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    Saturday, March 1st, 2003
    1:44 pm
    music-I will be~Christina Aguilera

    Heyy I finally got this thing 2 work yay!!!! umm..I have a full day of homework,reading and all that boring stuff haha. I have no life...If I actually do something fun it will be with my sister. :'( I guess you could say I'm not very social. Its just all my confidence is gone and hopefully, i can regain it and be strong. These past few months have been hell..I just do not know what to do. Nothing is getting better :-\ I'm tired of waiting for something to happen but, the future seems well worth it! I hope I am right. For now, I just need to try my best to get through this depression and Do not let it get the best of me. I have to be the fighter I once was. Its weird how the older I got the weaker I became. *f* Welp..I better get working hehe Byeez