02:35am 17/08/2003
  I cant breath I cant swallow
I hate this
I feel sooo shitty
I dont even want to think about kevin

Im sick
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for bella_anorexia   
08:28am 15/08/2003
  Name: Alison
Age: 17
Location: Indiana
What ED do you have?: mostly mia and complsive overeating
How long have you had your ED (s): mia 4 years aove Ive always not been able to stopp eating
Height: 5'2"
Highest Weight: 130
Lowest Weight: 90
Present Weight: 120
Short Term Goal Weight: 115
Long term Goal Weight: 90
to start with   
07:52am 15/08/2003
mood: satisfied
music: mom leaving for work
I think Im going to go shopping and get clothes for school today

ohhh and Im only writting this because it posted my last entry 2 times and I was to lazy to find out how to delet and entry...