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que sera sera [15 Aug 2003|06:04pm]

Which Genocidal Maniac Are You?
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im going on a cruise... yup,
and tomorrow my aunt and uncle are coming from england.. theyre kind of rich, and we're going shopping, so that's good.
oh yeah and jason gave me a guitar catalogue and is going to help me pick out a shiny new geetar.
happiness is a warm gun
vomit all you're worth

[13 Aug 2003|01:31am]
i havent posted in a long time ...i was taking a break kindof but im back. woohoo.
hmm nothing excited has happened really.. my mommys birthday is coming up..wanna know what im getting her? its greatness it really is.... im making a photo album filled with pictures of me & her together. and a bunch of flowers + all that stuff. i have like 3 days to finish...poooo
it hink i know what im gonna do as a living. i'm gonna make erotic comic books... yepyep, im pretty sure theres a name for the japanese kind but i dont remember..& its not gonna be like that anyways. wow i have the greatest ideas pa ha ha.
i think its not fair that my brother gets 30 dollars everyweek, and i get 10 dollars every 2 weeks. he probably just uses it to buy weed, while i would use mine to buy something much more worth it... such as cds or comics or cocaine. gah thats life.. i should start selling things on the street, or hanging out with bums, and wear dirty clothes (but waitttt i do that anywaysss]]] and maybe get some tips.
oh yeah, i just discovered how great ebay is. theres this bag, & its really cool, and its checkered, and also the girl who made it lives in england, so i can tell people i got a bag from england. oooo.
hmm okay see you later
vomit all you're worth

[10 Jul 2003|06:33pm]
ive been staying in a lot lately and sketching. im getting better i think. kinda. it always makes me happy when i finish something and i think it looks pretty.. until i look at it later and see how fugly it is:p.
You're Hyde!
You're Hyde!

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!!!!!! when i grow upper i'm going to find myself some cool friends that are just like the cast of that 70s show, and we're all going to listen to led zeppelin together. oh oh oh and get a table and smoke in a circle. yesssss.

PS how do those guys change your cable box from all the way out there?
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[02 Jul 2003|06:54pm]
bella got me a finding nemo toy from dsieny world.. looove that girl i really do.
i like mike skinner too.. im gettng this i hope. what if you dont have any pounds? hmmmmm.
im bored. im going to find somewhere to go..
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some thoughts [29 Jun 2003|06:49pm]
[ music | palo alto "fade out fade in" ]

my mom is so annoying. she was like dying today. she has so many health problems. and yellow toes. she has yellow toes. oh god im a horrible daughter.
my stomach hurts.

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it is so hot [27 Jun 2003|02:27pm]
[ music | the most depressing song ]

its so hot here.. haha i love it i do! its what.. 92 right now. :] yay.
umm i saw the hulk.. it was wonddderful. hehehhe. maybe theyll make a hulk II. hopefully. they should make a she-hulk. haha that would like kinda weird though.
i also saw that animatrix thingy. it was boring. maybe cause i didnt understand any of it since i havent seen either of the matrix movies buttt yeah i only liked a couple of them.
hmmm lets see what have i done.. bella(gel) came over yesterday.. i think.. itmightve been the day before.. i dont remember, whatever. yea we broke all the penitentiary laws. haha rEbBel 4 lYFe, yo. :p bella took a LOT of pictures.. and i mean like hundreds. i think it was 310. =O yeah so i dont know what im gonna do with them all. heheh. she left her purse here. she was supposed to get it yesterday but she didnt. and now shes going to disney world. SO too bad bella im stealing your money. :]
anyways..... im BORED and i need some new cds.

vomit all you're worth

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