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driving... [13 Feb 2005|07:53pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | listening to gewn steffanni preform ]

i got to drive home from church today b/c i remembered to bring my permit this time. i hate it when my sister sits in the front b/c she is always over critical when im driving. i was u-turning and i did the way my mom and my sister's do it and i went to the middle lane. my mom said from the back seat that i was supposed to take the inner most lane. well they both don't drive like that but i kept my mouth shut b/c i didn't want to get distracted and cause an accident. here are the complaints i had on the way home:
1.) don't accelerate that fast
2.) go faster
3.) make sure u use ur rear view mirror to look behind u (r u serious? is that whats its used for)
4.) give me back my debit card (i was pumping gas for my mom and she wanted me to give her debit card back)
5.) don't change that many lanes w/o a signal (i had a signal on it just went off by itself b/c the steering wheel on my mom's car is off)
6.) turn down the radio (i didn't get to listen to the station i wanted to listen to b/c my mom doesn't like rock music. she even said when i started driving that i can listen to w/e i wanted. well so much for that)
8.) SLOW DOWN!!! (would u make up ur mind)

other than that it was weird. i have a slight trouble parking. but im not that bad. i can back up and straighten myself out. ooo the grammy's are on. i must go watch! later!

<3 candice

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