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To "both of you"... [a calling out of sorts] [03 Feb 2007|01:53am]
[ mood | trying to be compassionate ]

Hi. I've been trying not to say anything, but I can't keep my mouth shut any longer. I'm going to say this once, and hopefully won't ever have to address it again.

You've been accused of being a fake. You've denied it, and even mocked the person/people who made those accusations. Here's my take on it:

You've gotta be kidding me. You honestly think people won't catch/haven't caught on?? Nobody else on the internet has grammar like yours -- an odd mix of intelligence and backwoods double negatives. Nobody else would claim to be TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLD, and married for the second time... with a teenaged (or close to it) daughter. NOBODY else would really invest that much time in someone else's drama -- unless the drama secretly DID belong to him. It's pretty convenient how this new user just suddenly appeared right after your falling out with whatsername. Also not a BIT suspicious (that's sarcasm) that the journal was made on the 27th. Again, that's awfully convenient timing.

I know you're a decent guy with a good heart. At one point you took credit for helping me get rid of the idiots that were making this community ridiculous, immature, and unpleasant. It was nice to have that lovely, calm environment where people could bring their troubles and joys and post the letters they'd like to send. The immaturity and drama were gone, and we all breathed a little sigh of relief. But lately it's back, and I, for one, am not willing to put up with it. I'd appreciate it if you'd now help clean up the community of such immaturity by sparing us your facade. Take your little soap opera somewhere else, please.

And if this sounds cold and uncaring, I'm sorry; it's really not. I do care that you've been hurt. I know what that's like, and it's not fun. I totally sympathize with you there. But please, PLEASE stop asking us to be part of it. It's not fair to the community members who have better things to do with their time. I'm not suggesting you leave the community -- but if you could just pare down your letter-writing to maybe ONE identity, and a little less ridiculousness, I know quite a few people who would appreciate it a LOT. If you don't think you can do that, well... then maybe it would be a good idea to try to vent somewhere else. LJ? MySpace? Real life friends?

Thanks! ♥

Your fellow letter-writer,


P.S. I'm serious when I say this isn't meant to be hurtful, and it's nothing personal. I just can't take it anymore. I'm wishing you the best of luck in getting through your problems and finding yourself. : ]

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[03 Feb 2007|02:18pm]
Dear Face


-The rest of you.
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dear mom [03 Feb 2007|04:00pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

remember me, ma? i miss you, but sometimes it doesn't feel as though you miss me. I try and try to
get a hold of you on the phone, but I usually can't, and when I do get you on the phone, you are
always too busy to visit with me. So, I was just wondering if you forgot about me, or what. Let me know,
because everyone needs their mother once in a while.

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[03 Feb 2007|05:13pm]
Dear New Guy,

I met you exactly a week ago today... and i cant stop thinking about you? I know my friend has a lil crush on you but it dnt mean jack she liked everyone... Youv admitted to maybe lykin me but we hardly know eachother!? So im not sure what to do? I like you realli i do but i hardly know you? Your almost my complete opposite? Your also a grade under me? I dont know what to do?

I just... I just dont know?

Luv Confused
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[03 Feb 2007|05:49pm]
Dear Jordi,

I wanted to tell you this. Just so you know.
Youre funny.
Youre nice.
Youre cute.
Youre hot.
Youre tough.
Youre sensitive.
Youre cool.
Youre not selfish.
Youre smart.
Youre everything i want.


PeeEss: Oh yeah..David wanted me to do this;

Do you like me?
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[03 Feb 2007|09:38pm]
Dear Canada Boy,

Please come back home. I need you more then ever right now.
And I think the crush is more then a crush.
Which is stupid, because I know you don't like me like that. And I know you've cheated on girls before.
I can't deal with another cheater.
But that Thursday you made me feel amazing.
More amazing then I've felt in awhile.
And every time I think about me and you, I just smile.
Because I got away with it.

The other boy is an ass.
We should have gone further.
Please come home. You make me feel like I have a purpose.
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[03 Feb 2007|10:26pm]
I liked you better when you were drunk.
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