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    Monday, July 25th, 2005
    9:32 pm
    Wow i havent updated in a LONG time!! hehe oh well, eh. I have a Job now! w00t! Im babysitting Daniel and Jenny. $15 a day. i need to keep a calander though... here is my scedual for the next 3 weeks
    tuesday, thursday, friday I watch kids. All week the week after that. and then tuesday wednsday and friday the week after that. so Im quite busy! but in those 3 weeks I will be earning $150 in 3 weeks! W00T W00T! haha. oh well right. Alex gor $100 a week for watching them.... damn.. lol. Atleast Ty usually helps me.. OH!! Me and Ty are back together!! w00t w00t! Im soo happy I love him soo much! I love Ty with all my heart. hehe ^.^ its true though. wellps bye.

    Current Mood: wooooo
    Current Music: Twiztid - Intro
    Friday, April 15th, 2005
    7:53 am
    omg!! w00t w00t i got to stay hooome today!! lol i love my mommie sooo much!! lol whoa... i keep lokie track of my thoughts!! oh god... like.. i keep forgetting what im about to do and shit... wow... thats fucken crazy!! on myspace i keep going to do something and i keep forgetting what im about to do.... damn... wow.. dizzyness... and im only stitting down... that cant be good... nope nope nope! all im doing is sitting here typing and everyonce in a while looking down at the key board... OMG!!! dizzzy!!! >< rawr... im going to Karlee's birthday party today at 6 or 7... im gunna wear my offencive Manson shirt and some sort of pants... and im gunna do my makeup all pretty like with glitter and such! and i might put my hair in piggy tails (i dont know if im talking about the right thing....) holy wow... BLAH!! i keep forgetting what im doing!! and im dizzy.. i felt like shit when i woke up im feeling semi good... although i have like post nasal drip or some shit like that.. my throat hurts a bit... i want Ty to hold me... i miss him soo much... June 1st.. he is moving in next to me! ^^ w00t w00t.... haha all i had for breakfast was a tea... haha... thats bad... wow im shakey... im not cold im shakey... and dizzy... and i want another tea... but i dont feel like getting off my lazy ass to get one. lol.. my mom just found out i keep an online journal... lol cuz she heard me typing sooo much... she was like "who are you talking to! they should be at school!!" and i was like "sorry.. i keep an online journal..." and she was like "oh.. hahaha" i think she is still semi drunk from last night.... lol ooooh well.... oh oh oh! for once im not listening to Manson!! im listening to Lamb of God... w00t w00t! i was listening to COF yesturday.. i was also listening to ICP yesturday... hmm.. how bout that... oh grr.. i had a plan to steal Ty's beenie today too... i should have went.. but i sure as hell dont want to... lol how nice... i stole Ty's beenie on Wed. lol he fallowed me around until i gave it back!! haha then he gave me a hug and told me he loves me and such ^^ i was happy... i should have kept the beenie though! lol that would have been fun... ugh! he is probably sleeping over Dustin's house tonight... well im staying over Karlee's house so it doesnt matter... i gotta talk to him some time this weekend though.. i talk to Joe Johns and Al more than i talk to Ty!! but when i talk to Ty i acually feel good ^^ i love the kid... no matter how much i dont wanna say it.. i do... i know it! but but but.. love is baaad:: love = pain, pain = depression, depression = self inflicting pain, self inflicting pain = suicidal tendencies, suicidal tendencies = eventual death, death = pain for "loved" ones, pain for your "loved" onces = death for atleast one of them... its a never ending cycle of pain... and most people can deal with physical pain better than emotinal pain (me being one of them) that is the reason some people cut... buuut oh well... i dont cut... cuz im a good kid! plus, i dont have a reason to... im acually happy! and i mean really happy! but if ever i lose Ty... i will die insice... and i will start cutting... and i promas if i lose him i will make sure i bleed this time... that is something no one wants to hear!! oopsies! well i think im gunna get up and get myself a tea and a tissue... bye byes for now

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Lamb of God - Remorse is for the Dead
    Sunday, April 10th, 2005
    2:02 pm
    Well.. im quite happy today.. Ty is gunna be moving in next to me June 1st!! ^^ my dad called Ty my "boy toy"... odd eh? lol it bothers me a bit.. cuz now he is: my lover boy (thanks to my brother), my bitch (thanks to Joe) and my boy toy (thanks to my dad) lmao... yesturday my mommy bout ghetto oreos!! ^^ yay for ghetto oreos!! lmao.. i also made a new friend a lil while ago.. her name is Tara and i swear that i hve seen her before!! from the mall... she is 16 so she sure as hell isnt in my school any more! lol.. Julie and i still arent talking.. i could care less.... im pretty sure if i start talking to her again she will fuck me over again and upset me or piss me off... but like i said.. i could care less about her!! she is no concerne to me... not one bit... lol.. i havent talked to Ty all weekend.. I get to see him tomarrow though! ^^ yays... i thnk he stayed at his other lover's house all weekend.. (aka Dustin's house) lol oooh well.. it doesnt really matter... he is neglecting me!! lmao.. well soon enough he will live next to me! wow... im not gunna be swimming with him, Al, and Joe!! hall no!! lmao my bathing suit was WAAAY too skanky.. and yes, there are problems with that.. i dont even want Ty to see me in my bating suit!! >< im tooo skinny!! lmao... its like: eww...! lmao.. i swear though... i dont want them to see me in my bating suil!! its just.... blech!... i do not wanna be raped in my pool.. HELL NO!! lmao haha i wont be raped.. they wont survive lmao... Joe and Al are gunna be coming around to hang out with my brother too... oh no... Al said i would be seeing him more... i was like "keep all your clothse on!" hehe im odd.. lol wepps bye bye
    Sunday, March 27th, 2005
    3:27 pm
    Well, i havent updated in a while! lol oh well... today is EASTER! aaaand my tummy hurts cuz i ate too many god damnd peeps... lol its all good though... i be a happy duckie!! ^_^ hehes... i have been drawing bunnies and penguins all day!! cuz i have been bored off my ass all day! lol My parents and brother are playing Outlaw Golf 2... and im sitting here... watching (not enought controlers) and listening to my beloved Manson, talking to who ever comes on... sorta...i said happy Easter to i believe everybody!! lol cuz im that much of a loser!! for once im not cold! but my back hurts!! oh well.. i might take a niice looong hooot bubble bath later! ^^ i love bubble baths!!Julie and i are once again not friends or talking or whatever... i talked to her today... but no.. i almost forgave her... almost... but no... haha i win!! lol oh my... Outlaw Golf has ISSUES!! lmao!! haha funny though!! >< wellps that all

