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Sydney McFly's Journal

22nd February, 2003. 12:49 am. Can't Sleep

I'm up and I can't sleep but I'm writing to this stupid journal thing Ben's got going. I saw the recruit, made me think of Navid. They spoke Farsi. I called that Pacino was the mole, I should have won money. Ate at the ale house, saw the Gardens/RPB softball game, we kicked butt. Hobbs cried. I'm in my room now, can't sleep. Went to a chat room, told off a few people. Feel much better. Going to bed now. Going to the gym tomorrow morning for a long workout to burn off the fries I ate tonight. I feel gross.

Current mood: restless.
Current music: Daredevil Soundtrack- Evenecense- Innocent.

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16th February, 2003. 12:17 pm. First Day

Just set up this stupid journal thing. Ben's got the occasional good idea or two. I don't know if I'll really keep up with this damn thing but it should be fun. I'm still sick and grumpy I've got a crapload to do and absolutely no energy to do any of it. I hate feeling like this. I haven't worked out in days. Blah. Stupid flu....Why did I set this journal up again? Damn you Ben. :(

Current mood: groggy.
Current music: Michelle Branch- Everywhere.

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