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Dear Members, [22 Feb 2007|04:38am]
From now on, please make your entries friends only to ensure that certain people (with no lives, who like to harass people online, because in real life they too cowardly, too much of a doormat, or perhaps, even ostracized due to restraining orders, unacceptable interests in children, or they are just down-right socially retarded, to be able to make a difference and/or stand up for themselves. So, coming online and performing cyber bullying somehow makes them forget about how they lead sad, lonely, pathetic lives, and allows them feel a little more like a man, when we all know a real man doesn't go to an online community, intended for people younger than he is, to insult people who have probably made the same, if not similar, mistakes that he has made)
don't comment on them.

Simply, while making an entry, select the Security Level "Friends".


P.S. If you could make past entries "friends only" too, it would help.
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[22 Feb 2007|07:17pm]
Dear Jerkface

You disgust me. Please stop being everything that you hate. Stop being everything I hate. Just go away for good.

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[22 Feb 2007|10:02pm]
Dear Aaron.

I know how this is going to go. Okay? I've been here before. Accept I've never had this much hope or been so compatable with someone in my entire life. Sure I'm 18, and sure I can't predict the future. All I can do is hope.

We're going to become very close over the next few months and the girl your seeing, you two will become very involved and serious. I'm going to find someone in this rotting away city and I'll probably have a job. We're gonna have less and less time to talk and we'll find ourselves forgetting about eachother. Slowly over the years your we're both going to get married, have children, good jobs and mortgages. We're going to watch our children have their own babies and we'll be grandparents. Over the years we'll think once in a while what it would of been like if we ever persued eachother, but it'll slowly fade away when we see the smiles on our grandchildrens face, or when we feel proud of having amazing children. Later on we'll see in the newspaper one of our grandchildren will be getting married. We'll remember the times we talked till all hours in the morning and we'll both be widowed. You or I will contact the newspaper company and get information on who we are and we'll find eachother. It'll be like the notebook, all over again. We'll meet again and the chemistry will still be there, although years has passed.

I want you to know even if this doesn't happen. I'll never forget you. Your the one person I can be honest about myself with and be myself around. I'm not scared of what you'll say and I won't ever forget you. You made a big difference in my life and I hope someday we'll get to even just talk about our lifes acomplishments, even if, we're not together.

Yours Truly.
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