Calvin's Journal

Sunday, August 31, 2003

12:53AM - I'm back again...

It has been such a long time I left this alone. Much incidence happened though. Let's see... Oh yeah, gotta really have some comment on my relationship. Well, we are back together again, just becos of money matters. It quite difficult to say it out; just pure feelings. Lets switch to another one.. WOrk.. same old stuff; lotsa things in my head. Constantly thinking about it. N it's no surprise that I went to my local bookstore, getting quite a no. of books n start reading! How am I gonna finish them in the 1st place.. Speed reading? Forget it.. I had nv get to know that in my entire life.. Anyway, let's just have a break here.. Have to wake up early tml.. cya..

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Sunday, July 27, 2003

7:42PM - get real man!!!

Bad bad day. Have to be serious about the project. Do people care who you are? They just want to see what u have produced. That's all. They care about cost? Come on man. People, this is no joke. We are falling back. Just wanna get things done. Period. I've one question in mind; what is being? Maybe someone here will have the answer. Feel free to leave notes ya. =)

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