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ice,ice baby! [01 May 2005|08:44pm]
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Papaya Ice!

well,I have forgotten the correct recipe AND lost the book in which I'd jotted it down...
Anyway,I tried to make it my own way- one medium sized papaya, 2 tablespoon(maybe 3) gelatin, 8 loaded tsp. SUGAR, unknown quantity of water (yep,I just poured!)...and half a lemon and the rind of one entire lemon...


Boil most of the water and keep ready

melt the gelatin in a pan with the remaining lil' quantity of water

Pour into the pan,the rest of the water(boiled)

Add the sugar

Wait for it to melt and do stir occassionally...

In the meanwhile,you've managed to puree the papaya in the mixie( if you have been actually been following these steps and have reached upto this part and DON"T HAVE A MIXER...LOL!...try chewing and spitting out...;p)

Pour the papaya in,put in all the lemony ingredients

Wait for the "thing" to thicken

Pour into pretty,dainty,decorative cups...wait for everything to cool down a bit (icluding yourself when you're in HOT,HOT INDIA!!!)

Put in the deep freeze...wait for it to "icify"

Eat when you want to(but don't wait too long!)
bon appetit!:)...this is the first and the last of our series on recipes to beat the Indian Summer Heat!!!

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