    () ()...........................() ()
    ( '.' ) HAPPY EASTER ( '.' )
    (" )( ")......................(" )( ")

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Marilyn Manson:: Disposable Teens
    Friday, March 4th, 2005
    11:03 pm
    Well... i havent seen Ty for 4 days now... since Monday... i talked to him every day... tomarrow is Saturday... normally i go over his house on Saturdays but he is helping Joe move to his new house... so i cant come over and see the one i love... but its all good... i just .. miss him... a lot.... *sigh* but im lucky, cuz he is out there and he cares about me and some people cant find that and are verry depressed... and blah blah balh... im just happy that there is possibility of me seeing Ty... *sigh* but its all good... im happy.... i think... ill keep telling myself that and myabe soon believe it! haha... but i am happy and such... lol i just miss him... well night im tired and i might go to bed soon... byes!


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    Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
    8:10 pm
    Wellz... im pretty good... today it mine and Ty's 5th day!! ^_^ haha... im such a loser!! i was basically groped to day by Justin Valeniein the fucking nigger... anyways... he kept trying to grab my chest!! it was DISGUSTING!! i didnt tell Ty yet... *sigh* im gunna soon... he is gunna be pissed or something... i hope i see him in school tomarrow!! i did today!! ^_^ yayz!! hehe im such a loser once again! but back to what pissed me off... umm... it was just..UGH!! just... just... just... eww!! it was he kept trying to grab my chest i was sooo voilated it was just... eww.... just... blah!!! i hope Ty flips out and wants me to show him the kid!! that would be soooo sweet!!! i wish i had told him sooner... errms... well im gunna go... bye byes

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Current Music: none
    Saturday, February 19th, 2005
    7:07 pm
    hehehehe.... hmmm. i just spent four and a half hours with Ty, and Julie!! ^_^ Julie was like upset that we werent all huggie-lovie... ehh its bs! lol she is still at Ty's... oh well i wish i could have staied longer!! grr!! he is so amazing! nothing bad happened! execpt for his brother being an ass! x_x like always!! grr! oh well... its all good though! i got a hug before i like the cramped car! we both had to share a seat! i was cramed up agens the window!! errm!! we barley did anything!! we talked a lil... watched tv on his waterbed!! oh i love his waterbed!! we played skatagories! we both felt REALLY stupid!! lol i havent seen my harasser in 2 days now!! i highly doubt they will do anything today!! hehe thank god! they wouldnt beable to break my spirit today!! :) hehe im soooooo happy!! sammy will flip if i tell her too much... oh well! im happy nothing to worry bout now! wells byes for now...

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: Slipknot-Wait and Bleed
    10:52 am
    im haaaaaaaaappy!!
    Im dating Ty..!! wee!! lol im such a loser but im a happy loser! lol yesturday i didnt see my harassers!! maybe they finally got a life! HA HA!! doubt it oh well though!! i might go hang out with Ty today!! well with Ty, Julie, and Ty's brother. im gunna feel soooo weird i already know it!! haha! wellp bye byes for now!

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: Cradle Of Filth: Nyphetamine (overdose)
    Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
    8:14 pm
    Well... im sickly! Damn Alex, mother, and father!! Damn them to hell!! Lol... Im gunna try to talk to Ty tomarrow... if Im in school! Yays!! Im happys now!! Im talken to Ty!! w00t w00t!! lol Im sucha dork >< ok imma go now... being harassed/bothered but oh well byes!

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: none
    8:14 pm
    Well... im sickly! Damn Alex, mother, and father!! Damn them to hell!! Lol... Im gunna try to talk to Ty tomarrow... if Im in school! Yays!! Im happys now!! Im talken to Ty!! w00t w00t!! lol Im sucha dork >< ok imma go now... being harassed/bothered but oh well byes!

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: none
    Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
    3:47 pm
    Well, Valentines day SUCKED!! i was harassed... AGAIN! by devon... and yet, she still doesnt have the balls to say shit to my face!! only online, where i can get friends to go after her and she can get friends to go after me.... heh. what a bitch! Lindsey and Julia took care of her for a while. then Kaitlin helped a lil i think... not sure though... it pisses me off so much! what ever though... dosnt matter... ill deal with it like i did before.
    Saturday, February 12th, 2005
    9:51 pm
    ootay... well umm... i really have nothing to say... lindsey got me to get a blurty so YAY!! and im gunna be hanging out with her more often ootay!! thats all i had to say... umm ok bye byes!!

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: linkin park::pushing me away
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