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[28 Jan 2003|07:53pm]
[ music | Made of Steel - Our Lady Peace ]

I'm bored. So I'm making a quiz/survey thing. x_x And it's going to be purposely retarded.

I am: A little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard... xDDD Naw. I'm RENA. =D
I am of what nationality? Chinese. o_o'
I am what age? xD 11.
My favorite band is: Well... I have a lot, but I'd have to say either LP, SP, or OLP.
Amy Lee is: constipated
Chester Bennington is: HE HAS NICE LEGS. TT_TT''
Raine Maida is: Well, he reminds me of Elijah Wood, but hotter... o_o He has a great voice too! :D
Avril Lavigne is: A dead cat fucked by a mongoose
David Desrosiers is: AWESOME AND HAAAWT. O_O!
Yami Bakura is: somebody I wish was real. o_o
NFG or GC? xD That's hard... >_> I'd have to say GC.
OLP or Foo Fighters? What kind of comparison is that? OLP. o_o
Saliva or Trapt? God... BOTH. TT_TT <3 both. xD
Who are your friends? Err... IRL: Heidi, Danielle, Kaitlyn, Kennidi... etc. Internet-wise? Michi, Kasey, Panda, Rauker, Digi, Maddeh, Jenny, Ramy, Kelsey, Tea, Jen, Bekah, Shinin, Zodie, chaos, Ange. :D
Favorite word: Mrr. :'D
Favorite lyric: You climbed up here to fall apart. =D As of now, anyway.

Bleh. I can't think of anything else retarded. Might add more later. >>'

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[28 Jan 2003|02:20pm]
Lyke, oh my god! I'm, lyke, so happy! I'm, lyke, Avril!

But, seriously, I'm happy. =D NO PIANO LESSONS TODAY!

Mmm... Sour Patch candy...
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[27 Jan 2003|09:18pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Mario Party 3 music. ;D ]

:D I joined blurty, because I REALLY didn't want to take the time to delete all my LJ entries. >_o Bleh.

Today was my mom's 'Take Your Kids To Work' day... and it was fun. Yes, it was fun, I'll admit that. There was this one girl, Allison, who talked a whole lot and was sunburned, and I talked to her most of the time; and there was another girl, Dever, who didn't talk as much. But she was funny. =D Yes, yes, I can truthfully say that I had an interesting day.

Blah. Must remember:

I remember when I used to hate Ramy. It was so funny, I even remember some of the things I said about him. But that was before I truly had good taste in art and when I hadn't gotten to know him. ;D

I must write something. I had an idea before, but I can't write it out... ugh. -pokes self- Hurray for eternal writers block. :D

Anyway, right now, I'm just sitting here, listening to my brother play my N64. Er... attempt to. v_v So funny. But it provides background music. It's been awhile since I've actually been able to contentedly sit here on a Friday night.


^ The whole reason I stopped writing in my cursed LJ. o_o

Shit. I think I have piano tomorrow. And I haven't practiced. o_o Damnit.

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