Superbowl Sunday   
07:06pm 01/02/2004
mood: stressed
music: Super Bowl music has been awhile since I last updated. There's a lot that's happened, but nothing I feel like discussing right now. It's been a long weekend and it's Superbowl Sunday. It's 7pm and almost halftime. The New England Patriots are beating the Carolina Panthers 14-7. Anyway...My 21st birthday was Friday Jan. 30th. We went out to the bars and had a pretty good time. I went out to dinner with my family and had cake with some good friends. I'll tell more about it later. Well, I guess I'm going to finish watching the game and clean my room. Lata
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Say Anything   
08:47pm 27/01/2004
mood: angry
music: The Voice Within - Christina Aguilera
This is my first time doing the quiz thing...
Say Anything...

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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My roommate pissed me off tonight...she's a bitch.
Good Afternoon   
03:14pm 23/01/2004
mood: lazy
music: Trading Spaces
Hey everyone.....It's about 3 pm on a Friday afternoon. It's cold, dismal and gloomy outside. There's only one thing this weather's good for.......Sleeping or being Lazy. And Being lazy is exactly what I'm doing. I do have to get going though because I have to go to the bank and pay my UofI bill. I also have to clean my room before Adam and Linz get here to watch Strangers with Candy. I love that show. If you haven't heard of used to be on Comedy Central and now it's on DVD. Jerri is great. Well....peace out.....
12:57am 23/01/2004
mood: sleepy
music: Adult Swim...Home Movies music
Good evening.....It's about 1 am and I'm just sitting here talking online to my dear friend Adam on Aol again. I decided to update even though today has been pretty boring once again. Let's see....what did I do today....tried to switch my major....I have to go see my adviser again tom. I'm not looking forward to it. Um...I went grocery shopping with my fantastic mother where we ran into my friend Adam in the Snackie Cake isle. We took a picture. It's a memory to cherish. I better get a copy of the picture A. Anyway....then I came home and ate roasted chicken, potatoes, and a salad. Then, I watched a Friends rerun and Extreme Makeover. Umm....then I did two more loads of laundry and spent some time getting to know my new roommates Julie and Malsuk. I'll tell you more about them later. Then I spent some time on the phone with my friend Matt. That's pretty much it for the day. Well....I'm going to relax and catch some zzzzz. Night-Night.....
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11:50pm 21/01/2004
  Well.....this was another eventful day.....or not.....once again nothing was accomplished that I had hoped would get accomplished. Although, I did get my laundry done. I did about 5 loads tonight. It's about midnight.....I have a feeling I'll be up all night....I have to get some rest bc I have to be early tom. morning for an appt. and classes. Well....I guess that's about all I have to say.....I'm talking to my bud Adam on Aol right now and watching Conan. Have a good night everyone.....Peace Out ( I got love for the P.B.V. )  
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I'm Still AWAKE!!!!   
01:22am 21/01/2004
mood: depressed
music: Infomerical music
I am so tired.....but I'm also worried and therefore I can't sleep...I have class tomorrow too and I really need some rest. Well...what else can I say....Life Sucks....My great friend Adam came over tonight and made me feel somewhat better. He helped me set this up and we chatted. It was good times, fun times, Great Times. Oh well...I better try to go to sleep. Good-night.....
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This is Adam   
10:52pm 20/01/2004
mood: artistic
music: Jenn's heavy breathing...
This is Adam and I just helped set up Jenn's blurty...Congrats to myself and we can eat and be merry...and drink if we are willing...take two pills and call me in the morning...