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[18 Feb 2004|09:47pm]
I think you all took me off your friends list...
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[29 Dec 2003|02:26pm]
Yes, so.... I left.....
I don't know how to feel..
Thats what he said.
I suppose, just read seth's blurty for teh gruesome details.
Everytime i read it I can't help but.. break down in tears...
His username is
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[23 Dec 2003|10:34pm]
500 points to red scream for the awesome email.
It's been going fine..
I am falling in Love.
I don't want to. I didnt see myself staying here..
and I dont seem to get along with anyone else..the girls are all too pretty and Seth's friends have been less than nice. Especially this one Jon. I don't know what I did to him. Esp. After reading Seths' blurty entry. Like crap he saw the marks on my arm .. and he probably knows..but I dont want Seth to know... any of that.. I just wanted to forget everything.. Guess you can't huh?
I dont know. The only reason I've stayed so long is because of him.
There is nothing else for me here.
I wish he could come with me.
He is so amazing.
I wish he could come with me.
He is so amazing.

God I love this boy.
What am I going to do...
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[17 Dec 2003|05:44pm]
Holy Crap!!
I dont know f'n how, but I just found seth's blurty..
I didnt even know he has one..'
its like all he has talked about is me!
I feel so egotistical right now...he says Im amazing and he likes my eyes...
Now I really am floating.
I could stay here forever.
Check it out::
(seth'ss blurty name)
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[07 Dec 2003|01:09am]
[ mood | excited ]

Bye bye Blurty.

We may meet again someday..
But I doubt it...
Add me to your AIM buddy list.
Because I won't be coming back.
[but if i do]
[we'll have a party]
I'll end with one last public entry.

So, My art is lost.
So is my mind.
It doesnt matter. Right now I'm in an unkown state, where I really don't know where I'm going.
Or, more importantly, why I'm going there.
Thats right.
I've finally had enough.
I left the house.
I took my car and I wont be coming back. I'm finally free. This is my escape.
I don't know what I'm going to do for money.
I don't know what is going to happen at school.
I'll be fine.
I'll probably end up ponning(sp?) this lap top for money.
I shopped at goodwill to begin with, so thats nothing new.
I think its the sleeping in my car that will take some getting used too. I hope thats not illegal. I wish I knew where I was.
I used to hate something corporate. Well, his voice bugged me, and I only listened to them because he has talent piano wise, and I play his songs by ear..But me and the moon, I dont know. Ive fallen in love with it.
There was nothing really for me at home.
Sure, mother dearest..but I know her, and I know she'll move on.
The truth is she'll most likely be happy I finally got away, as odd as that may sound.
You should see the trunk of my car. It is full of books and compact disks.
Public Librarys are my new best friend.
Before I left I emptied out my bank account. Whether or not that was a smart thing to do, I dont know.
I'll be using it to buy food.
So, this is the next stage in my life.
I think I'm going to drive west. I'm probably still in pennsylvania.
So, maybe once I get settled and join a library or something,
so I can come online and update some and tell you how everything's going, or not going.

Alright. Untill then..
Later Days.
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sid [01 Dec 2003|12:37am]
Hey Sucka's
Guess what?
It's friends only. Well, the important stuff anyway
So, make a comment. If you wish to be added

Later Days.
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[30 Nov 2003|04:41pm]

Anger is powerful.
Fear is..well, not so much fun.
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[27 Nov 2003|12:27am]

In the long run, we're all dead.
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[24 Nov 2003|07:03pm]

Could someone please explain to the advertising industry that pop up ads do nothing but waste their money and aggrivate the online user so much that they make a pact with themselves never ever to use that product?
Becuase its true.
Really it is.
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