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ニックネーム ゆみ
誕生日 5月1日
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A little girl who never wants to grow up. Spends most of her time daydreaming. She's a girly girl who enjoys dressing up. Likes listening to music that can make her wanna dance in her underwear. Interests includes fashion, delicious sweets, Disney, singing, and a bunch of other quirky combo.

スタイル 姫, 甘ロリ
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UNCLE'S FUNERALSeptember 8 2008 04:25pm
mood : drained
music : MiChi - PROMiSE

an expected death that happened 3 days after we finished my grandpa's. my uncle passed away at Stanford's hospital due to lung cancer

Lee Jung Ha
May 30, 1937 - September 3, 2008

me and the younger cousins.

mommy with my aunt

"Little did I know that you were just another dead end road, made of pretty lies and broken dreams."
- Julie Roberts.
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GRANDPA'S FUNERALAugust 31 2008 05:58pm
mood : tired
music : 光岡昌美 - Last Cross

my August 29 - 31 weekend

Man Dinh Vu
October 3, 1912 - August 23, 2008

someone i don't know making a speech

most of my family member except for my aunt Mai. and the lady that's really short with her husband..i have no clue who they are

carrying my grandpa's casket to the area where we will burn him. i ended up being one of the flower girl (left) in place of my cousin at the last minute. if i knew i would have worn a dress

our journey continues...

they look like secret service men LOL it was arranged that my male cousins carry the casket (except 1 is my uncle)

after watching the door to the oversize oven closed

behind the scene in the kitchen. i'm in the back behind near the painting

the task i'm in charge with is getting people to sign in as they enter

my cousins Andy, Thomas & Ho Young

day1 i was rushed when i got home from my 3:30 PM class to get ready.

❶ Vest: Charlotte Russe Suspender Vest
❷ Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch Button
❸ Pants: Forever21 Black Slacks
❹ Shoes: Rampage Peep-toe Pumps

❶ Shirt: Tothemax! V-neck Top
❷ Outer: Design History Ruffle Hem Cardigan
❸ Pants: Forever21 Black Slacks
❹ Shoes: Nine West Pointed-toe Pumps
they said i look like i came from a business meeting
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LITTLE VESTSAugust 29 2008 07:49pm
mood : creative
music : 井上ジョー - CLOSER

i've been searching for some good vests, so you can say i'm in a vest frenzy here's my haul. so much black! it's not that i really want to buy all black. i actually wanted more texture, but they didn't offer any in the style i liked

fall is here! time to trade in my delicate, airy, girly clothes from the spring/summer season to a more edgy, strong, border-line masculine clothes. there will be alot of black, but i will still add in some feminine details here and there to make it a bit romantic (think goth!) i kinda want to get a lace tights~
i will definitely need a pair of grey skinnys. i think it would look good if i plan to wear alot of black instead of wearing my dark-washed denims.

i ate the most expensive crepe in my life $6 with no ice cream!!!
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BACK-TO-SCHOOLAugust 26 2008 06:47pm
mood : tired
music : BoA - Eat You Up

it's back to school time. this is pretty much what i wore on the 2nd day of class. i didn't get a chance to take a picture of what i wore on the 1st & 3rd day.

❶ Blouse: American Rag Cie Lace & Ruffles
❷ Pants: ZCO Jeans Shadow Dark-washed Skinnys
❸ Shoes: BCBGirls Peep-toe Wedged Sandals
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BEACH, BBQ & BONFIREAugust 23 2008 11:02pm
mood : sore
music : 기억 (feat.타블로) - Rap Mix ver.

my beach, bbq & bonfire day @ Carmel was fun & tiring afterwards. it was cloudy that day so no sun and a bit chilly. i had my jacket on most of the day except when we played volleyball. intitially we rallied a bit with boys vs girls (the girls out numbered the guys but we still didn't do so hot since we're all short and yeah). the game ended in a tie where both team had won once, however, after we took a break from the second game we never continued to break the tie ^^; i was on "team skin" where you're either shirtless or wearing bikinis.

the beach was rather crowded that day because of some doggy social gathering event.

the crowd seemed to love watching the mother dolphin with her baby. they constantly swam back and forth across the beach

Tam & Tiff

kekek..i sneaked a picture

Linda's masterpiece

supposedly Raymond, Anthony T, and Alvin are digging a hole to bury Anthony S and turn him into a mermaid. but instead they dumped Tam in it

group picture!

there are always some group of girls missing in these photos because they took a hike to the bathroom in groups (oh, fun high school days lol).

our little rally (boys vs. girls) while yet more people went to the bathroom before the game start.

oooh~ our bonfire

ring of fire! although the middle is dying D:

more ocean/scenary

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