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[03 Jul 2003|01:51pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Journals. What a wonderful way for us all to keep tabs on eachother without having to leave the security of our rooms. No, really. It's...wonderful. And I do hope I'm spared from the mindless opinions of Ms. Tenjou's belief in miracles here, since I'm apparently not anywhere else.

But, I see the crowd here is rather normal. I dare say that I'm surprised that Nanami-san has decided to grace us with her presence. Yes, I'm sure we all need her words of unnecessary wisdom. Touga-kun isn't a part of this - which is what surprises me. Usually Nanami is busy latching herself onto him.

Ah, yes. I believe it's time for the afternoon fencing practice. I may or may not see some of you there.

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