starter to power up the phaser and try to manually shoot the torpedoes out of space., but it was too late. The ship rocked form the impact. Cameron glanced over rat his readings and called out."At 72% and falling, sir, I'm not getting enough power. They are swinging around for another pass!"

Cameron knew that the enemy had the upper hand now and most likely knew that the archer was vulnerable. HE looked over to Mumacik, "Take torpedoes .." Cameron looked down at his sensors, "work on taking out their Weapons. I will work on the engines and shields." Cameron did not even wait for a reply, the fight was on and archer was already loosing.

Cameron then turned to the Ops Console. "Commander? I could use any power you can spare for the shields!" He said with a bit of urgency.

Cameroon now focused on his entire console. One thing he was good at was being able to look at several readouts at once and have a good idea of what was going on. He saw the torpedo bay become available one by one and quickly Cameron now started to target the enemy ship. He chose to aim right over what appeared to be a large shield emitter by the dorsal port side. HE watched as the ship grew closer and closer. Soon he saw the recognizable blips of torpedoes heading for the enemy ship. Just as Cameron expected to see a torpedo detonation on the enemy ships shields, it moved. {What the @#$%!} He thought.

"Sir the ship just performed their own Picard maneuver!" Just then the ship rocked with the impact of more phaser fire. Cameron glanced over his console, "Shields at 50 % , Port shields are weakening fast!" HE did not wait for an answer. HE glanced to his left where he had a mini view screen of the ship. He quickly pulled the targeting scanners over to the vessel and blindly started to fire pall the phaser back in succession. {I might not be precise, but at least we will finally get a hit on you!} He thought. HE watched as the first two shots missed and the third grazed their shields. The fourth actually made a difference.

{Well it is not much but at least their shields are not at full strength.} Cameron noticed that the enemy ship had a slight drop in shield strength around one of their nacelles, to 95 %.

Cameron watched the sensors and screen intensely. "Sir they are coming around again!" he shouted out. Cameron did not look up form his consol, he did not have to, this was a fight and he knew what he had to do. HE did not want to fall prey to a non-federation copy of a federation tactical maneuver. He was not about to go adrift in the gamma quadrant if he could help it. Cameron released a second salvo on the enemy ship as they drew near for their third pass.

09 12 hours
Lt. Commander Cameron Sikes, Chief Tactical Officer's Duty Log
scan for lifeforms

"Will any one want to take charge?"

===Bridge, USS Archer===

Cameron had been in charge of the bridge for an unusual amount of time. {You would think with the CO gone the XO would never leave the bridge. This is highly unorthodox.} Cameron thought as he sat at the command chair looking over the sensor readouts. {With the mechanical bug over there one would think that everyone would be on edge and concerned about ships security.}

With a majority of the senior officers away from the bridge Cameron had called Ens. Fernandez up to help out at the auxiliary tactical station. He was uneasy about not being able to track those creatures on the other ship, after all what would stop them from coming over to the archer for a quick lunch. With Mumacik trying to figure out a way to track the machines, Cameron had Fernandez manning the long-range scans and keeping an eye on the space surrounding the archer. {Shields down CO on the away team, Injured being constantly being transported to the ship, we are seriously vulnerable!} He thought as a scowl passed over his face. He looked up from his scans and looked about the bridge.

Tired of sitting and feeling helpless Cameron stood up and slowly walked about the bridge. First he stopped by the auxiliary tactical station. HE wanted to see how the scans were going. Even thought they had spotted a ship far off, he did not want any new surprises to come their way. While standing there he heard the turbo lift doors open. {Well about time the XO.} he thought as he looked over to see the chief science officer walk in. Cameron observed the officer as he slowly moved to the science station. His movements were sluggish and his head hung low. Cameron looked closely and wondered if the science officer was ill.

Cameron continued his walk around the bridge by heading over to the science station. {IF Ohmsford is ill, may be he should go to sick by then contaminate the rest of us.} He thought as he approached. Cameron moved up behind the officer and started to speak. "Commander are you felling well?" he asked quietly. HE saw the commander slowly turn around, then it dawned on Cameron what the problem was. A groan of a voice replied, "I will be ok" was the only reply as he turned back around to face the console.

Cameron had seen that face many times in the mirror back on aurora. Sure getting drunk was fun, but the next morning you always regretted it.

Cameron then continued over to Mumacik. He was hoping his human calculator had fond a way to track the little eight legged freaks (or so Cameron was un the impression after hearing the reference to the machines as spiders from a junior officer) "So Lieutenant? Any progress?" Cameron watched Mumaick as he toiled over his consol as a good little TAC officer/computer. "Not yet sir, though we might consider using a wide spread tachyon beam between us and the freighter, we might detect the mechanical beings movement." Cameron nodded. "I will take it up with the XO when he returns."

{Where is the XO? Shouldn't he be back by now?} Cameron thought. HE walked back to the center of the bridge slowly. {They must have great confidence in me to leave me her on the bridge for so long. One of them should be here!} HE looked a bit puzzled as he sat back in the command chair. {After all I have not been back for very long and this is their ship. Now if I were the 2XO it would be different, but I am not. Should I make decisions about things like the Tachyon beam on my own or wait. If I wait the ship could be put in great danger with us not even knowing it. If I approve the bean, I could be wrong. What to do!} Cameron was perplexed, he had had the bridge several times in the past but there was always the 2xo, xo or co close by if he got in to a situation he did not feel he could solve on his own. Trying not to look too concerned he took his attention to the scan readouts on the chairs display. {Well at least these are not decisions that have to be made now. I will wait a little longer before calling the XO, may be he will show up.}

A few minutes passed by when he noticed a blip on the readout on the command chair. He had barely moved when Fernandez called out.

"Sir I have a ship, bearing 154 mark 57!" Cameron shot up straight in his chair and started to turn to Fernandez. HE then stopped and turned back to the main view screen. "On Screen!" {how did that get there?} he thought to himself. Cameron knew now things were heating up. {Rank be damned I need him up here for this!} Cameron stood up from the chair and looked over to Fernandez. "Start passive scans only, we don't want to start any thing. " Cameron then slapped his chest.

+Taps+ "Sikes To commander Finn. Please report to the bridge IMMEDIATELY +Taps+ We have just detected a ship in close proximity"

Cameron heard a meek reply. {I wonder if there is something wrong with the commander} he thought. Cameron then sat back down at the command chair and started looking at the intel the archer had on the ships of this region.

Not long had passed when Cameron heard the turbo lift doors open behind him. James appeared out of a turbo lift. {Good thing their quarters are not far form the bridge.} Cameron thought sarcastically. Cameron stood up form the chair and stepped forward a bit. He watched as James moved to the chair.


"Report" James said, leaving it open for anyone to give him an answer.

"Sir, I've Been searching the database for any ships matching the specifications

of the ship we detected. Its become apparent that The ships match that of those

used by a terrorist faction known as the Idran Coalition. They're kind of like

the Orion syndicate, except in the Gamma Quadrant."

"Great" James muttered sarcastically. "Can we reason with these people??"

"Negative Sir, Intel suggests that they despise Starfleet. Its possible that this is a..."

"A what Commander?" James said, picking up Sikes trail.

"A Trap Sir."


Cameron saw the expression on James's Face. HE watched as James sat in the chair and started looking at the information that Cameron had been reviewing just a moment ago. Not wanting to look odd by standing in the middle of the bridge Cameron moved bact to the tactical station. ===End Log=== LtCmdr Cameorn Sikes CTAC USS Archer

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