名前 Priscilla
ニックネーム ゆみ
誕生日 5月1日
出身地 San Jose, CA

A little girl who never wants to grow up. Spends most of her time daydreaming. She's a girly girl who enjoys dressing up. Likes listening to music that can make her wanna dance in her underwear. Interests includes fashion, delicious sweets, Disney, singing, and a bunch of other quirky combo.

スタイル 姫, 甘ロリ
好きなブランド LIZ LISA, Angelic Pretty, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Forever21, Juicy Couture, BETSEY JOHNSON, Elle Macpherson, Ravijuor, Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene → This is my photo journal. I am also known as nchantedsakura@lj.com. Here is where I will post pictures of fashion, my obssessions, and interests. So there is lots of useless spamming of photos and not much writing. I do keep a journal on what's happening with my daily life and where I write my personal thoughts, but it's restricted to friends only.

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TRACY'S BDAYAugust 10 2008 10:48pm
mood : restless
music : ジョンフン - サクラTEARS

we ate dinner at the Sonoma Chicken Coop, a place which i couldn't even find when i had to meet up with her last year. this time i was able to find it! then we spent the rest of the night at Loft Bar & Bistro. Anthony kept nagging me to eat the chocolate fondue, that bumlum

summer is quickly coming to an end

here's what i wore that day.

❶ Dress: Juicy Couture Stripe V-Neck Dress
❷ Shoes: Rampage Peep-toe Pumps
❸ Necklace: Forever21 Hearts & Ribbon Charm Necklace
❹ Purse: GUESS Shoulder Bag
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LOOKIE WHAT I GOT IN THE MAILAugust 7 2008 01:07pm
mood : giddy
music : Leah Dizon - Step into my World

YAY!! all 3 of my parcels came in relatively at the same time today
i've been impatiently anticipating for their arrival

swimwear on sale for half-price is the best!!! but finding sizes tend to be a pain in the butt

parcel #1
i fell in love with this Betsey Johnson bikini when i tried it on
the triangle design is just gorgeous with the crocheted flowers and jewels. BUST IS A MUST

parcel #2
polka-dotted boardshorts~
they are cute and also girly hehe

parcel #3
pretty dresses! i don't know when i'll find a nice occasion to wear them

a little tomboy-ish, but i adore the aqua color i look ready for surfing!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
- Coco Chanel
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DREAMING OF DREAMSAugust 4 2008 01:23pm
mood : amused
music : 東方神起 - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう

i had a dream about Yamapi
which is actually the first time ever!

"i knwo priscilla has lips that scream kiss me!"
America loves a gal with full lips. Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba to name a few.
but my full lips is not even considered sexy.
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元気ロケッツJuly 31 2008 06:37pm
mood : cheerful
music : 元気ロケッツ - Fly!

i've gotten back into electronica and have been listening to it for several months now. along with my new found love for electronica i discovered a great band!

Genki Rockets, a mysterious band with little information and few known names of who are the people behind Genki Rockets. however, the face of the band is represented by a fictional character named Lumi, a 18 year-old girl born in space on September 11, 2037, who has never been to earth but always dreams about it. it is said that Lumi's voice is synthesized by taking samples of several different female singers. another interesting fact is the PVs are almost completely computer-generated, including Lumi. they use holograms when doing live performances. i find their music really easy to listen to and catchy when it comes to electronica. 98% of the songs are sung in english and you can also find a few ballads & rock inspired numbers from them. i highly recommend people to give them a try if you have not heard of them =)

♪ Heavenly Star
language: English
genre: Pop, Electronica
mood: Happy, Energetic, Sweet, Hopeful, Uplifting
PV: Heavenly Star @ youtube

my favorite song from them! i love the others, but i'd have to say this one is the best. the song starts off using a vocoder, but as the song reaches the chrous "Let's get away, fly away!" the music swells and totally opens up..getting rid of the restricted vocal distorter. awesome! when i'm listening to this song i always feel like singing along and when i do, my heart just opens up. the movie video is inspired by a-ha's "Take on me".

♪ Breeze
language: English
genre: Pop, Electronica
mood: Sweet, Happy, Energetic, Uplifting
PV: Breeze @ youtube

somewhat similar to "Heavenly Star" but "Breeze" is more easy-going and acoustic driven. the smooth sounds of this song certainly fits the title. very colorful music video with the first real look of the model of Lumi. there are certain times where i think she sounds like Ito Yuna.
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LETS TALK ABOUT MOVIESJuly 30 2008 04:01pm
mood : excited
music : 東方神起 - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう

more clips of TLM 3

somehow i'm getting a feeling the movie will be leaked online before the DVD comes out just like Cinderella 3. Triton's hair color is suppose to be an intense red like Ariel's? that wasn't so in this movie. a bit inconsistent in my opinion . i love the intro to "I Remember"..very sweet & pretty! i feel iffy about Athena looking so much like Ariel. what about the 6 sisters? but in a way it explains why Ariel is Triton's favorite

The Dark Knight
i knew it was two-face the moment they mentioned the name Harvey and showed him flipping his coin. i know my batman characters well although i thought they would have the story about him getting is revenge in the next movie, but i guess not. somehow this whole story about the people turning on Batman is reminding me of Spiderman

one of the things that make the Joker the best villian is he knows no fear and no limits. a plain wacko with a sick mind on how to torture people. his own enjoyment is putting fear in people..creating terror and chaos. don't know how to be merciful. i would be scared shitless if someone like that existed in real life.

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
the movie that i'm looking most forward to has finally released a trailer a glimpse into the past on probably how Voldemort came to be. very dark and mysterious feel. it should be since the time when Voldemort ruled is the most dangerous time that struck fear in everyone.

not as popular as HP, whom has a larger target audience. Twilight audiences range from young adults to adults. but who doesn't love a movie about vampires? it'll be the first vampire movie i've seen in a long while since Interview with the Vampire but i was thrilled when the news about a movie version came out

"You can search the world for THE perfect person you've been dreaming, but you'll always be disappointed. However, there is the best person FOR you who may not be everything you ever wanted, but if you can appreciate that then it's a love that'll last a lifetime."
- Priscilla T.
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