12:06pm 10/07/2003
mood: accomplished
music: miss independant
I hope theres no one "offended" by my user name here at blurty... if you are, don't read. It's simple. But anyway, I figured I needed a new journal. I couldn't find any codes for Deadjournal or Livejournal... So I came here. Since I made my default journal ((deadjournal.com/users/XxXoOoXxX)) friends only... I guess, I'm just doing this for all the people who don't have a deadjournal account, in which case you obviously cannot read my journal. So, this one I will leave public, I won't write as much "graphic" / "detailed" / personal stuff in this one, but at least i'll try and update once a week just so you can get a "glimpse" of my life...since I made my dj friends only. I don't really think anyone cares enough to go through all the trouble to read this barely updated blurty journal of Olivia... But if you do.... Here it is! Enjoy....!

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