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    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
    12:16 pm
    Last night I thought a lot about what went on last night. I think it's a bunch of rubbish. But I do see Shanes point... And maybe I'd be better off my careing. So I think that's what I am going to do...
    11:57 am
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    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
    9:29 pm
    Did you know?
    Well apparently you can't care about someone you're not going out with. And who your ex talks to (even though you might love him) is none of your business. well those were some real eye openers!!

    Any ways, I made some groovy new dolls today for my NEW website. Which in the future will be a .com. And I am also working on my old website off and on and am working on a personal site. I was going to have a page dedicated to every one i "cared" about but since it has come to my attention you can't care about some one you're not with that idea is out the window. So I have no damn clue what I will have on my personal site. But i wll be sure to post it up when it is looking good. I will figure something good out I am sure. You know I had an old blurty and it had the best layout you could have imagined but too bad I forgot the user name and password. I will make my lay out tight adventually. I also play graal for those of you who play too. my name on there is "Qtip" or "precious Angel" I like Qtip better it is a more silly name... Well if you play and you're reading this you should PM me... and if you annoy me I'll get Steven to spar your ass to death LOL or maybe you can spar me and I will lose... well either way... I wish I had gone to Denver with Chelsea now... pretty shitty that I didn't... well any ways I am off to... Wander aimlessly through out the street... ;)

    Current Mood: betrayed
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    5:36 pm
    A bitch and a half...
    I came back from vacation (as many of you might know) a week ago last Saturday. During my vacation my boyfriend and I broke up. I was sad... don't get me wrong. But this wasn't the first time we broke up. Although this time it WAS my fault. It took me a while to realize that it WAS for the best. Well a lot of things happened in Minnesota. But nothing "bad" or sexual happened. I went to a 4th of July party and I told my "friend" about it. Well my ex boyfriend wanted to IM her last night about some shit he read in her blurty journal. I'm not going to lie. I talked to him about it so he first heard it from me. Well it turns out she wanted to call him. So he of course being the person he is gave her his phone number. And she obviously assumed some shit and told him her assumtions and I am almost positive he believes her. Mean while she wants to go to a lesbian party with him. He claims he didn't invite her. I know I shouldn't care. I don't care that they talked on the phone I can't tell him who he can and can't give his phone number out to. Since he has been telling me he "loves me" I would have atleast expected he might have thought about how I would feel about it. Over all I don't care, I guess it's just the fact that ALL of this happened with the same girl, with my ex ex boyfriend. (some of you know that story) Well... I guess that's about it. (I didn't use names because I don't want people saying "so and so who" and it really doesn't matter... they will know who they are)

    (i hope to have a better looking layout soon)

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